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January 14, 2013 a juvenille flew into the nest with a stick and began to fuss with it.
We speculate its one of Lucy's 2012 chicks.  Both have been in the area this week.
Lucy's 2012 chick in nest Jan 14, 2012
Both her 2102 chicks have been seen in area

Best guess is Lucy's foot got caught in a trap.
The male, Larry, fed his injured mate, Lucy.
The injuries would have made her unable to get around at all for quite some time. She would have died if not fed.
If you ever see this, CALL the local REHAB, dont just release the bird.

Live cams
Field cam

if ustream is off air go to eagles4kids com for both cams

Student update page
Check here for some nice videos of Lucy and Larry - and a juvenile which may be last year's chick - Lilly or Luke


Jan 12 Lucy Lands in Nest, Right Foot Missing Toes

Jan 15 Lucy and Larry sqwakwing together - intruder

Jan 14 - Juvie Nestorates but Lucy Says NO

Jan 14, 2013 - Lucy update on her foot
One foot was evidently caught in a trap late 2012 and she lost it.


Norfolk Botanical Gardens and area local photographers
Photographers sites are fantastic for aging bald eagles.  They show NBG offspring at each age.
Colorings and markings vary a great deal.

Bob Mislan - ShutterBugBob

Pam Monahan!i=2355541956&k=PfBmNHs

Other eagle threads
Each has several pages

2012  Richmond Va nest

2013  HK, Son of NBG, older brother of NX
HK 2009 hatch now establishing his territory, building a nest, and has a girlfriend

2012 NX (Nixy) NBG female has a transmitter.  
She was removed from nest when her mom died and raised at WVC
NX is the kid sister of HK
Nixy's Travels, Tracking an eagle called NX
Nixy hatched in April 2011 at Norfolk Botanical Gardens, Virginia,
Nixy is one of 3 NBG eaglets raised at the wildlife center after their mother was killed.

2011  Epitaph for an Eagle
NBG nest and the death of that female which resulted in no more NBG nests permitted  Sad
The NBG male and female were the parents of NX and HK
Eagle's nest removed from Norfolk Botanical Garden October 5, 2012 and there will be deterrents to keep the eagles away.

2012 Bald Eagle Nesting Season, several nests

EAGLES killed by man and man's stuff

2012 Eagle Symposium at NBG

eagles of the world - http://www.carnivorabattle.proboa...s&action=display&thread=4

Aging bald eagles, a juvie bald eagle is sometimes mistaken for a golden eagle

April 9, 2012 Lucy Feeds Everyone
Larry comes in to brood and she feeds him too, she's getting the hang of. Look for a pip

January 2013  I began this.  The projected started in 2011

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


January 15, 2013
LOVE is in the air!

Lucy singing  -  Lucy strutting - Lucy eating deer
Lucy and Larry singing a love song
Today Lucy did a lot of talking, chuckling, and made a strange LOUD screech I never heard an eagle make before.
Both Lucy and Larry have moved a couple sticks this week.  Not sure if they brought any.
There are many other eagles in the area.  It may be that some of the chatter is their way of saying

January 17, 2013  
Late in the afternoon Lucy and Larry came to the nest, after 4.30 pm

January PTZ Pics of Larry

Jan 17  Larry On Perching Branch, kept watch over Lucy while she was sitting by the deer. The camera gives a nice close up of him.

Jan 17  Eagles4kids Bald Eagle Nest - 1 pm - Lucy rests

Jan 17  Hawk visits the deer

Jan 17 2013 - 4.50 pm - Close Ups of Lucy

January 16, 2013
Another fun nest watching day, as Lucy and Larry chatter to each other and Larry brings a couple sticks.
Sweet to watch them.   Smile


Jan 16  Both in field, fly to nest, play with sticks

Tutorial to chat and view both cams

Jan 16 Larry brings a stick to next

Jan. 18, 2013
Around 5:00 pm Larry joins Lucy in the nest. Also around 5:15 pm Larry brings a cornstalk.
You in the mood for love Honey?
Maybe, *flirt* .. bring me a gift I'll see
Larry brings cornstalk

7.15 am  Lucy lands in nest for 50 seconds, snow in nest


Jan. 19, 2013
5.00 am  Lucy slept in nest all nite, first time this year.  I saw her fly to the nest about 5 pm Jan 18th.
Larry followed her in, then Larry flew out - and came back with a cornstalk.
5.40 am she was preening, then she tucked and snoozed.
6.30 am  Lucy alerted to something
7.09 am Lucy chuckled, Larry entered nest, Lucy stretched, shot a stream over the edge.  Larry left

8.00 am - first food brot to nest, Larry brings rabbit
9.41 am  Larry n Lucy cuddlng, very sweet.  She is such a flirt, he is so handsome!

Clumps of grasses brot to nest today.
Lucy laid in nest all morning.  Briefly left at noon and returned.
Both gone midafternoon, but Lucy returned about 3.15
4.30 pm  Winds are so strong  they blew all the new grasses out of the nest!  I SAW ONE clump fly out!
Lucy was in nest and decide to leave.  Nest was rockin n rollin, perhaps made her seesick!

Jan. 20, 2013
4.00 am Wind calm, empty nest
strong arctic winds gusting to 45 to 60 mph last nite took out power to thousands.

9.15 am no sign of an eagle
12.41 pm Lucy finally showed up in nest for 10 minutes then gone again

Talon went ice fishing today and caught 11 fish to put out for Lucy  (good luck with that)

4.39 pm Lucy arrives at the nest
4.55 she chuckled
4.57 Larry joined her in nest with grass
6.00 pm Lucy is tucked in nest asleep

Larry brings grass, they nuzzle in the nest

Jan. 21, 2013
3.30 am  nest empty, but Lucy left her imprint in the frost in the nest
Lucy was tucked and sleeping in nest last nite

Overnite on blog last nite
- kitcatldy wrote - 12:48 and Lucy resting peacefully
- BreezeBoreal wrote -  01:15amCT and Lucy just flew off to upper right of screen

We didnt see the eagles all day.
Bitter COLD day

talon went fishing Sunday and this morning he left the fish - hopefully for Lucy - where he sees her feed.

Cute cartoon of Lucy n Larry and the stick
by Susan Cologne (WonderingWoman)

Eagles4kids facebook

channel islands Calif. eaglecam

Jan 14, 2013 - Lucy update on her foot
Lucy the bald eagle has no right talon, and her left talon is pretty damaged.
One foot was evidently caught in a trap late 2012 and she lost it.

January 2013  Lucy's foot

Jan. 22
5.00 am empty nest, bitter cold
1.15  an adult eagle in the field on a deer carcass
3.30 talon stopped by the nest
He saw Lucy, the fish had been eaten
4.30 pm we saw Lucy on z cam way out in another area on the ground.  She sat there a long time.
Talon saw Larry too when he was out there
5.00 pm Lucy flew into nest,  Larry too, briefly, she tucked, and slept all nite

GoogleEarth Talon's Tour and Answering Some ?'s
Shows location of nest and Blair, Wisconsin

This is Lucy's PS I LOVE YOU to Talon!
Lucy Lands on Hillside
talon wrte - I went to check t he location where I dropped the fish off. All that was left was part of the bass. All the bluegill were gone. I did not see her until I decided to walk a bit further. There she was standing nicely on the ground between the 2 pine groves. She looked at me, PS'd and had a strong take off. She flew across the highway to this location. I thought I had video of Larry too, but apparently I made a mistake and possible double punched the record button. He was perched about 100 yes .from her.

