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Eat Your Last Meal!!! EBT, WIC,& FOOD STAMPS TO END in e

Eat Your Last Meal!!! EBT, WIC,& FOOD STAMPS TO END in exchange for MICROCHIPPING TO

I dare you to go to the WIC website, or the EBT website or the SNAP/Food stamp website or the Grocery Manufacturers of america,the food and drug admins, etc. etc. Go to there search field browser and type in RFID,or biometric and WATCH what pops up. I also have Government Links to show the validity of this video.

Go Google this entire sentence..... "Planned Nationwide Usage of the biometric information sharing capability by fiscal year 2009-2013" As well as these below.

-Go Google "The human robot operating system" PDF (Super Smoking Gun Proof)

Go to FMI Dot Org. Type 2011 RFID in the search field


Go to youtube and type in "Biometric ID Cards Replace Cash mark of the beast"

Go to youtube and type in
" louisana bans cash"

Go Google "Biometrics dot gov Fingerprint recognition"

I have much more Smokiing gun proof but I'll reveal it later. I have other videos to make .

It's been a matter of time! They did it back in 2004...

Here's an FDA link

And here's a pdf...

Nowhere To Run Or Hide... DARPA's “Biometrics At A Distance” Will Find You No Matter What You Do
The U.S. military can see you breathing on the other side of that wall. It can even see your heartbeat racing while you crouch behind the door. But if you think running farther away or hiding in a crowd will make you invisible to the Defense Department’s sensors, you might be in for a surprise. The Pentagon’s geeks are looking to tweak their life-form finder so they can spot your tell-tale heart no matter what you do. Darpa, the Pentagon’s mad-science shop, announced last week that it’s looking to improve on technologies that sniff out biometric signatures like heartbeats from behind walls. Dubbed “Biometrics-at-a-distance,” the program seeks to build sensors that can remotely identify humans from farther away and tell them apart in a crowd.

L.A. Airports Prepare For Biometric ID Security
Los Angeles-area airports are replacing their identification card reader systems and prepping security infrastructure for an eventual upgrade to biometric-based identification. Los Angeles International, LA/Ontario International and Van Nuys airports are moving from a magnetic swipe card system to a contactless “proximity reader.” As the work is done, infrastructure is being rolled out to use iris scan or other biometric identification technology beginning in 2012. Dominic Nessi, deputy executive director and CIO of Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), which oversees operations at the three airports, said replacement of the access control and alarm monitoring system’s magnetic card readers is done regularly as the equipment and swipe cards wear out. But instead of...

Biometric Student Scanning Continues Expansion
Many remember the days when you went through the lunch line and were required to give one of the cooks your student number before you could get your lunch. Many of the younger generation will recall having an ID card that was necessary to prove who you were. Students in Taylor County Schools soon will have their finger print scanned for their hot lunch. Every business in today’s society is looking for ways to more effectively streamline its process, while at the same time being cost conscious. Biometric finger scanning is an effort by the Taylor County School System to “provide security for your child’s... Forum Index -> Bible Prophecy, Dreams, Visions
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