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British Prime Minister David Cameron, UK

UK PM Cameron calls for press regulation
July 2012
Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday called for a new system of press regulation in the wake of the closure of the News of the World newspaper.
"I believe we need a new system entirely, it will be for the enquiry to recommend what the system should be like but my starting presumption is that it should be truly independent, independent from the press, so that the public will know that newspapers will never again be solely responsible for policing themselves but vitally independent from government, so that the public will know that politicians are not trying to control or muzzle the press that must be free to hold politicians to account."
This new system of regulation will strike the balance between an individuals' right to privacy and what is in the public interest, he said.

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ZionsCRY  NEWS with Prophetic Commentary


New expenses row adds to UK PM Cameron's many woes
28 May 2012 LONDON
- Britain's first Muslim woman to hold a cabinet post fought back on Monday against allegations she had made improper expense claims, the latest in a series of public relations disasters to hit her political patron, Prime Minister David Cameron.
Sayeeda Warsi, a lawyer of South Asian origin who describes herself as a "Northern, working-class roots, urban, working mum", cuts an unusual figure in Cameron's Conservative Party, whose leadership is dominated by privileged white men from the affluent south.

Cameron elevated Warsi in 2007 to the House of Lords, giving her the title of Baroness, and when he took office in 2010 he made her party chairman and gave her a seat at the cabinet table. Her rise was widely interpreted as part of Cameron's drive to rebrand the Conservatives and broaden their appeal.
But the strategy risked backfiring after Warsi was accused on Sunday of claiming taxpayers' money for overnight stays in London during visits on House of Lords business in 2008 when she was in fact staying for free with a party colleague.

UK PM Cameron with Hussein 0bama, Oil reserve Lies
David Cameron in USA

March 13, 2012  
Basketball fan-in-chief President Barack Obama is giving British Prime Minister David Cameron a front-row seat to March Madness, taking his European partner to an NCAA tournament basketball game in Ohio, an election swing state.
Obama and Cameron are attending a “First Four” matchup in Dayton, Ohio, between Mississippi Valley State and Western Kentucky on Tuesday night, a gesture of goodwill during Cameron’s official visit to the United States and a way for an incumbent president to reach sports fans in an election year.

The White House said the trip to the NCAA tournament game was intended to showcase the special relationship between the two key allies during Cameron’s three-day visit. Obama and Cameron will discuss the upcoming NATO and G-8 summits on Wednesday, followed by a state dinner at the White House.

Dog and pony show thats costing us a fortune!
posted by Poppajoe
This is nothing more than a big joke considering the $4 a gallon gas prices and the 10's of thousands of manufacturing jobs that recently left the area. I hope he gets booed but I doubt it since they are filling the stadium with Obama supporters.(I wander if there are some that got uninvited to make room for his people.) A lot of people don't like the disruption that this is causing with the traffic jams to the area between Dayton and Wright-Patterson AFB. You won't find me anywhere near that mess!

0bama Oil Lies
Nauseating Cam-Bam luv fest

I used to like Cam!  I changed my mind.  I do NOT like David Cameron!  What a nitwit!  He must be dumb.  He may be queer like Obama!
He cant see the fool Hussein 0bama for what he is but snubs Repubs!  I am disappointed.
Cameron appears empty-headed and clueless about the U.S. Constitution and facts most intellegent bloggers have known since 2008.

Cameron part of the G8 G7 meetings * Globalist, NWO, Beast system


David Cameron’s religious adviser is grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder
David Cameron is facing embarrassment over the close links between a Government adviser on religion and an Islamist group placed under urgent investigation.
The Prime Minister last week ordered the security services to look into the Muslim Brotherhood amid fears its leaders, exiled from Egypt, are plotting terrorist attacks from London.
He said the inquiry would establish ‘the complete picture’ of the Brotherhood including its possible involvement with ‘violent extremism’ and its ‘presence here in the UK’.
But the investigation is likely to lead to red faces in Whitehall, as a scion of the Muslim Brotherhood’s founding family is a senior ministerial adviser.