Jan 22  Talon caught Lucy and Larry flying from the ground to to nest, a quick cuddle, and Larry left
17.03 - 5:03 pm scap of foot, her good foot isnt even very good poor girl
Darrin finds Lucy sitting in the field across the highway...and then tracks her all the way home! Should put to rest any concerns that she isn't flying!! When she arrives at the nest, who is there to greet her? Larry! With sweet nuzzles and affection. Nest Sweet Nest. Rest well, Lucy.

Thank you Darrin for this great footage, amazing camerawork!!!
Eagles4Kids is the project of Darrin Briggs and his Eagles4Kids students, at the Blair/Taylor Elementary School in Blair, Wisconsin. Streamed live by and Ustream TV.

PTZ Tracks Lucy Into the Nest Jan 22

Jan. 23, 2013
light snow all day

3.14 am  Lucy is still in nest, slept all nite.  She did the Lucy wiggle and tucked her head back in

6.11 am Lucy is still tucked asleep in nest
9.16  Lucy left nest

12.07 pm  Larry on branch, snowing - screen shot

New deer meat in field.
1.00 pm both Larry and Lucy seen eating it
1.11 pm  Lucy flew from meat in field to nest
2.10 pm  Lucy chuckles
2.12  pm  she left nest and flew down to eat more fresh deer
2.29  pm  Lucy flew off the deer when Larry came and they BUMPED into each other and she returned to eating.
 She is intimidating the crows

Larry and Lucy Eating
First they call each other

juvenille eagle eating with them

Lucy eating

Jan. 23 - Larry Brings A Present - seconds after Lucy left nest


Strong wind kicked up late afternoon, and the eagles did NOT return to nest overnite.  Likely stayed in the pines for protection.

Lucy NOT in a Sharing Mood - 2 pics below
Larry came and she bumped him off - lol

Jan. 24, 2013  Thursday
Thur 1.45 am CALM wind, empty nest  *yawn*  
DONT WORRY!  The wind was awful last nite, they stayed in the protecting pines.  Smile

Lucy's foot is MUCH better!
10.30  Lucy came to nest calling. her foot looks MUCH better!

2.24 pm  Lucy left nest.  She's been there since 10.30
She came right back again
She and Larry have been singing  a  lot

Lucy preens, then calls out a warning - takes chase after  another bald eagle over the field, then comes back to the nest with her hackles raised.

2.48 pm Lucy leaves again
4.00 pm  Lucy returned to nest
4.15 pm  Lucy leaves nest


Jan. 25, 2013  Friday
3.12 am empty nest, lite snow
6.49 am saw n heard snowplow go past
7.18 am Fri Lucy came to nest - 7.22  Larry joined her in nest, bringing 2 cornstalks, then he left
7.55 am  Lucy singing, she and Larry sang their Dawn Duet
8.08 Lucy left

Snowy Day at Larry and Lucys
With snowfall overnight, we didn't expect to see anybirdie right away - but we were pleasantly surprised when Lucy, then Larry, dropped in to visit (Larry bringing cornstalks). He flies off, but not far, as we see when PTZ cam pans and shows him on a nearby branch.

Larry Brings Lucy a Squirrelly Present
Larry arrives with fresh squirrel (not Lucky) for Lucy. He hollered for her for a good 20 minutes! He finally left and carried it out to the field, looking for her, then brought it back to the nest...waiting for her still.
She finally arrived and accepted the gift gracefully and he left, leaving her to eat. She managed well, and her left foot looks AMAZINGLY great!

Lucy eating a Squirrel

Lucy's Injured Foot Holds Prey 1-25-13 - razzle video

Larry is the best brings food for Lucy,1/25/13

Lucy's good foot - Jan 25 raz

Larry on branch

2.15 pm Larry brings squirrel to nest, calls Lucy who comes and accepts the lift
4.30 pm  Lucy is still eating squirrel in the nest, then Larry finished it off, feeding Lucy a couple bites
They ate a grey squirrel, Lucky is a red squirrel  
They left the nest for the nite

5 coon course meal at E4K

May 2012  Somehow, while cam was down, 5 baby raccoons ended up in the nest. Luke and Lilly tried, but hadn't mastered the art of defurring. Eventually, Larry showed up with an unidentified tidbit which Luke grabbed. Larry started to defur one of the coonlets (yeah, I made that word up), and then Lucy arrived, started on another one, and the fun began.

Jan. 26, 2013  
4.00 am empty nest
1.00 pm both Lucy and Larry finally showed up in nest - with more grass
Oooo sooo cozy now!

1.38 pm chittering, Lucy flew off with Larry
2,49  Lucy returned to nest
4.20 pm Lucy left nest
4.24 pm she returned
5.17  Larry arrived with more grass
5.30 pm  Lucy is tucked, asleep, apparantly for the night

Lucy and Larry on nest, he nearly buries her with a clump of grasses!

Larry arrived with more grass, somewhat clumsily

Jan. 27, 2013  Sunday - Winter Storm Warning, temp 26, Winds to 10 mph. Chance of rain 100%

Lucy slept in nest all nite
3.45 am  Lucy in nest tucked and sleeping  Smile
4.25 am she stirs, does the Lucy wiggle, preens, very little wind
4.33  BIG PS over the edge   Surprised  -  crop drop,  tucked and back to sleep
Lucy calls for Larry - peep peep
7.06 am Larry flew in, and right out
7.45 am  Lucy left, very strange takeoff - wind up - jump off the side - almost fall to the left
7.48  she came right back
8.10 Lucy leaves again to eat deer
8.38  returns to nest
10.00 am Larry comes to nest after Lucy calls out
   I saw 2 eagles in the field
  L&L defend nest together
10.09  Larry flies off then back again right away

10.14  making whooppee in the nest!    
Lucy bowed, inviting Larry to mount, she moved her tail and they mated in nest

1.00 Lucy left hollering
2.23 pm  Lucy returns after eating
4.00 Lucy left - she looked miserable today after the snow/ice soaked her
Nest cold, wet and empty all nite

Abba Eagles

January 28, 2013    NESTWEATHER - Fog early. High of 41F. Winds less than 5 mph.
Nest cold, wet and empty all nite, full of snow, ice
7.00 am Larry singing. later when talon panned we saw him on a branch
8.45 am  talon zoomed on the field, 2 or 3 bald eagles and 2 HUGE juvies
11.30 am  Lucy showed up in nest for 2 minutes then left
2.05 pm Both returned to nest together, singing up a storm -
2.09  both left

We didnt see much of our eagles today, but we did see this.
We thought it was a golden eagle, but the E4k mods said its a juvenile bald eagle.
I asked Wildlife Center and they said - golden eagle.
It is HUGE next to the adult bald eagles, and there were 2 and they are aggressive!

January 29, 2013   NESTWEATHER - Rain, sleet, fog
4.30 am Nest empty all nite
5.45 am slim saw mice in nest, I couldnt see them
7.07 am Larry flies to his branch
7.36  Larry singing - from his branch
10.45 am  Several eagles feeding in field
11.30 to noon - nestorations.  Both eagles singing together, Larry bringing sticks to nest, and Lucy arranging some

In the afternoon we heard gunshots, rifle fire. some people were at a shooting range and the people watching the eagle nest got hysterical and irrational.
Guns are legal, there was no reason for the hysteria.

