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Anywherehost is an abusive untrustworhy webhost

P.O. Box 1122
Running Springs, CA 92382

Anywherehost is an abusive untrustworhy webhost.

Anywherehost locked me out without warning.
When I emailed them they said - dont email us, use your website.
DUH!  They locked me OUT of my website.
They did NOT bill me.  I was not notified.

I AWAYS pay my bills.  
Company sends me a bill, I send them a check.
I have NEVER been a bad credit risk.

Anywherehost has treated me badly, insulted me, intimidated me,
refused to accept my check like a normal company.

I emailed them to cancel my account.  I dont want to do business with them any longer.  I dont need to be treated like a dog.

I lost 12 years of work on my website.

They have threatened to send my bill to some fraud place.
If I knew how to contact Better Bus Bureau I would.
They expect me to pay for the next 2 years!  

If they had billed me civilly before suspending my website I would have.

I did a web search.  They do NOT have a good reputation out there.

I only use ONE credit card.  I will not work on their website because I cut them off a few years ago when they just took money out of my bank without notifying me beforehand.
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