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Earthquakes, storms, nature * Northeast U.S.A. states

Earthquakes, storms, nature *  Northeast U.S.A. states
Delaware, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine, Mass. etc.

Mass, NYC, DC
March 13, 2012
– Northeast and Midwest U.S. flirt with record high temps.
Temperatures soared to record highs in the Northeast on Monday after a weekend of record-setting warmth across the Upper Plains and forecasts for an unprecedented extended warm front this week, the National Weather Service said. In Boston, Mass. temperatures reached a record 71 degrees, eclipsing the former high of 69 degrees 110 years ago.  Temperatures also soared in New York City to near the record 71 degrees in Central Park. In Washington DC, above-average temperatures meant cherry trees blossomed sooner than expected.  

Minnesota record high temperatures in the mid-60s.
Bismarck, North Dakota, and across southern Minnesota and eastern Wisconsin all unusually warm.

Snowstorm Targets Interior Northeast USA
April 21, 2012
shuttle Enterprise trip delayed
April nor'easter dumps rain, snow on East Coast.
A spring storm delays the space shuttle Enterprise’s trip to New York and bring snow to the Appalachians and Great Lakes.  Tornado watches were issued late Saturday in central and southern Florida.

Severe thunderstorms with wind gusts up to 34 mph struck Delaware, New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania.  Up to 4 inches of rain was forecast from Washington, D.C., to New York City.

4.6 earthquake in MAINE
October 16, 2012
 4.6 earthquake in Main reberating thru New England
Live blog: 4.5 earthquake hits southwest of Lake Arrowhead, Maine
A 4.5-magnitude earthquake hit southwest of Lake Arrowhead, Maine, at approximately 7:12 p.m. tonight.  Lake Arrowhead is about 30 miles west of Portland. The quake was felt in the Boston area and southern New England.
Some phone lines down.
Heard and felt rumbling for around 10-20 seconds

Earthquake Rattles the Northeast
October 16, 2012
A magnitude 4.0 earthquake rattled New England Tuesday evening.
Originating in southeast Maine, the quake was originally believed to have a magnitude of 4.6. It was later downgraded to its current status.
The U.S. Geological Survey reports that the quake originated 6 kilometers from Hollis Center, Maine at a depth of 3.1 miles.
"People in New England, and in its geological extension southward through Long Island, have felt small earthquakes and
suffered damage from infrequent larger ones since colonial times," the U.S. Geological Survey reported on its site.
The earthquake was felt across Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and even as far south as Long Island.

New York earthquakes, storms, rare weather

October snow, wind storm NE USA 2011

Hurricane Irene 2011

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!


Quake prompts 'unusual event' at Seabrook nuke plant
Oct. 17, 2012
SEABROOK — An “unusual event” indeed. The 4.0 magnitude earthquake that rumbled across the Seacoast and beyond Tuesday evening triggered normal safety protocols at the Seabrook Station nuclear power plant.
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission declared an “unusual event” — NRC-speak for the lowest of its four levels of emergency classifications — at 7:20 p.m. Tuesday. The declaration was prompted by on-site ground motion resulting from an earthquake centered near Hollis, Maine — about 50 miles from the plant.

“There was absolutely no impact to the plant from the earthquake,” said Al Griffith, spokesman for NextEra Energy, the plant’s owner. Griffith said a series of mandated safety checks were conducted at the plant, concluding at 1:49 a.m., some six and a half hours after the tremor.
Citing the “robustness” of the plant’s design, Griffith assured that it is capable of withstanding a far, far greater impact than Tuesday’s quake.
There are seismic monitors on site and Griffith said officials will be conducting “a very thorough examination and analysis of all of our data.”
An NRC resident inspector assigned to Seabrook responded to the site last night to confirm that there were no immediate safety issues at the plant, which is currently shut down for a scheduled refueling and maintenance outage.

Thousands report loud boom and unusual sounds in Northeastern US: USGS classifies it as earthquake, but was it really an overhead meteor explosion?
Some heard a loud bang. Others felt rolling vibrations. Still others thought it was a large truck, airplane, or helicopter.
The 4.0-magnitude earthquake that hit west of Hollis Center, Maine, at 7:12 p.m. Tuesday was different things to different people as it rumbled across New England.

"We heard it coming - it sounded like an airplane at treetop level. The quake probably only lasted about five seconds. It felt like it went up my driveway, under the kitchen and out the back yard. It was pretty cool," Bill from Northborough wrote on the "Feel the Quake?" forum on

The earthquake surprised residents who rarely experience the phenomenon. Fortunately, no real damage was reported.
More than 7,000 people across Massachusetts, including people from 344 of the state's 351 communities, submitted reports of feeling the quake to the US Geological Survey's website. More than 500 people in Boston and 300 in Cambridge filed reports, according to the agency. Hundreds of people also contributed accounts of the quake to

"I live in a house that's over 100 years old. I've never felt any motion before. The house is solid, but this evening I felt it sway and almost ran out of the house. It was very disconcerting. I live in Lexington on a high hill," Ashley Lieberman wrote.
"Yes, we felt and heard a rumble, that moved like a wave across the area, from the nothern part of the house, then underneath our feet, then over to the southern part. Okay, no damage, but kind of creepy nevertheless."