Lots of eagles feasting in the field.
Are the 2 without white heads golden eagles or Larry and Lucy's 2012 offspring?

January 30, 2013     NESTWEATHER -  30 windy, snowing,  EMPTY nest
Several eagles feeding in the field.  I am sure one was Lucy and suspect the one by her was Larry.
3.25 pm Lucy came to nest and left immediately

January 31, 2013   
8.20  talon said another deer delvery coming, fishermen friends of his gave him fish they got for Lucy
8.50 am the deer was delivered.  Crows appeared very fast.
10.00 am Lucy eating the new deer meat, and maybe Larry
Noon  Lucy dropt into nest for seconds -
During afternoon 4 adult eagles and a large juv eagle seen eating

Feb 1, 2013  
Zcam doesnt work when its cold so usually had only nest cam today.
- 5 BELOW, High of 9F with a windchill as low as -22F.
7.10 am  Larry is singing!  He must be on his branch near the nest but the Z cam isnt working
7.30  Larry singing again, joined by Lucy, and she dropped into the snow-ice filled nest
7.45 am Lucy is sleeping in the nest
9.37 am  Lucy vocalized and flew off after a nice long nap and rest
5.00 pm  Both Lucy and Larry in nest.  Larry didnt stay long, cute hug tho
5.15 pm  Lucy is tucked and asleep, and all the eagle peeps rejoiced

Feb 2, 2013  NESTWEATHER  5 with Light Snow, winds 10 mph
3.30 am Sat.  Snow covered Lucy tucked asleep, she has changed position since last nite
8.02 am  Both Lucy and Larry sing their Dawn Song  
 She stood up and held her stump up - its black on the end, the white musta been snow-cover or a stick
8.03 am  She left nest
10.20 am  Sweet Larry brot a stick to the nest
1.45  pm  Lucy came to nest for 3 minutes.
3.05 pm eagle song close by - Lucy musta been in the attic above nest
3.16 Lucy drops into nest chuckling, we hear another eaglel, Lucy leaves right away.
5.14 pm Lucy lands in nest, her eye looks ok.  She is in the nest for the night

Feb. 1-2  Lucy Shakes Off Her Blanket of Snow
4.58 pm Larry brings Lucy a cornstalk & leaves for the night. Snow covers Lucy as she sleeps.
She stands & beats her wings shaking off the snow at 11.15pm CST. The temperature is 5 degrees F.

Feb 2, 2013 Rise and shine and start the day

Feb 2 Lucys quick visit at 1.45 pm

Feb 3, 2013  
4.15 am  Lucy tucked asleep in nest, snowing .. AGAIN
6.37 am  Lucy's up - backs up to the edge of the nest - PS!
6:39  CREEPS around the nest on the edge, ah heck, going back t sleep
7.34  Lucy gets up and with a chittering noice, flies off,
   Larry arrives on his branch, Lucy returns, and they sing
7.36  Lucy leaves, Larry sits
hope thats on video ..  7.30 to 7.38 - that was cool, seeing Lucy flyng in past Larry
7.52  Larry leaves his branch
1.00  pm  4 year old eagle eating deer and a 2nd joined
1.28 pm  Lucy came to nest briefly then left
5.15 pm  Lucy came to nest

Larry at sunrise -
Feb 2 -

Feb 4, 2013  Monday
12 F light snow, 2-4 inches possible
4.00 am  Lucy asleep all nite in nest, head tucked, facing cam.  Yesterday morning she was facing away from cam.
4.52 am  Lucy is up, shaking her wings and changing direction - PS.
5.00 she has changed position to facing away from cam - faceplant
6.33 am  Lucy is awake, head up
7.00 am  Larry arrives on his branch, dawn behind him, and they sing together
7.20 am  Both sing again - Lucy laying calmly in nest, Larry on branch
7.39  Larry took off
7.42  wind up ... hesitate .. fluff .. and she's off  
10.52 am  Larry dropped into nest briefly
2.30 pm  Larry stopt at nest with grass and left
4.57 pm  Larry's on his branch
5.13 pm  Lucy arrived, flying in over the hiway.  They nuzzle n kiss, then Larry sails beautifully down to the field
  She seems pleased with his gift of grasses.  She slept in nest all nite

Larry and Lucy Monday Morning Feb 4  by Kelli
Monday morning at Larry and Lucy's nest. Lucy spend the night in the nest, and Larry arrives at his branch to wake her. They take off to greet the day.

Feb 5, 2013  Tuesday  INTRUDER! - snowing
3.10 am Lucy covered with a snow blankie, snowing, windy but Lucy is warm in nest
4.38 Lucy stands up, flaps, crop drop, preens, shakes, lays back down - faceplant.
5.00 tucked
7.08 am  Lucy still tucked tight, snow and freezing rain, downright nasty.  No Larry on branch.
7.17 am  Lucy finally wakes up and just lays in the nest contentedly, looking around
7.43 Lucy's up, shakes, turns around, acts like her stump hurts her, flies off

INTRUDER! Surprised  
11.34 am  a 4 year old eagle landed in the nest for a couple minutes!
     He flew back n forth between field and nest a few times, then sat on one of Larry's perches a minute or 2

1.50 pm both Lucy and Larry return to nest - n boy are they mad!  Exclamation  
  Chirping and scolding and carrying on!  THEY KNOW the intruder was there!

3.00 pm Both still at nest (Larry on branch) begin singing again, Larry flies into nest
3.40 pm Lucy comes to nest and roosts in it
4.30 pm  Larry comes in with a big stick, clunks around rather clumsily, sits on Lucys head hahahahaaa Laughing
4.50 Larry perched on tree outside nest, watching, and Lucy in nest resting.
  Larry flies down to field for supper on the new deer left there this morning.
  A redtail hawk refused to allow Larry on the deer til it had finished eating.

NOTE about Suba
Feb. 9 Wik, someone in the Blair area, saw Suba in his yard in town.
Will he stay around, or migrate on?

Feb. 6  Wed.
NESTWEATHER - 90% chance of snow, temp 0-32
TODAY talon saw 11 eagles - in addition to our 2

Lucy spent the night in the nest again
6.58 am Larry flies in onto his branch and they sing their dawn song
7.00 am Lucy stands, flaps, turns, flaps.  Im sure she is saying,  not morning already!
She totters to side of nest, moves a stick
8.19  Larry left branch,  Lucy remains in nest.  Crop full. not hungry
9.18 am  Lucy left nest
1.53 pm  Both arrived in the nest screaming - musta been an intruder nearby
 They left after a bit
2.27 pm Lucy arrives in nest again, both chattering
I am seeing a lot of eagles around today
Larry is on his branch.  They are defending the nest
2.47 pm  Larry took off toward the field and Lucy followed
   6 eagles on the field eating deer, one is Suba, the 4 year old sub adult bald eagle the mods are saying is a 3 year old
3.18 pm We see both on a branch near the hiway chatttering, then Lucy flies to nest, her hackles are UP.
  This is the first I've been able to see her hackles clearly
3.52 pm   Interesting afternoon with our pair defending their nest.  Larry's evidently been chasing another eagle all afternoon
4.52 pm  Lucy left nest and flew to field to eat
5.28 pm she returned to nest for the nite

Feb 6   A couple of fly ins and 6 eagles eating
1/3 into this video you see Suba in the field eating deer with several other eagles

LUCY's FOOT - Marge Gibson from REGI report
Posted by mod kellirooney

The black is scab around where the toes came off. I think I see small sections of toe bone. They will likely fall away too.
The exciting thing is the red tissue is regeneration of tissue and maybe scales granulation.. those are good things.
This is what Larry has been protecting with the soft grasses.

