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Hillary Clinton Health


Hillary Clinton Health

HELLary's health began to be spread all over the internet right around August 1, 2016, after all the Wikileaks began exposing her massive corruption.

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HELLary is Demon possessed!

HELLary Clinton Health is BAD!

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Clinton foundation scandals

Clinton crime family

Clinton - Obama murders

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      HELLary is Demon possessed!

HELLary Clinton Email wall
Aug. 5
marked the end of the best week of Hillary Clinton’s campaign after the horrible DEMONcrat convention.  But she tripped up again on her treasonous emails before an audience of journalists.

HELLary Clinton offered a “short-circuited” response in a Fox News interview by suggesting FBI crooked director Comey had concluded that her public statements were truthful.  FACT is, under oath before Congress Comey admitted HELLary LIED.

The FBI concluded that about 110 of the 30,000 emails Clinton provided for inspection were classified at the time they were sent.

NOTE on polls
They are made up of nothing.  HELLary never was even close to Donald Trump, let alone ahead.

I'm not Voting for Clinton
Eric Bonner, Portland, Oregon, July 28

It has nothing to do with her views. It really doesn't even matter about all the laws she broke.  It's because She actually talked to me once.  Being a K9 handler in the Military I got to do a few details involving Distinguished Visitors.

One of my Last details was for Hillary when she was Secretary of State. She was i
n Turkey.  I helped with sweeps of her DV Quarters and staff vehicles. Her words to me? "Get that F-ing dog away from me."  Then she turns to her Security Detail and berates them about why that animal was in her quarters. For the next 20 minutes she lays into her detail, slamming the door in their faces when she's done. The Detail lead walks over apologizes to me. Hillary doesn't care about anyone but Hillary.

HELLary's bizarre behavior
Aug 5, 2016  Psychologist report -  DONT PITY HER!!!
Hillary has a blood clot in her brain from the concussion she suffered when she fell down stairs.  Hillary Clinton is having seizures and mini strokes, she is not medically fit to hold office.
Paul Joseph Watson

Shocked   LQQK at this photo of HELLary Clinton
Is her head taped on?  It looks like wide tape is covering up - what - on her neck?

Hellary Rotten Clinton seizures
This woman IS NOT fit to hold office!

HELLary Rotten Clinton is LITERALLY an
 illuminati Witch out to destroy America.


HELLarys health
Theres good reason to Believe HELLarys health is far worse than people know.
She is an awkward woman who engages in very bizarre behavior, and does as much as possible to make sure she stays in a very controlled environment. If it wasnt for her last name and a complicit media, Clinton wouldnt exist.

Clinton's lack of interaction with pre-cleared media is because she has a lot to hide.  Between Hillary's repeated coughing fits, incredibly low energy, and very odd reactions, people have begun to question both Hillary's physical and mental health.

One solid example is her sudden seizure when reporters asked her questions simultaneously. Clinton tries to play it off, but to little effect.  Her cognitive illness doesn't stop at seizures and facial tics, Hillary is often confused.

HELLary Breakdown  
Aug 8, 2016
-  Expert Analysis of Hillary Clinton’s Physical and Mental Breakdown.  Hillary Clinton recently had a breakdown on TV.  The media is covering this up rather than having an expert medical panel on to discuss her health. Yet what happened to Hillary was obviously a sign of a head injury and stroke.

While still FROZEN, Hillary is rescued by a male Secret Service agent, who reassures her, “You’ll be OK.”

Notice how Hillary’s lips are pursed?  She has completely frozen, and has lost control of her executive functions/pre-frontal cortex.  The Secret Service agent knew exactly what to do.  This clearly wasn’t Hillary’s first breakdown.

Hillary Handler Carries DIAZEPAM Pen for her recurrent seizures

Hillary Clinton needs help up the stairs


    Hillary’s dire mental state
Aug 8, 2016  -  Projection - Media calling Trump by Hillary's faults
Hellarys Mental State a major concern.
Hellary is crazy, madness, unhinged moments
People questioning her sanity

Projection is common in paranoid schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, and psychosis.  The Clinton campaign call Trump what Hellary actually is.  BORG media are helping HELLary Clinton by insisting Trump is the mentally unfit candidate.

After 8 years of Barack Obama, narcissist-in-chief, how can media call Donald Trump a narcissist?  While media discuss Trump’s sanity, what about Hillary’s?

Dr. Michael Savage finds it fascinating that the media would focus on Trump’s supposed craziness while failing to explore Hillary’s mental state.

Obama is clearly a sociopathic liar, Hillary is a sociopathic liar.  Of course they would try to smear a man who built his own empire rather than stealing it.  In addition to pathological lying, Clinton’s temper is a problem.  She flies into a blind rage.

Her behavior lends to concerns that Hillary may have a serious meltdown at the wrong time, namely when she was in front of a TV camera.  (Too bad it didnt happen during her DNC speech!)  Not only has Hillary displayed anger problems, she is often confused.

Some of Clinton’s mental and behavioral problems may have a physical basis. In late 2012, she suffered a concussion and a blood clot inside her skull.   Hillary has had visual, memory, and reasoning issues in recent years, after her head injury. She has endured many subsequent falls.

Hillary has no ability to distinguish truth from fantasy.
Demoncrats are twice as likely as Republicans to suffer from mental disorders.




Will Hellary live til Nov 8

Aug 9, 2016
 -  Hillary Clinton Health in Rapid Decline.  Will she make it to Election Day?
HELLary has some very serious health issues.  Clinton has been having seizures even while in public, she has been falling down, is having coughing fits, and she has a very large hole in her tongue that has not been explained.

During a recent campaign stop, she suddenly froze up, and a man shoots her with Diazepam (valium).

Hillary Clinton suddenly froze. She looked dazed and lost.  A group of men rushed to assist her on the stage.  One very large black man gently pats the candidate’s back and says, “Keep Talking.”  He is a doctor carrying an auto-injector commonly used to inject someone with Diazepam (valium).

Hillary has tongue cancer, doctor admits


Very Happy   Hillary’s campaign is imploding
Aug 14, 2016
 -  Max Insider says Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is imploding because every weapon they’ve deployed against Donald Trump has failed, and Hillary may soon drop out of the race.

No weapon formed against him will prosper. Isaiah 54.17

Hillary’s in a panic. She’s always been on medication (valium) but they’ve been upping the dose.  She’s freezing, she’s having panic attacks. The Secret Service is trained to get her out of these.  Her doctor travels with her and is at hand to jab her with the drug needle.  Bulges under Hillary’s coat suggest a defibrillator vest.

The debates will be a disaster for Hillary
We don’t think she can last 30 minutes with Donald Trump.
Hillary may drop out and give it to Tim Kaine.

ZionsCRY nightmare scenario - Hillary drops out the DAY before debate #1 and dems put up Caroline Kennedy or Biden or or or ....

HELLy rally Aug 14


MORE on HELLary Clinton's HEALTH

Secret Service leaks Hillarys health to press
Aug 15, 2016
-  Secret Service reveal details about Hillary’s health out of respect for the public’s interest and national security.  Hillary “is not qualified, physically, mentally or emotionally to be President of the United States.”

Hillary apparently suffers Parkinson’s or a similar disease, so does Bill.
She gets seizures from flashing lights such as camera flashes.
She needs handicap steps on government vehicles because Hillary struggles with balance.

