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An OWL in an eaglenest 2013 Wolf River


An OWL in an eaglenest
Wolf River Owl nest 2013
This was an eagles nest, but a pair of Great Horned Owls decided to raise their young in it. wolfRiver Cam

A pair of GH owls stole an eagles nest, and stole another owls territory, so they are being called Bonnie and Clyde, after famous outlaws.

The players
Bonnie - GHO nesting female who laid 3 eggs in the eagles nest
Clyde  -  her mate
Owlzilla - HUGE female GHO attacker, this is PROBABLY Owlzilla's territory
The EAGLES George and Martha, the rightful owners of this nest.  
  As of March 17th, the eagles have chosen not to evict Bonnie.

It was suggested I fill in nest history, how this began.
Bonnie and Clyde took over the eagle nest February 5, 2013.
 Since it is an eagles nest, they stole it, which owls do - they dont build their own nests.  Bonnie laid her first egg on February 9th.

Owl feathers
When the baby owls hatch, they are covered in a delicate layer of feathers called down.  All young owlets shed a coat of down before their adult feathers come in.
This shedding of feathers is called molting and continues on throughout an owl's life as old feathers are replaced by brand-new ones.
(Northern owls tend to keep their down layer throughout their life to protect them from the harsh northern climate.)

How soon will baby branch, fly?

Young start roaming from the nest onto nearby branches at 6 weeks, but cannot fly well until 9 to 10 weeks old.

Eyes open in about 6-10 days.  Young start roaming to nearby branches at 6 to 7 weeks, but cannot fly well until 9 to 10 weeks old.

When did egg hatch?
Bonnie had 3 eggs in February
1 hatched March 17, 1 hatched March 19 but did not survive, 1 egg never hatched

On some birds, both male and female develop a brood patch about when first egg is laid.
The female's brood patch lasts about a month after chick has enuf feathers to keep it warm

The male GHO does not babysit as a rule
He is the watchman and the hunter.  He brings food to the family.  Thats a full time job!
He is too small to defend the nest.  

The horns of the GHO are neither horns nor ears, but they use them like ears to express emotion

3 weeks
After 3 weeks buff-colored, mottled looking down replaces the natal down.
Owlets begin growing their primary feathers (main, adult feathers) at 3 weeks of age. They have light yellow eyes with blue pupils.
Less brooding is necessary and they are very active about the nest.
Owlets learn to eject excrement (body waste) over the side of the nest but sometimes fall due to their clumsiness.
About this time the owlets begin using a defensive display when disturbed.
They raise their feathers, fan their wings downward, and hiss or snap their bill.

How soon will baby branch?
Young start roaming from the nest onto nearby branches at 6 weeks, but cannot fly well until 9 to 10 weeks old.

Eyes open in about 6-10 days.  Young start roaming to nearby branches at 6 to 7 weeks, but cannot fly well until 9 to 10 weeks old.

When did egg hatch?
Bonnie had 3 eggs in February
1 hatched March 17, 1 hatched March 19 but did not survive, 1 egg never hatched

The male GHO does not babysit as a rule
He is the watchman and the hunter.  He brings food to the family.  Thats a full time job!
He is too small to defend the nest.  

Owl sounds
Owls can hoot, hiss, bark, chuckle, make twittering and other sounds

The HORK is my own term.
I know the professional term is chirp or bark, but it sounds like a hork.  Its a normal sound and appears to be food begging.

GHO sub species

GHO sounds

Long eared owl - much like GHO -

owl dance - This is just cute

Bald Eagle Attacks Owl for trying to take over nest Jan 7, 2013
What happens when a bald eagle comes home to find an owl squatting in its nest.

Alberta Canada  GHO

2 GHO cams

Peregrine Falcon nest
Good cam to watch during the day

Duke NJ eagle

eagles feeding area

eaglets flap-fighting LOL!