Feb. 7       - About 30 all day, snow, ice pellets, 10 mph winds from the NE
Wednesday TALON saw 13 eagles, our 2 and 11 others, some adult, some juvies, and Suba.
is the 4 year old sub adult I think wants Larry's nest.  He was in the nest Tuesday 3 times!

2.30 am  Lucy tucked asleep, in nest all nite.  Now she and Larry are protecting nest from Suba and others
7.02 am  Larry flew to branch as both sing their dawn song, happy happy joy joy
7.36 am  Lucy flew around then landed on Larry's branch and both perched there and sang

8.28 am  Suba sits on a branch eyeing the nest,  wonders if he dares enter the nest again
8.55  Lucy came and went
8.56  Larry flew in with a stick
9.16  another stick
10.15  Lucy is perched on the nest rail furthest from cam
12.40  Larry brot stick #6  Lucy is layin in nest
Thats it for Thursday!

February 8, 2013  Friday
Lucy did not spend the night in the nest last night

6.53 am  Larry arrives on his branch and sings a short song to an empty nest
6.58  Larry sang again a little, and another eagle flew toward him, then past and up
7.06  Another eagle singing nearby - likely Lucy but I dont see her
7.14  An eagle flew behind Larry and he vocalized
7.15  Larry left - silently
 We saw 2 eagles leave from branch and above nest and fly across the hiway.  Talon thinks one was Lucy, so do I
4.00 pm  Lucy in nest for the night.  Larry dropt in to kiss her good nite.

Feb 8  9.41 am  Double fly in, food brot to nest

Feb 7 student update - pellet

Feb 8  Larry Tucks Lucy in
Lucy spends another night in her nest. It looks much more comfy tonight with the last couple days additions of soft grasses and cribrails from Larry.
He arranges her bed for her, then goes up to the "attic", leaving her to a peaceful night's sleep.

2012 Eagle Symposium at NBG

eagles of the world - http://www.carnivorabattle.proboa...s&action=display&thread=4

Aging bald eagles at each year 1 thru 5
a juvie bald eagle is sometimes mistaken for a golden eagle

February 9, 2013  NESTWEATHER - High of 36F, winds 5-15mph
6.33 am  Lucy woke, crop drop, preens to look purdy for Larry
6.50 am  Larry in nest, Looks in nest bowl as if for an egg, Lucy acts crabby
6.55  She gets mad at Larry's insistence and flies off, Larry sits in nest alone a few minutes
7.00  Larry leaves nest, flies to his branch,  hanging on against wind
7.04  Larry calls
7.09  Larry left branch - flew left - possibly circled
7.46  Larry returns to nest
7.48  Lucy coasted onto the deermeat in the field, she called Larry but he kept sitting in the nest
 Seems Larry's a jilted lover this morning!  Poor guy!
8.00 or so Larry left nest
8.17 am juvie age 2 on Larry's branch - he may be why Larry's hangin near nest
8.36  Larry brings stick - he sorta 'flumped' into the nest
8.37  Lucy follows

The 2 were coming and going for hours, Larry leaves, returns with stick - does that several times, she comes n goes

11.12 am  Larry flumpt in with another stick
12.19  both in nest - they left later,  I didnt see when
4.50 pm  Lucy came to the nest.
She left for a bedtime snack, then returned and tucked and zzz for the night

Feb 9  Juvie on Larry's Branch

Feb 8  Larry Tucks Lucy in Friday eve
Lucy spends another night in her nest. It looks much more comfy tonight with the last couple days additions of soft grasses and cribrails from Larry.
He arranges her bed for her, then goes up to the "attic", leaving her to a peaceful night's sleep.


February 10, 2013  Sunday
- Snow, ice pellets mix all day, high 39F
3.34 am  Lucy tucked asleep, facing cam left
5,17  Lucy awake, pushing a stick into place.  Tucked again.  too early for housekeeping!
6.50  Lucy wakes, stands up, flaps, PS, shakes, preens
6.55  Lucy calls repeatedly - I hear loud crows
7.02  Lucy calling more insistently
7.04  Larry arrives in nest, he plays with sticks, they kiss
7.11  Lucy leaves nest
@ 7.45  Larry flies to his branch
8.50  Larry flies away
9.35 or so one eagle dropt into nest - then 2nd flew in
They messed around then Lucy left
Very nasty weather - ice pellets
9.45  Suba eating deer
1.40 pm  Larry in a tree on Z cam
Other than that, our eagles were not around all day after 9.35 am

Mods yell at me for everything.  Today one yelled at me for calling this eagle Suba.
He is a single identifiable eagle different than the other eagles.  Why pick on me daily - for everything?
Totally ruins the fun of chat when a mod criticises everything I say.
I made a typo and someone went over the edge about it.
Talon said we can call him Suba, and its talon's chatroom.

Sandy Hook school shootings were a massive hoax

Feb 11, 2013  Monday  

3.00 am  Empty nest, raining
7.07 am Larry flew to his branch singing, hang on bouncing up n down!  its windy!
7.22  Larry flew toward cam left and slightly up
7.33  Lucy flew into nest screaming and looking around
7.42  Lucy left nest and went to eat down on the field
8.32  Larry with a BIG long stick!  Probly helped Larry fly stable in the strong winds today. haha
8.38  another eagle flew near nest as Larry stood in nest for a few minutes, then left.

1.39 pm  Lucy enters nest, followed shortly by Larry with a stick.
1.50  Larry leaves and returns with another stick
Larry brings a pine bough, Lucy leaves
5.30 approx Lucy came to the nest and laid down
5.55 pm  tucked asleep

Lucy spent her time today off the nest.
Larry brought in at least a dozen sticks.

Feb. 11  Larry Loves Lucy video with music

Lucy had food but not from deer.

Once again a mod hollers at me for using 3 CAPS in a sentance.  Others including some mods use caps, but they love to uniquely persecute me.

Feb 12, 2013  Tuesday
NESTWEATHER - partly cloudy. High of 34F
New deer delivered today

3.30 am  Lucy tucked sleeping facing away from cam
5.27 am  woke, crop drop, tucked again
6.21 am  Lucy woke, dawn is breaking, she tucked again
6.45  awake again
6.49  Larry FWUMPS into nest with a big stick
 Larry pokes his nose under Lucy's tail, she bows, but then stands up and flaps - and LEAVES!
6.55  Larry stands in nest alone wondering what happened, then leaves

Lions, deer and some other animals can smell / taste when a female is receptive to mating.  
I wonder if this is why Larry put his nose under Lucy's tail today.  
Eagle can smell just not well.  Both sue and talon wondered the same thing.