Her health is deteriorating badly; over the past several months Hillary has suffered several seizures and near-comatose freeze-ups during speeches which, combined with her previous blood clot, concussions and severe coughing fits, reveal she’s hiding serious medical issues that jeopardize her ability to hold public office.

The long-lasting symptoms stemming from a concussion and blood clot suggest Hellary Clinton is suffering from post-concussion syndrome, which can severely impact her cognitive abilities.

Dr. Pieczenik -
“I would say that she has a brain tumor, neuroblastoma, or that she has possibly an onset of Alzheimer’s disease which begins as what we would call Subcortical Vascular Dementia.  I demand that she have an independent medical neurological evaluation to evaluate her mental  and physical status.  I demand that Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons release the records on the neurological workup of a potential President of the United States.”

HELLary has no stamina.  She could not possibly fulfill any office.

Hillary is mostly in hiding, realizing the more the American public see her, the less they like her.  Frankly, putting HELLary on TV SO MUCH shows us why we hate her!  Media think they are helping but they are hurting HELLary. Hahaa

Hillary's Health Concerns

HELLary Clinton tripping on a stair, laughing inappropriately, suspiciously, hesitating in the middle of a sentence in a speech, having her doctor stand close to her are NOT indicative of anyone fit for the Presidency!

Sean Hannity pointed to an exchange with reporters in which Clinton did a "twitching thing," followed by a violent, repetitive jerking of the head.  Reporter Lisa Lerer got scared and pulled back.

HELLary had to be assisted after slipping on a step.  In another photo she was helped up a few steps.

Dr. Ben Carson noted that as a person gets older, the number of medical conditions increases.
Any fool can see this wicked witch isnt qualified for the whitehouse!
Thats why so few show up at her rallys, and most there are paid!

Hillary Clinton’s Erratic Behavior Raises Eyebrows
What’s going on with Hillary Clinton’s health?   Does HELLary need to release her medical records?
Hillary Clinton will turn 69 in October.

EXHAUSTED HILLARY takes weekends off
Aug 16, 2016
 -   And Media covers it all up.  HELLary Clinton took the weekend of August 6-7th off and she took 3 days off August 12th through 14th.  She has no events scheduled August 18th through 20th.

Donald Trump only took 2 days off in August, and some days he has 2 campaign events in a single day.

HELLary is a Satanic witch, an illuminati.  GOD chose Trump as His candidate.  This election is a WAR - between Satan and GOD for the soul of America.  If Trump doesnt win, America is GONE

Evil or Very Mad


Aug 17, 2016  -  Dr. Drew Pinsky
is gravely concerned about Hillary Clinton’s health.
ABC was expecting Dr. Drew to debunk claims that Hillary is having significant health problems, but instead Pinsky said he had already analyzed what medical records on Hillary had been released and were gravely concerned, not just about her health but her health care.  Pinsky noted that Hillary was being given “weird” medication that could be exacerbating her health problems.

Dr. Drew recalled when Hillary had to wear prism glasses - “that is brain damage, and so that’s affecting her balance.

HELLary Clinton Health is BAD!
There are several pages where her health stuff is posted in her family crimes thread, so I started a thread just for her health

Is the NWO Beast trying to help her to hell?
Maybe they NEVER wanted her to be president


HELLary Clinton has rare brain disease
Aug 19, 2016
-  Katrina Pierson alleged that Clinton has a disorder called "dysphasia," a condition that erodes a person's ability to speak or comprehend language.  Clinton lacks the physical stamina to be president.


This is exactly what it looks like


Hillary has Parkinsons
Aug 22, 2016
 -  Take it to the bank!  Hillary’s health is rapidly deteriorating.
Secret Service agents are eager to tell the truth about Hillary Clinton.
They have tried to keep HELLarys poor health a secret for quite some time.
Wikileaks has confirmed that she is incontinent and wears adult diapers.
Hellary is one incident away from an institution.

Hillary health storm
Aug 22, 2016  
-  Hillary Clinton Secret Health Crisis.
Bill Clinton may not make it to Election Day and Hillary Clinton is literally eating herself to death.  Dr. Drew Pinsky said Hillary has gained 100 pounds and is trying to hide a brain injury.  People with post-concussion syndrome cannot handle the large volume of data coming at them minute by minute each day. They can find it very difficult to cope on a daily basis.  Hillary’s medical condition is known among staff members.

Bill is much slower physically, and is unable to maintain his balance while suffering from periodic mental lapses.  Some even fear Bill might not even live to see the November elections!

Hillary's Done and She Knows it
Aug 21, 2016
 -  Hillary is DOA politically.  Speculations Biden rides in just barely before Nov 8.  She knows Julian Assange and Wikileaks will drop a bombshell that will destroy her.

Hillary Clinton Wears Adult Diapers
The rumors are true, Hillary Clinton has serious medical conditions.
The secret is out.


Huma Abedin Gave Special Access to Top Clinton Foundation Donors
(Saudi) Crown Prince of Bahrain
Forced to Go Through Foundation to See Hillary Clinton -

From: Doug Band
To: Huma Abedin
Sent:  Jun 23, 2009
Cp of Bahrain in tomorrow to Friday
Asking to see her (Hellary)
Good friend of ours


From: Huma Abedin
To: Doug Band
Sent: Jun 23, 2009

He asked to see hrc thru normal channels - she doesn’t want to commit to anything for thurs or fri
- until she knows how she will feel.   Question

Abedin is a pimp and Hillary is a whore.

Hillary Clinton in 2016 July:
“There is absolutely no connection between anything that I did as Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation.”
Clinton Cash has interesting, footnoted, things to say about this.

Hillary's top aide may be a Saudi plant, Advancing Shariah is Abedin family business.
The woman who many say could be Hillary Clinton’s White House chief of staff served for years as assistant editor of a Saudi-funded Muslim publication that opposed women’s rights and blamed the U.S. for the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks.


Hillary Clinton's health
Aug 26, 2016
 -  In Hillary Clinton’s inner circle, it’s common knowledge that there are times she's so low-energy that she blanks out for hours.  When that happens, she is given to strange mental spells during which she has little or no control over what she says and does. She sometimes mutters things no one can understand.  (The language of HELL)

BORG media are covering all this up, but the time has come to speak out. We simply can't elect a president subject to such mysterious health issues.

Hillary Clinton suffers from weird seizures, psychotic facial tics, and strange lesions on her tongue = and the question is whether it's all caused by brain damage or narcissistic personality disorder. Or even drug abuse. Or syphilis.



I don't see how she could be this evil, without a great amount of Satanic influence.

Huma said Hillary is OFTEN CONFUSED, she has to have every simple thing spelled out for her by staffers, or else she might screw it all up.

We’ve seen the emails where she’s napping, seen her needing help up stairs, she’s passed out, they asked the NFL for concussion advice, the catheter. It’s just too close to being accurate to be funny.

Hellary would be dead in 6 months
Hillary Clinton appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and said that rumors that she is in ill health are part of a "wacky strategy" against her.

"Back in October, the National Enquirer said I would be dead in six months. So with every breath I take I feel like I have a new lease on life," Clinton quipped to Kimmel, according to CNN and other reports. "I don't know why they are saying this. I think on the one hand it is part of the wacky strategy - just say all these crazy things and maybe you can get some people to believe you."


