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EHR * They Can Kill You With the Push of a Button

EHR  *  They Can Kill You With the Push of a Button
July, 2013 Gaping Security Holes In Your Electronic Health Records
It should be obvious by now that modern technology comes with widespread security issues.
Some are intentional, others are unintentional, where computer device and software operators simply make mistakes.
With the centralization of our personal records, especially our electronic health records (EHR), theres a new risk to every single American,
and one that leaves us physically exposed to the real threat of being killed with the push of a button.
Example on link.
Dr. Silverstein blames the death of his mother on problems with the hospital electronic medical records.
He filed a wrongful-death lawsuit. If paper records had been in place, unless someone had been using disappearing ink, this would not have happened. Forum Index -> HEALTH and Medical NEWS
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