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Denver Airport, FBI HQ, Obama, NWO manifesto,

Devils steed - and white child in casket

NWO Begins at the Denver Airport
see post and photos below
June 2010 - Obama's NWO manifesto - page 2

Nuke targeted Denver?
Nov 20, 2009 US Air Force has shot down a nuclear armed missile targeting Denver Colorado that was fired from an
aircraft able to penetrate the North American air defense system after a glitch shut down FAA communications.
The explosion was seen and photographed in Western states, and heard in Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California.
It was blamed on a meteorite.

FACT - Air Traffic computers were out
FACT -  The Denver Airport really is bizzare and occult

The first thing I did was look at HAARP.  I did not see a spike that would indicate this.
I only report it at all because one day THIS WILL occur, perhaps within months.  Was this real?  A drill?
Totally made up?  My guess - drill.


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HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
UPDATE May 2014

ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


From what I've read - the Illumaniti wants Denver to be their new Capitol of the NWO. Have you seen the paintings in their airport? Pretty scary...

I've also heard too that they want Pittsburgh to be the NWO Capitol of the East - there's like 2 "Super Bowl Steve" youtube video's(John McGowan's radio show in Pittsburgh) that talks about this. SBS had on this guy who met an Illuminati scientist in 1988 and spilled the beans on alot of things, some of which has come true presently - 1) A black man being groomed to be President, 2) Some kind of bird flu being engineered to wipe out parts of the population, 3) THREE Pennsylvania teams winning championships in a span of a year(Phillies winning the World Series, Steelers winning their 6th Super Bowl, and Penguins winning the Stanley Cup) - they wanted this happen b/c the morales of the Pennsylvania citizens will go up, and when this big crisis breaks out, people will be ordered to go to PA to get their flu shots or whatever, and the PA citizens' morale will be so high, that they will be helping out greeting those that come in, 4) Pittsburgh is the HOME of the Illuminati(IMHO, this is interesting, b/c Pittsburgh has always been promoted as a blue collar, labor working city), 5) Once this black man would get inaugurated, wars in Iran and Venezuella would happen(of course, this hasn't come true YET), etc.

Again - not everything that SBS has said has come to light, but this was revealed from an Illuminati figure in *1988*, which is why I find some of the stuff that's come true to be eyepopping.

Denver is significate, remember that is where Obama went to sign the stimulus bill Feb.17,2009. He also went to Denver Aug. 28, 2008 to except the Democratic nomination to run for president. He had the backdrop of an ancient Greek temple as though he running for office of god instead.

NWO Begins at the Denver Airport

New World Order Begins at the Denver Airport
The NWO logo is a phoenix bird, rising from the ashes - of what - the fallen old Roman Empire?

ISLAM portrayed as peace - it is NOT peace, Islam is a curse on the earth

Barak Hussein Obama is a Prince Hall Mason - and a Muslim

Interesting he chose Denver to be introduced - eh?
The NWO put 0bama in power to destroy America and bring in the NWO

Death is worshipped in the Denver airport
Denver Airport pictures White, Jews, Christians AS  DEAD - in a COFFIN

More information about all of this

Barack Obama is a 32nd Degree Prince Hall Mason

VIRUS BIO-WEAPON genocidal plan is pictured at the new Denver Airport.
More on targeting Jews, Christians for death - quite appalling

Here are several murals at the Denver airport

BornAgain - They have 5 regions already mapped out for regional govt.
They have for years.  The destruction of America has long been planned.

If they KNOW the USA will split in half along the Mississippi River -
does that mean they intend to CAUSE this?  They can.  They know how.

I expect civil war, martial law .. all kinds of hell in 2010 - and it may being in January


Yep - and it may not be a bad idea to withdraw your funds from your bank, stock up on the nec essentials, and most important of all get prepared SPIRITUALLY! I'm not exactly a rich person, FAR from it, actually, but nonetheless I did what I had to, and encourage others to do their best.

It may not happen in Jan, but it WILL happen in 2010 - and it's gonna come unexpectedly. Don't be surprise if Devil Maitreya makes his emergence next Christmas when the whole world is hungry, desperate, etc.

We have the Word of God - that's THE most important food!

CJ wrote:
I expect 0bama to either steal everyone's IRA / pension / 401k


make cash useless

I believe it was a month ago I read somewhere that banks were starting to liquidate people's DEPOSIT BOXES - yah, they ARE desperate!

DEATH comes to Denver

LOOK what has come to Denver airport now!

