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Hospice, Legalized Murder, compassionate care

Legalized Murder, eHospice, compassionate care

Murder by eHospice
March 16, 2014  eHospice - Legalized Murder
There is nothing glamorous about our culture of death.
(That sounds like Islam, and Satanism which is worship of Death!)  Murder is known by many names including ehospice, palliative care, and compassionate care.
WHO wants to alleviate all suffering associated with progressive illness and the end of life.  eHospice is a free resource that has been unveiled for healthcare professionals to help them gain a comprehensive understanding on just how hospice care helps their patients.
Death by hospice - true story on link

One Health, animals above humans, Davos * 666 watch
HUMANS who were created in the image of GOD
have been placed LOWER than the animals in legal standing


Doctors can kill babies or adults
abortion, P. Parenthood

OneHealth, sustainable (code for murder)
RIO Earth Summit, Biosurveillance

One Health, humans rate LOWER than animals!

Evil or Very Mad

Let's not forget they created the problem in the 1980's when they legalized aspartame, MSG, pharmaceutical psycho-drugs, put fluoride in the water, processed foods, etc.

They ended up creating a weak and sickly population, and ultimately getting everyone on their knees to Caesar begging for a solution.

Hospice killing patients
Mar 30, 2016  Death Panels
 -  FBI said Frisco hospice owner urged nurses to overdose patients so they would die quicker.  He directed nurses to overdose hospice patients with drugs such as morphine to speed up their deaths and maximize profits.  He sent text messages like, “You need to make this patient go bye-bye.”

Brad Harris founded Novus Health Care Services in July 2012 in Frisco. No charges have been filed against Novus or Harris. Harris told a nurse to overdose 3 patients and directed another employee to increase a patient’s medication to 4 times the maximum allowed.

OneHealth, sustainable (code for murder)
RIO Earth Summit, Biosurveillance

One Health, humans rate LOWER than animals! Forum Index -> HEALTH and Medical NEWS
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