Alcoa Osprey


     Enter Owlzilla

Feb. 23, 2013  -   Owlzilla  -  Bonnie flees,  Owlzilla lands
Owlzilla, zilla, oz  is a HUGE female GHO in a nearby nest
It is the consensus opinion of the locals that this is Owlzillas territory, and Zilla / Oz has her own mate, nest, eggs.
Bonnie is the intruder.  One person even speculates that Bonnie is Zilla's young.
Bonnie may be young, maybe her first brood.
Owlzilla is a HUGE GHO probably a northern owl.  They are larger up north.  Zilla is likely an experienced female.

Owlzilla has been attacking Bonnie, defending her territory.
The GHO does not allow anyone else in her territory.
The female does all the brooding and fighting.  The male provides the food.
Bonnie is off her eggs roughly 20 minutes at a time, which is ok.  Eggs still fine.
It is normal for owls to do a flyabout daily, at dusk and/or pre-dawn - when crows are roosted.

Owlzilla had her chance to destroy Bonnies eggs and didnt.  Why unknown.
Owlets need about 3 weeks before they can be left alone. Eyes open in about 6-10 days.

Owlzilla attacks
Feb 23  excellent views of Owlzilla!  The best of the videos I have.
Great capture of owlzilla after she drove bonnie off, she paraded thru the nest.  She is HUGE!  Appears to have different coloration - more rich brown.
Zilla hooted real loud, declaring this territory is MINE!  She really reminded me of a dinosauer!
Enormous talons!

Feb 25  both go out the back way, between the trees

March 5 at 6.10 pm
Owlzilla attacked and they locked talons and tumbed across the nest and both fell over the side near to the cam, twittering oddly as they fell.


First Clyde, her mate brings rat, purrs,  halfway thru video is the attack

March 6  Wednesday at 5.30 (5.08?) am
March 6 at (5.08am) ( I had 5.30am)  Clyde gave her warning hoots and the attack came very fast.

   ***  posted by  ***

I perusing this thread January 2014  I see the ustream video links no longer work.  Sad

RIGHT - Mar 6 Bonnie returns after fight

Mar 5  at 6.10 pm Bonnie Owlzilla fight
Owlzilla attacked and they locked talons and tumbed across the nest and both fell over the side near to the cam, twittering oddly as they fell.
Bonnie's nest with 3 eggs over by tree

March 8
3.48 am  hootings, I think it was B & C hooting to each other, unsure
4.00 am  notes on SS appear she was attacked twice in the past couple hours.  note taker not trustworthy.
4.52 am  strange howl - no idea what it was
8:37 am bonnie rolls eggs

6.00 pm  lotta hooting, clyde warning, bonnie strong hoots, then bonnie vacated nest fast and Owlzilla hit the tree, sorta slid, scratched down tree and stood -
I think dazed, cam barely picked up top of her head. A couple people dont think its the same Owlzilla.
6.23 bonnie returned

00.35  Bonnie purrs/gurgles then hoots softly - reply soft hoots, she is looking off cam to left, her eyes are half open, hooing is soft
37.20   other hooting - softer so I think its Clyde
38.09  hoo hoo hoo hoo hoot first, then bonnie answers

41.08  I hear both clyde and zilla hooting - clyde hoot is lower, zilla pitch is higher
41.19  HOOT HOOT - ATTACK!  Bonnie flees, I think Bonnie escapes the talons
Zilla SLAMS! into the tree again, you can hear her talons on it
41.21  eggs safe, Owlzilla hits tree - I got scap of this - March 8 eve. eggs, Zilla slams tree

42   stands, dazed, looks at eggs - twice
42.20  Zilla hoots really LOUD (threats?), she is very near mic
42.36  Switched to IR
55.15  Bonnie walks back and cuddles her eggs

I saw no food to bonnie 5 am mar 7 to 7 pm Mar 8 - the only one who reported Clyde brot food is Wolphie.
Is it possible zilla's mate is preventing clyde from delivering food?  