Jesse Ventura did a TV show on this May 2010

Obama's New World Order manifesto

Obama's New World Order manifesto
June 24, 2010  
   Joseph Farah
Lost in all the chaos of the Gulf oil spill is Barack Obama's 52-page manifesto for a New World Order.

I invite you to read for yourself his misnamed "National Security Strategy" – misnamed because it is actually a blueprint for running the whole world like he's been running the United States since January 2009.

Obama is hardly the first president to plead for America to join a New World Order.
It started with the first George Bush and has continued unabated through three more administrations.
But Obama's so-called "National Security Strategy" has little to do with securing the U.S. from threats and much more to do with turning over the U.S. to the illegitimate authority of global organizations.

It starts early in the table of contents: "Promoting a Just and Sustainable International Order."

Woodrow Wilson tried with the League of Nations. Franklin D. Roosevelt tried with the United Nations. I guess we're going to keep trying this path until we get it right.

Nowhere in this document will you see the world "sovereignty" used in regard to the United States – only about Iraq and Russia. (Maybe all of us who want to live in a free and independent nation need to move to one of those locales?)

The last 7 pages of the document are about this new "international order" Obama wants to build –
a pretty ambitious agenda for a guy who has never run any business or served in any executive capacity before assuming the presidency.
But don't worry. His plan is to bring in some people with lots of experience running things – the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, to name a few.

This "international order" term is not a theme in the report, it's an obsession:

   * "Just as America helped to determine the course of the 20th century, we must now build the sources of American strength and influence, and shape an international order capable of overcoming the challenges of the 21st century."

   * "We will do so by building upon the sources of our strength at home, while shaping an international order that can meet the challenges of our time. This strategy recognizes the fundamental connection between our national security, our national competitiveness, resilience, and moral example. And it reaffirms America's commitment to pursue our interests through an international system in which all nations have certain rights and responsibilities."

   * "This engagement will underpin our commitment to an international order based upon rights and responsibilities. International institutions must more effectively represent the world of the 21st century, with a broader voice – and greater responsibilities – for emerging powers, and they must be modernized to more effectively generate results on issues of global interest."

   * "Finally, our efforts to shape an international order that promotes a just peace must facilitate cooperation capable of addressing the problems of our time. This international order will support our interests, but it is also an end that we seek in its own right. New challenges hold out the prospect of opportunity, but only if the international community breaks down the old habits of suspicion to build upon common interests. A global effort to combat climate change must draw upon national actions to reduce emis­sions and a commitment to mitigate their impact. Efforts to prevent conflicts and keep the peace in their aftermath can stop insecurity from spreading. Global cooperation to prevent the spread of pandemic disease can promote public health."

   * "An international order advanced by U.S. leadership that promotes peace, security, and oppor­tunity through stronger cooperation to meet global challenges."

   * "Our engagement will underpin a just and sustainable international order – just, because it advances mutual interests, protects the rights of all, and holds accountable those who refuse to meet their responsibilities; sustainable because it is based on broadly shared norms and fosters collective action to address common challenges."

   * "This engagement will pursue an international order that recognizes the rights and responsibilities of all nations. As we did after World War II, we must pursue a rules-based international system that can advance our own interests by serving mutual interests. International institutions must be more effective and representative of the diffusion of influence in the 21st century. Nations must have incentives to behave responsibly, or be isolated when they do not. The test of this international order must be the cooperation it facilitates and the results it generates – the ability of nations to come together to confront common challenges like violent extremism, nuclear proliferation, climate change, and a changing global economy."

   * "That is precisely the reason we should strengthen enforcement of international law and our commit­ment to engage and modernize international institutions and frameworks. Those nations that refuse to meet their responsibilities will forsake the opportunities that come with international cooperation. Credible and effective alternatives to military action – from sanctions to isolation – must be strong enough to change behavior, just as we must reinforce our alliances and our military capabilities. And if nations challenge or undermine an international order that is based upon rights and responsibilities, they must find themselves isolated."

   * "Furthermore, our international order must recognize the increasing influence of individuals in today's world."

   * "Within this context, we know that an international order where every nation upholds its rights and responsibilities will remain elusive. Force will sometimes be necessary to confront threats. Technology will continue to bring with it new dangers. Poverty and disease will not be completely abolished. Oppression will always be with us. But if we recognize these challenges, embrace America's responsibil­ity to confront them with its partners, and forge new cooperative approaches to get others to join us in overcoming them, then the international order of a globalized age can better advance our interests and the common interests of nations and peoples everywhere."

