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Eaglecrest cams, hawks, owls, etc


Eaglecrest Mission control

Eaglecrest, golden eagles, hawks, owls, ducks, geese, etc
Eaglecrest Wildlife is affiliated with the Raptor Resource Project of Decorah, Iowa

Eaglecrest Wildlife, RR gives us a tour of eaglecrest Fresno Calif

.  There are a majority of evil mods who HATE GOD here!
One of the mods (person with an E) has an avatar symbol of witchcraft / satan worship, and another of the mods likes it.
I told her its offensive to Christians but she kept it.  Guess she is proud to be a witch.

July 1, 2013
It seems Eaglecrest has banned me.  No one is answering me.
Satan runs this website.

Moonset over Eaglecrest
May 25, 2013   master cam op - VETLEO

MOON OVER Eaglecrest April 24, 2013

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ZionsCRY WORLD NEWS with prophetic analysis

Harbinger warnings from GOD - REPENT!  OR ELSE!



These ground squirrels eat grass seeds and live in holes.  They are the size of prairie dog.  
They are a favorite prey of redtail hawl and other raptors, predators - including egrets and herons   Shocked

Great blue heron vs Squirrel

Great Blue Heron eats a squirrel whole


June 5  barn owlets


Barn owls

Owlets Exploring the Trees May 29

6 Owlets fly away from tree at dusk May 29

one owlet left hole, flew around, played on branches over 2 hours - went back in

owlet moth and the foot grapple panned by weggs

4 owls

4 owlets

3 owlets in tree

May 21, 2013 Owlets enjoying there Freedom nest time 9:00pm

owlets playtime -

May 22 Owlet's Confidance Growing Quickly

One owlet has a new place to play June 2013


          ========  EXTRAS  ========

Pennsylvania falcon cam, banding peregrine chicks May 21 - 42min video

Bald Eagle Challenger
Home in Tennessee at Dollywood

The Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast Jan 25, 2013

Steve Vaus America

To the right, June 7 owlets on branch
Just 2 or 3 of the 6 spending the night in hole

Male and female wood ducks with young
EC has 2 pair of wood ducks


killdeer flush bugs by dancing, then eat them

killdeer are a shore bird
killdeer eat insects, mostly. They like beetles, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and fly larvae. They'll also take other non-insect "bugs" such as spiders

A killdeer nest is just the eggs themselves. Killdeer lay their eggs in a depression on the ground, usually in gravel.
Occasionally the depression is lined with a few pebbles, twigs, or blades of grass. Sometimes killdeer nest on graveled roofs.
Killdeer usually lays 4 eggs which are pointed at one end and look like pebbles.
Both the male and female killdeer sit on the eggs to incubate them. They take turns. Incubation lasts for 24-28 days.


egrets will eat squirrel and baby ducks as well as fish

Yes these egrets are mating - UP in the tree   Exclamation  Shocked

egret eats squirrel


Hawkeye   May 30, 2013  

Hawkeye the redtail hawk  - raptor
May - June, 2013  

Hawkeye is growing so fast!  He is changing colors daily!  overnight!   Exclamation

Hawkeye branched June 1
I knew he was gonna this weekend, but thot it'd be the stump!

BOTH Hawkeye's parents come, see he is gone, and fly over to him, video

growth of redtail hawk

Redtail hawk and rattlesnake

Wind Storm Destroys Nest at Eaglecrest 7:30pm PST 11-30-11

Hawkeye  June 1, 2013  HE BRANCHED TODAY!


HAWKEYE FLEDGED June 2 evening!

Hawkeye deciding to fledge June 2, takes aim - -
He was already ready . .

GO CAT GO!  Very Happy
Hawkeye spread his wings, jumped and fledged June 2, 2013
Parents both flew to him with food (squirrel)

Jun 2, 2013 SONday - Hawkeye fledged! LEFT NEST about 7 pm

44-46 days fledge

Hawkeye didnt fall, he jumped and FLEW - INTENTIONALLY!

Hawkeye fledged!  YAY!  He aimed, jumped, and FLEW OFF!
Lots of trees nearby, H is in one with parents guarding - and of course - hawkangels.
GOOD BOY HAWKEYE!  Woo hoo!  I am the one not ready to let him go.

Hawkeye heard the Call of the Wild, stretched his wings, and answered.
bird9 - parents returned to nest. We all saw. Both flew in almost together.
Stitch called, Spot called, Stitch looked looked left, grabbed food (squirrel) flew direction H did. Spot followed.
Seemed Very much looked like Stitch called H called back and she took off to feed.
Spot and Stitch came back to the nest with a squrrel and took off

For about a week Hawkeye had been scanning his horizon on all sides of his nest.
Clearly he was looking for the best place to fly!
He was SO HOT Sunday he decided to look for a shady tree!

Monday moaning notes on SS chat
CJeanz - Cam panned until dark, then RR searched area on foot.  said he was itchy from going through grass/weeds
Parents removed food from nest, concerted effort, and left with it.
GOD bless RR for stompin around, hope he wore a helmet
Hawkeye could use his wings enough that he wouldnt be hurt.  Only concern is another predator.

June 8 about 6:20pm
retail hawk drinking in the pond in the evening after a HOT day
Snips from this video


Hawkeye  -  Spot with squirrel

Jun 8, 2013

Hawkeye with his parents
Spot with squirrel

Jun 8, 2013 redtail hawks  Hawkeye and his parents, Stitch and Spot
Hawkeye, and his parents, got a squirrel by the pond
Spot got him a squirrel!
Looks like RR out there watering his garden
I took 3 snips from this video

Hawkeye 50 days old, back in nest June 14 at 5.30pm
Several were worried he was hurt.  Hawkeye is 50 days old
Hawkeye panting, probably hot, cooling off.  Very possibly something frightened him.
After he had laid in nest awhile, calling, chirping, a parent called to him and he flew off

Quite a few pics of Hawkeye on page 1 - compare markings

VIDEO - Hawkeye is already in nest and it does NOT include fly off

June 14 - Hawkeye's visit to nest at about .26
At 1.45 I hear parent calling him, he stands, dives off calling back

I have seen NO video of Hawkeye entering nest.


Hawkeye at the pond July 2013 Forum Index -> Misc
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