8.09  Larry arrives with a big stick and placed it at 7.00, nice fly in from field, turned about and beautiful exit out over the field
8.16  Larry returns - WHUMP! - with a rather whippy stick, places it at about 6.30, turns and flies out over field again
8.39  Larry with another stick, places at 6:00
  Picks up pine bough from yesterday, places it nest left . nope .. carries it over, places it nest right
anyone hear them vocalize today?  I havent
8.51  Larry brings back a little stick - for 5.30, flies out
9.00  Larry brings a stick for 11.00 - and they finally sing!
9.17  another stick, Larry pokes around about 5.00 spot on nest
9.43  whoa!  Larry has a club!  a log!  He tries it on the left. Nope. Puts it on the right about 4.00
 Lucy is whimpering off n on, a pre-mating sign
3.19  Both fly in from across hiway
3.33  Larry left Lucy followed
4.00  Lucy returns, she is whimpering again, no Larry
5.00  Lucy PS and leaves to the field
5.03  she returns from field, later back to nest and gets comfy for the nite

Larry Arrives Early And Ready to WORK!

scaps of nest Feb 11 and 12 - amazing difference!

Feb 13, 2013    NESTWEATHER  Mostly cloudy. High of 36F. Winds lite
3.28 am   Lucy in nest, faceplanted
4.13 am  Lucy tucked
5.30 am  Lucy awake, sort of up, shifted position, back to sleep .. zzzz
6.45  Larry brings grasses - no branch no vocal, he nudges her - sweet
6.50  Larry leaves, Lucy stays
7.24  Larry brings stick #1 for today
7.34  Larry flew to branch and sang
7.37  Lucy stands, flaps, ps and gone

11.08 am  Larry eating deer in field, then returns to nest with stick, fluffs grass
11.17  Lucy enters nest to join Larry and they just relax a long time
12.27 pm  Larry exits nest, flies off over the field, over that road - beautiful -   quickly returns with stick and grass
1.21  Lucy in nest and Larry on branch  - both singing a love song  
 Lucy has been whining, squeeking, sort of a love call
1.35  Larry flies from branch to nest to join her
3.15 pm  both call - sounds like a declaration of territory
3.50 pm Lucy bit Larry
 Larry flew out for another stick
4.06  pm Lucy gave Larry another love bite
4.50 pm Lucy comes back to nest

Larry back n forth with stix n grass, stands in nest looking around, then leaves - all day long.
Today Larry has flown back and forth bringing many sticks and some grasses.
They have both laid in the nest together a lot today.
Lucy is whining a lot.

DNR nest Feb 13
Eagle refused to get OFF nest all day long.  Mid afternoon the 2 changed places, I saw no egg which appeared to be hatching.  Looks are deceiving.

Feb 14, 2013  SNOW, High of 36F with 20 mph wind, sun in afternoon

3.45 am  Lucy in nest, struggles up on side rail, shoots a BIG PS over the side, flaps, back into nest, lays down facing 8.00 cam left
 She did not tuck, and appears restless.  Snow in nest.  I dont think she is sleeping
6.16  Looks like Lucy's head is resting on nest rail
6.48 am  Larry arrives with stick in wind n snow
7.15 am  it looked like Lucy took off verticly!  Like a helicopter!  Straight up.  Stood, flapt, gone
7.18  Larry singing from his branch
8.00  Larry leaves branch and flies off  to field to eat deer  8.03  HUGE PULL off deer by Larry - WOW
8.09  Larry in nest looking around, flies off
10.24  Larry flies in with a stick
11.31  Larry n Lucy arrive together
1.30 pm  Larry back in nest  (just arrived, unsure time), left, beautiful flight the length of field
2.45 pm  Lucy n Larry arrive together
3.00 screaming together.  did they see anohter eagle?  they leave
3.29 Lucy returns, Larry is near, they vocalize
3.44 Larry drops into nest with grass, kisses her
 Lucy flies off, Larry hot on her tail, he returns with a huge long stick, she returns and lays down
5.00  Larry flies off, returns with stick - pokes Lucy with it

There is a lot more grass in nest today

Larry rips into deer - watch him yank at the meat!

Feb. 14  Lucy's foot, nice shot of her flying into nest from a distance

Feb 14, 2013  Larry has been busy all day, bringing in sticks, grass, and placing them just so (with some gently arguing and help from Lucy).
He can't quite reach where he wants one stick to go, so just stands on Lucy to reach.

Feb 15  Friday
NESTWEATHER  COLD, windy,  overcast with snow showers
4.30 am  Lucy in nest all nite
6.13 Lucy preens, dawn breaks, Lucy wiggles, preens
6.50@  Larry sings from his branch, Lucy lays in nest, beautiful dawn,  they sang a duet earlier
7.37  Larry flies off for a stick and returns to nest, landed ON Lucy!  
5.34  Lucy came to nest after being gone

*  I was gone so dont have notes

DNR nest - Stuck in a duck!  mate comes to rescue
The female got her talon stuck in a duck and called her mate to haul it off

Feb 16  NESTWEATHER  Clear with snow showers. High of 18F - Lucy tucked in nest 3.30 am
5.10 am  Lucy wakes and wiggles, stands, preens, tucks again.  wow that nest bowl is deep
6.50 am Larry flys to his branch and sings and Lucy sings duet with him  Very Happy
Larry joins her in nest, she preens, both leave around 8
1.45 pm  Larry flew in squawking then left
3.47 pm  Larry arrives with a crazy stick and leaves
4.57 pm  Larry and Lucy arrive together after their day off

Sue saw 2 eagles soaring high in the sky, and thot they were Lucy and Larry

Eagle mating spiral

Feb 17  Sunday

3.30 am Lucy tucked in nest sleeping, facing away from cam
4.12 am  Lucy wakes, stands, preens, tucks and back to sleep
5.45@  Lucy wakes, ps, tucks again
6.43 am  Larry drops into nest, they kiss kiss, he looks in nest bowl .. lol . .empty, he leaves
7.34 am  Lucy laid in nest, just tucked and went back to sleep
8.34  Larry brings stick, Lucy helps arrange sticks on rails
8.38  both flew off, returned with stick, sat on his stump (man cave) - I think another eagle may have been around
9.54  Larry jumped into the nest, snift around and left toward field
10.43  Larry flies into nest, no stick, I think there is another eagle around, leaves
11.38  Lucy arrived squawkin, Larry follows soon with a stick
12.00 both leave
1.06  both arrive
1.14  Larry leaves, Lucy is laying in nest
1.28  Lucy dove out to our left
4.34 pm  Larry arrives then leaves
4.57 pm  Lucy arrives for the nite
4.59  Larry arrives with grass, sits in nest awhile then goes to his branch

Larry has been bringing sticks all day off n on.  They stay away from nest for a couple hours.  I wonder if they are flying high again.