Hillary should release medical records
Aug 29, 2016
-  Donald Trump challenged Hillary Clinton to release detailed medical records.  HELLary Clinton lacks the mental and physical stamina required of the presidency.

Trump wants Hillary Clinton to release her detailed medical records.
David Seaman was suddenly terminated and his published articles deleted entirely from HuffPo without explanation after his articles about Hillary's health.

Clinton Campaign Staff Resigning
Sep 3, 2016
 -   Hillary MAY DROP OUT after FBI Release!  CBS reporter Hannah Chanpong Tweeted then quickly DELETED a report that Hillary Clinton Campaign Staff are RESIGNING and there are worries of Hillary DROPPING OUT


1 - Bill met with Lynch said Hillary ill, could not endure prosecution, Hillary would drop out of the race, if they would not prosecute.

2 - The ONLY reason DNC ran HELLary is for her to quit and Electoral College choose President


Hillary Clinton Can Barely Breathe During Labor Day Rally
Shortly after the two-minute mark, she can barely breathe and issues a clearly frightened alarmed, “Whoa!” as she peers to the side of the stage.

Hillary has Trump allergy
Sep 5, 2016
-  Hillary Clinton began a Labor Day rally in Cleveland with a bad cough — which she blamed on her opponent, Donald Trump.  She said - “Every time I think about Trump, I get allergic.”

The only thing Hillary is allergic to is The Truth!  Hillary is not physically, mentally, emotionally, or morally fit to hold public office.  Possibly Parkinsons, esophageal or lung cancer, TB, chronic bronchitis, smoker’s cough, COPD or heart failure.

Hillary Clinton greeted the press on Broomstick One, her new airplane and took a few questions such as - How was your Labor Day weekend? Do you have a Labor Day message?  Then Hellary coughs and its over.

Hillary Clinton coughing fits
Sep 6, 2016  -  On Broom1
from Ohio to Iowa, Hillary Clinton had another coughing fit in front of the traveling press.  Clinton took 7 questions and calls that a formal press conference.  But instead of actually being able to answer their questions, Clinton had to cut the press short because of another coughing fit.

ILLARY coughing fits
illary halts press conference on plane after earlier campaign-speech problem.
Hillary Clinton had a severe coughing fit during a speech in Cleveland, Ohio, then suffered a second coughing attack later in the day during a press conference on her plane.  The witch is allergic to Donald Trump - she is terrified of him!

That Satanic witch is very ill.  She is unlikely to live a year - unless she is faking due to fear and hate for President Donald Trump.  Fake coughing is a great way to avoid hard questions.

Hillary has not released her tax return for 2015 hmmm why's she screamin for Trump to release his?

Hillary is Weeks Away from Heart Failure  
Sep 7, 2016
 -  The Kremlin is warning that Hillary Clinton is months away from heart failure brought on by her years of alcohol abuse that have led to Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and is  causing her coughing fits for which she takes Cumadin.

Hillary Clinton “fell over drunk” prior to giving a speech in Buffalo, New York when she was a US Senator.  

When Sec of State Clinton was found passed out in her Washington D.C. office, was treated at a State Department clinic and then sent home to recover.  Shortly afterward, she fell over drunk again, breaking her elbow.

Since 2009, Hillary Clinton travels with a full-time physician, who keeps her under constant observation, and takes a lot of drugs to prevent recurring blood clots, but has had to keep in near seclusion, except from those giving her millions of dollars and special drinks of water.

Clintons are 2 very sick people
Sep 9, 2016
 -  The takeway here is - Dolly Kyle wants Americans to vote for Trump. WHY DONT THEY JUST SAY THAT!  Articles all too wordy!

Blackie hides Hillary exit from van
Sep 9, 2016
 -  As Hillary Clinton pulled up on an airport tarmac to address the media, all eyes were on her black van, and 2 Secret Service agents preparing to open its doors.  Blackie, Clinton’s mystery handler exited the passenger seat of the van and went around to the other side.  Several moments later, Clinton appeared from the other side of the van around the rear, with Blackie following closely behind.

Blackie is her druggie or doctor or personal aid and he needs a name so I gave him one.  Listen to audio.  Andrea Mitchell was there.  Hellary was told to walk to her.
SS agents must feel like fools.
Lotta interesting guesswork on blog

Hillary exit on blind side of van
Sep 8, 2016
 -  As Hillary Clinton pulled up on an airport tarmac to address the media, all eyes were on her black van — and the two Secret Service agents preparing to open its doors.  Blackie, Clinton’s mystery handler (the black doctor with her drugs and needles) exited the passenger seat of the van and went around the front to the other side.  Several moments later, Clinton appeared from the other side of the van around the rear, with Blackie following closely behind.

This is no mystery but its weird.  She doesnt want to be viewed exiting the van.

NBC forum
Sept 7, 2016  Clinton had earpiece and still lied.
Claimed no Americans killed in Libya


Hillary's Health Concerns Serious
Sep 8, 2016
 -  Concerns about Hillary Clinton's health are serious and disqualify her.
cerebral sinus thrombosis
deep venous thrombosis.
Clinton's problems of cognitive function.
'I cant recall' is a criminal tactic, not a medical problem

Sep 11, 2016
-  The Assoc. of American Physicians and Surgeons asked several thousand doctors whether Hillary Clinton is exhibiting symptoms of health problems that could disqualify her from the presidency, the majority responded she is.

Hillary Clinton Parkinsons Disease
Sep 9, 2016
 -  Hillary Clinton's Parkinson's Disease is confirmed with the doctor who has gone public. Dr. Ted Noel joins Gary Franchi to examine the facts of Hillary’s critical and debilitating medical crisis. Through Dr. Noel’s astute observations, and relying on over 30 years in the medical field, he has concluded that Hillary Clinton is exhibiting the classic signs that point to Parkinson's Disease. He has decided to go public with his findings and appears on the Next News Network to deliver you the truth, being kept from the public, about a diagnosis that will keep her out of the Oval Office.

Dr. Noel's website

10 Points Proving Hillary's Parkinson's Disease:

She mostly likely has COPD also among other things.
She sleeps a lot due to late stage Parkinsons


Blackie revealed
Sep 11, 2016
-  SS agent Todd Madison, head of Clinton's security detail, is Hillary Clinton's mysterious handler I have called Blackie.  At least that is what is being claimed.  Believe nothing - we are simply told too many LIES.  Its highly doubtful he is actually a legitimate SS agent, and I suspect thats not his real name, so I did a search.  I come up with neurologist Dr. Oladotun Okunola.

Blackie is the large black man who is seen accompanying Hillary Clinton everywhere she goes and calms her when she's anxious.  Some near her entourage call him Bart.  (Black Bart?)  He clearly functions as Hillary's doctor.  The object he carries likely an epipen, a syringe containing diazepam, (valium) a drug that relieves anxiety.
In my opinion Hellary is dying, is in late stages and cant live a year.

Huma is her Muslim Brotherhood handler
How long has Hillary been on Diazepam?  It affects chemicals in the brain that may become unbalanced and cause anxiety. It is sometimes used with other medications to treat seizures. The most common side effects of diazepam include drowsiness, fatigue, and coordination problems. We’ve seen all these symptoms in Hellary.

