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BRICS, AIIB, Silk Road, Asia banking

BRICS - AIIB - Silk Road - Asia banking

- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa
AIIB - Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

China has declared their currency the WORLD CURRENCY

China and BRICS have long protested against their limited voice at the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Asian Development Bank (ADB).

It will be interesting - and disturbing - if NATO terrorist state Turkey joins.

BRICS and AIIB will focus on creating a ‘New Silk Road’ trade routes to Europe.
In addition to the AIIB, China is the driving force behind 2014 creation of BRICS.
The United States called for its allies to stay away from the AIIB.

CHINA economy affecting world markets
August 2015 China devalues Yuan, world markets fall

2015 - Were explosions in Tianjin and Shandong war or accidents?


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Britain’s membership in China-led World Bank rival of UK
March 16, 2015
-  The UK government considers membership of the China-led Asian Infrastructural Investment Bank (AIIB) of British national interest.  But the USA sees the AIIB as a rival.  The UK did not consult with the USA.  Good!  Obama and his mafia are destroyers!  PM David Cameron said there will be times when Britain takes a different approach to the United States, referring to the decision to join the bank.

The UK applied to become the first Western founding member in the AIIB.
Joining the AIIB at the founding stage will create an unrivalled opportunity for the UK and Asia to invest and grow together.

AIIB was founded in October 2014 by China and 20 other Asian countries. China expects to officially launch AIIB by the end of next year. The bank will allocate money for the development of roads system, telecommunication and other infrastructure projects in the poorer regions of Asia.

China offshore banking center is London

UK accommodating China
March 16, 2015
UK announced that it would join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), launched in 2014 October.  The UK is the first of the G7 leading economies to join the bank. The AIIB is just one of China’s recent efforts to remake the world’s multilateral institutions in its own image in partnership with BRICS bank.

AIIB, BRICS, Silk Road Fund
AIIB will be established in 2016 as the Silk Road Fund.
BRICS, AIIB bank and Silk Road Fund will play a complementary role to existing financial institutions.  They are welcomed by developing countries because they will play a complementary role to existing financial institutions such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and other lenders.

Asia rivals World Bank
October 24, 2014
 -  21 Asian nations including China and India signed on a new infrastructure investment bank which would rival the World Bank.  The governments of Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, China, India, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam signed on as founding members of the new Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in Beijing.

China and BRICS have long protested against their limited voice at the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and Asian Development Bank.

The USA has lost its influence.  Thanks Obama.
March 20, 2015
-  US isolated as Japan may join China-Led bank.
Well, that escalated quickly.  Obama told allies to refrain from joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, meant to rival the US/Japanese-led ADB and begin a shift away from US-dominated IMF. Then the UK joined as a founding member.  Britain could embolden other countries to reconsider their bids for membership. Germany to Australia suddenly ready to cast their lot with the Chinese despite US warnings.

The United States' key strategic allies in the region, Australia, Japan and South Korea, are also considering joining the proposed Beijing-based bank.

The New Order Emerges
China and Russia have taken the lead in establishing the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), seen as a rival organisation to the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, which are dominated by the United States with Europe and Japan.

These banks do business at the behest of the old Bretton Woods order.
The AIIB will dance to China and Russia's tune instead.

The geopolitical importance was immediately evident from the US's negative reaction to the UK's announcement this week that it would join the AIIB. And very shortly afterwards France, Germany and Italy also defied the US and announced they might join. In the Pacific region, one of America's closest allies, Australia, says she is considering joining too along with New Zealand. The list of US allies seeking to join is growing. From a geopolitical point of view China and Russia have completely outmanoeuvred the US, splitting both NATO and America's Pacific alliances right down the middle.
This is much more important than political commentators generally realise. We must appreciate that anything China does is planned well in advance. Here is the relevant sequence of events:

China wins bank battle
March 27, 2015 -   BRICs = Brazil, Russia, India and China

The China-led development bank marks a shift away from US-dominated multinational IMF and the ADB.
In 2014 Washington DC aggressively lobbied its allies to refrain from supporting the China bank. Then the UK decided to join and a bevy of Western nations  indicated they were likely to support it.

China’s clout has been expanding for decades, its financial assets gave it power to make big individual loans and purchases.

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s vision of achieving the same great-power status enjoyed by the U.S. received a major boost this month when the U.K., Germany, France and Italy signed on to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The AIIB will have authorized capital of $100 billion and starting funds of about $50 billion.

Canada is considering joining, which would leave the U.S. and Japan as the only Group of 7 holdouts.  (I think Japan may go with China.)  Australia may join too.

Iran founder member of China AIIB  
April 8, 2015
-  Iran has been accepted as a founding member of the China-led Asian Bank (AIIB).
The decision was made by existing members, including China, Britain, France, India and Italy. The United Arab Emirates has also been accepted. The AIIB is seen as a potential rival to IMF.,7340,L-4645229,00.html

China investment overseas, 2005-present

The US has been the largest recipient of Chinese money
April 20, 2015
-  China has plenty of cash to splash.  Despite the recent slowdown in the GDP, most developed economies would dream of an annual growth rate of 7%.  Chinese annual investment overseas has grown eightfold over the past 10 years.  The exploding middle classes mean China's voracious appetite for resources will continue to grow.

