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Eric Braverman, James Alefantis

appears to be in FBI Custody.  The FBI said he DEFECTED TO RUSSIA, they were afraid for his security.
Too bad Eric Braverman is another queer.


I dont know whats true, but this is worth watching.

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!

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NEWS and analysis you can TRUST


Clinton Foundation CEO Braverman
seeking assylum from Russia
This is BIGGER than ALL the wiki and veritas!!

Eric Braverman seeks assylulm
Oct 25, 2016   -  Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman
seeks urgent and immediate political asylum from Russia.  He can expose The Real Hillary Clinton Scandal.  Eric Braverman arrived at the Consulate of Russia in New York City 23 October and presented his request for asylum.

Braverman asylum request was directly related to the sudden death of Wikileaks founder Gavin MacFadyen 22 October.
Macfadyns wife said lung cancer - anything else is speculation
Clinton Foundation power struggle between Chelsea Clinton and Doug Band when Chelsea started to take a more senior role and became increasingly concerned about an internal audit regarding Teneo.  Chelsea’s rise threatens some Clinton aides who had carved out influential and lucrative positions.

There Is Some Chatter That Eric Braverman is Seeking Asylum From The Russians
sorcha - whatdoesitmean - is a great source - its a group of whistleblowers

It is just possible that Braverman had too much decency.

Where is Eric Braverman
Oct 29, 2016
 -  Where in the World is Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman - asylum, hiding or dead?  Former Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman is missing and rumors are surfacing that he may be hiding from the Clinton death machine due to a recent WikiLeaked email.  Recent questions surround Braverman’s sudden disappearance:

Did Eric Braverman Seek Asylum with Russia?
Neither Braverman nor his family have yet made a statement about the rumors.

Former Clinton Foundation CEO Braverman
Dec 21, 2016  
-  Eric Braverman hasnt been seen in public for a couple months.
Some suspect he's under witness protection for potentially leaking Clinton Foundation information to the FBI suggesting they are protecting him from the Clintons.

We still dont know.

Where is he?  Dead, in FBI hiding, in Russia?

CIA is involved in child trafficking for sex
Islam is child trafikking, Imams are pimps, and
ISIS is the CIA, traces to Soros
Pizzagate Alefantis is a CIA op

Looking for Eric Braverman, CF CEO

Clinton partner Giustra is pure evil, Canada unlikely to arrest.
He was a part of the Clinton Uranium One Deal.
Giustra is connected directly to Clintons, McMurry Alberta fires (, Hammond ranch Russia uranium Bundys Oregon

steemit and voat

Clinton Foundation connection to Canada fires

I am tracking this story
seems to relate to the Pedo files aka pizzagate

Clinton Foundation (CF) is center for complete takeover of America - which was COMPLETE Nov 1, 2016  -  Jan 20 WE TAKE IT BACK!

Evidently his vanishing is related to the DC pedoz
Is the Clinton Foundation global Pedo HQ?  Looks like it

PizzaGate is pedofiles  
GLOBAL SATANISM, child sex trafficking
The Clintons, govt, congress, USSC, MSM all involved
Clinton Foundation appears to be CIA, global pedo-HQ child sex trafficking, SATANISM
Trump admin must prosecute MANY hundreds QUICKLY!

Evil or Very Mad

James Alefantis (Pizzagate)
James Achilles Alefantis is a CIA operative and the CIA is involved in child trafficking for billionaires. CIA is involved in child trafficking.  That makes sense, Islam is child trafikking, Imams are pimps and ISIS is CIA, traces to Soros.

Comet Ping Pong is one small  glimpse into this, but one that is sufficient to pull back the curtains  and reveal Soros, Giustra, Slim, Clinton standing there naked.  

James Achilles Alefantis is regarded as the 49th most powerful person in DC.  He has visited the White House 5 times and  is working intimately with and on behalf of the Clinton Foundation, Podestas, Carlos Slim, Frank Giustra, Jeffrey Epstein, and Soros.

He has several global holdings, most of which  involve "kid friendly" bastions where groups of children gather. He and his agents use several  different aliases. ( )

Mind control
James Achilles Alefantis works in producing films and music videos with Amanda Kleinman, which contain highly professional hypnotic inductions and neuro linguistic programming techniques to induce trance states in the viewer and embed suggestions and commands.

Mind control example - watch with volume off, and in short segments, do not watch continuously as it is designed to embed suggestions and values in your other-than-conscious mental states.

James Achilles Alefantis is a central figure in an international child trafficking and child prostitution ring.  Alefantis is being protected by key figures in mainstream media, social media, local law enforcement, and government.  SOURCES - steemit and voat


Could Braverman be in FBI Protective Custody?
Dec 31, 2016
-  There are also rumors that Braverman is in FBI protective custody, perhaps in exchange for testifying against the Clintons. Sources within the FBI have said it is likely there will be indictments handed down over the Clinton Foundation’s pay-to-play schemes. reported that Braverman requested asylum in Russia on October 23. The information apparently came from a Russian blogger, who reported it in a rambling blog post on LiveLeak.

Braverman was apparently hired by Chelsea Clinton to clean up the corruption in the foundation, but then forced out of the foundation by longtime Clinton loyalists.

Only questions.

#WheresEric, Follow the Money
Jan 2, 2017  
-  Clinton Foundation CEO Declared Missing after Going Public Saying Follow the Money.  George Webb has been tracking Braverman after he disappeared after his resignation from the Clinton Foundation in January 2015.  John Podesta thought Eric Braverman was the source of information leaks to the media.
My BEST guess is Trump is hiding him

Braverman supposedly requested assylum in Russia,
but if he was there, he'd be speaking out.

Braverman was a intelligence asset ?  
That would mean he never existed and has re-assumed his real name.

Question  Question

Pizzagate, Comet Ping Pong
Jan 19, 2017  CBS  
-  Comet Ping Pong PizzaGate report by Ben Swann of CBS Atlanta lays out the players, including James Alefantis (and David Brock), and the pedophile terminology, logos, etc featured at the restaurant. Swann even mentions John Podesta's close relationship with convicted pedophile Dennis Hastert, as well as the creepy Podesta art.

A few FOCs in MSM, what a shock!  (FOC - friend of Clinton)

Eric Braverman
Jan 30, 2017  
-  Google Fires Podesta Group after hiring Eric Braverman.  Clinton Foundation donors slashed their donations, presumably because their pay-for-play scam was ruined. The Podesta Group has just lost a lucrative contract with Google.  Tony Podesta is a major Demonrat fundraiser and the is no longer lobbying on behalf of Google.
Eric Braverman, the former Clinton Foundation CEO, is hired by Alphabet Inc.

Eric Braverman

Well that was sudden!

Eric Braverman NOT missing
Feb 1, 2017  
-  Eric Braverman is Not Missing, He is working for Google.
Former Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman was rumored missing since 2016 October. It turns out that he is alive and well and that he just accepted a new position with Eric Schmidt from Google. At the same time, Google has parted ways with the lobbying firm of the Podesta brothers.

He credits George Webb
Braverman is working for Eric Schmidt (google)
Webb had reported that Braverman has been hired by the Google Foundation, but I find Webb too long anad boring to listen to.
#Pizzagate #Podesta Connection


Eric Braverman safe in Israel
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