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Hong Kong news

Hong Kong top spot of world freest economy
January  12, 2012
Hong Kong has retained its position as the world's freest economy.
Singapore ranked second, followed by Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland.
The index evaluates economic freedom by looking at the rule of law, regulatory efficiency, the size of government and open markets.
The 2012 report said that economic freedom for the world as a whole had declined over the past year,  due to a large increase in government spending worldwide.
North America and Europe suffered declines in economic freedom over the past year, while economic freedom increased in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.
The US came 10th, down from ninth place in 2011.  Thank you Barak Hussein Obama.

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ZionsCRY NEWS with Prophetic Commentary


Hong Kong ferry collided with another boat, 37 dead
October 1, 2012
 Arrests over fatal Hong Kong boat collision
6 crew members have been arrested from the two boats that collided in the waters off Hong Kong on Monday night leaving 37 people dead.
One of the boats was carrying more than 120 people to a fireworks display when it half-sank following the collision near Lamma Island.
The search for survivors is continuing.

The crash between a pleasure boat and a ferry happened about 20:30 local time (12:30 GMT) on Monday.
Dozens of people were thrown into the waters as the pleasure boat sank within minutes of impact.
The government has confirmed that 37 people died - 32 adults and five children. More than 100 people were injured. The number of people still missing is unknown.
Police have arrested three crew members from each of the vessels involved in the accident.

Nigerian hospitalized in Hong Kong with suspected Ebola
10 August, 2014
An African national has been hospitalized with suspected Ebola in Hong Kong.
The man arrived in Hong Kong from Nigeria Aug 7 and has been staying in Chungking Mansions. He was hospitalized with vomiting and diarrhea symptoms.

EBOLA information, spreading globally, 7 pages

Hong Kong goes wrong

Hong Kong Banks shut branches

Several banks suspended some operations in central Hong Kong following mass pro-democracy protests.  Bank branches that offer over-the-counter services have been closed, as well as ATMs and cash deposit machines in affected areas.
Bank of China said it had suspended operations at some branches because of the situation in Hong Kong.
Singapore's DBS bank also temporarily shuttered its branch in the Admiralty neighbourhood.

Hong Kong wants democracy
September 29, 2014
 Holy Arab spring Batman!
Beijing refuses to allow open elections.  The demonstrations which Beijing called illegal are a rare scene of disorder.  As Hong Kong opened for business Monday morning, pro-democracy protesters erected barricades to block security forces and expanded their reach in one of the world's major financial centers.

Police officers tried to negotiate with protesters.
People object to Beijing's decision to limit political reforms.

Hong Kong protesters defiant
September 29, 2014  
Thousands of pro-democracy protesters remained camped out on major highways in the heart of Hong Kong on Monday, defying government attempts to coerce them into giving up.
The protests have brought widespread disruption to the heart of one of Asia's biggest financial centers, blocking traffic on multi-lane roads and prompting the suspension of school classes.
A police crackdown involving tear gas resulted in clashes that injured 40 but failed to eject the protesters who object to the growing influence of the Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong
Sept. 30, 2014
Hong Kong leader CY Leung urged protesters to stop.
Thousands of people have been blocking streets in several areas.
They want Beijing to give Hong Kong a free vote for its next leader, something Beijing has rejected.
Occupy Central has called on Mr Leung to meet protesters in person.
The streets were relatively quiet on Tuesday.
But crowds are set to swell ahead of Chinese National Day on 1 October, a national holiday marking the founding of Communist China.

Hong Kong National Day
October 1, 2014  
Thousands have joined pro-democracy protests in central Hong Kong on China's 65th National Day.
The protesters want China to withdraw plans to vet candidates for the next Hong Kong leadership election in 2017.
Some protesters turned their backs when the national anthem was played.
China says it will "safeguard Hong Kong's prosperity and stability".

Beijing warns foreign nations not to meddle in Hong Kong
October 2, 2014  
China made it clear Beijing would not allow other countries to meddle into its internal affairs.
China warned USA "Hong Kong affairs are China's internal affairs.  All countries should respect China's sovereignty.”

