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Eurostar Chunnel - Paris-London-Brussels train tunnel

Eurostar Chunnel

Paris-London-Brussels train tunnel troubles
December 2009
- Eurostar cancels weekend service after weather chokes off Channel Tunnel
Eurostar canceled all service this weekend after severe wintry weather in northern France caused the breakdown of an "unprecedented" six trains, stranding thousands of passengers on both sides of the English Channel on the weekend before Christmas.
Five trains with about 2,000 passengers stopped running Friday night inside the Channel Tunnel, also called the Chunnel, which runs between Britain and France. A sixth train broke down Saturday after Eurostar tried to run four trains from London to the Continental mainland in order to prepare for the resumption of normal service. About 700 people were aboard when that train stopped in the Ebbsfleet area of Kent.

Eurotunnel, which operates the Channel Tunnel, said it evacuated all 1,364 Eurostar passengers who were stuck Friday after the trains "lost traction," but one of the five trains remained in the tunnel and was blocking part of it, according to a Eurotunnel spokeswoman who asked not to be named, in keeping with policy.
The train that broke down Saturday was being towed back to the tunnel entry so passengers could be removed and transferred, Eurostar said.
Passengers evacuated Friday night described how a trip that was supposed to take around two hours lasted more than 14, factoring in the one-hour time difference between London and Paris.
"I left at 6:30 from Paris and we just arrived at 8 o'clock," passenger Robert Ricine told Sky News after arriving at London's St. Pancras station, a Eurostar hub.
He and other passengers complained they were given no food or water and little information during the ordeal.
"It was a very upsetting experience for those passengers traveling, and we're very sorry for what happened to them," Brown said. "We will be taking a very close look at what happened [and] what lessons can be learned principally to actually understand why it was that we had five trains breaking down."
The problems started after 9 p.m. (4 p.m. ET) Friday, when the first of the five Eurostar trains became stuck. It was helped out of the tunnel by a Eurotunnel locomotive, which took it all the way to London with passengers still on board

April 2010
Volcano Chaos for Eurostar Chunnel
Accusations of profiteering from ash

October 2010
French pension protests
Rail unions have called for new transport strikes including the Eurotunnel services between France and England.
Rail traffic is disrupted, Eurostar service between Paris and London is normal,
but there is no Eurostar service between Brussels and London due to a strike in Belgium.

December 2010
Major delays and cancellations persisted at European airports including London's Heathrow, and on the Eurostar train link, leaving thousands stranded across Europe as Christmas approached. At London St Pancras rail station the queue for Eurostar trains to France and Belgium stretched for about 1km.
Eurostar urged passengers to rebook or get a refund for their tickets, after services were curtailed by speed restrictions put on the lines.
The rail firm said it hoped everyone who needed to travel would get a place on a train, but staff estimated passengers would have to wait for four or five hours.
Meanwhile, at Eurostar's terminal in Paris, there were no reports of queues.

November 2010
6 Chunnel trains broke down and thousands of people were confined for as many as 16 hours in the dark without food or water. This is a traumatic experience.

PREDICTIONS building to fulfillment of Revelation 13
Illuminati Vowed in 1969 Travel Will Be More Difficult[/b]
By Henry Makow Ph.D. (Flashback from Dec 2009)

White Cliffs of Dover fall into English Channel
March 17, 2012
A large section of the white cliffs of Dover collapsed into the English Channel.
It is thought freezing conditions over the winter may have weakened the chalk and flint cliffs. BBC

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Channel Tunnel train services returning to normal
April 18, 2014  GOOD FRIDAY
Channel Tunnel rail services are due to return to normal on Friday after a day of severe disruption.
Many trains between London, Paris and Brussels were delayed or cancelled after technical problems and a fatality near France.
There would be limited availability Friday with most trains already at capacity.
Eurotunnel warned it would not be able to sell tickets to customers without a reservation.

English Channel Earthquakes
If earthquakes keep up it could endanger the Eurostar - chunnel.

History of English channel quakes

October 2012

3 quakes beneath the Channel this week.

April 2007
Earthquake in Kent region of UK could involve Channel Tunnel.
There has been a significant earthquake in South-East England. The epicentre was off the coast of Kent, and the effects were felt as far inland as London.
There is widespread structural damage to hundreds of buildings, and electrical power was cut off to several thousand homes.

The media avoided the obvious channel tunnel issue. EuroStar is a major advertiser in Britain.
Chunnel service was delayed for safety checks, and the tunnel was designed to withstand quakes.
Yet many people are concerned about the EuroTunnel connection.

If the earthquake zone covers the part of the English Channel under which the Channel Tunnel runs, how safe is the tunnel and why was it built there?

France Eurotunnel is dangerous
July 29, 2015
-  In a night of Anarchy Muslims storm Eurotunnel terminal near Calais France, attempted to break through fences in a bid to reach UK.

The volume of illegals trying to gain access to the United Kingdom via the railway tunnel beneath the English Channel is overwhelming security, hundreds storm the French terminal every night hoping to stow away on-board to England.  Its well-organised, co-ordinated activity.

It seems the whole official world is afraid to call Islamic terrorists what they are!  Instead they will say migrant or refugee, maybe illegals, but they are ISIS Muslim terrorists!  ISIS has stated they intend to invade and conquor all of the EU.  They are trying!

CHUNNEL INVASION by ISIS, fences breached  
October 3, 2015
-  Eurotunnel and Eurostar passenger and freight services have resumed with delays after ISIS broke into the Calais terminal overnight.  Train fences were breached by the violent Muslims.  Eurotunnel security staff were overwhelmed by their aggression.  They rape and cut off heads!  Why the shock?!?  The EU has no clue how to correctly report!

Eurotunnel power failure
Oct 18, 2016
-  Chaos as Eurostar and Eurotunnel Channel Tunnel services between England and France suspended after massive power failure. Thousands of passengers suffered major disruption.

The electrical supply problem in the train tunnel blocked traffic between Britain and destinations on the continent such as Paris, Brussels and Lille. No trains were stuck underwater. Forum Index -> World NEWS
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