Russia China Asian Bank
May 12, 2015
-  Russia to play a role in the China Bank AIIB.
Russia founding State of China-Led Development Bank.
Russia will encourage investments into infrastructure projects in Siberia and the Far East.
The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is an international financial institution proposed by China in 2014 to  provide finance to infrastructure projects in the Asia region.
40 countries, including Australia, South Korea, Britain, France, Germany and Italy to sign up to the AIIB, with Japan and the United States the two notable absentees.
April 14 2015 Russia joined the AIIB as a founding member.

BRICS nations won't help Greece
July 8, 2015
-  Russia pours cold water on prospect of BRICS countries helping Greece
Russia providing any financial help to Greece is premature.
The leaders of the BRICS countries — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — are due to meet in Russia this week.

CHINA economy affecting world markets
August 2015 China devalues Yuan, world markets fall

August 2015 - Were explosions in Tianjin and Shandong war or accidents?

Putin at BRICS
Nov 15, 2015
-  Only united efforts can deal with terror threat, said Putin during an informal meeting of the leaders of the BRICS countries, which is running on the margins of the G20 summit in Turkey.

China - Russia competition
Dec 28, 2015  Kazakhstan
-  Russian leadership is watching China's advance with apprehension.
China has overtaken Russia to become Central Asia's biggest trade partner and lender. Pipelines transport Kazakh oil to China and Turkmen gas east through Horgos. That undermines Russia's negotiating position when it has tried to sell its own gas to China.

President Xi has worked to calm Russian fears, reassuring Putin that Beijing has no plans to counter his country's political and security dominance in Central Asia.  A 4 lane highway running past potato fields is a symbol of China's march westward.

In September 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping chose Kazakhstan to announce a Silk Road Economic Belt that would revive ancient trading routes.  At Horgos, the China-Kazakhstan border, an immigration and customs building is being completed.  A short distance away, China is building a city, where traders sit in new multistory shopping malls.  This is the pearl on the Silk Road Economic Belt.

PHOTO Silk Road  plan in Kazakhstan
Highway will link China and Europe - being built near Shymkent, Kazakhstan.

Did Japan start a silent bank run?
Jan 31, 2016
-  Pandora's box is open.
After the BOJ decision to cut rates to negative for the first time in history, due to Davos peer pressure, a desire to prop up stock markets and to punish Yen longs, there will be consequences - some good, mostly bad.

if the negative interest rate continues for longer or goes deeper, commercial banks may have to set negative interest rates on deposits, which would expand not only the tax on commercial banks, but also on depositors (households and companies). This could lead to a ‘silent bank run’ via a shift of deposits to cash (banknotes), which in turn damages the sound banking system by enlarging the leakage of funds from the credit creation mechanism in the banking system.

That, and the capital outflow noted above. The good news is that Japan has a lot of physical banknotes

BRICS and Lula
Mar 11, 2016
-  The 3 key BRICS powers have been under simultaneous attack. On Russia, it’s all about Ukraine and Syria, the oil price war, the odd hostile raid over the ruble and the one-size-fits-all Russian aggression demonization. On China, it’s all about Chinese aggression in the South China Sea and the (failed) raid over the Shanghai/Shenzhen stock exchanges.

Brazil is the weakest link among these 3 emerging powers.
BRICS development bank; the BRICS’s concerted push for trading in their own currencies, bypassing the US dollar and aiming for a new global reserve currency to replace it; the construction of a major underwater fiber-optic telecom cable between Brazil and Europe, as well as the BRICS cable uniting South America to East Asia – bypassing US control.

In 2009 Big Oil was active in Brazil, trying to modify – by all extortion means necessary – a law proposed by former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, known as Lula, chief operator of all offshore blocks.  Lula kept Big Oil out of the picture and opened Brazilian oil exploration to China’s Sinopec, as part of the Brazil-China (BRICS within BRICS) strategic partnership.
Too confusing for me!

China-Russia alliance  
June 23, 2016  -  America should fear this
.  Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the unprecedented current level of trust between Beijing and Moscow.  Russia-China views are either very similar or coincide.

Putin noted the joint work in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and BRICS.  Beijing-based SCO comprises China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. India and Pakistan are expected to join.
The Russian President also welcomed cooperation on the Silk Road project.

Russia-China ties
Nov 23, 2016
 -  Russia-China military ties at all-time high.  Military cooperation between Russia and China is aimed instead at countering global threats including terrorism.  China has been an active buyer of Russian defense technology. Just this month, Russia announced the delivery of S-400 defense systems to China by 2020.  Russia and China cooperate effectively in various multilateral formats, such as the UN, BRICS, and SCO.

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