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Clay and Comfrey for health, healing

           MIRACLE Comfrey 

Comfrey contains Allantoin, an anti-inflammatory, heals wounds, cancer, lowers cholesterol
Comfrey contains many vitamins, minerals and healing properties
Comfrey is haemostatic, wouldnt it help with EBOLA?

This comes in a root you can plant yourself
leaves, ointment, tea

Comfrey (knitbone) is often referred to as a miracle herb because of the fact that it has healing properties and contains a host of vitamins and minerals.
The nutritional value of this herb is almost comparable to many other green leafy vegetables, which we consume on a daily basis.
It has been used for many years to heal sprains, bruises and dislocations.

Comfrey contains many vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin B12, potassium, sulphur, calcium, iron, phosphorus,
Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-complex, selenium, iron, germanium and mucilaginous fibre.
It is also an excellent source of protein. It contains compounds called Mucilage and Allantoin, which are responsible for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Comfrey can be used both internally and externally. It acts as an astringent (constricts blood vessels), an expectorant (helps to expel mucous)
and an emollient (helps to soften body tissues, including the skin). It also acts as a mild sedative and is also haemostatic (assists with blood clotting).
It is also able to help increase cell growth and heal injuries.

This miracle herb is also able to successfully lower cholesterol levels in the body.
The mucilage content helps prevent both glucose and insulin spikes, making it an excellent choice for diabetics.
Not only is it a natural laxative, but it is also highly beneficial to those suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


When made into a poultice, Comfrey can be placed over bruises and sprains to help reduce bruising and swelling in the affected areas.
It can also be placed onto scrapes and cuts as a disinfectant and pain reliever.
When the leaves are eaten, they can help with internal bleeding, diarrhoea, haemorrhoids and dysentery.

Comfrey is often prescribed for bleeding gums and piles. It boasts both antifungal as well as antibacterial properties.
It is used to treat internal and external ulcers. Burn victims can benefit greatly from being treated with this herb.
It has also been used to help heal broken bones.

The healing properties of this herb are so potent that it is important to ensure that when using it as a poultice,
the affected area or wound is completely clean and free from dirt or debris.
This is because Comfrey causes the skin to grow back so swiftly that any dirt or debris left behind will actually end up being stitched under the new skin.

This herb is relied upon and used by most homeopaths and herbalists, as it is able to be combined and mixed with a variety of other herbal remedies.



Comfrey used in medical practice to promote the healing of gout, ulcers and wounds.
Comfrey poultices for skin cancer, heal sores and wounds of all types, including burns and gangrene
Comfrey leaf tea

Taken internally as decoction (boiled root tea), comfrey is described as effective against tuberculosis, internal tumors and ulcers, and promotes the healing of bone fractures.
If it is hard to understand how one simple, easy to grow and easy to apply plant can be so widely useful in healing,
remember that penicillin’s supporters have made some pretty broad claims for the mold on oranges.

Dr. Kirschner describes in his article how to prepare comfrey leaves and roots for home use.
The leaves are for external use, and the root for internal use. Anyone can grow comfrey in their garden for use when needed.
In fact, just try to stop it: it takes no work whatsoever to grow this virtually indestructible perennial.

There are potentially harmful side-effects if comfrey leaves are eaten in appreciable quantity.
Tt is important to meet potential physician objections with a clear, shared understanding of the “comfrey rule”: fresh leaves externally; boiled root decoction internally.
Allantoin, a key ingredient found in abundance in comfrey, may be among the reasons comfrey works. Allantoin helps cells to grow and grow together. Since this is precisely what is needed for ulcers, tumors, burns, broken skin, broken bones and perhaps even malignancy, it is little wonder that comfrey has a respect in folk lore and medical practice throughout the world, spanning the centuries.

The Medical Conspiracy
Nutritional herbologist, Bill Schnoebelen
comfrey is an artificial plant, not natural, he claims.
The host is an idiot, DONT trust him!  Bill is a guest on his 'show.'