China strongly backs Hong Kong leader CY Leung
China has strongly backed Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung, praising his performance while condemning protests as "chaos".
The protesters are angry at China's plan to vet candidates for polls in 2017, saying they want full democracy.
China warned against "illegal" protests and foreign interference.
Beijing's support of Mr Leung follows repeated calls by protesters for his resignation.

Israel issues travel advisory for Hong Kong
October 3, 2014
 Israelis in Hong Kong were warned not to go to areas where there were large crowds clashing with police.

Talks accepted
Protesters in Hong Kong have accepted an offer of talks with the government.
Chief Executive CY Leung offered the talks with his deputy but rejected calls to resign.

Hong Kong


This is why Hong Kong matters
October 4, 2014  
Hong Kong is often ranked as one of the best places to do business.
Tens of thousands of people pouring into the streets demanding the right to elect a leader of their choosing in Hong Kong - a former British colony that rose to prominence as a trade hub and gateway to China.
Since it was returned to Beijing in 1997, the territory has been ruled under the principle of "one country, two systems," transforming itself along the way into a global financial hub.
Many Hong Kongers hope Beijing will drop a proposal to screen all candidates.

    Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young.
    1 Timothy 4:12

HONG KONG protest leader too young to vote
October 4, 2014  
You have to see every battle as possibly the final battle.
Joshua Wong makes an unlikely looking revolutionary leader, too young to vote.
But the Hong Kong and Beijing governments would be unwise to dismiss him on the grounds of age.
Mr Wong is no stranger to protests. In 2012 he rallied more than 100,000 people to protest against Hong Kong’s plans to implement mandatory patriotic education in schools.
That was CY Leung first run-in with Mr Wong.

Hong Kong protesters distrust of police deepens
October 4, 2014  
Student leaders say they refuse to negotiate with the government until there is an explanation of police action.  The stalemate between protesters and the Hong Kong government appears no closer to a resolution.  Protest turned violent Friday when opponents of the protests encircled some of the demonstrators and tore down tents. Scuffles broke out.

Hong Kong issues DEADLINE
October 5, 2014
Hong Kong protesters remain on streets as government 'deadline day' to clear the streets arrives.
Both sides say they are open to talks, but each wants concessions from the other.

Hong Kong leader C.Y. Leung has called on the demonstrators to disperse so that classes can resume at schools and government employees can go back to work.
Students met with government but they failed to reach an agreement.

Students laid out 3 conditions for future talks: that the dialogue must be ongoing, that the student leaders must be treated as equals, and that real political change must emerge from the talks.
He said the student protesters would continue the protest until they had a productive dialogue.

Hong Kong protesters set Wednesday deadline for government to meet demands.
Occupy Central set an Oct. 1 deadline for Leung Chun-ying to meet their demands for genuine democracy and for him to step down as leader of Hong Kong.
They would announce new civil disobedience plans same day.

Hong Kong
October 6, 2014  
Numbers dwindled overnight and civil servants have returned to work in the government's headquarters.  Anxiety and disagreements were evident among protesters about whether to continue their week-long occupation of multiple sites in Hong Kong or to pull back.  But it appears that the authorities might tolerate a reduced protest, as long as key buildings are not blocked.

Officials Resume Work
October 6, 2014
 Monday -  Hong Kong civil servants returned to work and schools were reopening as protesters dwindled.
Students have taken early steps to begin talks with the government, but actual negotiations have not started and many disagreements remain.

At the government headquarters, where some protesters agreed to remove barriers blocking roads Sunday ahead of the government's deadline to scale back their protests, the scene was orderly as government officials arrived for work. About 25 remaining young protesters.

Some activists disagree with the partial withdrawal.  People need rest, but they will come out again.  Students occupying an area just outside city government headquarters agreed to remove some barricades that were blocking the building's entrance.  But Louis Chan, who still plans to stay at the government headquarters for as long as he can.

Hong Kong crowd tries to charge barricades
October 13, 2014  
-  Are you confused?  So am I.
A crowd attempted to charge barricades used by pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong Monday after police removed some of the barriers to allow traffic through the financial district.
Police held back several hundred people gathered in front of barricades on a main road, chanting, "Open the road!" The crowd included two dozen men wearing surgical masks to hide their faces. Some were seen using box cutters to snap cables connecting the barricades.
Some university students tried to remove barricades and shouted, "Occupy Central is illegal."