LS posted - owlzilla in/at nest maybe midnite, flappin n hootin til about 1:30 am  (Mar 7/8 )
For a while we could not tell who was who, except at one point when they were both in the nest


3.30 am is sweet and peaceful, ah Love!  (LEFT)
5.35 am  I am OUTTA HERE! says Bonnie (CENTER)
OUCH!  Ooohhh that smarts!  Says Owlzilla as she WHACKS against the tree again

March 9 Saturday
3.33 am Soft chuffing, Clyde walks in with breakfast, they purr and he walks away (scap)
 right away zilla hoots and bonnie hoots back.  she musta seen clyde feed bonnie
-  clyde brot treat, zilla hooted in protest - but no attack

3.33 am Soft chuffing, Clyde walks in with breakfast, they purr and he walks away (scap)
 right away zilla hoots and bonnie hoots back.  she musta seen clyde feed bonnie
-  clyde brot treat, zilla hooted in protest - but no attack

STRONG HOOT threats - Bonnie barely escapes Zilla talons, Zilla slams tree
5.25 am  Zilla attacked very fast, bonnie got away first - zilla looked at eggs, walked off.  Lots of hootin, at least 3 owls maybe more
5.54 am zilla hooting not far, bonnie not back yet, dove mourning, 3 owls hooting
6.02 am bonnie returned looking rather angry
6.36 pm Clyde delivered food fast - drop hoot n off he went!
Daytime uneventful, just rainy, very loud rain!  Cam kept buffering, sound kept breaking up


March 9 - 5.25 am attack - video

I caught greywind / feather March 9th - asked if its the same owl attacking
Greywind7 - Yes I belive it is the same female that is also in the same territory.

I asked what she makes of the attacks
Greywind7 - Hard to tell, maybe Bonnie is doing to same to the orher owl nest, who knows.

Greywind also said NO, no chance Clyde has 2nd mate.

Is it possible zilla's mate is preventing clyde from delivering food?  
Since Zilla hooted her protest right after Clyde brot food at 3.33 Mar. 9 I'd say we shd keep our eyes n ears open.

after Clyde brot meal, Oz hooted in protest. jealousy?  can she or her mate prevent Clyde bringng food?
That is highly unlikely.

It is highly unlikely there is a 3rd GHO.  Someone thinks its a new owl attacking.
I will call them zilla attacks unless its proven otherwise.

March 10 Sunday  -  CAM OFFLINE
CAM was up til after midnite then went out, evidently when time changed
I emailed wolf to notify me and he did and I posted to chatroom and SS.  
He had it fixed by 9.00 am.  He had to drive to site to fix it
3.30 am Clyde brot mouse just after midnite Mar 10 according to 2 chat reports
3.00 pm  day uneventful - I saw no food drop after 3.30 today thru 7 pm
5.00 pm  I saw something on egg, briefly - whether dirt or pip I dont know

Bonnies Eggs - First laid Feb 9 - laid 3 days apart

I emailed greywind I saw an egg briefly and saw either pip or dirt. - she replied -  
The first egg was laid on Feb 9 so that would mean 29 days on the first egg.  For it to be hatching now would be a bit soon.

GHO  -  Incubation Period: 28-35 days, 30 days typical
Several websites give 29 days to hatch

Decorah Eagle gets attacked by Owl Second night in a row Apr 14, 2011

Decorah Eagle gets attacked by Owl Apr 1, 2011

OVERNITE March 10-11
March 10  Sunday eve. from reports
Clyde fed Bonnie, reported by  trucklady - Wolphie - TWEED8 - gr8lakes  
around 8.30 or 9 pm Clyde put rat near eggs picked it up in his mouth walked to end of nest and waited for bonnie to return.
She had walked off eggs for a few minutes,  weather very light snow / wind
Wolphie report - Could not see the eggs clearly. It was zoomed all the way out, and was blurry.  poor clyde did not know what to do. He even tried feeding the eggs.