Feb 16  Larry Says I Love You with sticks, music

Larry n Lucy in nest, music to Rocky

Feb 18  Monday
 afternoon snow
new deer brot in today
3.00 Lucy was tucked asleep facing nest left, she woke but tucked again
wakes preens tucks wakes preens tucks
5.51  Lucy fussing with the nest bowl
6.33 am  Larry flies into nest after Lucy calls, they hug, he looks in nest bowl for egg, no egg
6.42  Larry's gone, 6.56 Larry's back with stick, 7.01 left
7.18  Lucy's off
8.38  Larry on branch called
8.55  Larry gone
11.00 both in nest awhile

Lucy has just laid quietly in nest most of the day, Larry flying in n out
2.37  pm  Larry flew in and landed on Lucy's head!  Then they both left
It began to snow
4.26 pm Both return to nest, Larry leaves after a bit

Feb 18  Larry comes in and lands on Lucy's head


Feb 19  Tuesday
 8 degrees, 30 mph wind, Winter Storm Watch in effect for Thursday evening
3.15 am  Lucy tucked asleep facing cam
4.24 am Lucy is up, preens, shakes off snowflakes, eventually tucks again
7.00  Lucy up, big stretch, up up - big PS and gone, never saw or heard Larry
9.40  Lucy and Larry in nest, Lucy lays down, Larry flies off for a stick, returns, stomps all over Lucy
12.40@  Lucy left nest and floated down to field to feed on deer.  Larry was just there but left.
4.30  Lucy is home, followed by Larry

Feb 20  NESTWEATHER  temp 0
3.00 am  Lucy tucked asleep, wakes, preens, tucks again
4.30  wakes, preens, tucks again
5.37  huge wing streches, PS right at cam!  preens, tucks again
6.51  Larry arrives, they cuddle and nuzzle
7.00  Larry flies to his branch
7.09 Larry flies off
8.44  Lucy stretches and - and PS, lays down
I didnt see when she left the nest

2.00 Lucy and Larry in nest, they sing a duet, both vocalized a lot
Larry brot a pheasant to the nest, was hoping for a thank you
2.30  Larry left - without a thank you
2.57  Larry brings grasses

4.39  Larry is feeding Lucy!  They started to fight, Lucy squeed and Larry flew to his branch and she fed alone in nest

Larry Presents a Food Gift Pheasant Under Grass

Feb 20  Larry does not want to share with Lucy 3:30pm-4:55pm

Feb 21,  Thursday
3.45 am  Lucy in nest tucked sleeping
6.42  Larry in nest, 6.43 Lucy left (nest right), Larry flew to his branch
10.45  Lucy came back to nest, Larry followed, Lucy lies down
11.00-12 Larry leaves, returns with stick, leaves agin and back with a Y stick, big one that looks like a huge wishbone.  Lucy helps, it just doesnt fit anywhere!
1.52  Lucy left,  2.34  she returned followed by Larry

Feb 21 Classic nest

Feb. 22  Friday
3.48 am Lucy is a snowbird!  covered by snow - I thot nest was empty!
4.15  Lucy wakes, Major  flapping and PS then stronger flapping.  all the snow is off her now
6.41 am  Larry arrives - Lucy only stood after 4.15 - she didnt lie down again
6.50 Larry flew to his branch and sang - both gone by 7.30
7.30  both gone
9.30 Larry flies into nest, Lucy chuckles a welcome
9.55  Lucy left, flew straight over the field, buzzing the crows
5.13  Larry and Lucy fly into nest, both leave at 5.25

Feb 22  4:11 am. Lucy Shakes off The Fluffy Snow

Feb 22  Larry and Lucy

Eagle dance - Decorah - hilarious!

Feb 23  Saturday  NESTWEATHER  Light snow
EMPTY NEST all nite

6.38  Larry singing on his branch  - He sang - this nest is my nest!
7.25  Lucy arrived in nest and Larry joined her.  She flew in from top and laid down
8.23  Lucy leaves
  Both leave and return, Larry brings sticks
gone for hours
1.00 both back vocalizing like crazy. I am betting another eagle is aroud
4.48  Lucy plops in nest after being gone most of the day, followed by Larry
6.02 Lucy cries for help - Larry was eating deer - and took off after intruder.  lotta screaming as Larry chased him

Feb 23  Larry n Lucy

Feb 24  Sunday   NESTWEATHER  sunny
3.30 am  Lucy asleep in nest
6.15 she is still tucked
6.21  Larry drops into nest and wakes Lucy, nudging her outta his way to check for an egg
6.27  vocal,  Larry flap flap hop hop to his branch in the dawn light and sings
  Larry was back n forth with sticks
1.00 Larry brot a squirrel to nest, Lucy followed, both hollering, Lucy ate it
2.28  Lucy left nest
4.08  both arrive in nest

Feb 25  Monday   NESTWEATHER  lite snow
3.00 am Lucy tucked asleep facing 10.0
4.11 Lucy up, preening, tucks again
5.00 Lucy seems restless
6.26  Larry arrives.  He flies back n forth with sticks.
10.07  Lucy flew off.  she had been in the nest til now.
11.15@  she came back and laid down
12.24  Lucy left - both had been in nest awhile together
1.50 Lucy returned followed by Larry
2.45@ both left
3.54  Lucy returns

Feb 23 Attack on GHowl

Feb 26   INTRUDER!  
3.10  Lucy wakes, stretches, and shoots a stream over the rail, then preens, tucks and zzzz
4.30@  she wakes to look at - what? mouse?
 I cant believe it!  Mice are scurry in and aroudn nest with Lucy watching.  She strikes!  I dunno if she got one or not.
5.04 she tucked again
5.45  Lucy wakes, stretches, preens
6.19  Larry arrives and both sing Dawn Song - This nest is my nest!  (Cool
6.25  Lucy flies off, returns in 5 minutes
7.27  Lucy hollers and flies off - likely intruder - returns to nest, Larry to branch, both vocalize
7.38  Lucy leaves
10.56  Lucy and Larry fly in, Lucy leaves right away
12.38 pm Lucy returns and lays down
5.30 pm  eagle (Suba?) attacked nest with both Lucy and Larry in it - screaming.  They both have been screaming for quite awhile.
6.10  they finally settle down after an hour of screaming

Intruder hit the rail and got dumped out by Larry - no harm to anyone

Feb 26  Nest attack 5.31pm

Feb 25  Lucy and the mouse

Feb 26  fly ins n outs

Feb 27  NESTWEATHER - temp 32 cloudy, chance of rain, snow
3.15  Lucy asleep in nest, wakes, preens, NO EGG, stretch, shoots a ps, preens, (zzz)
4.07  she woke, looking, as if she heard something, preen, ps, preen, tucked again zzzz
5.26  she woke again, alert, tucked again
6.00  dawn  Lucy awake
6.10  Larry arrives in nest silently
6.27  Lucy left - Larry too busy fluffing nest, returned 5 minutes later
6.33  Larry is singing on his branch as usual
6.56  both sing their Dawn Song together, Lucy left
9.00  Larry eating nestovers
9.32  Larry took off nest right 4.00
10.18  Larry brot new meat to the nest, he waited then about 10.45 he ate it
10,55 gone
11.49  Larry brings prey, followed by Lucy
12.18  Lucy leaves followed by Larry
  *  closeup of Lucy's stump has fresh blood on it - we hope its prey
1.39  Larry lands in nest and looks around, then left out over field right, back 1.47@ looks around - juvie in area, 1.58 gone
3.03  we heard an eagle chatter - sunnie thinks its Lucy - we didnt see one
4.25  Larry is on his branch
5.00  Lucy arrives and Larry comes into nest also, kissy kissy, Larry left, Lucy snuggled down into nest

Talon saw the juvie/sub adult this morning just across the highway which may be a reason we are not seeing Lucy on the nest right now.