Demon possession

Hillary's doctor, Click to see full size image
Todd Madison or neurologist Dr. Oladotun Okunola?

Doctor with her epipen


Debate Moderators told to protect HELLary
Sep 11, 2016
 -  Journalism is dead among BORG press.  Demoncrats cant handle truth or facts.  But Hillary Clinton is such an awful corrupt candidate, the media can spin only so much to keep the sheepl in the dark.  The stench of desperation is emerging along with stench of her rapidly approaching Death.  Blackie can stall Death but cant stop him.

Worthless media is worried.  The media has been forced to acknowledge the realities surrounding Hellarys corruptions and serious terminal illness.  The Clinton Foundation money, the access sold, the favors traded, the trust betrayed, America sold out. They do their best to undercut this, and keep it short on TV, but people have heard enough to connect the dots.

Attack those who expose Hellary as a warning to those who might in the future.
Matt Lauer made the mistake of asking Hellary unanswered questions Sept 7th at the phony NBC Commander in Chief Forum.

He interrupted her filibustering to point out her lack of clarity. For this Lauer was smeared including being called loser by the lying New York Times.  The message to moderators of future debates was clear: Go easy on Hillary, or they will come after you.

After going months without holding a press conference, Hellary took a few questions this week. Media wasted the moment by asking her if she’s the victim of sexism.  No amount of spin will be able to undo 24 years of knowing crooked Hillary Clinton, and no lie will make her seem honest.

NO MORE FREE PRESS, information apocalypse

Donald Trump / Mike Pence  2016

2016 CAMPAIGN TRAIL, debates
Countdown to elections November 8

HELLary Clinton Health is BAD!

Clinton foundation scandals

Clinton crime family

Clinton - Obama murders


Hillary Clinton Faints
Sep 11, 2016
-  Hillary Clinton Faints at 9/11 Memorial Ceremony
Is a vote for Hillary actually a vote for Sodomist Tim Kaine?


Hellary Clinton's knees buckle after fainting spell at Ground Zero
A witness reported seeing her stumble off a curb after her knees buckled during the unexpected early departure.

Hillary Clinton suffered from some kind of medical issue today at an event.  It includes her having to physically be helped into her van as she appeared to be fainting.  She waited on curb for her motorcade, she stumbled - lost a shoe.  Reported by an officer.

Press not allowed to film her medical problems.  Press not allowed to film her boarding Broomstick one - presumably she's carried on plane.

Hillary Clinton fainted according to a law enforcement source.  Her press pool was penned in away from her with no knowledge of Secretary Clinton’s whereabouts or health. When reporters were let out, Clinton had left.

Clinton attended the September 11th Ceremony for about an hour.
Perhaps today’s health incident may stir the mainstream media to pull their heads out of the sand.
This post will be updated as further details emerge.


pic 1
It appears someone's phoning motorcade to come get her
one hand on her heart, woman hanging onto her other hand

pic 2
Huma holding her up, Blackie opening door
She is wobbling, unable to stand

pic 3
You barely glimpse a little of her hair
as she stumbled into car


Click to see full size image

When Hillary Clinton collapsed, she left her shoe Sep 11, 2016

This is where her attack began.
Blackie noticed she is spacing out
and her entourage quickly got her outta there


Hillary Clinton with Theresa Barnwell

Hillary Body Double

We know Hillary has at least one Body Double,
Theresa Barnwell.  Are there others?

Hillary Body Double
Now that we know Hillary has a body double, I can see why she weighs much less some days and has fewer wrinkles.

Hillary has had a body double for years.  Explains many photos.  Different noses, mouth, chin and lips, fingers, height, weight - and most of all - DIFFERENT AGE!
Theresa Barnwell is Hillary Clinton impersonator

Theresa Barnwell exited Chelsea's home, not Hellary.
CNN staged the little girl with Hillary double coming out of Chelsea’s NY apartment.

Clinton Body Double is Teresa Barnwell and gets paid over $10,000 per month for it -  #HillarysHealth


Video of Hillary Leaving Chelsea's home 9-11-16

Hillary had a Body Double for years
This was in 2010 - and the photos have been scrubbed
- hmmmm


CNN staged the lilttle girl


Hillary health goes mainstream
In the blink of an eye Sunday, Hillary Clinton’s health among the nation’s mainstream media went from dismissing conspiracy theories to genuine concern, if not panic.  They ignored her coughing fits and seizures and the opinion of medical experts.

But when Hellary Clinton prematurely left a 911 memorial service in New York City, walking gingerly and collapsing as aides tried to get her into a van, the dam of silence collapsed.
Watch a slow-motion video of Hillary Clinton appearing to faint.

Dr. Lisa R. Bardack, Hillary Clinton’s lying doctor claims she has pneumonia, and was diagnosed Friday.  (FALSE)  Bardack says she examined Clinton at her home in Chappaqua, New York.

Hellary collapses on the 4th anniversary of Benghazi.  How fitting.

pneumonia shmonia, Hellary is dying - either COPD, OBS or Parkinsons
- pneumonia is an end stage of all 3

Hillary Clinton Collapses
Sep 11, 2016  NY  -   Metal Object falls from inside right pant leg
3 videos, the last video (#3) it is clear that a metal object falls from the right pant leg of Mrs. Clinton, you can clearly see a metal object falling from pant leg of Hillary Clinton just before the collapse.

Blackie saw Hellary about to have a seizure and got her outta there;page=151

The parade, Blackie, Hellary, SS from 911 park to car

Hillary may DROP OUT
Sep 12, 2016
-   Dems emergency meeting to discuss replacing Hillary Clinton.  Hillary Clinton may DROP OUT of US presidential race after major health scare.  HILLARY Clinton could be replaced as Democrat candidate after she almost collapsed.  The Democrat Party is expected to call an emergency meeting to discuss replacing 68-year-old Clinton after she appeared to faint and had to be helped into her motorcade at the ceremony.

Clinton visits to California, Las Vegas cancelled.  Her doctor has told her to cut back on campaigning.

Hillary Clinton away from public this week.  She looked different, weird.  
She has some difficulty walking.   She will hide out from public view for the next five days.

Slow motion'd the video

video from the LEFT

Hillary cancels California
Hillary Clinton diagnosed with pneumonia, cancels trip to California.
Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton’s personal doctor since 2001, released a statement through the Clinton campaign which said she had been diagnosed with pneumonia.  Media accounts that Hellary had stumbled and had to be helped inside her car. Video footage showed she was too wobbly to stand alone.  She was driven to her daughter Chelsea’s home. A body double later appeared outside and was driven to Clinton home in Chappaqua.  (my edit)

Hillarys Health


Hillary Clinton loses it at 9/11 Ceremony
Sep 11, 2016
-  Hillary Clinton's health is horrific.  Report claims Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, but that is just a last stage of a disease such as COPD, OBS or Parkinsons - not to mention alcoholism.

She literally is Hillary Rotten Clinton
Hillary Clinton diagnosis may be COPD, Parkinsons, OBS - Organic Brain Syndrome (similar to gangrene) and she is worsening fast - her brain is rotting - like gangrene


Clinton Collapse: Is Hillary Clinton Going To Drop Out Of The Race For The White House?