March 11  Monday  
R - 32 degrees, north wind, Overcast with ice pellets
ALL is absolutely silent, no bird or animal sounds at all - nothing
3.15 am  snow/ice on Bonnie, she is peaceful, preens, shakes her head, deep sigh, preens, shakes head
3.45 am  stands, messes with eggs, wiggles back down - I had no peek at eggs
3.50 am  Clyde brot food which she gulped right down, he left immediately, no hoots no cuddle - dead silence in the air
7 am preens, changes position, dawn has broken, all serene

Bonnie's eggs have been uncovered 20 to 30 minutes about daily, so that affects hatch

March 12  Tuesday  
NESTWEATHER - Overcast with snow showers. High of 32F  WINDY
HATCH watch Day 31  
3.30am  2 rodents surround Bonnie
4.51  Clyde arrives with meal, low hooting - precious, he seems to cuddle her, very sweet
4.53 Bonnie flew off with Clyde and breakfast - 4.57 am  she's back - gone 4 minutes
6.38 am first hint of dawn, snowing lightly
6.45 am sweet  clyde brings another mouse, she eats, purrs to him  
- peaceful windy day
7.45 pm  Bonnie flew off, no hatch, possible pip but no way to know
7.54 pm  she's back - wind so strong she landed a bit sideways - gone 9 minutes
Tuesday evening wolf zoomed on eggs when Bonnie left - one egg is behind, do we see a tiny pip on that one?  No way to be sure

[b]Overnight chat notes  Mon / Tue Mar 11 / 12[/b]
Memy_SelfAndi:  at 10pm Clyde brought Bonnie a mouse
1:00am eaglegrandma14:  clyde has been feeding Bonnie all night long so I think what that is is breakfast!
1:35  gr8lakes:  clyde brings yet another rodent. Bonnie saving that one in front of her also. Two rodents for later.
1:42  jean567:  Clyde is on a roll tonight!
3:10am  clyde in again with delivery. bonnie eats this one. Still two in front of her
3:20am  GBshooter: maybe this is hatching day with all those mice being delivered

B-C are not hooting to each other, because that angers zilla and she attacks.
No attacks since Zilla slammed tree March 8 and 9

March 13  Wednesday  
HATCH watch Day 32
Overnight chat notes Tue / Wed Mar 12 / 13
Clyde delivered meals 5 times between 7 pm and 5 am today
 -  quiet but windy day
7.47 pm  Bonnie walks off - no hatch - back at 7.55 - gone 8 minutes

March 14  Thursday  
HATCH watch Day 33
 - temp 21  high 34  
Overnight last nite chat notes Wed / Thur  Mar 13 / 14
10:05 pm  Clyde with food  Mar 13 - post by vicki

3.35 am  clyde hoots softly, lands in nest at cam end, but leaves when Owlzilla hoots.  No meal.  Bonnie answers zilla hoot.
We havnt heard Bonnie hoot so much in a while, but its been nasty weather, snow, ice, wind
3 hootings - the 2 females are hooting
 coulda been wind n weather preventing zilattacks, nothing I've read on GHO indicttes they give up
 if clyde had delivred the meal to bon - would zilla have attacked?

5.00 am  that was a barred owl - cooking for you!  LOL
5.22 am  Clyde hooted very low

6.00 am  have been hearing hooooooooooo!  .. not hoots, not the cooooooooo coo coo coo of a mourning dove

6.10 am  I hear Clyde - Bon flew off to be with him  <3 - a bit of - um - bonding goin on off cam
hooting off cam - soft n affectionate

6.17 am Bonnie back on eggs.  She was off eggs 17 minutes
6.20 am  hooting not Bonnie - unsure who
6.27 am  Bonnie hoots,  someone else hoots,  Bonnie hoots again
6.42 am  a kitty meows loudly, startles Bon
7.22 am hooting  
7.42 am  Clyde brings meal, low hoots, bonnie eats it.  Clyde looks like he is listening to the eggs under Bon
Bon has an absolutely beautiful day
10.25 am  does anyone else hear - purring / cooing gentle sounds?  I cant tell if its bon or a dove

2.00 pm she was hooting for 2 hours off and on, not stressed, but not gentle.  I've heard bon's warning hoot - this was not as loud, or strong
2:44 Nikali: quiet, not distressful, just an I am here, go away.
  bon was enjoyin hootin til crows showed up.  crows mob raptors.

7.23 pm Bonnie hootin, another hooting too
7.50 pm  Bonnie walks off nest
7.56 pm  she's back

HOOTING a declaration of its dominance over the territory.

