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CHRISTmas-Friendly Retailers


Naughty or Nice List of CHRISTmas-Friendly Retailers
Christian-friendly LOVE group to help you not patronize Satan-friendly shops.
America was built on Christian principles and our nation has enjoyed much of our economic success because of the tenets of our founding fathers. When stores try to be politically correct by pushing Christ out of Christmas, its time to shop somewhere else.
AFA rates retailers based on how Christmas-friendly they are in their advertising.
Companies that make reference to Christmas items without using the word Christmas are considered to be censoring the word.
The companies on the list are categorized by how frequently they use the word Christmas.

Walmart, Lowes, Belk, Sears, Hobby Lobby have been given a superior 5-Star rating
Macys,, Target, Toys R Us

Barnes & Noble, Radio Shack, Foot Locker and Victorias Secret.

CHRISTmas, Jesus birth, the Star, the Magi

My Comment
I cant let this go without commenting that it is more likely Christ Jesus was born in September, not December.
A pope moved the date to coincide with the pagan sun worship winter festival.
There are several reasons not to celebrate in December.
Why not celebrate Jesus days with Jesus people?  Passover, not ishtar (easter). Forum Index -> CHAPEL
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