What was once unthinkable has now become a very real possibility.  We have all seen the video which shows Hillary Clinton fainting and collapsing into the arms of Secret Service agents as she waited to get into her van following an abrupt exit from a ceremony commemorating the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  What has been obvious to many of us for quite a while is now being talked about on every political talk show in America.  Not too long ago, you were called a “conspiracy theorist” if you dared to question Clinton’s health, but today it is the central issue of the presidential campaign.  With less than two months to go until election day, all of a sudden we are facing some unprecedented scenarios.  Last month, I openly pondered if Clinton’s rapidly declining health would allow her to make it to election day, and today it is being reported that Democratic operatives are scrambling to figure out who would replace her if she does decide to drop out.  This has already been the craziest election season in modern times, and I have a feeling that it is about to get even crazier.

For Clinton, it isn’t just the fact that she collapsed in public that has her in trouble.  An even bigger issue is the fact that her campaign willingly chose to lie about her health status, and this even has many Democrats up in arms.  The following comes from an excellent piece by Damon Linker…

   After Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia and put on antibiotics, she did not, as her physician recommended, take time out to rest. Instead, she attended a fundraiser featuring Barbra Streisand. Then on Sunday morning, she attended the 9/11 commemoration, became “overheated,” and woozily wobbled rather dramatically. Ninety minutes later she exited her daughter Chelsea’s apartment building to tell the press she was “feeling great.” The Secret Service permitted a young girl to come over to give the candidate a hug.

   It was only a few hours later when her campaign finally announced that she has pneumonia and is recovering.

   The most charitable reading of this timeline is that her campaign — presumably with the blessing and perhaps insistence of the candidate — fully intended to keep her illness a secret from the public. Let’s be clear about what this means: Her campaign intended to lie.

Of course the Clintons have made a career out of lying, and Hillary’s trail of lies has been well documented, but this may be the lie that breaks the camel’s back.

So now that the story has changed several times, are we supposed to trust them when they tell us that Hillary Clinton truly does have pneumonia?

Surprisingly, this might actually be the truth.

But instead of bacterial or viral pneumonia, Hillary Clinton may have something called aspiration pneumonia.

Aspiration pneumonia is the leading cause of death for those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, and if you have not read the article that I did linking Hillary Clinton with Parkinson’s Disease you can find it right here.  A case of aspiration pneumonia would explain all of the coughing fits that Clinton has been experiencing, and it would be perfectly consistent with what Dr. Ted Noel and other health professionals have been saying about her medical condition.

Since I wrote about this last, it has also been documented that Hillary Clinton’s motorcade has been arriving and leaving with an ambulance wherever she goes.

That is not standard operating procedure, and there is no ambulance following Trump around.

What are they still not telling us about Clinton’s health?

Unfortunately for the Democrats, they can’t force Clinton out of the race.

No matter how sick she becomes, she is going to remain the nominee until she willingly withdraws.

And of course this is a woman that would do or say just about anything to become “the first woman president”, and so getting her to withdraw would take something truly extraordinary.

But if by some miracle she did withdraw, the national committee of the Democratic Party would hold a special gathering to select a new nominee…

   According to the rules of the Democratic Party, the national committee is responsible for filling the position. Party officials would each cast one vote at a special meeting and the winner is whoever gets the majority.

   No special consideration would be given to Tim Kaine, the current vice-presidential candidate, or Bernie Sanders, Mrs Clinton’s closest rival in the race to secure the Democratic nomination. And if someone other than Mr Kaine were selected, he would remain the vice-presidential candidate.

So who would be the choice if Clinton is unable to move forward?

According to Emmy award winning broadcaster David Shuster, insiders are indicating that Joe Biden would be the choice if Hillary were to withdraw.

But of course there would be others that would want to elevate Tim Kaine to the top of the ticket, and many liberals would make a big push for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

There is even talk that if Hillary Clinton withdrew close enough to election day that it could cause Barack Obama to suspend or postpone the election until a “fair” election could be held.

The establishment is in a state of alarm, because they desperately want to keep Donald Trump out of the White House, and their only hope of doing that is physically deteriorating right in front of their eyes.

Let us certainly hope that they don’t try to monkey with the timing of the election, but if that is what they felt that they had to do in order to defeat Trump I have no doubt that they would try to make that move.

Politics in America is a very dirty game, and the establishment is not about to lay down and roll out the red carpet for Donald Trump.  It remains my contention that they are going to move heaven and earth if necessary to keep him from ever setting foot in the Oval Office.

In just a couple of months, all of this will hopefully be over.

But until then events are likely to get even stranger, and next month we may see an “October surprise” or two that we aren’t even anticipating right now.

Hillary Clinton is dead
Hillary Clinton's DEATH, she was replaced by Body Double.
NYC Ch. 7 local news outlet may have let slip that Clinton passed away. Whether or not this was just an error in script writing or something else remains unclear.
She was replaced by a body double. There is photographic evidence.

September 12th 9:44pm Update
A video clip of WABC-TV Channel 7 "Eyewitness News" in New York City opened last night with Anchorman Joe Torre saying "more on Hillary Clinton's Death." The opening line, however, seems edited-OUT of the video archive!
Did Hillary die after leaving the 9-11 Ceremony in New York.

More on Hillary has died, AJ
Ooops, not supposed to announce this yet

Her campaign is dead whether she is or not, and I suspect this was the plan from day 1.

Clinton has no right to cover up health issues
It is unacceptably dangerous for the potential president and the commander-in-chief of a major nuclear power to cover up health issues.
Hillary blacks out in the middle of a work day!
What if she faces a decision: to bomb or not to bomb and suffers seizure and faints?

Comments on RT

1 - She had a stroke and is dead already. The one that left the apartment was NOT Hillary.

2 - Apparently the venue that is holding this debate has limited seating as this will mainly be televised.  They will likey be starting the debate hours earlier, so they can cut and edit - if she shows up at all.  Will it be her body double?  Is she dead?

Hillary Clinton to ER
Sep 13, 2016
 -  Secret Service protocol violated several times in several ways.  FIRST, NEVER allow the protected to stand in one spot to wait for motorcade, SECOND, they are to go in a motorcade, not a single vehicle.

Hillary Clinton was headed to an emergency room Sept. 11 but detoured to daughter Chelsea’s apartment to keep details of her medical treatment under wraps.  Secret Service protocol called for Hillary to be rushed to a Level I Trauma Center, in Manhattan that would be Bellevue Hospital.  But her campaign changed course to avoid having Clinton seen by doctors, nurses and other medical workers who could leak details to reporters.

Clinton’s van was supposed to be escorted by an NYPD detail, but the Secret Service whisked her away before cops could accompany her.

Hellarys phony doctor Bardack is preparing phony medical records for the public again - for the sheepl dumb enough to believe they get anything reliable.  They still claim pneumonia is the extent of it, no other undisclosed condition - which is a LIE.

Hellary close aides and family were told about the diagnosis, but most of Clinton’s staff was left in the dark.  Those have known her real condition for years.

Donald Trump said something’s going on with Hillary Clinton, adding: “I just hope she gets well and gets back on the trail.”  Trump had a physical this month and said he would release the results.