 Q  whats she doin when she nibbles the nest and faceplants, she does it many times a day
Nikali: aerates the nest, to help dry it out and prefent fungus growth

March 15    Friday  
HATCH watch Day 34 for Bonnie  
- temp 31 Overcast with snow predicted
Clyde delivered one recorded meal Overnight
OBSERVATION - I believe that is the first egg and that chick is trying to hatch, even tho no one else thinks that.
UPDATE April 5  -  An egg never hatched, and I suspect its this egg.  No one can prove either way

My notes
Pre-dawn, Bonnie left eggs
4.12 am  no hatch
4.18 am loud HOOoooo but not zilla,  very faint distant hooo answers, then a nearer hoo, back and forth, not GHO hoots I dont think
4.37 am low sexy hoot from Bonnie
4.38  she hoots and takes off - she must have heard Clyde - I didnt
It looks like one egg is hatching, but NO ONE agrees, they say its an illusion and it could be
I think I hear Clyde but its so faint
4.54  Bonnie returns, gone 16 minutes.  Clyde probably brot food, but I didnt see him or food.  I think I heard him.
5.36 am  Bonnie is moving one of the nest rails!  a BIG one!  Surprised
6.25 am Clyde appears with meal and bonnie GRABS! it and not very nicely. no hoot.  Is she mad at him?  dont know.  after he left she hooted low n soft, possibly a belated thank u to clyde
6.34 am  her hoot is more aggressive now, I hear another hoot, thats probly zilla bonnie is hooting at - but its not zilla's attack hoot
greywind thinks bonnie is hooting with clyde, her mate
nikali said her hoot was just a territory hoot.  he also does not think egg is hatching
7.12 am soft hooting, she is still hooting off n on

nikali said bonnie's hooting is territorial - so Im thinking she's establishing her territory here - she sure has earned it!
7:38 Shep77: that is NOT confirmed by others - just me
8.15 am  snow began
5.16 pm  -  5.23 pm bonnie and clyde hooting to each other
7.41 pm off eggs, 7.47  she returns, off 6 minutes

NOTES n stuff
GHowl vs cat - This is funny!  stupid owner tho

GHowl and rabbit

Mar 15 morning -bonnie preening

March 16  HATCH watch Day 35 -  we ALL see a PIP!
OBSERVATIONS - a.m. Bonnie has snow on her
   p.m. - PIP - I still think I saw this same pip last nite
NESTWEATHER - temp 18-26 WIND irritates the mic Sad  SNOW and freezing fog, should be nice later

3.30 am  Clyde with meal
6.18 am distant warning hootings from zilla
6.19 am  zilla attacked Bonnie on the nest, Bonnie vacates nest, 2 nest rails knocked down
  I did not see bon get off nest in time to avoid zilla's talons, so I am concerned
6.35 am clyde hooting, bonnie hooting back - they may be together off cam, no way to know
 *Emailed wolfriver cam op and greywind, bird rehabber
 Both wolf and greywind came into chatroom
7.07  empty nest, only clyde hooing, no answer from bonnie
7:07 CROWS!  not good
7:09 Nikali-1: crows mob the adults, adults lead the crows away from eggs and young when they can; hope that was just a transient crow
7:09  Clyde is cooing - no reply
7.11  am  Bonnie answers  -  she didnt come to nest cuz of crows
 An hour exposed  in 18 degree cold not much hope for eggs
7.32 am bonnie is back- off eggs 70 minutes
7.37 pm  Zilla attacks, Bonnie escapes - WHAM!  Zilla slams into tree again, the other side of the tree this time.  Looked like she came over the rails
 A pip!  chick is moving the piece of shell up!!!!   lil Paddy is pushing his roof up
7.45  I hear clyde - and bonnie hooted
8.11 pm  clyde is hooting, I've been hearing hooting - from clyde and I think both females
9.10 pm Bonnie returns - gone about 90 minutes

greywind7: That shell is getting pushed up by the owl inside. This could take 24 hours so hang in there.  This is so exciting.  God is good.

