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Assisted suicide 'supported' by religious Britons

Assisted suicide 'supported' by religious Britons


The majority of British people who follow a religious faith support the law being changed to allow assisted suicide, research suggests.

Overall 70% of those questioned said they backed a change in the law, with 16% opposing it.

YouGov conducted an online poll of 4,437 British adults for the organisers of the Westminster Faith Debates.

The Religion and Society research group is holding a public debate in London on assisted suicide.

Any new government legislation would potentially make it possible for someone to help a terminally-ill person die without the possibility of prosecution for doing so.

The poll also says only Baptists, Muslims and Hindus do not have a majority in favour of a change.

Of those supporting a change in the law, 82% agreed that an "individual has the right to choose when and how to die".

Almost 60% of those opposed to a change in the law agreed that "vulnerable people could be, or feel, pressured to die".

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