Unanswered Questions on Hillary's Health
Sep 12, 2016
-   Hillary Clinton claimed pneumonia on Friday but didnt inform press - and media are upset.  Sept. 11 Hellary collapsed. (one report said died)  long article
Why hide the pneumonia diagnosis?  (its not that)

Blackout of Truth, Hellary in hospital
Sep 12, 2016
 -  Hillary Clinton has been placed in hospital following her collapse, the clips holding her colostomy bag fell from her pants leg.  The DNC held an emergency meeting to replace her.  Article mentions brain surgery.  My suspicion is they can put one persons brain into someone else.

Bring Back Bernie
Sep 13, 2016
-  Hillary's bid for the presidency is no longer defensible; it's time to bring back Bernie Sanders as the Demoncrat nominee.  Hillary Clinton has disqualified herself because she is incapable of telling the truth about anything.

A black car is seen pullilng up and limp (dead?) Hillary Clinton tossed inside.
There are at least 2 videos.  The car approachs from our LEFT is Hillary.
The car coming from the RIGHT is Hellarys double.  They filmed Hillary's body double in order to confuse us.  Dont under estimate the Evil ones!

Hillary Clinton lookalike Teresa Barnwell quit her job to impersonate her full-time

Metal piece falls Out of Hillary Pant Leg, Speculation is it is a cathether clamp - patdollard.  I was right AGAIN

Hillary undercover nurse
Sep 13, 2016  -  Someone is keeping tabs on Clinton's health at all times.
A mystery woman appearing to check Hillary Clinton's pulse as she clutches her heart before her collapse.  And another seems to show Clinton squeezing the woman's fingers.  Is this the lying Lisa Bardack?  Photos were taken just before Clinton collapsed.

A woman is asking Hillary to squeeze her fingers before she was rushed away.  Thats a neurological test.
Twitter users #HillaryHealth and #ClintonCollapse.

SS not surprised by Hillary collapse
Sep 13, 2016  -  Dr. Ben Carson said her Security wasnt surprised by Hillary’s Collapse, may be used to it.  Dr. Ben Carson was a neurosurgeon and understands the potential neurological issues facing Hillary after her 911 collapse.  The security detail assisting her did not appear surprised as if dealing with something new

I have no idea if this is true, I find no source - just a chatroom post

Sept 11, 2016 Hillary Clinton collapse was a blowup doll - not her.
It was taped to a poll. SS agent removes tape after they throw it in car
Someone figured it out. It started to deflate.


Hillary injured in plane crash in IRAN
December 30, 2012
 Sorcha Faal
Hillary Clinton injured, US Navy Seal killed in US Mission to Iran.
US military flight logs confirm that Commander Price, and other members of US Navy Seal Team 4, left their base in Afghanistan on a flight to Bahrain where they met up with Secretary Clinton and all of them flew to Baghdad, Iraq then to Iran.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was injured, and US Navy Seal Commander Job W. Price were killed when their  Huron aircraft crash in Ahvaz Iran near the Iraqi border.
Price protects high-ranking diplomats traveling in Middle Eastern and Asian combat zones.
Curiously, US media reports on Commander Price’s death say it being investigated as a possible suicide.

Within minutes of leaving Bahrain airspace, the C-12 Huron carrying Secretary Clinton and her US Navy Seal protectors, without notice, deviated toward Iran’s Ahwaz Airport where, coincidentally, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had previously landed on an unscheduled visit.

     Scorched Earth
Restoring the Country after Obama

We are an election away from losing America
Sep 12, 2016
  -  Our society and culture are being assassinated by the left. (Demoncrats)
Dr. Michael Savage believes America could be one bad election away from losing everything.  We’re one election away from survival.  Roman civilization did not pass peacefully away. It was assassinated.  Hillary, or her replacement, would be worse than Obama.  Obama’s scorched earth policies are turning America into a Third World nation of terror, riots, mobs and chaos.

Scorched Earth
Restoring the Country after Obama

Is There an ER in Chelsea's Apartment?
September 12, 2016  RUSH TRANSCRIPT

Mrs. Clinton (or her double) emerged from her daughter's emergency room apartment.  

This woman is not well.  She's horribly sick.  She's in terribly bad shape, and they're trying to cover this up.  They tell us she's got pneumonia yet she's hugging children, she's breathing all over people, she's subjecting them to a contagious disease.  (HINT, its not pneumonia)

Demoncrats Panic After Hillary Collapses
September 12, 2016  RUSH TRANSCRIPT

Hillary Clinton collapsed and they had to practically toss her in that van.  That was a neurological episode.  It looks serious.  She had to leave an event early. Do you realize how many protocols are violated?  They never take a subject away until the transportation is lined up and ready because the worst thing the Secret Service wants is for the subject to have to stop and stand around, as a sitting duck, until the transportation shows up.

But they had to get her out of there before the ground transportation showed up, and she was waiting for a few minutes.  That's a YUGE violation of protocol.  Her support staff, whenever something like this happens, don't seem to think it's anything unusual.


DNC Clinton contingency plan
Sep 12, 2016  -  Clinton contingency plan if Hellary Clinton is out.
Democrats need to pick a potential successor for Hillary Clinton TODAY in case a health emergency forces her out of the race.  The party can name a replacement candidate.

Hillary wore blue glasses on 911, which are worn by people with epilepsy to minimize seizure.  (Michadl Savage - KLIF )

DNC are discussing who to replace Hillary with - and Savage said - Mooch Obama.

Dems COULD do MANY BAD things if Hellary's out, which COULD be why they ran her for Pres - they for planned her to be OUT, to run Barrys shemale Mooch Obama.
If Barry is president of the UN and Mooch has the whitehouse - they have a HELL of a lotta power.

Clinton Might Step Aside
Sep 12, 2016  -  Cokie Roberts said Monday Hillary Clinton may have to step aside from the race because of her health.  People are angry at the lack of transparency.  Joe Biden mentioned as a replacement option, or Bernie Sanders.
No mention of Mooch Obama - yet.

Sep 13, 2016  -  Hellarys bad day(s).  Hillary Clinton's Deplorable Weekend.  Haahahaha
The incident compounds an already difficult stretch for Clinton as the presidential race enters its final stretch.

Bill Clinton going to L.A. Fundraisers
Sep 13, 2016  -  Bill Clinton will be stepping in at the pricey fundraisers out west.
Hollywood’s dinner with Hillary Clinton will have Bill.  Guests are grumbling.

Bill Clinton to stand in
President Bill Clinton will stand in for his wife at an event in Las Vegas. He said she had suffered from these spells in the past.

Postpone the Election?
Sep 13, 2016
 -  I believe Deep State postponed the election, using Clinton’s probably staged health event as the opening act of a drama that will unfold over the next several days or weeks. They are in the process of pulling Clinton out of the game.  Their manipulated polls are lies. They know that the true numbers demonstrate her campaign is disintegrating.  Trump is far FAR ahead.

They know that she is seriously ill, and cant campaign, it will be physically impossible for her.  They thought they could prop her up through election day. Now they realize that they cannot.  Wikileaks are now meaningless.

The pneumonia story will be used to excuse her hacking fits and get her out of the debates.
The Deep State (shadow gov) will not allow millions to watch Hellary destroyed by debate with Trump.

The Deep State will keep Hellary (or her double) in the game for as long as possible, then they will pull her out of the game.  This will cause election to be postponed.

