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Donald J. Trump family

Donald Trump family

Melania Knauss and Donald Trump Wedding
January, 2005  Palm Beach, Florida
The bride wore a Christian Dior white gown. In place of a bouquet, she carried rosary beads that were a family heirloom.  A soloist sang “Ave Maria” as the bride walked down the aisle. The ceremony included a reading from the Bible by Donald’s daughter, Ivanka Trump.  Before the conclusion of the ceremony, the couple lit the same unity candle that was used at the bride’s baptism. They planned to keep the candle for their future children.

Melania rosary beads


Donald Trump for U.S. President, 2016
Campaign, rally thread 2015-16

U.S. President Donald Trump

Now that Trump WON, the campaign ends

The name Donald means ruler of the world in Gaelic,
 and Donald's mother was Scot.

Billy Graham
Billy Graham turns 95, Sarah Palin, Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump came to pay tribute.
June 22, 2016  Donald Trump spoke to Christian leaders and answered questions.  He said the number one thing he could do for religious liberty would be to appoint great Supreme Court justices, create GOOD jobs for Americans, Trump will stand with Israel. They all prayed together for America.

CPAC Presidential Race, straw polls


The last US president  
After George W. Bush the Republic ENDS - and it did
Barak Obama is a usurper,  Daniel 7:25
Perhaps willow trees in his next vision indict America safe and healing when Donald Trump is President.

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ZionsCRY DAILY NEWS with prophetic analysis



Melania and Donald Trump baby
March 20, 2006
-  Melania Trump gave birth to a boy, 8 1/2 pounds and 21 inches long.
Barron William Trump is Melania's first child.

At home with Trumps
No nanny for us


Eric Trump
November 10, 2014
-  Eric Trump, 30, son of Donald Trump and his first wife, Ivana Trump, married Lara on the lawn of the Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida.  Eric is the founder of the Eric Trump Foundation, who serves as executive vice president of development and acquisitions for the Trump Organization.  He married TV producer Lara Yunaska, 32.  Eric's dad and Melania Trump wed there in 2005.

July, 2013  Eric Trump, 29, proposed to 30-year-old Lara Yunaska at the Trump Seven Springs estate in Bedford. They had been dating for five years.

Eric Trump Foundation



Ivanka Trump talks about Converting to Judaism
People were surprised in 2009 when Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism for her fiancé, Jared Kushner. In 2009 when Ivanka Trump was in the process of converting, New York profiled Kushner, and the magazine noted that the Kushner's Orthodox family did not give Trump an easy time.  Jared and Ivanka have 2 children.

"I always shied away from it being a public conversation, because it's such a personal thing.  We're pretty observant, more than some, less than others.  I feel like it's such an intimate thing for us."
"It’s been such a great life decision for me.  I am very modern, but I’m also a very traditional person, and I think that’s an interesting juxtaposition in how I was raised as well. I really find that with Judaism, it creates an amazing blueprint for family connectivity."

Ivanka's Jewish Wedding
November 10, 2009
Ivanka Trump, 27, wed Jared Kushner, 28, on Oct. 25.  The modern Orthodox Jewish wedding was held at the Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey.  Their wedding invitation was written in English and Hebrew.  Orthodox Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, who supervised Ivanka's conversion to Judaism studies, married the couple.


Donald John Trump

Donald John TRUMP was born on 14 Jun 1946 in Queens, New York. He married Ivana Zelnickova Winklmayr, with whom he fathered 3 children, DJ, Eric and Ivanka.

Next, Donald married Marla Maples, with whom he shares one child, Tiffany.  In January of 2005, Donald Trump married model Melania Knauss.  Donald and Melania are the parents of Donald's fifth child, Barron William Trump, born in 2006.

His Dad was Frederick Christ Trump
Christ was the family name of his mother, Elizabeth Christ, who his father married in Germany in 1902.

Donald Trump was born to Frederick and Mary MacLeod Trump in Queens, New York on June 14, 1946.  He learned the real-estate business his father who began in the family construction business at the age of 13 when Donald's grandfather died in the influenza epidemic of 1918.

Frederick Christ Trump, grandfather of Donald Trump, immigrated to America in 1885.  Christine, who would later become his wife, was only 5 when he left Germany, but they kept in touch by mail and eventually married.