Hundreds break down protest barriers in Hong Kong business district
Hundreds of unidentified people tried to break down protest barriers in the heart of Hong Kong’s business district on Monday, Reuters said. The attackers, some wearing masks, scuffled with protesters who have occupied the streets for the past two weeks. Some barricades were surrounded by taxi drivers who opposed the protests, which have seriously affected their business. Police reportedly tried to protect protesters and barricades.

China blocks BBC website as Hong Kong tensions rise
October 16, 2014
 -  China censored the website of the BBC as tensions rise in Hong Kong between pro-democracy protesters and police.  Beijing also blocks The New York Times, newswire Bloomberg website.  In Hong Kong, police used pepper spray to stop protesters from blocking a major road.

Mong Kok camp retaken from police
18 October 2014
Pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong have retaken streets in the Mong Kok district cleared by the authorities just a few hours earlier.  9,000 protesters pushed back riot police, to retake territory south of a major intersection.

Wielding open umbrellas as their only weapons, thousands of pro-democracy protesters flocked to Mong Kok to push past police lines to re-occupy the streets that had just been cleared.  By Saturday morning, they had retaken territory, stopping traffic in both directions.

Hong Kong Government Wages War of Attrition
October 30, 2014
Bloomberg News
Hong Kong government Plan C: a war of attrition.
Authorities are probably waiting for popular support for the movement to fade so police can take back the streets. The option of a negotiated settlement stalled.
The government won’t act until its own surveys show public support for the protesters has dropped sharply.

The Hong Kong government must find a way to end the disruption while averting the kind of brutal crackdown that tarnished China’s reputation in Tiananmen Square in 1989. Even if police manage eventually to clear the streets with minimal force, questions about democracy and economic inequality may spawn fresh protests until they are resolved.

HK protesters denied Beijing flight
November 15, 2014
-  Three protest leaders from Hong Kong have been stopped from boarding a plane to Beijing.  They had hoped to meet China's leaders as part of their push for greater democracy, but were told their travel permits were invalid.

Hong Kong protesters clash with police at government HQ
December  1,  2014
-  Hong Kong police have clashed with pro-democracy activists trying to surround government offices, in some of the worst unrest in two months of protests.
Protesters fought police armed with pepper spray, batons and water hoses on roads around the camp in Admiralty.  Police say 40 people have been arrested and a number of officers were injured.

The protesters want the people of Hong Kong to be allowed to choose their leaders in the 2017 elections without interference from Beijing.  The Chinese government has said it will allow universal suffrage, but will screen candidates for the chief executive post in advance.
The protesters had public support at the beginning, but that is now ebbing.

China limits Hong Kong entry
April 13, 2015
-  China is to stop issuing multiple entry Hong Kong visas to residents of Shenzhen to ease growing anger in Hong Kong over shopping trips by mainlanders who are take advantage of lower taxes.  Shenzhen residents will now only be able to enter Hong Kong once per week, and stay for no longer than a week.  Some Shenzhen residents hold multiple entry visas and buy up goods in bulk to resell across the border - as Hong Kong does not charge sales tax - despite this being illegal.

China denies US entry to Hong Kong
April  30, 2016
-  China has denied a US request for an aircraft carrier group led by USS John Stennis to make a port visit to Hong Kong.  The USS Blue Ridge is currently in Hong Kong on a stop-over.
Stennis group has been patrolling the South China Sea, which China did NOT like.

Beijing has repeatedly warned against US interference in the region. Despite this the US Navy is actively opposing the Chinese.

China tested ICBM capable of striking US within half an hour.
China has stolen much land and sea, they aer NOT in the right, but I SURE DONT want war with China!

China and Hong Kong
Jan 2, 2017  
-  China will not allow anyone to use Hong Kong as a base for subversion against mainland China. China is worried about an independence movement in Hong Kong. Beijing will not interfere in matters that purely affect Hong Kong's autonomy.

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