   * "An international order advanced by U.S. leadership that promotes peace, security, and opportunity through stronger cooperation to meet global challenges."

   * "Furthermore, we embrace America's unique responsibility to promote international security – a responsibility that flows from our commitments to allies, our leading role in supporting a just and sustainable international order, and our unmatched military capabilities."

   * "America's commitment to the rule of law is fundamental to our efforts to build an international order that is capable of confronting the emerging challenges of the 21st century."

   * "The United States will protect its people and advance our prosperity irrespective of the actions of any other nation, but we have an interest in a just and sustainable international order that can foster collec­tive action to confront common challenges. This international order will support our efforts to advance security, prosperity, and universal values, but it is also an end that we seek in its own right. Because without such an international order, the forces of instability and disorder will undermine global security. And without effective mechanisms to forge international cooperation, challenges that recognize no borders – such as climate change, pandemic disease, and transnational crime – will persist and potentially spread."

   * "International institutions – most prominently NATO and the United Nations – have been at the center of our international order since the mid 20th century. Yet, an international architecture that was largely forged in the wake of World War II is buckling under the weight of new threats, making us less able to seize new opportunities. Even though many defining trends of the 21st century affect all nations and peoples, too often, the mutual interests of nations and peoples are ignored in favor of suspicion and self-defeating competition."

   * "What is needed, therefore, is a realignment of national actions and international institutions with shared interests. And when national interests do collide – or countries prioritize their interests in different ways – those nations that defy international norms or fail to meet their sovereign responsibilities will be denied the incentives that come with greater integration and collaboration with the international community. No international order can be supported by international institutions alone. Our mutual interests must be underpinned by bilateral, multilateral, and global strategies that address underlying sources of insecurity and build new spheres of cooperation. To that end, strengthening bilateral and multilateral cooperation cannot be accomplished simply by working inside formal institutions and frameworks. It requires sustained outreach to foreign governments, political leaderships, and other critical constituen­cies that must commit the necessary capabilities and resources to enable effective, collective action. And it means building upon our traditional alliances, while also cultivating partnerships with new centers of influence. Taken together, these approaches will allow us to foster more effective global cooperation to confront challenges that know no borders and affect every nation."

   * "Although the United States and our allies and partners may sometimes disagree on specific issues, we will act based upon mutual respect and in a manner that continues to strengthen an international order that benefits all responsible international actors."

   * "The rise of the G-20, for example, as the premier international economic forum, represents a distinct shift in our global international order toward greater cooperation between traditional major economies and emerging centers of influence."

   * "Many of today's challenges cannot be solved by one nation or even a group of nations. The test of our international order, therefore, will be its ability to facilitate the broad and effective global cooperation necessary to meet 21st century challenges."

Keep in mind, this is Obama's National Security Strategy.
Heaven help us

FBI gets new high-security headquarters in Denver

FBI gets new high-security headquarters in Denver

JULY  2010

The new home of the FBI's Denver field office features a lobby with bomb proof glass, fencing strong enough to stop a moving truck and pillars designed to withstand a bomb blast.
The 4-story glass tower dedicated during a ceremony Wednesday offers simpler perks for agents and the public. The bomb squad can now work out of its own room, rather than in a closet as it did when the agency was in a federal building downtown.

There's separate interview rooms for crime victims, with more cozy furniture than in the ones used to interrogate suspects. The building also has plenty of parking; agents had to run three blocks from the older building to get to some vehicles.

The new building was constructed on 10 acres of what used to be the tarmac of Denver's old Stapleton airport, tucked between a shopping center and a new residential neighborhood.

FBI executive assistant director Thomas Harrington said the Denver division, which handles investigations for both Colorado and Wyoming, has needed a new office since at least 1984 when he started his career there. He recalled having his office moved into a closet and carpet that looked like it came from a Las Vegas casino.

Besides the pleasure of working in a spacious office with views of the Rocky Mountains, Harrington said bringing different departments — from evidence experts to the joint terrorism task force — under one roof would help the agency do its job better.

"Even in the Rockies, threats loom large as evidenced by recent events," he said. In the last year, the office handled the investigation of Najibullah Zazi, the Denver-area airport shuttle driver who pleaded guilty in February in a plot to bomb New York subway.

Harrington said all of the FBI's 56 national field offices are on the look out for similar, smaller terrorist plots in their territories.

The $100 million building was constructed especially for the FBI but it will continue to be owned by the developer, Alex S. Palmer & Co. The federal government holds a 20-year lease and will pay about $17,000 in rent per day, adding up to about $6.1 million a year.