Feb 28  Thursday   NESTWEATHER - temp 32 cloudy, snow showers
2.00am Lucy tucked and sleepg in nest - 2.14am Lucy wakes, looks, stretched , tucked
2:50 I heard her chitter softly,  she is preening back, breast, struggles to rail, PS, back to bowl, preen
3.04  Lucy gets up, flaps up to nest top right.  is she on rail or did she fly off?  guess she went, nest empty
6.23  Larry flew into nest
6.40@  Lucy dropped in
6.56  Larry, branch, song
7.08  Lucy flew off - nest right, Larry followed from his branch
11.30  both in nest - Larry's brot grasses
1.17 pm  Lucy leaves nest
2.17  Lucy returned to nest
2.35  Larry brings more cornstalks
4.00  Lucy flew off and returned at 4.32 for the nite

Feb 28  Lucy was standing on her stump while scratching her head with her talon!  kat saw this.

March 1, 2013  juvenile eagle in nest again  
3.15 am  Lucy tucked asleep
4.19  Lucy wakes, preens, 4.33 tucked, did that a few more times
5.22 woke suddenly, preened breast.  I wonder if it itches
5.30  she woke, up, stretched, and it looked like she shot a ps from the nest bowl
6.19  Larry drops into nest and checks bowl for his egg - not there
6.30  Lucy left and returned right away
6.36  Larry leaves then returns with stick
7.00  both in nest
7.10  Larry leaves and sits on his perch near nest, not branch
8.40  Lucy gone
9.12 am  a juvie shows up in nest, samples the nestovers strewn about, competes with 2 mice, no Larry
   I think its Lilly, Lucy's 2012 chick, others say its a 2 or 3 years old eagle
 You can view Lucy with both her 2012 chicks on page 1 here
9.40 Larry on his branch vocalizing.  He brot sticks again today
4.30 pm both on nest
5.22  Lucy left nest and returned at 5.44

Larry brot a crow and both ate it in nest

March 1  Video of juv in nest

Mar 1  -  Larry with another adult eagle on Larrys branch near nest
The one on our right is Larry, the other most likely a migrating female eagle.
She bowed to him, a signal she wants to mate.  He is a handsome male!  Smile
It is very possible Larry would mate with her.  Eagles are known to mate with other eagles even if he has a mate.
If Lucy does not give him an egg, no telling what may be the outcome here.

March 2, 2013  Saturday
3.30 am  Lucy tucked, asleep
6.22 am Larry drops into nest to check for an egg - nothin
7.20  Lucy left followed by Larry
7.56  Larry singng on branch
8.26  Larry leaves branch
8.48  Larry back on branch -at least I think its Larry . . .
9.30  Eagle on branch left
9.40  Lucy returns
9.47  Larry returns with a stick
10.50  both gone
12.42 Larry comes to branch
12.44  Lucy comes to nest
12.49  both screamaing
1.10  mating
1.37  Lucy leaves so does Larry
2.47  Larry arrives on branch and sings
3.00  Lucy arrived
3.50  Larry arrives
5.40  Lucy left for a few minutes then returned

March 2  Larry n Lucy mate in nest 1.30 pm

Mating Music

March 3, 2013  Sunday
NEY (no egg yet)  NESTWEATHER - Sunny nice today, Winter Storm Watch in effect from Monday morning through Tuesday afternoon
3.15 am  Lucy tucked, sleeping, 3.37 preens, tucks, 3.57 stretch and PS,  4.52  tucked
5.45  Lucy - another PS - dont ps an egg over the side of the nest!
6.09 am  Larry flies in - boy are you early!  Looks for his egg - nothin
6.15 am Larry on his branch singing!
8.06 mating
9.17  Lucy left -  nest empty til
11.50 I hear eagles - dont see em, maybe chasing a juvie
12.05  Lucy dropt into nest
12.49  Lucy left
1.00-1.15 -  some crows flew near nest crowing loudly, saw an eagle fly.  Larry came to his branch hollering.
Lucy came to nest quietly.  Talon came into chat to say he had seen another bald eagle land above nest - most likely the female from Friday
1.19  both eagles gone
4.03  Lucy home, she is layin on the nest rail, waingz hangin, petticoat showin
  She went to the field and ate a lot of deer meat
5.30 pm  back in nest

Mar 3  mating 8.06 am

March 4, 2013  Monday
NESTWEATHER - Winter Storm Warning, chance of snow 90% with accumulations 6+ in next 2 days, Winds 15 mph
3.45 am  Lucy tucked, sleeping
5.23 am  mouse scurrying round nest, close to Lucy, she wakes and lunges,  5.33 ps -  she had no ps from 3.30 til now
6.09  Larry comes into nest, looks for egg - nufin - Lucy had called him in a minute earlier
6.11  Lucy leaves
6.52  Larry sings to the sunrise on his branch
7.02  both come to nest
7.27  they left
10.45  Lucy returns to nest
     All cams out for about 2 hours 1.00 to 3.30 or so
4.30  Lucy is lyin in nest,  Larry brot a squirrel, both ate


March 5  NESTWEATHER - Snowing, Total daytime snow accumulation of 4 to 8 inches possible
3.00 am  Lucy tucked, snow and mice in nest - 3.32 Lucy is heavily covered by snow, wakes but tucks again
4.05 she untucked but didnt move
5.37 am Lucy woke, stood, shook off snow
7.00  Lucy buried in snow but alert and looking around, Larry hasnt shown yet
7.15  Lucy gets up, shakies snow off, calls Larry, ps off rail, Larry appears on branch singing
7.20  Larry flies to nest, checks for egg... lol .. nufin
  Lucy returns to nest bowl to be buried in snow again
10.00  Lucy left nest
2.30 pm  Both return to nest
3..00  Larry brings grasses
 Lucy looks misserable, snow encrusted, head wet

March 6  NESTWEATHER -25F sunny day
3.30 am  Lucy was tucked, woke, did not tuck again
4.13am  Lucy may be laying, only a watch for now, Im not sure - those may be contractions
A Year ago she held her wings out and actually appeared round as she laid egg.  Now her wings arent out - yet
6.07  Lucy is calling Larry, he dropped into nest, checked for his egg - nufin
  Lucy horked up a gross black pellet in the white snow
7.17  Lucy leaves

Lucy was in nest around 4 pm, Larry brot her food

March 7
3.00 am  Lucy tucked asleep
6.00 am  Lucy squeeking, she awoke awhile ago
6.14  Larry came, no egg
8.16  mating in nest

March 8
3.30 am Lucy tucked
6.10  am  Larry arrives
no egg today

Well I have been busy blogging 2 other nests, and havent kept this one up.
Now Lucy's egg is due to hatch in the next few days so I best continue this.
Things there have gone well. She has survived Wisocnsin weather.

Wolf River Owl
Bonnie and Clyde GHO
took an eagles nest and Bonnie is raising an owlet, several pages

Great Spirit Bluff  Peregrine Falcon nest 2013

Very Happy

April 7 Intruder alert!

Egg Laid March 9, 2013
April 14 HATCH ALERT - On pip watch for tiny hole in egg

March 9, 2013  Rainy snowy yukky weather day
3.30 am Lucy tucked
2.30 pm Lucy finally laid an egg!

