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GLENCORE Commodities traders price controls starving poor


Commodities traders price controls are starving the poor

May  2011    

This is outside my usual realm of reporting, but world puppet media are so full of total lies now, I need to find other ways to report.
This idea is from a Mongolian Asian journalist friend of mine

Glencore - the world's largest diversified commodities trader - is planning a $11 billion dollar share sale, likely the largest market debut ever seen on the London Stock Exchange.

"The price for our daily food has at least doubled in the past two years

Millions worry about feeding their families, yet the initial public offering from GLENCORE, the commodity speculating giant will create billionaires.

Controlling prices

GLENCORE is valued at about 60 billion dollars, controls half the global copper market and 10 per cent of the world's wheat, and a quarter of the world market in barley, sunflower and rape seed.

GLENCORE are the stockbrokers of the commodities business operating in a fairly secretive world, setting the price for some very important commodities.

The firm employs about 57,000 people, generated a turnover of 145 billion dollars in the past year and has assets worth more than 79 billion.
Glencore's media department refused interview requests from Al Jazeera.

Based in Baar, Switzerland, where regulation is minimal, the company's sprawling interests span Bolivian tin mines,
Angolan oil, zinc producers in Kazakhstan, Zambian copper mines and Russian wheat operations.


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