Special Agent in Charge James H. Davis said the building gives the agency room to expand and that he expects the lease will be renewed after the 20 years.


Obama’s One-World, America-Last Government

Obama’s One-World, America-Last Government
July 01, 2009
I’m not much for conspiracies. I’m not a black helicopter guy. I don’t believe that a shadowy military-industrial complex controls the government.
I don’t think the North American Free Trade Agreement was cover to merge Canada, Mexico, and the United States. In fact, I like NAFTA.
I think all the hubbub about President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is hooey. I’m sure Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK.

So, believe me when I say there is nothing conspiratorial about Obama’s obvious desire to be seen as a world leader by every ideological bloc spanning the globe.

Obama wants to lead the Muslim bloc; he’s made that tremendously clear with his Cairo speech, his pressure on Israel, and his pathetically tepid response to the ongoing Iranian debacle.

He wants to lead the European bloc; he’s made that clear, too, with his apologies on behalf of America and his insistence that European politicians follow his economic lead.

He wants to lead the Far Eastern bloc; he’s ensured the support of China by begging them to buy U.S. securities and allowing North Korea to proceed apace with its nuclear program.

This week, he made clear that he wants to lead a revitalized leftist South American bloc. How else to explain his dead wrong decision to reinstall would-be tin-pot dictator Manuel Zelaya in Honduras?

Here’s the basic story: Zelaya was elected president of Honduras in 2006. He quickly allied himself with Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, who in turn provided him with millions of dollars. Then Zelaya set about subverting the Honduran constitution, which allows presidents to serve only one term.

When the Honduran Congress refused to authorize a referendum that would allow Zelaya to run for re-election, Zelaya attempted to force the referendum anyway. The Supreme Court ruled against Zelaya. So did the human rights ombudsman, as well as the attorney general. This ended his bid for re-election. Almost. Zelaya proceeded to order the military to distribute the referendum ballots anyway. When leaders of the military refused, Zelaya fired them, then led a mob to the ballot storage area and began handing them.

That’s when the Honduran military, with the backing of both the Honduran Supreme Court and the Congress, heroically stepped in and exiled Zelaya.

Obama’s reaction was to declare Honduras’ Congress and Supreme Court out of line, and declare their actions a “coup.” Siding with renowned human rights violators Fidel Castro of Cuba, Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, and Chavez, Obama called for Zelaya’s reinstatement.

There’s a reason for this: When Obama sees an enemy of American ideals, he immediately identifies them as a potential supporter. Obama views the world through the lens of his own leadership—if he can simply co-opt the leadership of every ideological group on the map, then he can avoid all conflict.

How can he cultivate followers among America’s enemies? By siding against America, of course. In his statement of support for Zelaya, Obama derided America’s history in Central and South America: “The United States has not always stood as it should with some of these fledgling democracies.” It’s the same tactic he’s used with the Muslim world and with Europe—throw America’s history and past under the bus in order to gain the approval of those who hate us. Agree with everyone, no matter how anti-American, and no one will disagree with you.

It’s a worldview cultivated since his days in law school, when he gained the presidency of the Harvard Law Review by seeming to agree with everyone. “The editors of the review were constantly at each other’s throats. And Barack tended to treat those disputes with a certain air of detachment and amusement. The feeling was almost, come on kids, can’t we just behave here?” said Bradford A. Berenson, who served with Obama on the Harvard Law Review. “He was leading the discussion but he wasn’t trying to impose his own perspective on it,” explained Thomas J. Perrelli, a former classmate.

That may work with the Harvard Law Review, but it doesn’t work when you’re president of the United States. You may be liked and admired around the world, but if you’re unwilling to impose an American perspective on problems, you’re not doing your job.

America’s national interests must be protected and defended; so must her values. Certainly Obama can buy peace with his self-led one-world government concept. The only problem is the price: America’s liberties, her power, and her values.

The Last U.S. President - a vision
Is Obama the last one?

Secret Underground 2012 Base at Denver Airport
Jesse Ventura

I have heard about this in the past.  It exists, and the queen / royalty own land in Denver.  I know Jesse is a weirdo but he isnt wrong.
READ The Last U.S. President vision.

Elites Heading for Fall Out Shelters
Tuesday, March 15, 2011 1:22

First off, I want to warn you that I have an inside source at Denver International Airport. This source has told me that today, March 15, 2011, there has been a large build up of police (Over 55 police vehicles this morning alone) and officials at the Denver International Airport, along with certain VIP's.

