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document problems at work

Document control has always been an issue at work, I wanted to suggest a document control system software but I still have to research about it.  What's the tool you use to keep track of documents, is there a software we can use? What can you recommend based on experience?

Document Problems at Work

I don't know about the different software that are relevant for tracking or managing documents. But, I have been reading some articles about a process that helps document control effective. Maybe, one good factor that you must keep an eye on is to look for a solution that has a high degree of versatility to be able to manage your documents efficiently.

I have been doing a lot of research also. I am not really sure what I am after. It is really more of being able to track changes in files and file folders and who made the changes, etc. I am thinking of converting everything to google documents, but then, the issue will be security. In my research I came across QMS, but I am also not sure what it is about. Can someone tel software? Forum Index -> Misc
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