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Billboards And TVs Detect Your Face & Advertisers Saliva

Giving Life To The Image Of The Beast: Billboards And TVs Detect Your Face & Advertisers Salivate


To a computer, your face is a set of points and measurements between your features, but to advertisers, these data sets mean lucrative profits and a new way to connect with customers. Facial detection technology is making it feasible to do real-time measurement and analysis of advertisements in the physical world and predict the products you will want to buy, based on who you are or what you look like. In a world full of cameras and ubiquitous gadgets, there are serious concerns of how far advertisers will take this. From the advertisements outside, to the televisions in your home – this technology will be coming to a screen near you. Next time you are looking up at a billboard, there’s a chance it may be looking back down at you. Immersive Labs has developed software for digital billboards which can measure the age range, gender and attention-level of a passer-by, and quantify the effectiveness of an outdoor marketing campaign.

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