Obama will issue a Presidential Pardon for all Clinton crimes.

Deep State is looting one trillion dollars per year.  Revelation of the postponement of the November election could be one Black Swan that creates a dollar crisis. This might be why certain members of the Federal Reserve are now pushing for a rate hike in September.

We been played - all a setup - Hillary was NEVER intended to be president - and I figured that a year ago.

CBS Edits Out Bill Clinton's Revealing Verbal Slip on Hillary's Health

During Monday night's CBS Evening News broadcast, a clip of Charlie Rose interviewing Bill Clinton omitted what some would call a Freudian-like slip from Clinton on the status of his wife's health. Though Clinton corrected himself mid-statement, it was not a message the Clinton campaign, or apparently CBS, wanted out in the public, so they edited it out.

The network backpedaled Tuesday and included the full quote on their morning show but the damage had already been done. Tuesday morning's cable shows on CNN, MSNBC and Fox all used the edited clip from CBS instead.

As you can see in the video below, the edit in the second clip from CBS Evening News is so seamless without any visible transition that it's clear CBS was trying to make it appear that this was the full response from Clinton.

The Daily Caller's Chuck Ross first noted the discrepancy between what was played on TV and what CBS' website read. Here is the full quote posted on CBS' website:

   BILL CLINTON: Well if it is, it's a mystery to me and all of her doctors, because frequently—well not frequently, rarely—but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing happened to her when she got severely dehydrated.

This isn't the first time this election we've seen some aggressive editing from the networks. The liberal media has a habit of trying to make people say things they didn't say to fit an agenda.

    Hillary Clinton health

She collapsed, died? hospital?
Has body double
May drop out -= who will replace her?
Mooch Obama?

Hillary has stage 3 Parkinsons
Sep 14, 2016
-  Hillary Clinton has stage 3 Parkinsons neuro-degenerative disease and suffers from seizures, according to 3 Clinton sources.  Her seizures or dizzy spells can be triggered by being out in the sun, such as on 911 in New York City.

Clinton was asked by a medical professional to squeeze her fingers, a test that would indicate she suffers from a neurological disease such as Parkinsons.  Pneumonia is common among sufferers of neuro-degenerative disease.

Loss of balance and slowness of movements are hallmarks of stage three. Falls are more common. Though the person is still fully independent, symptoms significantly impair activities of daily living such as dressing and eating.
The 4th stage is characterized by severe and more limiting symptoms.

twitter - in 2015, Colin Powell discussed Hillary's health


Huma crouching to prop Hellary up

Hellary drugged or drunk
Sep 18, 2016  -  Hillary looks awful
trying to do a press conference tonight at 10:00 PM 9-17.  She looks like she is on Valium.  They had to wake her up to make the statement. You can tell from looking at the way the back of her hair is flat and poofed up at the top.

GREAT CARTOONS!  bitch cant stand!;page=101

Laughing  She's DEAD, Jim!

Bosnia Hillary, filthy lying ...



Hillary is not speaking at her rallies in person.  Her images in the videos are being projected from a different location.  HOLOGRAPHY is when my image can appear anywhere on earth while I am home. Hillary is using her projected image at rallies - she is NOT there

TRUMP HUGE CROWDS, hellary's hologram image - the Hillogram - 200

Alex Jones said Hellary is having seizures every 30 min and is cancelling rallies.
Is it possible she is attending using hologram projections, not actually present?

Doctor planning world's first head transplant says he is preparing for his Frankenstein surgery by REANIMATING human corpses.  Dr Sergio Canavero plans to do the first human head transplant next year.  His team now plan to conduct 'Frankenstein' tests using human corpses.  (Hillary?)  They will use electricity to stimulate the nerves in dead bodies after first cutting and then reconnecting the spinal cord as a test of their technique.

Shocked  Exclamation  Shocked  Evil or Very Mad

Hillary Clinton Postpones Local Fundraiser
Sep 20, 2016
 -  Fundraiser in Chapel Hill, North Carolina was postponed.  The event was billed as “lunch with Hillary Rotten Clinton,” contributions $100,000.  No reason was given for postponement.  Is Hillary's health the issue?

Trumpsters are seeing thru all the attempts to hide Hillarys corpse.

Hillary’s eyes during Philly speech?
Sept 19, 2016
-  Hillary before a small group of Temple University students.  During a speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Monday, Hillary Clinton eyes appeared not in-sync with one another, as the left eye looked to be cock-eyed and displaced, especially as she looked towards the left.

Sep 20, 2016  -  Hellary cancelled her rally today cuz no one showed up.

hellary cant climb steps without HELP

Colin Powell said Hillary Could Barely Climb 3 Podium Steps" in 2015, she is seriously ill.

Hillary Weak in Ohio
Sep 19, 201
6  -  Hillary Clinton office in Delaware, Ohio, minutes before a scheduled pro-Clinton door-knocking effort. Just a handful of volunteers and general lack of enthusiasm.


HELLary is DYING - or DEAD!
Sep 21, 2016  - The End for Hillary Clinton
, Jim Fetzer
WABC NY reported Hillary DEAD.  That was no mistake. He was told this. By who?  Hillarys body double is 6 inchs shorter than Hellary Clinton, and thin.  Upstairs of Chelsea's is a healthcare facility owned by the Clinton Foundation.   RNC needs to file suit for Hillary health records - the real ones.  Maybe she's dead.  Who will replace her?  Ted Cruz?  Mooch?  Sep 20 Hillary cancels another 2 planned rallys (only a handful show up anyway).

Hillary Clinton abruptly cancels 2 more campaign events
Hillary Clinton unexpectedly cancelled a meeting with potential donors in North Carolina on Tuesday and also cancelled a meeting with voters in California.  Hillary Clinton was helped up 2 steps onto the stage by Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon.

Hillary is not 'sick' - she is DYING of a neurological disease, decades of alcohol and drug abuse, and witchcraft.  She is a treasonous witch who is guilty of MANY crimes punishable by death. The Clinton mafia kill many.  Its known but oddly never punished - in this life.   Hell awaits her.

Bombshell About Hillary’s Health
Sep 21, 2016  -  WikiLeaks
dropped an email on Hillary Clinton’s debilitating health.
The State Dept staff was told to research new drugs to treat Parkinson’s disease.

Hillary needs to be voice-printed -
her voice 2 years ago - and TODAY -
is it her double?

Sep 22, 2016  -  Hillary clinton double has been filling in for her

Hellary goes manic!

Hillary Clinton won’t be taking a neurocognitive test, and release results to the public, told reporter “there’s no need for that,” even after collapsing as she was leaving a 9/11 memorial event last week in Manhattan.

Holoportation - Hillaryportation?
Holoportation is a new type of 3D capture technology that allows high-quality 3D models of people to be reconstructed, compressed and transmitted anywhere in the world in real time.

Twitter - when Hillary's double was leaving Chelsea's, she took a selfie, tweeted it, then deleted it.  The selfie tweet of "Hillary" showed up on Teresa Barnwell's page, and not Hillary's!

HILLARY server shows private (?) voter data

Hellary cancels Charlotte

Trump has more stamina than Clinton

Michael Savage radio Broadcast September 26, 2016 Shut Down Nationwide as He Discusses Hillary Clinton’s Health
.  He began to talk about L-Dopa, symptoms, side effects and Parkinsons. Then stations censored Savage broadcast.;page=151

2 links for Sept 26

Michael Savage
Sept. 27 he will be covering the debate last nite

HELLary Clinton Health is BAD!