March 10, 2013  Sunday - DAYLIGHT TIME
3.19 am Sunday DAYlight time Lucy is awake n drenched
3.26 am  Lucy stands, turns around, rolls egg, settles
5.30 am  Lucy turns, rolls egg
6.30 am  Lucy turns, rolls egg
7;15 am@  Larry relieves Lucy, she flies off
Larry sits and broods the egg - and rolls it regularly.  TOO CUTE!
2.16 pm  Lucy finally returns.  Larry's been calling and calling

April 15  NESTWEATHER  -  30 windy, rain
Sadly the single egg Lucy laid was infertile

Chat mods are hysterical to delete any post they dont like, to the point they are rude to realists.
they want everyone to think that egg will hatch when its becoming clear it probly wont
Lucy and Larry only mated a few times on cam.  The egg may never have been fertilized.

I was able to have good rational chat on the Z cam SS, but the nutty mod refuted my posts.
Stupid mod said Lucy lost "a toe."  She lost the entire foot, all the talons, has only a stump.  Its arbitrary if you call all her talons the foot or a toe.
I watch an owl with an egg that didnt hatch, a falcon who had unhatched egg in 2012 - NOT a biggie

April 19  -I gave up on hatch, others havent
NESTWEATHER  -  33 snow
I watch an owl with an egg that didnt hatch, a falcon who had unhatched egg in 2012 - NOT a biggie
being logical and rational and dealing with reality is not mean or bad
Neither eagle shows any sign of the egg hatching, no listening, nothing.

4-19, 2013 ~ Intruder on L & L's Turf!
Looks like a juvie BE maybe 3 years old

slim responds to Group Card sent him by E4k
just now had a chance to check the email and got the group card ya'll sent.  
I've been holding up pretty good until I read all the messages.  
I'm sitting here at my little brother's at the table with him and my eyes started watering up and it all I could do to keep from breaking down.  
Please, please let EVERYONE know how much it meant to me to get this and how so very much each and every one of you mean to me!  
You've all become more than family to me and this meant more to me than ya'll will every know.  
May God bless every one of you and bring you nothing but happiness.  I'll be back and on chat soon!  
I could say thank you, but it wouldn't convey what I really feel about what ya'll have done for me and Cindy, but, thank you with all my heart!!
p.s.  If you want to post the above on chat or FB it'll be more than fine with me.

April 20 Saturday -   END of SEASON  
33 degrees and sunny, nice day to fly - together
Inviable egg disintegrated, probly infertil, bowl empty, eagles flew off together, wing in wing.
They did return to the nest thruout the day but DID NOT lay on bowl. 

6.00am  or so Lucy left and I saw NO EGG.  Some claim they did.
mods quickly deleting my posts again.  There is no egg there.  They WANT people deceived!
TWICE we have seen nest bowl, TWICE there is no egg there.  
mods say - its there its covered by grass.  They are INTENTIONALLY LIE-ing to people!
one mod said its unkind to tell people th truth.  I dont agree!  Lying to them is cruel!
its black in the nest bowl
7.30am about - both Lucy and Larry flew off together

7:26am  elfruler: It looks to me as if the egg might have disintegrated and whtaever is left is now part of the nest
7:26 Soaring1: I do , don't see anything
7:29 elfruler: If the egg was nonviable and is now gone, we won't have the heartbreak of watching Lucy and Larry continue to incubate for weeks

When eggs dont hatch - elf
Proobably infertile.  About 1/4 of eggs dont hatch.

FINALLY elf, who mods respect, lets people know its time to let it go!
Mods have no respect for me by deleting my posts.  It WAS NOT kind to keep pretending egg would hatch.
Lucy was not meant to have a chick this year.

Talon FINALLY posted this

Larry brings Lucy a BIG fish
Lucy came to lay in the nest, not on egg cup, in the afternoon, and Larry brot her a fish which she ate fast

OHIO Rocky River eagles
Hope and joy!  and a wonderful ending!


eaglet in egg?  I believe the Original was photoshopped! Exclamation
I cant prove it. The mods insist its real.

A picture is being passed around which is supposed to be Lucy's chick in the eggshell.
That would mean the eaglet began to form then died in the egg
I saw egg cup first thing in the morning - there was NOTHING THERE
This must be photo shopped for effect.  I told a mod and she swears she saw this chick in egg.  But she practices indian beliefs.
I do not accept witchcraft, which many cam folks are involved in.
They dont recognize it as witchcraft.  Earth, Nature worship is witchcraft.
Original was photoshopped I believe, egg was painted on the pic of nest.
Several insist it was there.  I report what I see.

One mod lives in New Mexico, one nick is photo, they WANT people deceived.

April 22 is called EARTH DAY.  That is part of witchcraft, nature worship, environmentalism, the Beast system.
Dont be fooled.

Nesting season came to a disappointing end Saturday for Larry and Lucy, the mated bald eagles starring in the Eagles4Kids  program at Blair-Taylor Elementary School.
Lucy laid the egg March 9 near Beaches Corner in Trempealeau County. Students monitored her progress using webcams, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the baby eagle, known as a pip.

Eagle eggs have an average incubation period of 35 days; Saturday was day 42.
“We expected it to hatch five days ago,” said teacher Darrin Briggs. “Every day brought more concern.”

On Saturday morning, Briggs checked in on Lucy, but when she got off the nest, the egg was gone.
“We think the egg was not viable — through the night somehow it must have broken apart and is part of the nest now,” he said.

While it’s a disappointing end to the nesting season, Briggs said the Eagles4Kids project will continue to monitor Larry and Lucy and is
considering leaving the camera up to keep an eye on the pair.

“We’ll continue with the students and continue doing our part,” he said.
The pair successfully raised two chicks in 2012. With any luck, the couple will have another opportunity to grow their family next year, Briggs said.

April  21  Sunday  NESTWEATHER  - temp 29-43 lite snow
5.30am  lite snow in nest, Lucy sleeping, flew off soon after dawn
7.00am  Larry brot fresh hay / grass

AEF has a SS and chat
Some E4k chatters said they will chat here

Life is hard but God is good

From what I have observed, a lot of cam people who run the chatrooms are anti-Christian and some are just crazy!
Many of the guests are nice.  Its kinda sad.  Wildlife cams is NOT the real world.
Someone typed in red and I said hi red, and I was threatened by one of the moderators for that cam!  Thats insane!

May 6, 2013
I went into E4k chatroom for the first time in awhile, and one of the moderators, Kelli, quickly let me know I was NOT welcome, so I left.

There is a great HATRED of Christians - REAL BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIANS - in all these wildlife cams.
Some are just money making schemes.
Many think they are christian but will be in hell.

Larry on his Branch March 1, 2013
She bowed to him, a signal she wants to mate.  He is a handsome male!  Smile
It is very possible Larry would mate with her.  Eagles are known to mate with other eagles even if he has a mate.

I heard in August 2014 that Lucy had flown away, Larry mated with a new female
Is his new mate in 2014 the flirting new female from 2013?  
What happened to Lucy?

This was the female who flirted with Larry in 2013
March 1, 2013  Blair, Wisconsin
Two on Larry's Branch. Watch their feet

I googled but could not find any information

Lucy left March 6th 2014 and has not been seen since
Another female or 2 is around

Larry left and the 2015 season 2 new eagles nested there

2016 Season ends
There has been NO successful breeding in this nest
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