A few weeks prior this source was told that by the end of this month the S WILL HIT THE FAN! The executives at DIA are bugging out and that many people in the corporate offices are quiting and/or being fired for their outburst in regards to this matter. If you have not already, stock up on supplies, water & water purifcation tools, ammo, food, potassium iodine and other needed resources. Better safe than sorry.

For those of you that do not know about the Denver International Airport and its post apocalyptic New World Order purposes, you can read the full article here.

Thanks for posting that.  I'd been given that info but no link.  I wrote this for ZionsCRY today, March 17th

beforeitisnews claims an inside source at Denver International Airport is reporting a large build up of police and officials at the
Denver International Airport, along with certain VIP's, and big trouble by the end of March.  This could be a hoax, or it could
be 'THE THING' all the TV coverage of Japan is covering up.  I try to present balance.  Its not easy.
The Denver airport is a center of great Evil.  I have also heard 'they' expect a big quake on the New Madrid fault in May.
That means they can cause it.  This could be the 'it' we have forseen.

Emergency planned for Denver on Friday
September 21, 2011  Denver Business Journal
Expect some loud noises, smoke and a lot of emergency vehicles Friday in and around Denver.
Operation Mountain Guardian, a terrorism-based, full-scale emergency exercise, happens Friday at four primary locations — including Union Station — and six secondary locations.

Operations begin at 5 a.m. and are scheduled to wrap up by 4:30 p.m.
Organizers are warning the exercise will include simulated weapons as well as planned responses from 101 military, police, fire and hospital organizations.

Other locations included in the event are: Park Meadows Mall; Smedley Elementary School; the Lowry campus of the Community College of Aurora; Denver International Airport; Sky Ridge Medical Center; Denver Health Medical Center; University of Colorado Hospital; Catholic Charities in northwest Denver and Sports Authority Field at Mile High.
Money for most of the operation comes from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security through the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Colorado Governor’s Office of Homeland Security.

Emergency protocol for schools
Sep 22, 2011  GILCREST - School has long been more than just about education. In the years since the massacre at Columbine High School, the process of going to school has become a lot about drills and exercises on how to survive a potential attack.
"In public education, it's probably the scariest thing that keeps me awake at night," Bob Harr, principal of the Valley High School in Gilcrest said.
Valley High School held a drill Thursday morning. One important part of the drill is a series of four words: lockout, lockdown, evacuate and shelter. These are the words of what is called the "Standard Response Protocol." The school adopted it two years ago.

"In the time of crisis so to speak, people get confused and panic a little bit, and so by practicing this and using a common language, I think it helps so that we don't have to. We try to eliminate as many of those variable as we can," Harr said.

The SRP is the brain child of the I Love U Guys Foundation and its creator John-Michael Keyes. Keyes formed the organization after his 16-year-old daughter Emily was killed in the Platte Canyon School Shooting five years ago Tuesday. "I love U guys" was the last text message she sent before being shot.

"These four actions - lockout, lockdown evacuate and shelter - communicate directly to what can happen at a school," Keyes said. "And having first responders, students and staff sharing that vocabulary is the way to mitigate [or] to reduce some of the unknowns in a crisis."
Keyes said he took the language from Broomfield and Adams 12 schools, as well as schools in Knoxville, Tenn. and created materials to allow any organization to implement it.

The first year, 167 schools implemented the SRP. Close to 800 Colorado schools now use the protocol, and 3,000 schools utilize it nationwide.
But the SRP may not have come to the Weld County School Districts if it wasn't for the work of Lisa Carpenter - a community resource office with the Weld County Sheriff's office - and some other members of the Weld County School Safety Task Force.
"I'm just helping push what makes sense," Carpenter said.

She told 9NEWS she heard Keyes speak at an event. She downloaded his presentation and started showing it to people like the SWAT commanders and others who could make the decision to implement the SRP in Weld County. After more than two years of work, all but one Weld County School District is using this protocol.

"That gives everybody the same terminology and the same language, so we can train one way rather than the different ways the schools have done before, all across the board," Carpenter said. "Makes it easier for us, makes it easier for the school. Makes it easier for anybody who's going to be responding to know what is going on, and how to respond and how to take appropriate action."

Exclamation   WHAT!?!?  

USA Tells Russians to Take and Hold Denver Airport
Well this would eliminate elections!

