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Druze, Kurds, Yazidis


June 2013
 I began this separate thread to explain Druze, as they are unique.
Most Druze news has been put in ISRAEL or SYRIA news sections.

Are Druze Jews?
Druze are indeed descended from Jews.
They keep their roots secret so getting information isnt easy.
Moses married Jethro's (itro) daughter.
I have information and will work on a report on this.

Druze are a distinct ethnic and religious group which grew out of Islam, known by its loyalty to the state ruling over them.
Israeli Druze serve in the IDF and support Israel in its conflicts.

The Jumblatt Druze family was originally of Kurdish origin.
Kurds are NOT Muslim, tho many claim they are.
Yazidis are an offshoot of Kurds.

Parts of Syria-Iraq-Turkey

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


Druze leaders ask Israel to take in Syrian brethren
June 23, 2013
 In unprecedented move, Golan Druze ask Israel to allow back coreligionists, some of whom have fought against Israel.
Leaders of the Druze community on the Golan Heights have asked Israel to take in their Syria brethren.
The request came in a letter at a meeting with Druze leaders on the Golan Heights. The letter asked Israel to take in Druze students who had left the Golan and settled in Syria.

Israeli law does not allow for the students automatic return.
The unusual meeting took place at the home of Sheikh Taher Abu Salah, the spiritual leader of the 4 Druze villages on the Golan Heights.
Over 100 Druze leaders attended the gathering, including the chief spiritual leader of Israeli Druze Sheikh Muafak Tarif.
These are Druze who served in the Syrian army and fought against Israel, government employees of the Syrian regime, and small business owners in the cities and towns deep inside Syria.
Druze are a distinct ethnic and religious group which grew out of Islam, known by its loyalty to the state ruling over them.
Israeli Druze serve in the IDF and support Israel in its conflicts.

Druse students return to Golan Israel from Syria
July 11, 2013
27 Druse (Druze) students who had been studying in Damascus returned to the Israeli side of the Golan Heights through the Kuneitra Crossing.
Druse across the region live in a precarious situation, generally choosing to support the government of the country in which they find themselves.
In Israel, most Druse men serve in the army with the exception of those in the Golan.

Golan Druze prefer Israel to Syria
August 29, 2013   Aviel Schneider  
The 20,000 Druze who live in the Golan Heights admit that they prefer life under Israeli sovereignty.
Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria in the 1967 Six Day War (Yom Kippur war) which Syria started, and annexed the strategic plateau in 1981.
All during that time, the Golan Druze leaned more anti-Israel for fear they would one day find themselves again under Syrian sovereignty.

At numerous points, the West tried to broker peace talks that would see Israel surrender the Golan to Syria in return for peace.
The precedent was set with Egypt and the Sinai, and the Druze feared their fate would be similar.
Had they dared to openly align with Israel during those years, they knew the Assad regime would respond harshly if it ever regained the Golan.
Now, after 32 years under Israeli rule, the Druze are taking a more pro-Israel stance, even on camera.

Harel Locker, a senior Israeli government official, was recently invited by prominent Druze leaders to visit the main Golan Druze town of Majdal Shams. Among those welcoming the Israeli was local spiritual leader Sheikh Taher Abu Salah.
The Druze asked Israel to allow entry to those of their family members who had, for various reasons, moved back to Syria over the past few decades.
They realize now that Israel is the only place they and their families can be truly safe and free to live their lives without persecution.

"The last visit of an Israeli politician to a Druze village in the Golan was in the mid-80s," an Druze leader told Israeli radio.
"The politician was Shimon Peres, and he was driven out of town by people hurling eggs. Locker's visit marks a dramatic turnaround."

The elite IDF Golani gets its first Druze commander
October 24, 2013
 Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz named Col. Rassan Aliyan as first member of the Druze community to command the IDF’s elite Golani Brigade.  -DEBKAfile

Yazidis (Yezidis)
Yazidis (Yezidis) predates Islam and has roots in Zoroastrianism that developed in ancient Persia around 600 BC. Yazidis are ethnic Kurds, but outside the mainstream.
Over time they have incorporated aspects of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism into their beliefs. Much of the faith remains shrouded in mystery, with outsiders not allowed to convert and believers not willing to share details of their rituals.
The Yazidis are linked to the extreme Shia (Ghulat) sects
The Yazidis call themselves Dawasi. They are called Devil worshippers by their Sunni neighbours.



The Jumblatt Druze family was originally of Kurdish origin.
Kurds reject Islam.  Kurds are not Muslim and they are not Arabs.
A Muslim cannot be a Kurd, a Kurd cannot be a Muslim
The Kurds are an ethnic group in Kurdistan, which spans adjacent parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey.


Death toll in Jerusalem massacre rises to 5
November 18, 2014  
Druze police officer wounded in the synagogue attack dies of his wounds.
The death toll in Jerusalem synagogue terrorist attack rose to five, after Druze police officer Zidan Seyf died.
Seyf was among the officers who arrived at the scene to take down the terrorists. He leaves behind a wife and baby.

