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GOLD in Gaza, it is Wealthy! Hamas-Israel clash

Israel and Hamas forces clash on Gaza border

Friday, 26 March 2010

Two Israeli soldiers have been killed during clashes with Hamas fighters near the Gaza Strip's southern border, according to Israeli radio.

A further two soldiers were wounded during fighting which broke out east of the town of Khan Younis.

Two Palestinian militants have also been killed in fighting, Palestinian and Israeli sources say.

The clashes were sparked by an attempt by Gaza militants to capture an Israeli soldier, a BBC correspondent says.

Palestinian militants carried out a raid across the fence line and the Israeli military then appears to have pursued them back into Gaza, says the BBC's Paul Wood, in Jerusalem.

'Further response expected'

According to Palestinian sources, Israeli forces responded using tank shells and heavy machine guns, our correspondent adds.

In a statement sent to the BBC, Hamas' armed wing - the Al-Qassam Brigades - claimed responsibility for the two Israeli soldiers' deaths.

Speaking to Reuters news agency, Hamas spokesman Abu Obeida is quoted as saying: "This was our work, but was carried out for defence".

Local sources in Gaza say another smaller group, the PFLP General Command, was also involved. This was broadly the same coalition responsible for seizing Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit more than three years ago, our correspondent says.

Eyewitnesses in the area described a brief period of heavy clashes and also said that a powerful explosion took place.

Our correspondent says that, if the past is any guide, a further Israeli military response can also now be expected.

A ceasefire between Israel and Islamist militant group Hamas, which governs Gaza, has largely held since the 2008-2009 conflict with Israel. Gaza remains under an Israeli-led blockade.


2 Israelis killed by Hamas

2 Israelis killed by Hamas

One Israeli is critical, pray for him.

March 26, 2010

A Hamas cross-border attack on Israeli forces outside Kissufim Friday, March 26, killed an officer, Maj.  Eliraz Peretz, Dep. Commander of Golani Battalion 12, 31, from Eli and 1st Sgt. Ilan Seviatsovsky, 21,  from Rishon Lezion.

Two Israeli soldiers were also injured in the heavy fighting which followed when an Israeli tank and artillery force which crossed in to shell the attackers was ambushed by a second Hamas unit firing anti-tank weapons and bombs. Israeli helicopter gunships were sent in as the battle escalated into the heaviest Israel-Hamas engagement since Israel's Cast Lead anti-terror operation in early 2009.

Maj. Peretz's brother, Uriel, was killed in the 2006 Lebanon war against Hizballah.

On the Palestinian side, the Hamas military arm, Izz-e-dine al Qassam, reported its gunmen attacked an Israeli force which entered southern Gaza from the Kissufim area, while an organization calling itself Taliban-Palestine claimed its men staged the attack.

debkafile's military sources report a persistent rise in tension on the Gaza-Israeli border with Hamas with a smattering of missiles and other provocations every few days.

Exactly a week ago, on March 19, three pairs of motorbike riders, claimed to be from an al Qaeda-linked outfit, crashed through Gaza's border fence and opened RPG and automatic fire on Israelis soldiers on patrol near the Israeli village of Kfar Azza. They missed and swerved back into the Gaza Strip before the soldiers could return the fire. There were no casualties on either side.

Monday, March 22, the same Kissufim sector was the scene of an Israeli firefight with three Palestinian intruders from southern Gaza. Sgt. Gabriel Cepic, 21, was killed by friendly fire when a Golani infantry unit mistook his tank force for Palestinian gunmen.

Our counter-terror sources report that Palestinian terrorist groups operating under the al Qaeda-linked Jalalalat umbrella control extensive areas of southern Gaza.


There is GOLD in Gaza!

Gaza is Wealthy

March 28, 2010

There is GOLD in Gaza!  Are you shocked?
Consider that gold is selling around $1100.00US per ounce!
Palestinians ARE NOT POOR!
The world is deceived into believing Gaza is poor, destitute.
The truth is they spend the money the world gives them on SIN and EVIL.

March 27, 2010 DEBKA

Foreign visitors to the Gaza Strip, most recently UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon and European Union foreign executive Catherine Ashton,
depict its 1.2 million Palestinian inhabitants with great pathos as living in wretched conditions, starving and homeless -
and all because of the Israeli embargo.
In fact, a new Egyptian report shows that the one-day observers were hoodwinked or willing to be misled.

The Egyptian authors count more than 1,000 tunnels, some broad enough for loaded trucks,
through which a large array of basic and luxury goods flow to the markets and shops of the Palestinian enclave -
and have done ever since the end of 2009.
The latest hit in Gaza is the new Gold Market, which has been crowded with shoppers for trinkets, ornaments and glittering gifts since it opened.

Yet Ashton, after a day in Gaza, reported: "Moving from Israel into Gaza, you go from a 21st century country to a landscape that has been disfigured. Rebuilding is impossible while Israel blocks goods from entering. People have little more at their disposal than the ruins that surround them."

And the UN secretary never tires of demanding that Israeli lift its embargo,
as though the Gaza Strip's plight was unmatched anywhere in the world.

The stage props they witnessed in their fleeting visits were bolstered by the accounts of local UN Works and Relief Agency personnel who have a vested interested in presenting a picture of profound poverty - both to stimulate donations and to justify their jobs. They and the Hamas rulers share an interest in keeping this distorted impression before the world media.

The new Egyptian report finally exposes this fraudulent picture with hard facts and figures.

For instance, the oversupply of building materials has in fact depressed the market price per ton of iron from $1066 in 2008 to $533 in March 2010; cement has dropped even more steeply, from just over a thousand dollars then to $240 today, because of an overabundance.

If the buildings damaged in Israel's operation Cast Lead in 2009 have not been rebuilt, it is not because of the ineffectual Israel embargo.

In fact, the Hamas rulers make a tidy profit from embargo: They impose duty on every item of goods "imported" via the tunnels which honeycomb the Egyptian-Gazan border area. This revenue not only keeps them in silk ties but also in power.

Their other main source of income is, unbelievably, the 200 million Israeli shekels (app. $50 m), Israel deposits in cash in Gazan banks every month. This income - which provides the oxygen for keeping Gaza's economy and financial sector afloat - is in fact spent on building more and better tunnels for more high-end goods, in order to further boost Hamas revenues - as well as weapons, which are then used for attacking Israel. The Strip is awash with every type of hardware.

Keeping Gaza's banks supplied with Israeli currency, an Israeli concession to foreign demand,
fuels one of the craziest and destructive cyclical processes ever seen even in this irrational region

Some of those shekels are spent to upgrade the underground conduits with concrete walls and efficient lighting to resemble European highway tunnels, through which trucks and other vehicles flow. The "tunnel industry" - as it has become - employs 20-25,000 workers.

Because the markets of Gaza are swamped with an enormous variety of cheap luxury items, unavailable in many other Middle East countries, the tunnel managers have recently slowed down the traffic to support prices. As a result, Hamas' revenue from "import duty" declined by 60 percent in the first two months of 2010.

There are certainly poor people in Gaza, like anywhere else,
but the obvious causes, which anywhere else would be first assigned to poor government and social malaise,
never seem to occur to observers who look at this reality through the prism of their agendas.

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