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Chinese Pet Treats Linked to 900 Dog Deaths, Illnesses


Just six months after issuing its latest warning about chicken jerky dog treats made in China, the Food and Drug Administration confirms it has logged more than 900 complaints from pet owners who say their dogs either were sickened or died after eating the treats.

The number of complaints has nearly doubled since the story was first reported by ABC News in March. The FDA says its investigation is ongoing and that it continues to test samples of the popular treats, which dog owners across the country say have caused kidney failure in their pets, resulting in severe illness or death.


First your pets, then you.  This isnt China - its the globalists, the NWO, OneHealth, ObamaCare.   Evil or Very Mad

Dog treat  making thousands of dogs sick
Sep 2012
 Thousands of dogs are ill or dying across North America and it's been going on for years. No one can say what, exactly, made the dogs sick. But owners say they fed their dogs a seemingly harmless product: a popular chicken jerky treat.

There are warnings on both sides of the border about the treats, which are made in China and marketed by some of the biggest pet food companies. But there is no definitive link between the treats and the illness. And there have been no recalls.

Tom Harrington is on the trail of the mysterious illness, putting the treats to the test, and asking questions about a product that is not regulated in Canada. We ask: when things go wrong, who is fighting for Fido?

Beneful recall
Mar 16, 2016
 -  Purina recalls tubs of Beneful wet dog food.
Some of the 10-oz. tubs of wet dog food do not contain the recommended levels of vitamins and minerals.  Beneful Prepared Meals, Beneful Chopped Blends and Pro Plan Savory Meals brands of food.  Purina suggests that pet owners throw out any products with a Best Before date of June 2017 to August 2017. Forum Index -> HEALTH and Medical NEWS
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