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China UnionPay credit card

China UnionPay credit card
August 17, 2014  
Russia launches China UnionPay credit card
China UnionPay is an alternative to Visa and MasterCard.
China UnionPay plans to have 2 million cards in Russia in the next 3 years.
Instead of seeing the small Visa and MasterCard logo on credits cards, Russians will start to see China Union Pay.

Russia’s biggest banks and Gazprombank are already making technical preparations, running tests on Union Bank cards.

In March Visa and MasterCard blocked the accounts of Russia cardholders.
So Russian financiers are eager to receive China UnionPay card.

China UnionPay issues 1st credit card in Africa
China UnionPay, China's leading bankcard network operator, announced on Thursday that it has issued its first credit card in Africa, further enlarging its global footprint.

UnionPay International, China UnionPay's international arm, jointly issued three types of credit card in partnership with Cim Finance from Mauritius, the Shanghai-based company said in a statement.

The credit cards will be accepted in 140 countries and regions including China and Mauritius without a foreign transaction fee, said the company.
China UnionPay started to issue debit cards in Africa in August, 2013.

China UnionPay

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