Braintree, MA October 17, 2012 at 10:47 am
Mary shared her experience from York, Maine, which is about an hour from the epicenter of the quake. "At first, after feeling what seemed like a big bang, including a loud sound, I thought something in the neighborhood blew up or that a car hit the house, but then the house started shaking and I realized what was happening. It was pretty scary! I was glad it discontinued after a few seconds. Hope I never feel one again," she wrote.

Dan B. from Newburyport said his house shook for five seconds and he first ran to the basement to check his furnace. "I thought it was a large low flying helicopter," he wrote. "It shook the nerves of my three children, all under 10 years old. We also have a calm dog who began to bark during the shake."

The shaking caused a low-level alert at the Seabrook nuclear power plant in Seabrook, N.H.
John Ebel, director of the Weston Observatory and professor of geophysics at Boston College, said some people might have had a few items rattled off shelves but that he has not received any reports of real damage.
"I've not heard directly of any damage and I would not expect any," Ebel said.
He was in Natick when the quake struck.

"I heard a kind of muffled boom and rumble as though an explosion had gone off half a mile away, but then the house really creaked and rocked for about five to 10 seconds," he said.
Ebel grew up in Missouri and completed his PhD in California, so he is no stranger to earthquakes.

He said the tremors from Tuesday night's quake were not as strong as those of a 5.6-magnitude earthquake he experienced in Missouri. Still, he said, the shaking he felt Tuesday night was comparable to some of the quakes he has felt on the West Coast.

Earthquakes on the East Coast are felt 3 or 4 times farther than earthquakes of the same magnitude on the West Coast, he said.
East Coast quakes are farther-reaching because cold rock transmits seismic waves without absorbing seismic energy, he said. Waves die much faster on the West Coast because warmer rock absorbs energy.

"If you were to drill 20 miles deep into rock" on each coast, "you would see much higher temperatures on the West Coast," Ebel said.
Jason Johnson, deputy chief of the fire department in Hollis, Maine, the epicenter of the quake, likened the experience to the tremors felt during a quarry blast.
"It almost felt like a boom and you could hear it rumble, and then the ground kind of sunk underneath your feet," Johnson said. "It was quite interesting."

Johnson was on the scene of a fire when he felt the blast and said the town's emergency dispatchers were immediately inundated with phone calls. Some residents called to report issues related to the earthquake, while others called to find out what had caused the shaking, Johnson said.

"People panicked," he said. "We had a lot of complaints of fires in the house, furnaces blowing up. It turned out to be that there were no real serious issues."
Johnson said there were no injuries to report.
"It came and went," he said. "Everything's pretty much back to normal. We really didn't sustain much in the way of damage."

Concord, N.H., fire Chief Dan Andrus did not feel the earthquake.
"It was pretty much a non-event up here," he said.
Andrus said the fire department received one call at 7:29 p.m. from a woman who felt her house shake and wanted firefighters to check her property.

The rest of the calls were from residents who did not require an emergency response but were wondering if what they had felt was, in fact, an earthquake, he said.
"My wife was home and said it sounded like a 15-story building landed next to her," Andrus said.
The Globe and Mail

New Jersey 2.0 earthquake
November 5, 2012
– RINGWOOD, N.J. — Some residents in northern New Jersey awoke to a small earthquake early Monday. The temblor, with a magnitude of 2.0, struck at 1:19 a.m. and was centered in Ringwood, a community that’s still dealing with downed trees and power outages from Sandy. Geophysicist Jessica Turner at the National Earthquake Information Center says some people reported hearing a loud boom. Turner says those on upper floors of a home might have felt shaking or saw objects on walls vibrate. The quake was 3 miles below ground and could also be felt in Mahwah, Wanaque, Oakland, Franklin Lakes, West Milford and Paterson. Ringwood police say there are no reports of damage. Turner says the last earthquake in New Jersey had a 2.2 magnitude and was recorded in February 2010. –NY Daily News

A small earthquake hit northern New Jersey early Monday morning, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.
The magnitude 2.0 temblor struck at 1:19 a.m. and was centered in Ringwood, N.J., a community that’s still reeling from downed trees and power outages caused by Superstorm Sandy.

A couple quakes under 5.0 in east half of Canada also this month
and strong Pacific quakes all around the Ring of Fire
November 2012 VERY seismicly active both quakes and weather

Northeast and Great Lakes heat wave
July 2013
Blistering heat and humidity from Maine through the Ohio Valley.
Making matters worse, nighttime lows are expected to drop only into the low 80s.
In the dead of night Monday in Philadelphia, it will feel like 90 degrees.

Also some areas havent had rain in a month - while other areas have too much rain.
David Wilkerson's book - The Vision - from 1973 is coming true.

Earthquakes east coast USA
May 25, 2015
-  A 2.3 magnitude earthquake struck New Hampshire May 24.
The East coast earthquake swarm was forecast to occur this week.
Maine, Quebec, New Brunswick, and now New Hampshire had quakes the past 3 days

3 earthquakes along the mid to south Atlantic ridge in past 2 days May 22-25.

CJ wrote:
Earthquakes east coast USA
May 25, 2015
-  A 2.3 magnitude earthquake struck New Hampshire May 24.
The East coast earthquake swarm was forecast to occur this week.
Maine, Quebec, New Brunswick, and now New Hampshire had quakes the past 3 days

3 earthquakes along the mid to south Atlantic ridge in past 2 days May 22-25.

Prophesy is getting fulfilled! Praise God! Forum Index -> EARTH, Quakes, Weather
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