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Foundational Christianity

1 Corinthians 3.11 states,
    11 For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 2.19-22 states,
    19 Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God;
    20 And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone;
    21 In whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord:
    22 In whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit.
-Scripture quotes from the King James Version courtesy

These passages of Scripture establishes that the foundation of Christianity is Jesus Christ.  We first have a prohibition of laying another foundation.  Then we have an expanded description of the foundation as being the apostles and the prophets, and Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone.  And you know, without the cornerstone of the foundation it collapses.  Notice in the Ephesians passage the exalted position Jesus Christ is given in the foundation, in whom we are built together and fitly framed together.   Nowhere is that stated about the apostles and prophets.  We are built on the foundation of Christ and Christ alone, for even the apostles and the prophets are supported by the chief cornerstone, which is Christ.  

In this world of ours there are many foundations other than Christ, and many buildings built on other foundations than Christ.  The foundation of Christianity is not John Calvin, or the Pope, nor Peter whom the Catholic church claims to be the first Pope.  Any building built on those foundations is not Christianity.  There is a plethora of denominations that are built on foundations other than Christ.   This is not Christianity.  

Religion based on a foundation other than Christ allows man to what they want.  To create holidays, establish rules, regulations and set standards not found in Scripture.  To claim this a sin and that a sin without any Scriptural backing.  At the same time, ignoring what Scripture teaches that we should or should not do.  Such is the condition of religion in America.  There are very few buildings today that are built upon the foundation of Christ.

Just as the United States needs to get back to foundational governance, the church must get back to foundational Christianity built upon the foundation of Christ.  And until the American church repents and turns from it's wicked ways, I don't see God ever blessing America again

I know that most people don't believe this but it is true.  God will bless the church that is founded upon the foundation of Christ and no other foundation will suffice.

God bless you as you consider this message.

Be Careful of Popular Fiction
It can be a lonely place. The Christian viewpoint is being hated and more hated. Often you will be told how dare you! "You are so judgmental." I have lost friends and family too for my beliefs. The ones that would leave are already gone.  Maybe you have too.

I feel like the world is growing more insane and far quicker too. So many refuse to listen or engage. So many seem to lack basic connection and attachment to people. I feel like I am walking on glass sometimes ready to get cut, with everyone ready to decry me. So many have risen up to defend the freedom of men to get "married" but care nothing about personal and inherent freedoms of civil liberties. That shows some of the evils of politics today.

I have read imperfect books myself, this is more a cautionary tale and some of my comments on how even the book world is being influenced.

Some time ago I went to a library book group. I would think while I was there, "This is why America is going down the tubes". Most of the women were 20 years older then me in the group and they were all so liberal. Even a secular book club doesn't seem safe anymore even one where they read a lot of non-fiction. I have to be more careful about what books I read. My participation in this group is only on occasion and now will be even less.  I was in disbelief about this book and how horrible it was. I am considering asking the local librarian "How come every fiction book that is read promotes a liberal agenda?" Trust me it is extreme. Sometimes I feel like I am a time warp as things change at rapid rate around me. I knew the book was awful, but bored one evening decided to go to the book group, to see what was said about it and if anyone would be in agreement.  I was at the library waiting to be picked up by my husband.

In the book "The Chaperone", the book starts out rather neutral though you can tell it's not Christian fiction,  the main character towards the last third of the book starts committing adultery, and is married to a homosexual husband who is carrying on his own affair in secret. The book starts off slow and you think it will be a neutral historical fiction novel, but surprise, surprise! She finds a lover while away on a trip and brings him home to live with her and her homosexual husband, pretending that he is their brother while they have liasons for 40 years while lying to her grown sons, and the lover's younger daughter. She is a "Chaperone" earlier in the book for a character loosely based on a silent film star named Louise Brooks as a teen. This girl is rebellious and has premarital sex. The whole book centers on throwing off the restraints of Victorian society and goes far beyond just getting rid of the corsets but sells sexual liberation and promiscuity as the cure. It's is like some brainwashed grown up hippie from the 1960s wrote this book and the obvious promotion of liberal causes grew worse. This book was so bad, it shocked me. I skimmed the remaining parts. I supposed I gave in my own desires to offer another point of view rightly or wrongly.

I don't expect a crowd of lost people to agree with me on a lot of things but seeing a group of older women praise this book even with it's sexual immorality, advancement of homosexual marriage and polygamy surprised me.  I was horrified. Would you all call me crazy if I told you that viewpoints have grown far more LIBERAL in general and within only a few years. Two women didn't like the book but stuck to "safe reasons" why and didn't address the main issue. I got some wide staring eyes and opened mouths of shock and some laughter when I said the book advanced "moral degenerancy and duplicity", and shared my view that throwing away all traditional beliefs for unmitigated promiscuity was a path to hell.