Four other victims were Rabbi Moshe Twersky, Rabbi Kalman Levine, Aryeh Kupinsky, and Avraham Shmuel Goldberg.  All 4 victims were dual citizens, 3 holding American citizenship, and the fourth British citizenship.,7340,L-4593591,00.html

Druze NOT Palestinians!
November 17, 2014
Israeli Druze "are not Palestinians," said a Druze leader.
The Druze community tend to be pro-Israel and serve as police and in military.
Druze are full Israeli citizens and want the state to be a Jewish state.
Farhat said Jews respect others and their way of life. We don’t want to live
under a government of darkness, but where we have freedom.

5 dead in Jerusalem synagogue Muslim massacre Nov 2014


Druze - Jews Blood Covenant
November 29, 2014
-  This article gave me tears in my eyes.
The family of slain Druze police officer Zidan Seif paid an emotional visit to the Jerusalem synagogue where he was killed last week while defending Jewish worshippers against two rampaging Palestinian terrorists.  Seif was one of the first officers to respond to the scene at the Bnei Torah synagogue.

Survivors of the attack told the family that the terrorists were hacking and shooting their way through unarmed worshippers nearly unchecked before Seif arrived. The officer opened fire already from outside the synagogue, causing the terrorists to stop killing Jews and engage in a gun battle with Seif.  Without Seif’s selfless actions, many more Jewish worshippers would have been slaughtered that morning.  Seif’s uncle said theit Prophet Jethro binds us to the Jewish people.

The Druze of Israel have long spoken of an ancient “blood covenant” with the Jewish nation. It is because of this deep connection that the Druze community, by its own request, is the only minority community in Israel that is required to do mandatory military service alongside their Jewish bethren.

Israel Today is an excellent news site.  I know the owner.
They have a magazine you can subscribe to.

Israel protecting Druzes
June 6, 2015 -  GOOD!
Israel has been protecting the Druze community in Syria.
An Israeli Druze said, “It is forbidden for us to talk about these matters.”

ISIS killed Druze in Syria
June 11, 2015 -  ISIS nusra killed 20 Druze villagers
in Qalb Loze in Idlib province. The dead included elderly people and a child.  Israel’s Druze dilemma: To arm Syrian Druze or open door to refugees.
Many Druzes serving in IDF may cross the Golan border and take up arms in defense of Jabal Druze.,7340,L-4667440,00.html

ISIS offensive near Golan
June 18, 2015
-   Israel acts to protect Druze.
ISIS launched an offensive for the Quneitra and Hermon sectors bordering on Israel.
ISIS as a joint command based in Turkey composed of US Centcom, Saudi, Turkish and Qatari officers.
This is NOT good.  Dont be fooled by kontrolled BORG news reporting.

Israeli Druze help in Golan
Druze doctors and medics from Israel establish a field hospital intended for Druze communities under fire in the fighting in neighboring Syria, Israeli NRG news reported on Wednesday.
IDF is prepared to set up a safe zone for Druze.
Israel has provided medical assistance to Syrian victims of the civil war for several years, even treating some in Israeli hospitals.

ALL the Islamics against Assad are ISIS and supported by Obama
I dont care what name they call themselves


Israel must save the Druze
June 20, 2015 -  ISIS
in Druze areas would be a clear and present threat to Israel too.
Israel must do everything to help the 700,000 Druze in Syria survive, ISIS intends to slaughter them all.  
The Druze in Syria are in 3 main areas: Druze Mountain in southern Syria adjoining the Jordanian border, the Khader enclave on the southeastern slopes of the Mt Hermon, and Aleppo-Idlib near Turkey.
The 2 southern Druze expect Israel to help them.  How odd, they oppose Israel, but depend on them for safety.

The proportion of Druze who volunteer for IDF combat units is greater than that of Jewish youth.
Israel can create a military unit made up of Druze.   If/when the Assad regime collapses, Israel must immediately take over the area tangent to the Jordan-Syrian border.  Israel cannot stay on the sidelines when the Druze of Syria are facing extermination. This would be immoral, inhuman and destructive.

Question   USA-Jordan-Druze deal with ISIS   Question
June 20, 2015  
DEBKA Exclusive  -  Syrian Druze gain non-belligerence commitment from rebels under joint US-Jordanian guarantee
I DONT know what to make of this article
ISIS are the Syrian rebels, Al Qaeda, Nusra and all the other ficticious name, some say - for the CIA.

Debka wont say this, Israel wont say this, and it makes all news sources phony!
Druze are not Muslim, they descended from Jews.  They keep their roots secret so getting information isnt easy.  Moses married Jethro's (itro) daughter.  

Netanyahu appeals to Druze for calm
June 23, 2015
-  PM Binyamin Netanyahu denounced Druze mob attacks on 2 IDF ambulances transporting injured Syrian terrorists as extremely grave.  He called on Druze leaders to calm tempers.  It is intolerable to see Israeli citizens attacking IDF.