April 24, 2012  Sorcha can be absolutely correct  -   or not
US-Russia military drills taking place in Colorado in late May 2012 call for Russian Airborne Troops to take and hold the Central Intelligence Agencies (CIA) main facility,
the National Security Agencies (NSA) main facility and the Denver International Airport (DIA).
This will be the first time Russian airborne forces have held exercises with US airborne forces on US territory.

Both the CIA and NSA have transferred their main bases of operations to Colorado beneath the Denver Airport or Utah.
Denver International was designed and built by the Illuminati as the headquarters for the global genocide that will trigger the New World Order.
When viewed from the air, the runways are laid out in the shape of a Nazi swastika.

NUCLEAR ATTACK on AMERICA * AA Allen, Henry Gruver, Duduman

Freemason, Mormon, Catholic, Islam are all illuminati

NDAA - WE CAN KILL YOU, Obama buried America, Natl ID

Internet censorship, FCC

June 21, 2012   I am seeing internet NEWS reports that terror attacks INSIDE the U.S.A. have begun.
Yes 911 was the beginning but more are occurring but not being reported as terror attacks.
What is reported as a planned terror attack is false.  We live in an awful day.
Internet news is like a garden.  We can find fruit (Truth, facts) but have to pull the 'weeds' which calls for DISCERNMENT, Wisdom.

I got this report in an email, with what is supposed to be a prophecy.  BUT I can tell you its NOT a prophecy from GOD.
I AM NOT including that 'prophecy' as I consider it blasphemy.
However, the news in the email is at least partly true.  Read with prayer.

The June 6, 2012 explosion in Michigan was an underground nuclear explosion meant to set off the New Madrid Fault, catastrophic earthquakes.
The widely felt explosion on the Michigan Indiana border caused extremely high radiation readings thousands of times greater in many different locations.
The major explosion on the 6th and numerous smaller explosions that followed were an effort by the terrorists to set off the New Madrid Fault.

The U.S. govt has been trying to do this for several years.  Palisades Nuclear Power Plant claims no radiation alerts were issued or leaked into the atmosphere.
HOWEVER I myself SAW a HIGH reading on the nuclear monitor and reported it.

The smaller explosions were caused by scaler weapons (electromagnetic waves).
Scaler weapons have been perfected in recent decades by both American and Soviet military scientists.
What took place in Michigan has been heavily censored by the Media and the Military.

The attacks were carried out by Russian Special Forces who were brought into the USA under the guise of joint training excercises.
There will more attacks against the New Madrid and additional attacks are planned for nuclear power plants, dams, and bridges.
(I knew of Russian troops brought to USA, and plans to blow up bridges etc.)

Everything Around us is a LIE.  Here is How to Sift for Truth
You need to be able to identify the propaganda!

Thousands were evacuated in Nashville, Tenn. after an explosion at a Hotel where hundreds of sheriffs were at a conference.
Was this natural gas?  Or an attack?

Police Chaplains Told to Stop Invoking Jesus
The USA is now Islamic, anti-Christian.  You better believe this for your own safety!

Amerika is IMPLODING

Manmade earthquakes are real

0bama wants WW3   (sorcha)
At a 3 ½ hour meeting between President Putin and Obama at the G-20 Summit in Mexico,
Putin was shocked after he told 0bama that American Middle East policies were bringing the world
to brink of total war, to which Obama replied - “I don’t care, maybe that’s what we all need anyway.”

The American flag IS NOT ORANGE!!!!!!
I do not understand WHY, but we are seeing UN blue and NATO orange everywhere, and BOTH groups are Evil.
Some kind of mind control probably.

666  Checkpoint of the future in Texas

Verified Warnings from former U.S. Presidents About the Invisible Shadow Government
Running the U.S. With No Allegiance To the People

September 10, 2012  
Past presidents of the United States and other high profile political leaders have repeatedly issued warnings over the last 214 years
that the U.S. government is under the control of an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.

According to a half-dozen of our former presidents, one vice-president,  and a myriad of other high profile political leaders, an invisible government that is “incredibly evil in intent” has been in control of the U.S. government “ever since the days of Andrew Jackson” (since at least 1836).  They “virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both parties… It operates under cover of a self-created screen [and] seizes our executive officers, legislative bodies, schools, courts, newspapers and every agency created for the public protection.”

As a result, “we have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated, governments in the civilized world—no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and the duress of small groups of dominant men.”

The sources are listed on link below. All of the quotes listed in this article have been verified as authentic and have associated links to the source materials.  Also included below are statements made by David Rockefeller, Sr, former director of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and Federal Reserve Chairman’s Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke that appear to confirm some of the warnings.