Tariq Ramadan is one of 14 members of the Foreign Office’s Advisory Group on Freedom of Religion or Belief, chaired by Tory peer Baroness Warsi. He is Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies at Oxford University, and was a member of a taskforce set up by Tony Blair after 7/7.
But Prof Ramadan, 51, is grandson of the Muslim Brotherhood’s founder Hassan al-Banna and his father Said Ramadan was a leading light.
The Swiss citizen was for several years banned from the US for ‘providing material support to a terrorist organisation’ and only let in after a long legal battle in which he argued that no link with terrorism existed.
Douglas Murray, associate director of the Henry Jackson Society think-tank, said: ‘David Cameron should be deeply embarrassed by this. Tariq Ramadan is extremely loyal to his father and grandfather and he does not, by any means, speak out against the Muslim Brotherhood.’

Evil or Very Mad   Stop the ingress of Islamic Sharia Law into the UK
Petitioning David Cameron -  This petition is aimed at preventing Sharia Law from becoming an accepted part of the legal system in the UK. We want to be very clear that neither this petition, nor Sharia Law has anything to do with race. This petition is in regard to a set of laws based around the beliefs of a religion. This country already has its own system of laws. They are designed to provide protection to all citizens of this country in a fair and equal way. This must include taking each person’s cultural differences into account, but also must include all people under the exact same set of laws.

Nobody thinks that the UK legal system is perfect. However, that does not mean that we should chop and change the system we use according to the cultural background of the people involved. There are currently more than 80 Sharia Law “courts” operating in the UK. These courts operate outside of current UK law in many matters. Our country is called the UNITED Kingdom. We need to stay united, behind one system of law. Sharia Law is just one example of one of many based around a religion. Religious beliefs have no place in a country’s legal system, except for providing protection to innocent people from being abused or attacked because of those beliefs. Sharia Law is the subject of this petition because of the alarming rate at which it is being accepted into our society.

There are many sources of information on this subject. Please read as many as you can and make up your own mind whether Sharia Law is good or bad. That argument is not the purpose of this petition. It’s purpose is to give a voice to all of the people of the United Kingdom who believe we should have one set of laws for every citizen. This is the only way to guarantee a fair and equal standing for everyone. Please sign this petition and let your voice be heard!

Open Letter to Prime Minister David Cameron Regarding Sharia Law

Whether your recent bizarre policy decisions are driven by a
fear of Islam or a woeful lack of Islamic understanding remains unclear,
but to most impartial observers it would appear you have crossed the
loyalty line and are now officially endorsing sharia law in Britain.
I would remind you that as our Prime Minister your primary duty is to
put the interests of your country and your own people before the
interests of a foreign people or ideology. I am of course talking about Islam here, more specifically sharia law, which is making rapid progress in Britain and the West.
It is both astonishing and chilling that what was formerly considered
haraam (forbidden under sharia law) only in Islamic countries is now
equally considered haraam in Britain.
A Christian travelling to Saudi Arabia cannot take a bible or a cross
into that country, nor could he display pictures or caricatures of the
Prophet Mohammed. I have no particular problem with this — when in Rome
etc. — but I do have a problem, to put it mildly, when my own government
appears intent on importing the political ideology of sharia into my
own country.

Two recent news stories suggest Britain is not just adopting a policy
of appeasement toward sharia, but is already a de-facto sharia state. Firstly,
your government is quite incredibly arguing that British Christians
should not be allowed to appeal against a ban which outlaws the wearing
of crosses in the workplace, and secondly that an Englishman, Darren
Conway, has been jailed for twelve months after being found guilty of
“religiously aggravated harassment.”
The MSM seems reluctant to inform us how this new thought-crime of
religiously aggravated harassment was contravened, but posters displayed
by Conway in the windows of his home are rumoured to link the sexual
consummation of the marriage between the Prophet Mohammed and his nine
year old bride Aisha with the casual disregard Muslims exhibit toward
the rape and grooming of underage English girls in Britain’s northern
towns and cities.

I am not going to suggest that displaying such posters is the most
diplomatic way of drawing a comparison between Mohammed’ sexual
predilections and the ongoing Muslim rape of English girls, but the only
point to be made is that the jailing of Darren Conway should not be
possible in a non-Islamic country, and would simply not have been possible in Britain ten years ago.
What we are witnessing here, along with the outlawing of Christian
crosses, is the rule of sharia in what is still termed a Christian
country. You, Mr Cameron, and Britain’s traitor class in
and the media have prostrated yourselves before the onslaught
of a fanatical, murderous and resurgent Islam, even as you publicly
proclaim Islam to be a religion of peace.