Donald Trump's Christian Faith
Donald Trump declared: "I will be the greatest representative of the Christians they've had in a long time."
Trump says he's Presbyterian and previously attended services with the Reformed Church of America denomination.
He says he goes to church on Sunday when he can and always on Christmas, Easter, and on special occasions.

Trump International Luxury Hotel DC





Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Marie Trump born October 30, 1981 was born in Manhattan NY to Donald Trump and his first wife Ivana.

She is Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions at the Trump Organization, and is involved with all aspects of the company's real estate and hotel management initiatives.  In 2009 she married real estate developer Jared Kushner.

Evil or Very Mad   Lands End lands boycott
Aug 19, 2016  
-  Ivanka Trump jewelry purchase arrived with a note informing her that the company donated her money to Hillary Clinton, a pro-immigration charity and a gun control group.
The beautifully-written burn from Lady Grey jewelers was included with her web order by the brand’s co-founders.

Dear Ivanka.
Thank you for your web order!  The proceeds of your sale have been generously donated to the American Immigration Council, the Gun Safety, and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Boycott Lady Grey
Libtard Lady Grey, part of Lands End
Lady Grey is boycotting RUSH Limbaugh for his conservatism

Meet the Donald Trump family


Donald Trump runs for president  
June 16, 2015
-  Donald Trump declared himself a candidate for president.
He said, “We are going to make our country great again.”

Donald Trump is President  
November 9, 2016

The Calling - TRUMP 2016
President of the United States of America is not a job, its a calling!

Trump Force One and Chopper One


    Donald Trump Jr
DJ put Manafort Fox video on his twitter  -  
- the never Trump movement is nevermore, gone!
Laughing   DJ your a hoot!  I love ya!

Smile  I LOVE DJ and his wisdom!

   Eric Trump ‏
The world is imploding before our eyes. We need real leadership.
We need strength. (We need Dad!)
We need to eliminate this evil. #Trump2016

Eric Trump with Judge Jeanine Pirro July 16, 2016
I LOVE Eric Trump!  He is a velvet pitbull

Eric Trump twitter, facebook

Very Happy  I LOVE Eric, a tad BOLDER than his Dad!  Laughing

Click to see full size


July, 2016

Melania Trump
July 20, 2016
 -  Melania will be a new Jackie Kennedy.
First Lady Melania Trump was a one-woman smash of poise and glamour speaking at the Republican National Convention opening night.  Melania speaks 5 languages, that's 4.5 more than the average American.

DJ Trump, son
July 19, 2016
at the 2016 Republican National Convention, Cleveland OHIO

Eric Trump
July 20, 2016
Donald's velvet pitbull at RNC convention
Vote for the candidate who does NOT NEED this job!  LOL!

Tiffany Trump, daughter
July 19, 2016
at the 2016 Republican National Convention, Cleveland OHIO

President Donald J Trump
Largest vote total in U.S. history!


Very Happy   Donald Trumps son DJ wanted to put his dad over the top.   Cool
Here is my screen shot at 7 pm July 19 2016

As he read the votes that made the Republican nominee



Eric and Lara Trump before debate Sep 26, 2016


Melania Trump sues media -  GOOD!
Aug 23, 2016
 -  Media Lawsuits over their LIES about Melania Trump.  The lawyer for Melania Trump has notified news agencies of potential legal action against those who have defamed Mrs. Trump.

You go, First Angel Melania!  
YOU have the high ground.  We are proud of you!

Melania Trump sues UK paper, US blogger for $150 million
Sep 2, 2016
-  Melania, the wife of Donald Trump, NEVER worked as high-price female escort.  Total LIES.  Melania has filed a defamation lawsuit against UK-based Daily Mail for $150 million.  The lawsuit filed in a Maryland state court also sought damages from a Maryland blogger, Webster Tarpley, for articles he had publicized online.  The Daily Mail article also suggested Melania had worked illegally in the US in the 1990s.  Both the Daily Mail and Tarpley have since issued retractions for their lies.

Donald Trump Jr. helps woman
Oct 28, 2016
-  Donald Trump Jr. was traveling between campaign events when his car was delayed by another motorist, whose car had stalled ahead of them.  DJ got out and pushed her car.  He hikes, he's very fit!  Video viral on Facebook and Twitter.

President Donald and First LADY Melania Trump

Donald Trump is President  
November 9, 2016

Donald Trump acceptance speech
BARON TRUMP is the IMAGE of his DADDY!!!