Warnings About the Invisible Government Running the U.S.
The warnings listed below, which appear in chronological order, began with our first president – George Washington.  The last president to speak out was JFK, who was assassinated.

George Washington wrote that the Illuminati want to separate the People from their Government

“It was not my intention to doubt that, the Doctrines of the Illuminati, and principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more truly satisfied of this fact than I am. The idea that I meant to convey, was, that I did not believe that the Lodges of Free Masons in this Country had, as Societies, endeavoured to propagate the diabolical tenets of the first, or pernicious principles of the latter (if they are susceptible of seperation). That Individuals of them may… actually had a seperation [sic] of the People from their Government in view, is too evident to be questioned.” – George Washington,  1st President of the United States (1789–1797), from a letter that Washington wrote on October 24, 1798, which can be found in the Library of Congress.  For an analysis of Washington’s warning, see the article “Library of Congress: George Washington Warns of Illuminati”

What Is the US Government Planning?
September 1, 2012  
Bugs and bullets to kill U.S. citizens.  And it doesnt matter if its Obama or Romney.

Radar shows tornado touched down at Denver airport
June 18, 2013
 Radar indicated a tornado briefly touched down Tuesday over the east runways of Denver International Airport, where thousands of people took shelter in bathrooms, stairwells and other safe spots until the dangerous weather passed, officials said.
Airport spokeswoman Laura Coale reported no damage. Nine flights were diverted elsewhere during a tornado warning that lasted about 40 minutes, she said.

A 97 mph wind gust was measured at the airport before communication with instruments there was briefly knocked out, said National Weather Service meteorologist Kyle Fredin.
Chris Polk, a construction foreman, was working on a renovation project just outside the airport's main concourse when he got the tornado warning at 2:15 p.m., looked up and saw a funnel cloud. He and his crew ran inside and took shelter with some 100 people, including luggage-toting passengers, inside a basement break room as tornado sirens sounded.


The link between Mormonism and Freemasonry is key to understanding the two sides of the New World Order,
for always there has been a religious and a political aspect to this monster.

Freemasonry had long been a powerful political influence on the stage of world affairs
prior to its emergence from underground in the early 18th century England,
and its influence has only grown since then under one guise or another.
Articles and information on Freemasonry and the Masonic Lodge.

The Masonic Mormon Connection

Articles and information regarding the beliefs and practices of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Also known as Mormonism).

Ed Decker main website

Freemason, Mormon, Muslim, Catholic

More sources of information

L. A. Marzulli
Nephilim of Genesis 6:4

SONS of GOD, NEPHILIM Genesis 6:4, Merovingian illuminati Bloodline

666 - New World Order, Mark of the Beast

666, the Beast, Albert Pike and WW3

G8 meetings * Globalist, NWO, Beast system planning

Pope praises satan, vatican is Satans throne

Age of Deceit video
Fallen Angels and the New World Order.


DIA Twitter account shares info on fake alien finds as promo for time capsule event

Travelers looking for flight information on the Denver International Airport Twitter account may have instead found updates about alien remains being discovered at the airport.

The airport's account was not hacked; the tweets are intentional, and done to publicize that the South Terminal Redevelopment Program (STRP) is midway through construction.

The project — adjacent to Jeppesen terminal — includes a 519-room Westin Hotel and Conference Center, a public transit center with a commuter rail station for Regional Transporation District trains and a public plaza that will include entertainment, culture and dining options for passengers.

"The government #shutdown is NOT affecting construction of the underground alien bunker. That is all. #DIAmidpoint #conspiracy," was tweeted from the account.

Additional tweets mention alien remains being found, accompanied by pictures of skulls.

Broadcast media outlets addressed the tweets, which DIA responded to on its account.

"@KDVR is concerned about our cryptic Tweets — rest assured, there is NO news here. None. Not at all. #DIAmidpoint #Lookaway," was tweeted from DIA.

The tweets play off urban legends about DIA's design that range from an alien hideout locked beneath the terminal to the existence of a secret underground maze designed as the command center for the New World Order.

Airport staff members are spoofing those theories to stir conversation about the airport's time capsule event scheduled for Tuesday night that is meant to highlight the midpoint of the construction project.

The whole project is expected to be complete by late 2015; RTD should begin operating commuter trains from Denver's Union Station to DIA in early 2016.