If she is NOT sick - WHY CENSOR MEDIA?
Rumor Alex Jones also yanked by youtube


Hellary had backup
Sep 27, 2016
 -  Photos from last presidential debate appear to show Hillary Clinton with some kind of device hidden under her clothing, the shape of a box under Hillary’s red pantsuit, with a wire from it running up her back.  Federal Election Commission refused to rule out the use of communications devices for candidates.  September 7th Clinton wore an earpiece during the presidential forum.

Twitter speculated that the device was an instrument that sends impulses to the brain to alleviate symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Hillary Clinton Parkinson's Field Guide
Dr. Ted Noel discusses Hillary's weird eye movements, ear piece, shouting, and big black dude with the pen/flashlight - all of which are consistent with Parkinson's.  He also provides advice on things to look for in tonight's debate.

Hellary has fairly advanced Parkinson’s.

Hillary Brain Cancer
HELLary has more concerns about her health.  Hillary has abnormal eye-rolling.

Clinton FLEES from reporters after debate
Sep 27, 2016
 -  Immediately following the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, she quickly exited the arena, dodging questions.  However, Trump spoke to Fox News Sean Hannity and CNN Dana Bash answering questions.  Trump said that he thought the debate went better than he expected.

Her Cinderella moment     Laughing

Poor sick Hillary Clinton with Parkinsons disease
She wears a Parkinson unit


Is Hillary receiving Blood transfusions?
Oct 2, 2016
 -  Questions arise after her swift recovery.  Is Hillary Clinton using blood transfusions from young people to improve her health?  Given the Clintons long history with the blood market, most notably the1980s HMA scandal and the selling of blood from Arkansas prisoners, questions arise as to whether she is using the medical procedure to improve her appearance.

Hillary is receiving full body blood transfusions from young donors to give a temporary illusion of health for select campaign appearances

Maybe NEPHILIM blood transfusions.

Hillary's heart
Oct 3, 2016
 Ed Klein  -  Klein has learned that Clinton is suffering from an abnormal heart beat, chronic low blood pressure, etc.  Obama set up a secret medical check-up for Hellary at Walter Reed, but she refused, fearing her LEAKING HEART VALVE and arrhythmia would be exposed.

Klein claims that resident Obama was so concerned that he offered to set up secret medical checkups for her, but she declined.  Clinton arranged secret medical visits to a New York hospital in hopes of keeping her health issues secret.

A gurney was just brought back stage at Hillary's Akron rally

Oct 4, 2016  -  Infowars reports hospital bed caught on camera, Clinton staffers looked concerned, gurney wheeled backstage at a Hillary rally in Akron, Ohio.  Hillary popping another lozenge, suggesting her coughing problems have not gone away.  A gurney was also spotted during Hillary’s event in Cleveland, Ohio, which was notable for the fact that Clinton suffered a 4 minute coughing fit during her speech.

Hellary has Parkinsons and dementia
Oct 8, 2016
 -  Hellary Clinton is rumored to be suffering from dementia, post-concussion syndrome, Parkinson’s, brain tumor, complex partial seizures, and many more alleged ailments.

WikiLeaks dropped the biggest bombshell yet.  Hillary Clinton reached out to the NFL Commissioner in 2012 to ask for advice about dealing with her cracked head and head injuries.

The Hillary Clinton State Department staff was told to research new drugs to treat Parkinson’s disease.  Clinton staff researched Provigil, a controlled drug often prescribed for patients suffering from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Multiple Sclerosis.  Provigil is often used to help such patients stay awake and curb extended bouts of sleep. The drug is also used to treat narcolepsy.

Hillary Clinton's Hand Tremor During the Debate

Hellary had to sit 37 times at debate, and was helped down the stairs after with holding onto the railing at the bottom then helped into the van and passed out on the plane.  She was so full of drugs she did not feel the fly on her face!
Hillary's Parkinson's Can't Hide - Even at the Debate (Dr. Ted Noel)

Clinton should reconsider final debate
Oct 16, 2016
 -  Demoncrat strategist David Axelrod suggested that Hillary Clinton skip her third and final debate with Donald Trump.  Trump floated the idea of a drug test, comparing himself and Clinton to athletes preparing for a big event.  I think we should take a drug test prior to the debate, Trump said.  I don't know what's going on with her, but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning, and at the end it was like, Oh, take me down.

Impending Hillary Clinton Sex Scandal


Hillary health

Hillary Clinton disappears
Greensboro Rally, 100% proof!

Assange kidnapt

Hillary swollen face
Oct 29, 2016
-  What happened to Hillary Clinton’s face?  The right side of her face appears swollen.  Her right eye is swollen, compare it to her left eye.  It almost looks like Hillary Clinton sustained trauma or infection. Did she fall? Did she take a punch? Does she have an infection? Is she receiving some sort of treatment or radiation?  Is it a foreign-body reaction?

This swelling of her face seems to be in conjunction with “a gash” on her right cheek, appearing in news photos around October 25. There is what appears to be a highly skilled, closed, plastic surgery incision in the middle of her right cheek. This alleged incision appears to have maybe been surgically glued shut, or skillfully stitched “inside” the wound.

It reminds me of a biopsy. I think it may have been made by a plastic surgeon for a dermatologist. I have experience with numerous biopsy specimens taken, including one by a plastic surgeon. This is usually done in conjunction with melanoma testing, or for two other forms of skin cancer, like basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell skin cancer.

Notably, Hillary, also previously had what looked like a huge biopsy or surgery done on her tongue. This appeared to have been for a mega-growth or swelling inside her tongue. Photos of this swelling and also the hole in her tongue appeared online around July 28, 2016.

But these photos and the possible cancer they may portend seem to have gone totally unreported.  The Left doesn’t care. They would destroy ANYthing in their way, including Earth itself, I believe, even if it just meant ultimately propping up a body in the Oval Office.

I have NO pity for this evil witch!
She deserves all the pain she may have!

HELLary Clinton the drunk
The American Medical Association defines an “alcoholic” as someone who

1.Has a prolonged period of frequent, heavy alcohol use.

2.Is unable to control drinking once it has begun.

3.Has withdrawal symptoms when the individual stops using alcohol.

4.Needs to use more and more alcohol to achieve the same effects.

5.Has a variety of social and/or legal problems arising from alcohol use.

By that definition, Hillary Clinton is an alcoholic.

Podesta said -
“I think you should call her and sober her up some.”


Hillary and Obama STINK
Mooch Obama says Barack has Body Odor - DEMONS ARE KNOWN AS UNCLEAN, FOUL SMELLING SPIRITS -- hmmmm .. NEPHILM?
Hillary Clinton staff has also remarked she stinks.

NEPHILIM, NWO, globalists, Beast system
SONS of GOD, Merovingian illuminati Bloodline

I have no idea if this is true, I find no source - just a chatroom post

Sept 11, 2016 Hillary Clinton collapse was a blowup doll - not her.
It was taped to a poll. SS agent removes tape after they throw it in car
Someone figured it out. It started to deflate. Forum Index -> America NEWS
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