Chelsea Clinton reads to her daughter  


Security clearance for Jared Kushner
Nov 15, 2016
-  Donald Trump Requests Security Clearance for Son-in-Law Jared Kushner.  Donald Trump requested his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, receive top-secret clearance to join him for his Presidential Daily Briefings.  Trump received his first briefing on Tuesday and designated both Kushner and Gen. Michael Flynn as his staff-level companions for the briefings going forward.  While Flynn has the necessary security clearance, Kushner does not.

How much do you want to bet they act like jerks and deny it or delay it until January 21?

Jared Kushner is Ivanka Trump's husband
and they are on his 16-member advisory committee

Jared Kushner
Nov 23, 2016  -  Trump Son-in-law Kushner
could help broker Israeli-Palestinian peace.
President-elect Donald Trump may tap his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to help broker a peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians.  Kushner may not take a formal role in possible Middle East peace talks, but could nonetheless serve as a player.
JFK’s younger brother was his Attorney General.

Sad  Armies of media stalk Trump Tower, 26 floors up, President-elect Donald Trump is choosing his Cabinet.


Is Barron Trump Autistic?

When I first heard this I thot media were being nasty - again.
After watching this, I have second thoughts.
Is he just a normal growing boy?  Maybe so.
If indeed Barron is autistic, it would explain why Eric Trump foundation helps fund St Judes.  Its a family full of compassion.
This often comes thru suffering.

Is Barron autistic?
Nov 25, 2016
 -  Donald Trump has been very vocal on vaccines causing autism.  There is a LOT of proof of this.  Donald mentioned in rallys how a beautiful normal baby gets a shot and becomes autistic.  He mentions his son Barron is brillian with computers - another autism trait. Barron Trump's autism may be why Melania decided not to live in the White House.  Melania wanted to avoid disturbances in her child's life and school schedules.

Vaccines have caused autism in recent years


I am very thankful GOD gave us Donald Trump -
- and his family!  I have a suspicion in the future Donald or Melania will come out publicly on this.


I remember in his rallys,
Donald Trump loved to wade into the crowd
to bring a baby up front.  He loves babies!


BEWARE of Ivanka!

Ivanka Trump and Climate Change
Dec 18, 2016
-  Climate change is an area of utmost importance to Ivanka, and she will use her influence to push its agenda.  Ivanka is exploring how to use her spotlight to speak out on the issue.  Ivanka was unable to vote for her father during the New York Republican primary as she was not a registered Republican.

Ivanka's best friend is Chelsea Clinton.  Climate change is a hoax.

New Obama house in walking Distance of ISLAMIC CENTER
Jan 7, 2017  
-  The Media has not mentioned that the Obama’s new home in Washington D.C. will be within walking distance of the Islamic Center of Washington D.C.

Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner are moving to a home in DC in walking distance of a synagogue.


Melania sues Daily Mail
Dec 12, 2016
 -  First Lady Melania Trump appeared at a Rockville, Maryland court hearing in her defamation lawsuit against the Daily Mail and a Maryland blogger.  In September, she sued Mail Media and blogger Webster Tarpley over reports that she once worked as an escort.

Jan 26, 2017  
-  First Lady Melania Trump has started forming a team of staffers to help deal with cyber bullying. Melania has remained silent about comments made about her and Barron.
Melania is bright and articulate, she speaks multiple languages.

I don’t know what they have planned for cyber bullies, but I hope it’s good enough that it will help decrease the reach of these evil, faceless keyboard terrorists.

We need to pray for our First Lady and her family that God protects them from this attitude of envy that surrounds them on a constant basis.


Very Happy  Melania most glamorous since Jackie O
Feb 21, 2017
  -  First Lady Melania Trump is Probably the most Glamorous since Jackie
O (Jackie Kennedy), said Irish-American designer Paul Costelloe.  Melania will definitely influence the world of fashion as she takes on her role as First Lady.

Melania Move to DC in Summer
Feb 2, 2017  
-  Melania Trump Hires Chief of Staff.
Swamp media claim Melania will NOT move into the white house.
An aide to Melania Trump confirmed that the First Lady will move to the White House starting at the beginning of the summer, at the end of the school year.  Meantime she will split her time between New York and D.C.

Mrs. Trump is honored to serve this country and is taking the role and responsibilities of the First Lady very seriously.  Lindsay Reynolds is joining the First Lady’s team as her Chief of Staff.