Read more: DIA Twitter account shares info on fake alien finds as promo for time capsule event - The Denver Post

-  of one mind = NWO  *  UN
The 10 horns that you saw are 10 kings who have not yet received royal power,
but they are to receive authority as kings for one hour, together with the beast.
These are of one mind, and they hand over their power and authority to the beast.
They will make war on the Lamb, and the Lamb will conquer them, for he is Lord of lords
and King of kings, and those with him are called and chosen and faithful.

The waters that you saw, where the prostitute is seated, are peoples and multitudes and
nations and languages. (The United Nations)
And the ten horns that you saw, they and the beast will hate the prostitute.
They will make her desolate and naked, and devour her flesh and burn her up with fire,
for God has put it into their hearts to carry out his purpose by being of one mind and
handing over their royal power to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled.
And the woman that you saw is the great city that has dominion over the kings of the earth.

The Roman Catholic church cult is the whore / prostitute and the pope is the beast.
Everyone has a differing opinion on this, time will tell.

Glenn Beck is Mormon and I do NOT like him.  He is just as much a tool of the Beast as Obama and the other BORG media.  He captures real Americans because they let him tell more truth, but with it will always be some of the lie.

A new world order is imminent
March, 2014  Glenn Beck believes a new world order is beginning to emerge comprised of China and Russia.
Russia is trying to collapse U.S. economy
China has divested themselves of the USA pretty much. Stopt buying our treasuries, etc.
China has increasing become hostile towards the United States.

China and Russia are working together to trade outside the U.S. dollar.

World War 3 could be on the horizon, and it would be the war that puts the former Soviet Union back together.

Glenn Beck declared that China and Russia are the New World Order. (NWO). Beck is a NWO member himself.
We should not come against what China and Russia are about to do because Revelation 17:17 declares God put in their hearts to fulfil His will until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

God will use China and Russia to judge the Great Whore. Those who are forcing the NWO are the Great Whore. Russia and China are simply two of the horns that are on the beast, that she is riding/controlling. The Whore is going to get burned/judged. And later, Russia, China and all the other horns with the beast will be judged.  
God often using wicked nations to judge His own people for their sins.
I have extrapalated from this article.

GENESIS comes alive!
This is the Word of GOD in audio-visual format.
Watch and listen and enjoy!

GENESIS 1 dramatized

GENESIS 2 dramatized

Books and sermons

One Health - animals, earth ABOVE humans - 666
UN Agenda 21 - Green Dragon, environmentalism

John 14:6   Messiah Jesus Christ said,
I AM the Way the TRUTH and the LIFE. NO one comes to the Father but through Me

There is Salvation in no one else, for there is NO OTHER NAME under heaven
that has been given among men by which we must be saved.  Acts 4:12

If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord,
and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.
Romans 10:9

Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow.
Isaiah 1:18

Doubt everything you hear or read - even me
Almost NOTHING  we see is REAL!!! <

CHOOSE TODAY whom you will serve,
as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.  Joshua 24:15

Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand. James 5:8

      Mystery plane circles over Denver

Nov 17, 2016
-  Thousands saw a plane circling Denver, officials had few answers.
Flight IRON99  traversed from California over the Rocky Mountains then over the Denver metro area. Locals saw it circling at roughly 32,000 feet several times.  Then it took off toward Oklahoma without any record of stopping.

USAF said such a flight maneuver suggests the plane is military and may have refueled while in the air over Denver.

Denver airport, NWO HQ, FBI HQ

I know of US spy planes which are kept secret.
There is a CIA ghost plane, an Area 51 plane.
I know 0basturd has invited Russians into USA.
I know Denver is HQ for the Beast in the USA.
It is also NWO HQ.

Denver jet mission a secret
Nov 18, 2016  -  U.S. Navy
identifies mystery plane over Denver.  
IRON99 traveled from the West Coast to Oklahoma, landed at Tinker Air Force Base.  It spent roughly an hour circling Denver, its overall mission is classified.

The overall mission of the E-6B is large, high-tech command, control and communications abilities to direct and employ strategic resources.  E-6B is able to launch nuclear missiles and communicate with diverse assets, including nuclear submarines.

As to what this weapon was doing above Denver, Hubbell said it was halted by the FAA when traveling from its forwarding base in California back to Tinker where the planes are serviced and housed.  The FAA told the plane to hold over Denver.

The plane's forwarding location is Travis Air Force Base in Northern California.  Although the Navy said the plane simply was flying from its forwarding base back to home base, a high-ranking federal official who wasn't authorized to speak on the matter said the plane was involved in a classified training mission organized by the Department of Defense.

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