At times while I warn on this blog about the Dominionists who do their march-a-thons in public forums, I wondered if I erred. Well I shouldn't have gone in the first place realizing what the book was about. Some glaring looks were thrown at me when I said, this book offers nothing uplifting and seeks to diminish every traditional Christian value.  One lady who is otherwise nice flashed daggers into my eyes and gave the whole "don't be judgmental speech".

I sometimes forget that my community of the last 8 years is far more liberal then my last one. Be careful with fiction. I prefer non-fiction and even there you have to be careful with the evolutionists and the liberal historians but fiction books they have moved from subtle manipulations to overt ones. What's on the best seller list? Well the disgusting book "Fifty Shades of Grey" is still #1 as well as some other dubious ones, including the non-fiction, "Heaven is For Real". I find myself thinking they are only publishing books now the elite favor, with certain agendas. There are far less independent publishers out there then there was when I was young.

Ever notice that everyone in books today are wealthy and you don't see anything written about ordinary "normal" people?  Books like Willa Cather would never exist today, as she wrote about ordinary farmers. You never see any working class characters or salt of the earth folks in books today. Even Steinbeck in today's culture would be hard pressed with the preponderance of spoiled shallow wealthy degenerates filling our pages of fiction.

Be careful of Christian fiction too, I've delved into that world a bit as well for more "wholesome" recreational reading and while some books are better then others, I have noticed subtle themes that are disturbing. These have included: Catholics nuns are "holy Christians" [beyond just standing for some morals] and "feminism is good". Some seem good on the surface like the book "The Prayer Box", but I saw some of those themes in there. Often the modern characters seems to move to communities that come right out of 50 years ago, as they are rescued and the whole village works together--Agenda 21 style?  I've lived in a very rural community and while it was "behind" the times, things never worked that way. I have noticed this fairy tale theme in modern Christian fiction.

Many of the books seem to be a rewrite of "Pride and Prejudice", where the single in this case Christian lady falls in love with the perfect Christian man. The endless parade of perfect Christian Mr. Darcy like future husbands is mind numbing.  I've read some of those Beverly Lewis Amish books, which present an idealized version of the Amish life, they do talk a little bit about being born again, but obviously the Amish faith is one based on legalisms.

I have to admit some of the "Chick-Lit" for Christian women, I found incredibly dull and hard to slog through. All the characters are south of 35 and pretty too. There was one Christian novel I tried to read that even snuck in the mysticism with "ghosts" included in the story which was kind of disturbing. "The Prayer Box" too had a supernatural aspect too, I didn't like with a cat who acted like a "familiar" leading the heroine to the prayer boxes to find them. What was that doing in a Christian novel?

One thing I notice even in non-fiction books I read are all the assumptions, such as evolution, globalism is good, and more. It is hard to find free-thinking literature nowadays. One tires too of the Baby Boomer themes that never seem to let up with the passage of time. They own all the publishing companies I suppose while Generation X and the millennials slip into poverty. Is anyone as tired as I am of hearing about Vietnam, and the Kennedy Assassination? Why is everything written around these repetitive themes and why aren't younger generations getting much of a say still? The 1960s destruction of society seems to be a gift that never stops giving.  I see this even in the Christian fiction where themes of how great "woman's lib" is, still proliferate. The heroine of "The Prayer Box", can knock down walls and flip houses like any muscle bound man! Are you impressed? I wasn't. The most narcissistic generation in history [yes I know there are good Christian individuals] doesn't want to allow other viewpoints.

I often find myself disgusted with the selections on my library shelves. I know I am blessed to have "free" books to read but have you ever been to a library where the librarians are "conservatives" or even more rare "conservative Christians"? Every book for "Christians" is on the extreme progressive side, Wallis, books for homosexual "Chrstians" and the rest. I see books all from the LEFT of the aisle. {Yes the right is part of the NWO too}. Is this a problem in your local library?

Be careful of what you read. I love to read and one thing I have to have caution about is my own intellectual curiosity leading me to read things the Lord probably would rather have me not read. Sometimes I can take refuge in older books, but even there, we have to test all things. I tended to avoid fiction for years except older classics because so much of it was fluff. This is still a problem for me but I am noticing many themes subtle and not so subtle being advanced in the "fiction". One problem I have with the Christian fiction is how facile it is, especially what is marketed to women.

*  posted by BornAgain2

Christianity is almost lost

WAR on CHRISTIANS - in USA and the world

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