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They are likely to do harm, not good.   H3N2 (swine) flu strain 2013
Some areas are seeing a decrease in activity.

If you get sick, cover your cough and sneeze with your elbow, not your hand so you are less likely to spread the virus.
REMEMBER, dont believe media, they hype for the Beast

Flu spreads to 47 states, but may be starting to wane
Jan 11, 2013
 Flu activity remains high across the United States, but there are signs this year's bad season may be waning in some areas, government health officials said Friday.
Forty-seven states reported widespread flu activity as of the week ending Jan. 5, up from 41 the previous week.
24 states and New York City reported high levels of flu, but that was down from 29 states the week before, according to new data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  
Flu activity was up all across the U.S., except in the region that includes Arizona, California, Guam, Hawaii and Nevada, the new report showed.

Severe Strain Of Flu Reaches Epidemic Proportions In New York City
Number Of Cases N.Y. State-Wide Nearly 5 Times Higher Than Last Year
January 10, 2013 Mayor Michael Bloomberg got a flu shot in October but still got the disease last month.
Still, Bloomberg said that won’t stop him from getting vaccinated every year, CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer reported

Influenza has reached epidemic proportions in the United States, both influenza A and B.
A strain, called[b] H3N2 (swine)
, predominates this season, though the B strain has caused about 20 percent of cases.[/b]

The Emerging H3N2 Swine Pandemic

Media myth, vaccine is NOT effective

Recombinomics is committed to the study of recombination as the driver of rapid molecular evolution and the emergence of novel infectious agents.


Flu season hits South Florida early
Jan 9, 2013  An early outbreak of the seasonal flu sickening much of America is starting to hit more South Floridians with its hacking, feverish symptoms.
Since mid-December, Broward County emergency rooms have been seeing about twice the volume of patients coming in with flu-like symptoms than they typically see this time of year, said Dr. Nabil El Sanadi, chief of emergency medicine at Broward Health.
"And we're ready for it to increase a little more" in the coming weeks, he said.

Flu Outbreak: Fighting the Virus With Social Media
The flu season has arrived — and it’s weeks early.
In one week, 16 states and New York City reported high levels of the flu. By the following week, that number was up to 29.
Each day for the past week, more than 500 New Yorkers have descended on emergency rooms with flu symptoms, according to a city website.

According to the Centers for  Disease Control and Prevention, in high flu states  70 percent to 80 percent of the coughs you hear around you right now stem from the flu.
Each cough, sneeze or even conversation puts the virus into the air — and potentially into your lungs.

The virus goes everywhere — onto railings and the salt shakers in the diner; on the keys of the ATM; and on every door anyone touches.
The flu virus can survive two to eight hours on hard surfaces such as  metal and plastic — touch it and you can spread it to your nose and mouth from your hand.
The average person touches his or her  face about 18 times an hour — giving the virus a path to the lungs.
In one meeting, ABC News recorded the number of times people unconsciously touched their faces in more than 25 minutes. The highest number of times: 44.

The CDC is watching social media flu sites such as Google Flu Tracker, and a Facebook app tries to identify the “friend” that gave you the flu from its searches and comments. has 20,000 volunteers who are tracking their symptoms, narrowing the spread of flu down to your ZIP code.
An office hot spot?  The elevator. One sneeze can spray the flu — in droplets — up to 20 feet, coating the doors and buttons.  And what do you touch in an elevator?  The buttons.
Those at high risk for severe disease — young children, seniors, pregnant women, those with medical problems — should see their doctor. Antiviral drugs might prevent your illness from getting worse.,0,5087768.story

Contagion Trailer 2011
Predictive Programming at its best (or worst)

Flu picks up steam across the U.S.
Jan 9, 2013
(CNN) - The flu has been spreading fiercely across the United States, with more than half of states reporting widespread activity. The season has started earlier, and cases are more severe than last year, health officials say.
The latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention flu advisory report, which covers the week of December 23 to 29, suggests that 41 states have widespread influenza activity, which was an increase of 31 states from the previous week. The CDC will issue an update on the flu situation Friday.

There have so far been 2,257 hospitalizations associated with laboratory-confirmed flu virus, the CDC report said. Among children, there have been 18 deaths reported during this season.
In Massachusetts, one of the 29 states that the CDC has identified as having high activity of influenza-like illness, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino declared a public health emergency in the city because of the flu.

Since October 1, there have been 700 confirmed influenza cases among Boston residents, according to Menino's office; that's 10 times more than were seen in all of last year's flu season.
Menino is collaborating with the Boston Public Health Commission and community health centers to offer free vaccination clinics this weekend. The mayor urged residents to stay home from work or school if they are sick, and to get their flu shots.

"This is the worst flu season we've seen since 2009, and people should take the threat of flu seriously," Menino said in a statement. More than 4% of emergency department visits at Boston hospitals are from flu cases, up from 1% during non-flu season.

Flu season has Boston declaring health emergency
Jan 9, 2013
 Boston declared a public health emergency as the city tried to deal with a harsh flu season and the state reported 18 flu-related deaths so far.
The city is working with health care centers to offer free flu vaccines and also hopes to set up places where people can get vaccinated. The city said there had been four flu-related deaths, all elderly residents, since the unofficial start of the flu season on Oct. 1.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said there had been about 700 confirmed cases of the flu in Boston so far this season, compared with 70 all of last season.
Massachusetts was one of 29 states reporting high levels of "influenza-like illness," according to the most recent weekly flu advisory issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Vaccine doesn't include spreading strain


Chicago hospitals turning away flu cases, no room

Visitor restrictions in 'epicenter' of outbreak

Flu widespread in 41 states

Pestilence Watch


Flu Outbreak Facts, What You Need to Know
January 12, 2013
This flu season is shaping up to be particularly severe. Here’s what you need to know.
The H3N2 (swine) flu is historically associated with severe illness. The last time H3N2 was the primary strain was 2003-4.
Humidity is the main factor. When humidity levels are low, as they are in the winter, the flu virus is able to survive longer on surfaces. is a good health news source.  Other sources follow the Beast.


New York State declares influenza emergency
January 12, 2013
 Some analysts say the latest numbers suggest the worst of the season may have passed.
The governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, (servant of the Beast) has declared a public health emergency because of the severity of this year's influenza season.

The order makes vaccinations more accessible and allows pharmacists to administer vaccines to children.  (Too late now for a shot.)
Almost 20,000 cases of flu have been reported in New York state so far this season - more than four times the number of cases last winter.

The flu outbreak has reached epidemic proportions across the US.
Last week 7.3% of US deaths were caused by pneumonia and the flu, just above epidemic threshold, said the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Flu activity was widespread in 47 states, up from 41 the week before.
The 2012-13 flu season is said to have started earlier than usual, with many cases of the H3N2 strain, which can be severe.

2013  -  The Year of the 666 Beast
The entire world, all world leaders are servants of the Beast


DHS Beast this year, police state, civil war

Beast Education for Schoolkids, Socialism

666 * Euro-Collapse, shift toward beast empire

666 * Bilderberg, Beast government, 2010 2011 2012 meetings

Beast, blizzard and Revelation 12

666 * Beast * antiChrist and the Vatican

Pope wants One World Order

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