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Colorado 5.3 earthquake
August  23,  2011
The largest earthquake to strike Colorado in almost 40 years has shaken hundreds of people near the New Mexico border
The magnitude 5.3 earthquake was recorded at about 11:46 p.m. MDT  about nine miles southwest of Trinidad, Colo., and about 180 miles south of Denver, according to the National Earthquake Information Center in Golden, Colo.
The quake followed two smaller ones that hit the area earlier in the day.

The quake is the largest in Colorado since a magnitude 5.7 was recorded in 1973, U.S. Geological Service geophysicist Amy Vaughn said. That one was centered in the northwestern part of the state — about 50 miles north of Grand Junction, she said.

A few homes have been damaged and deputies were investigating reports of rockslides along a highway, a Las Animas County Sheriff's Office dispatcher said.
"I thought maybe a car had hit my house," 70-year-old Trinidad resident Nadine Baca said. "Then I called to my son and he said it was the third (quake) today."

Another USGS geophysicist, Shengzao Chen, said the information center had received calls from more than 70 people in Trinidad and several dozen people in New Mexico who felt the shaking. More than 30 people in Colorado Springs, about 130 miles north of Trinidad, also reported feeling the quake, he said.

A magnitude 4.6 quake was felt in the same area at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, and a magnitude 2.9 quake was recorded just before 8 a.m. Two aftershocks — one recorded at 3.5 and another at 3.8 — followed early Tuesday, more than an hour after the 5.3 quake.
The last time the area received such a series of earthquakes was in August and September 2001, when about a dozen smaller-sized temblors were recorded, Chen said.
"The area seems to be active again," he said.

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HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!

DAILY NEWS with prophetic analysis


Nine injured in Colorado lightning strike
18 July 2013
Nine farm workers were struck by lightning Thursday afternoon at the former Grant Family Farms site in the Fort Collins, Colo., area, a fire official said.
Of those injured, two are in critical condition and four are in serious condition. Three workers were able to leave in personal vehicles. Wellington Fire Protection District Chief Gary Green said the workers were in the field during a "crazy lightning storm."

Two of the patients were semi-conscious, he said. They were unable to communicate and respond to questions, and showed general muscle weakness and inability to move their arms and legs. Green said they were breathing and had pulses.

Colorado toxic yellow river
August 11, 2015
-  Millions of gallons of waste turn Colorado river yellow, lead and arsenic have been found in the toxic sludge.  A toxic leak of wastewater has turned Colorado Animas River mustard yellow.
The spill began on 5 August when EPA workers, who were cleaning up the closed Gold King Mine, accidentally sent the toxic water flowing into a tributary of the Animas River.

The Animas River has been closed and local officials have advised people to stay out of the water.
1,000 wells may have been contaminated.  Some residents derided the agency, calling it the "Environmental Pollution Agency".  The discoloured water, which is now beginning to dissipate, stretched more than 100 miles into neighbouring New Mexico.

The toxic sludge from a Colorado gold mine has already fouled 3 major waterways.  Its laden with arsenic, lead, copper, aluminum and cadmium, working its way south toward New Mexico and Utah.
The Navajo Nation intends to sue the EPA.  Good luck!

Water rationing * Mississippi, Colorado Rivers

EPA INTENTIONALLY polluted that river.  PROOF!

4.2 earthquake Colorado
August 20, 2015
-  W of Trinidad, SW of Pueblo, Colorado, 112 miles NE of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Feb 6, 2016  -  Rare M4.0 Fracking Earthquake Colorado - dutchsinse

EPA attack on Navajo Indians
August 21, 2015
by Michael Janitch  -  This is insane.  (its evil)  
EPA delivers Toxic water tanks to Navajo Indians for PUBLIC USE
The Environmental Protection Agency caused a toxic water spill into the Animas river, which feeds the Navajo Indian Nation with water.  The spill was blamed on an old Gold mine which somehow had toxic water released by the EPA during an inspection of a well / mine location.

When the EPA did their inspection of this mine, it released millions of gallons of toxic water into the Animas river, and thus cut off the water supply to the people down stream.  Being that the EPA was responsible for the release of the toxic water, they are responsible for getting fresh water to the people cut off further down the river.

The American Indian Navajo Nation trusted the EPA / US Government would do the right thing -- that the culprits of the spill would be held responsible, and they would bring in fresh water for public use while the whole mess is cleaned up.

The Navajo Nation received water for public use as was promised.
Unfortunately, the water was delivered in [b]USED OIL WELL / FRACKING WASTEWATER TANKS!

The water sent to the Indian nation for crop, and animal use was literally sent in unwashed oil tanks still filled partially with petroleum, and toxic chemicals.  This toxic water is not even safe to the touch for humans, animals, or plants / crops)
I call this a US govt attack on the Navajo!

Boulder fire prompts evacuation of 1,700 residents
November, 2010
-  Businesses and homeowners are being asked to evacuate Boulder, Colo. The small fire in Boulder is the reason for this evacuation. You will find two small fires that are combining. The total acreage of the fire is about 20. There will be power outages as firefighters set back burns to control the fires.
Boulder fire prompts evacuation of 1,700 residents[/b]

Wildland fires cause evacuation

The two Boulder fires that are burning outside the CO city are causing severe problems. There were numerous residents evacuated because of it. 1,700 residents were evacuated to be exact. The Coors Event Center and Boulder Judicial Complex were opened up for any person evacuating their homes. The Boulder fire evacuees are also being asked to take their animals to the Boulder Humane Society and Boulder County Fairgrounds. They have also asked patients to stay out of Mapleton and Maxwell. This is where the Boulder Community hospital is at.

Boulder fire keeps 100 firefighters busy

100 firefighters from seven different agencies were brought together to fight the two Boulder fires. A "back burn" will remove fuel for the wildland fires in theory which is what the firefighters are doing. Shutting off the power in a lot of Boulder is what the back burn does. For four or more hours, Boulder residents won't have power. Now air tankers are beginning to get involved. They'll be needed to drop fire retardant over residences. At about 8:45 a.m. on Friday, both the fires were first reported.

A challenge with Boulder fire

We probably won't see the two Boulder fires gone anytime soon. This caused the National Weather Service to put out a warning. A red flag warning is in effect. "Gusty and erratic winds" might be really bad. Critical fire weather conditions would happen if this had been the case. There is also some concern coming from the Boulder County Health department. They are worried the Boulder fires could cause negative health effects because of the smoke and debris. The weather cooperating would be a really great thing. That would mean the Boulder fire might be stopped within the next couple days. The Boulder fire could end up lasting over a week if the strong winds continue.
Denver Post

Injuries Reported After Tornadoes Rip Through Colorado
08 May 2016
-  At least seven tornadoes touched down in Colorado this weekend, mostly over rural land, as massive storms swept through the area. This time-lapse video shows one of them in Yuma County, in eastern Colorado.

At least five people were injured in the eastern Colorado city of Wray after a tornado flipped tractors, ripped through outbuildings and destroyed mobile homes.

The storms also produced baseball-sized hail in parts of Colorado.   One driver in Erie, Colorado, north of Denver, filmed the hail as it pounded down on the car windshield.  Residents of Wray pulled to the side of the road to capture video of the shocking twister there first-hand.

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