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Champ For Governor 2014

GLENN CHAMP for Governor of California 2014
The link to his website:

There is also his front page, speech category for more information about
him. The endorsements he has is listed under endorsement and his radio
commercial, MP 3 format, is under audio (1 minute)

His qualifications:
-10 3/4 yrs in Pen State studying Political Science.
-I know how to deal with criminals.
-I know how to hold criminals accountable.
-My word is my bond because God holds me accountable to my word.(St.John
-I have spent 30 years making the crooked places straight and the rough
places smooth, specializing in building and engineering roads they say
cannot be
done. With God ALL things are possible.

Issues that are brought up:
Why the media generally bypasses candidates like me that are not as
popular or known by the liberal, unfair, biased reporters.
The 2nd Amendment is very important, as well as the rest of the Bill of

My objectives to accomplish after holding them accountable:
1. Water
2. Schools (The Bible back - proven Education)
3. Prison/Welfare
4. Secure the Border
5. Fuel cost .99 cents per gal.

There will be a BBQ Party on Primary Election Day
Primary Victory BBQ Party
Sponsored by Champ For Governor 2014

Come join us  for Fellowship, BBQ Tri-tip and to watch the Primary Election results:

June 3, 2014, 6-9 PM

at Very Happy  New Life Covenant Partner Ministries in Madera, CA.

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God Bless, Very Happy
Bonnie Hancock
Campaign Manager Champ For Governor 2014 Forum Index -> America NEWS
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