The press is even more dishonest than President Trump says. They are despicable beyond measure.  It is obvious to anyone with sight that the First Lady and our President have a deep and comfortable love relationship.

Melania lawsuit against Daily Mail dismissed
Feb 3, 2017  
-  First lady Melania Trump's $150 million defamation suit against the Daily Mail has been dismissed by a judge in Maryland.  The judge ruled that the state court did not have the proper jurisdiction to pursue a case against the U.K.-based Daily Mail. Trump filed the lawsuit against the Daily Mail and Maryland-based political blogger Tarpley after they published that she once worked for an escort service.  The Daily Mail retracted the story shortly after the lawsuit was filed.  A judge ruled Trump could proceed with the lawsuit against Tarpley.

Whoopi Goldberg defends Tiffany Trump
Feb 17, 2017  
-  Tiffany Trump bullied at New York Fashion Week and Whoopi Goldberg came to her defense. God bless Whoopi! President Donald Trump’s 23-year-old daughter Tiffany was attending the Philipp Plein show when she found that the seats next to her were suddenly emptying. Nobody wants to sit next to Tiffany Trump.  They left their seats after Tiffany sat down.

Designer Philipp Plein rushed to Tiffany Trump's defense.  Also coming to Trump's defense was comedian Whoopi Goldberg.  She was appalled by the treatment of the president's daughter. Goldberg said,  You know what, Tiffany, I'm coming to sit with you. Tiffany Trump thanked Goldberg for her support, tweeting, "Thank you @WhoopiGoldberg I'd love to sit with you too!"

Very Happy

Eric Trump opens new Dubai golf club
Feb 20, 2017  
-  Trump International Golf Club Dubai was officially opened as President Donald Trump's sons Eric Trump and Don Jr. attended the gala as guests of honour. The 18-hole DAMAC Hills becomes the 12th golf course in Dubai.

January, Donald Jr. and Eric have overseen a trust that includes the Trump businesses and projects.  This marks their first overseas business trip since their father was inaugurated.


White House SWAT team
Mar 27, 2017  
-  Since when do we need a White House SWAT team?
President Trump new White House SWAT team led by Jared Kushner, with sweeping authority to overhaul the federal bureaucracy and fix government. President’s son-in-law will operate on his own within the West Wing and will report directly to President Trump.

Kushner said the government should be run like a great American company.  He is working with Tim Cook,  Bill Gates, Marc Benioff and Elon Musk. THOSE GUYS ARE SWAMP!  Trump official drug commission will be chaired by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who will be working informally with Kushner.

I am not reluctant to say I DO NOT like Trumps kids in the whitehouse and in govt policy!
Trump tore a page of 0bama's - I won, I can do as I please - and he puts his family in the whitehouse ala Kennedys.

I have NO problem with Jared being a Jew,
I have a problem with Trumps DEMOCRAT kids running the nation!
If I recall correctly, these 2 couldnt even vote for Donald Trump cuz they are Democrats!


Barron's New School
May 13, 2017  
-  The Trump family has selected the new school for 11-year-old Barron Trump.  He will attend St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, about 15 miles from the White House.

The St. Andrew's website reports that the student-to-teacher ratio is 7 to one, and that class sizes range from 11 to 15 students. All of its graduates go on to attend college.

The student body consists of Episcopalians, Catholics, Jews and Muslims. About 1/4 of the other students are of other Protestant denominations.


Melania is Catholic
May 25, 2017  
-  First Lady Melania shares her catholic Faith.  Melania and her son Barron will move to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue over the summer.

Melania Trump recited The Lord's Prayer before a Melbourne, Florida presidential rally in February.  She's a practicing Roman Catholic.  The last Catholics to live in the White House were John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie.

Now if we could just get rid of this Evil Pope.

Mr President, FIRE YOUR KIDS!
May 26, 2017  
-  Jared Kushner under FBI scrutiny in Russia Probe.
Kushner has significant information relevant to their inquiry.

Kushner art collection
Kushner didn’t tell officials about art collection worth $50 million.  Pieces worth millions hang in their NY Park Avenue condo.  President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka Trump failed to report their art collection in required financial disclosures before taking up their roles in the White House.  Other senior members of the Trump administration disclosed their art holdings, Kushner and Trump did not. Forum Index -> America NEWS
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