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Biological computers

Biological computers
April 1, 2013  The dawn of biological computers is at hand. In a major first for synthetic biology, Stanford engineers have used genetic material to create a biological transistor. Called the transcriptor, it is the final missing component necessary for the creation of a biological computer that could enable researchers to program functions into living cells.

Modern computers rely on three standard functions. One: they must be able to store information. Two: they have to be able to transmit information. Three: they need a basic system of logic.
A biological computer would implement all three on a cellular level, using proteins and DNA in place of silicon chips.

The first two functions have been demonstrated with cellular materials before. Several labs have now demonstrated the ability to store digital data in DNA, some of them at jaw-dropping densities.
In 2012 Stanford developed a system for transmitting genetic information between cells.
A team has developed a transcriptor, the biological equivalent of a digital transistor, and with it a system of logic that can control cellular function.

Article does not tell you the DNA is Nephilim, demon seed.

Nanotechnology can change, manipulate our DNA * 666 chip

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