UK schools discriminate against non-Muslims
April 20, 2014  David Cameron is PROMOTING Islam - above Christian, above freedom. Islam is funding him.

Schools in Birmingham are discriminating against non-Muslim students, practice forced sex segregation and invite extremists to promote Islamic values among the children.

Park View School practiced forced sex segregation, with boys sitting towards the front of the class and girls at the back or around the sides.
Shariah is unfavorable to females.
The school was forced to comply with Islamic Shariah teaching.

Park View begins and ends each lesson with a prayer.
The call for prayer was broadcast via loudspeakers across the school.
Islam prays to satan, NOT to Jesus Christ.
Park View officials invited Sheikh Shady Suleiman known to extol the stoning of homosexuals, anti-Semitic views.

Golden Hillock school, Non-Muslims have to teach themselves
Christian and non-Muslim students suffered discrimination.
At Nansen, Arabic was a compulsory subject for all the children.
David Cameron has done much to promote Islam including his Muslim Brotherhood terroristsclose advisor.

Park View officials invited Sheikh Shady Suleiman known to extol the stoning of homosexuals, anti-Semitic views.

If/when Sharia Law gets implemented - the sodomite crowd is going to be in for a BIG surprise!

Matthew 12:26  And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?
Mat 12:27  And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out? therefore they shall be your judges.

UK Childcare Worker Fired After Explaining Biblical Position on Homosexuality to Co-Worker

A childcare worker has been fired for ‘gross misconduct’ after she explained the biblical position on homosexuality to her co-worker.

According to reports, Sarah Mbuyi, 30, was repeatedly asked about her beliefs over a period of several months at Newpark Childcare in Highbury after her lesbian co-worker discovered that she is a Christian. The latest discussion occurred in January, when her co-worker remarked that she was unhappy that she could not ‘marry’ her partner because of the Church’s beliefs, and stated that she thought God had nothing against homosexual behavior.

When Mbuyi replied by explaining the biblical position on the matter, she was reported to her boss.

“When I said ‘No, God does not condone the practice of homosexuality, but does love you and says you should come to Him as you are’, she became emotional and went off to report me to my manager,” Mbuyi stated in a press release.

“I never ever condemned her, or accused her, but when she asked me directly what I believed, I was open about sharing the Bible’s teaching that homosexual sex (not the people) is wrong,” she continued. “It’s clear that this offended her and she was determined to get me sacked, simply because I expressed traditional Christian beliefs.”

Mbuyi was then asked to attend a disciplinary hearing where she was confronted with her co-worker’s accusations. However, she said that some of the claims were false, such as that it was Mbuyi who had initiated discussions about homosexuality with her co-worker.

“My disciplinary hearing was hopelessly one-sided because they put my accuser’s claims to me as fact, without any forewarning and so I wasn’t prepared,” Mbuyi stated. “It seemed to me they had already made up their minds to justify sacking me, before hearing my side of the story.”

She was immediately fired for gross misconduct.

Now, Mbuyi is filing a complaint against her employer, charging religious discrimination and an unfair dismissal. The Christian Legal Centre is providing assistance in representing Mbyui.

“Sharing Biblical truths out of genuine love and concern for colleagues is being outlawed in the workplace by a dominating cultural correctness,” stated CEO Andrea Williams. “There is a culture of fear which closes down freedom of speech and the manifestation of faith. This culture brands the liberating good news of the gospel as oppressive and regressive.”

“Sarah’s case demonstrates the confusion we’re experiencing in current times,” she added. “David Cameron has given public recognition of the enormous positive impact that Jesus Christ has had on our nation but he wants to mold Christianity to his political agenda [by expressing support for homosexual 'marriage'].  … If he is serious in his support for Christianity, he will intervene in Sarah’s case and ensure that those who believe in marriage, as defined in the Bbible, between one man and one woman, will not lose their jobs but be wholly and properly protected by the law.” Forum Index -> World NEWS
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