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Dream: Spider and Rock

The pace of dreams has been picking up at a substantially.  More and more spiritual dreams are coming forth.  Here is another recently.

I was in a field of tall grass knee height.   The sky was sunny and the blue.  Not far off you could see the rolling hills but sat in front of the hills about 70 yards from me stood an old growth deciduous tree with its leaves about to fall.   The grass was brown and blowing slightly so and fro.   Just in front of this great tree was a huge rock that stood about 7' tall.  I did not find anything remarkable about the rock.

Then suddenly, behind the rock rose a giant spider casting its web from the rock to the trees.  Then after it had spread its web it stood atop the rock; posed in defiance and in a defensive posture. Forum Index -> Bible Prophecy, Dreams, Visions
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