Shepherd's Heart Lemongrass & Comfrey Kinder Goat Milk Soap
Shepherds Heart uses healing comfrey grown in their pesticide-free gardens.
Lemongrass is an essential oil that is extracted from wild grasses cultivated for the perfume industry. Lemongrass essential oil has a warm and citrus smell to it that is less sharp than lemon oils. Lemongrass is an excellent treatment for your skin, the largest organ of your body. Lemongrass stimulates your mind and body. Lemongrass Kinder Goat Milk Soap repels flies, mosquitoes, and wasps. What a blessing!
Lemongrass naturally deodorizes without toxic build up in your body.
Further description here, but its BEST you email Shepherds Heart to order.

I am not personally selling anything, but I have shepherd friends who sell healing soaps and other products.
Shepherds Heart goatmilk soaps including laundry, healing creams, etc.
Some soaps contain COMFREY.
Its BEST to order DIRECT from Shepherds Heart  Email
Click here to see some of their combinations, Email them to ask for YOUR preference.  Christian company.  Smile


  Calming Waters Kinder Goat Milk Soap with clay, Shepherds Heart

Bentonite (green) clay for digestion and detox

CLAY is used both externally in soaps and internally.
I began today researching SARS and ebola outbreaks.  One thing led to another and I ended up doing this piece on clay too.

I use a clay soap to shower.  I have liquid bentonite clay for internal.  I have been advised NOT to take it internally within 4 hours of other food or meds.
Therefore I take it only ONCE a day at bedtime - AND I only take 1/2 tsp. with water.
I am a senior citizen.  I am just very careful how much clay I take.
Even using a small amount I got quite a headache, which is normal.  The body MUST be properly hydrated.

I am posting links for your information, NOT to purchase products.
I bought my liquid clay from my local health outlet and my soap from Shepherds Heart.
I DO HEARTILY recommend buying soap and creams from Shepherds Heart!

WHO is Shepherds Heart?
Their website is NOT yet done, but you can read one page!  Smile
Order DIRECT from Shepherds Heart  Email

There are Benefits & Dangers of Bentonite Clay
Drink plenty of water!!

Clays used internally for detoxification purposes include bentonite or montmorillonite, pyrophyllite and illite, also known as French green clay or sea clay.
These clays are generally safe to use but may produce mild side effects in certain individuals.
There are steps you can take to improve digestion such as bentonite clay.
In addition to detoxing it also neutralizes effects of radiation.
Bentonite clay adsorbs radiation for body to eliminate

The intestines absorb both nutrients from the food you eat and toxins.
The benefits of bentonite clay for digestion begin to occur immediately.  It absorbs toxins and gases in the digestive tract.
Clay helps eliminate waste from your body.

Bentonite clay for digestion can help counteract some of the effects of the unwholesome substances that you put into your body.
Unfortunately, in today’s world, poor diets and unhealthy food are becoming the norm. Part of the reason for this is limited access to wholesome and healthy foods.
Instead, we live in a world of convenience food, fast food, and processed foods which have a negative impact on our health.
They are packed with preservatives, pesticides, and vile toxins.

Bentonite is heralded for its internal cleansing properties.
This all-natural clay has been used to help individuals afflicted with several different symptoms of constipation (such as bloating and gas)
and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. As a result, Bentonite clay has become a popular ingredient of many detoxification programs.

Drink plenty of water!!

Contraindications, Side Effects

Bentonite is generally considered safe for internal use, although it may cause mild constipation til the body acclimates to the clay.
Drinking plenty of water may help.

Bentonite clay should not be taken if you are pregnant, a senior citizen, or for at least two hours after taking other medications or nutritional supplements.
It is possible for you to become constipated if you consume too much bentonite clay or not drink enough water with it in your system.

Bentonite and other healing clays are not to be taken internally concurrently with life-sustaining prescribed medications without very careful medical supervision.
Bentonite and other healing clays used internally in conjunction with medications or herbal programs may lessen the effects of medications without careful administration.
Bentonite and other healing clays should not be used internally with those who currently have high blood pressure, without proper supervision and other supportive treatment.
Use can cause a very temporary small spike in blood pressure
Bentonite and other healing clays should not be used by those with a clinically diagnosed iron intolerance ( a rare condition )
without seeing a laboratory analysis of the clay used or blood sample monitoring.

Some have reported mild side effects of abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and flatulence, although none of these side effects differed significantly from the placebo group.
When ingesting clay for detoxification, it is important to Drink plenty of water!!


Bentonite clay adsorbs radiation for body to eliminate

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