WHY Israel helps those who want to kill them I dont know.
Druze lynch mob attacks wounded Syrians in Israeli ambulance.
Majdal Shams, Golan, Druze mob ambushed another Israeli ambulance carrying injured Syrian terrorists to hospital.  One terrorist died and the other is in critical condition.  IDF came under a hail of rocks when they tried to intervene, 2 were injured.  Earlier another IDF ambulance carrying injured Syrian rebels (terrorists) from the Golan was pelted with stones by Druze from Hurfeish.,7340,L-4671371,00.html,7340,L-4671790,00.html

Israeli and Druze
June 24, 2015 -  Israel is aiding the Syrian Al Qaeda-ISIS - TRUE.  So is USA
The Druze are right, Israel is not in this instance.
Druze serving in Israel’s armed forces and those living in Golan villages knew Israel helps injured Syrians.  Israeli Druze and Golan villagers were so incensed by this that they came together for  action June 22 on two IDF ambulances ferrying injured Syrian fighters to hospital.
Druze demand for Israel to abandon ISIS.
Druzes arrested over attacks on wounded Syrian terrorists
Israeli Police raid Druze villages in Galilee, Golan overnight in search for perpetrators of two attacks on IDF ambulances taking wounded terrorists for treatment in Israel.,7340,L-4672127,00.html

Druze Sheikh killed in Syria
September 5, 2015
-  Druze Sheikh Wahid al-Balous was killed, so were 2 other Druze clerics and 26 others, in 2 rare car bombs near the Sweida Hospital in the Druze stronghold in southern Syria.  50 were wounded.  Explosions have been rare in Sweida.  Druzes clash with Syrian troops Friday.  Armed Druzes torched Syrian government offices.  Sheikh Wahid al-Balous opposed both the Syrian government and armed groups fighting against it.

ISIS - or Turkey or USA could be responsible.

Golan Druze seek Israeli citizenship
Nov. 1, 2015
-  About 20,000 Druze reside in the Golan.
After 45 years of rejecting citizenship, the ongoing war in Syria has caused many Druze residents on the Golan Heights seeking Israeli citizenship.

The Druze swore allegiance to Syria ever since Israel captured the Golan Heights in the 1967 Six Day War.  Many have maintained strong economic, familial and emotional ties with Syria and have remained outwardly loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Druze are ideologically loyal to the countries in which they reside.  Israel’s Druze speak Hebrew and many in the Galilee region serve in the Israel Defense Forces.
* Druze are considered heretical to Sunni Islam.  Druze broke away from Shiite Islam in the 11th century.

* Druze are descended from Jethro, Moses father-in-law.
Many Jews on earth are living as Muslims

Druze town Galilee
Nov 25, 2015
-  Israel to establish first new Druze town in Galilee.
Ahuzat Naftali in the lower Galilee paves the way for the first new Druze town in Israel’s history.
The approval follows a campaign by Druze leaders to end their housing crisis.

When completed, the new town is expected to house over 10,000 people at full capacity, according to the initial building plans.
Thousands of Druze live in Galilee and Golan Heights.
Druze population has grown over the years.  Druze serve in the IDF and Israeli police force.

Golan Druze leader disputes UN
July 30, 2016
 -  Golan Heights Druze leader Dulan abu-Saleh, mayor of Majdal Shams, disputed the assertion of a United Nations committee that accused Israel of imposing economic and social hardships on his community.  Saleh said, “Why don’t they condemn the horrors in Syria?  Golan residents have a good life.”

Druze communities have opened hundreds of restaurants and bed-and-breakfasts serving Israelis and tourists who visit the Golan’s many nature reserves. But the Druze community leaders always insisted they were Syrian citizens seeking to return to Syria from Israeli occupation.

Golan op
Syria President Bashar Assad prepares for a massive Syria offensive with Hizballah and Iran to clear ISIS out of the Syrian Golan.  Assad’s elite armed forces in the Quneitra area with Hizballah Radwan unit and Russian tanks near the Israeli border.

Assad appointed a Druze officer, Gen. Osama Zhar a-din, as the Golan front’s new commander. The motive behind this is an attempt to drive a wedge between the IDF troops posted on the Israeli Golan and the Druze inhabiting the local villages, sowing discord between the Druze serving in Israeli army.

Assad said he will not put up with any more Israeli attacks on Syrian commands.

Evil or Very Mad   Rather nasty to use a Druze

Trump Restaurant in Kurdistan
Jan 5, 2017  
-  A Syrian Kurd names his falafel restaurant in Kobane, Syria after US President Donald Trump.  Walid Shekhi opened his Trump Restaurant in Kobane last week, a city under reconstruction since the Kurds drove ISIS out 2 years ago.  Shekhi believes that the United States under Donald Trump will provide more support to the Kurds to eliminate ISIS-Daesh.

Parts of Syria-Iraq-Turkey

Druze, Kurd, Yazidi
Who are they? They are NOT Muslims

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