6.19 am zilla attack March 16 - the attack comes at the end, Zilla hoots a 30 second warning before striking
I couldnt run video s l o w  enough to know what happened.
zilla attacked from our left - fortunately bonnie got away - I saw EMPTY talons  at one point 2 nest rails were knocked down - one end of one next to eggs

Clyde brings Bonnie a LIVE squeeking mouse  Mar 15

7:02 Greywind7: This is a bad time for the eggs to be uncovered.   she is way to close to hatch.
Gary sent me the info on the cam but I have not  tried to operate it yet.  Time of the eggs now is really not good
Greywind - The Feather

Eggs at 7.00 am  -   see?  2 hatching!
after zilla attack everyone saw pip pushing eggshell
I thot peeps'd enjoy the chatoom as we got so eggcited over the pip - the little owlet chick raising the roof on its tomb!  

March 17  Sunday  Happy St Paddy's Day
HATCH watch Day 36

NESTWEATHER - temp 16 - 27F clear, north wind    
OBSERVATION -  I seek consensus from people who know birds.

This is open to opinion.  Bonnie vacates barely prior to attack at the nest, and as of March 17th is vacating when zilla threatens but does not attack.
I asked a few people - what is an attack?  I get more than one answer.

Here is an example
Evidently Bonnie vacated nest at 2.50 am March 17
Unconfirmed of a zilla attack between midnite and 1 am overnite.
Mar 16 -17 at 11 pm thru 1.00 am nothing I'd call an attack,  just bonnie exiting suddenly
2.50 am  a hoot and Bonnie flew off on her own (gr8lakes post on SS) - returned 3.57
3.57 am  Bonnie returns - off eggs 67 minutes.  One observer said she kicked egg as she returned.
7:28 wolfrivercam: at 2:50 Bonnie was driven off by an intruder
wolfrivercam: video is available. she was driven off by an intruder but not like normal, however she did get off in a hurry.
7:12 wolfrivercam: there are moving pips, saw them myself
I watched the video.  Since Bonnie left on her own, not fast but looking scared, I cant call it an attack.  However I dont sense it was that voluntary.

wolf - Bonnie was driven off last night. Birds dont leave like that unless they are being threatened. She locked eyes on the threat and then decided to leave.
Dont take some of these people serious. They want to think they know everything and argue with you if you disagree.

My notes in real time and from chatroom
6.20 am Bonnie walked off her eggs again, a bit fast, WOW!  1 egg has quite a HOLE!
  Clyde is so nervous when he brings her meals, perhaps she is leaving nest to get her meals from him
6.42 am bonnie returns, off eggs 22 minutes
6:35 am Nikali:  I don't like all this time off, she has to be young and new mom, her instincts arent kicking in right!
7:15 am MeMy:  I saw Bonnie get up, fluff her chest and flee as Zilla flew in, clipped the tree but went around & came out the other side
9.15 am CAWing crows, word from wolf on the ground eagle near nest - crows may be mobbing it
7.21 pm Clyde hooted, but bonnie didnt go to him - and he didnt come to her
7.39 pm Clyde brot mouse, Clyde was making a squeeking kinda noise
 -  he isnt staying, he gives it to her, coos, watches her eat it and leaves
8:02 - 8.30 pm continued to hear low hoots from Clyde, no hoots from Bonnie and she didnt leave nest

SuzMuma has studied birds, particularly owls, knows her stuff, agrees with most I have posted
I know there has been great speculation on Owlzilla's motivation in perpetrating the attacks.
I would have to agree with the theory that Bonnie is a maybe a 1st-year mom
GHO's do not migrate and often don't venture far from where they were hatched.
UNLESS they are booted out by an established pair.
If the habitat there can support eagles year after year, I would think the food supply is not an issue.
My theory is that Zilla is the established female, and perhaps she lost her mate.
I wouldnt think she would spend so much time off her own nest if she was brooding a family of her own.
I think we can say with reasonable certainty that Bonnie is one of Zilla's offspring.
Since GHO's do not migrate, they tend to stay in an area unless they get pushed out.
They are incredibly territorial. In Zilla's mind, Bonnie should be GONE and finding a territory of her own.

Bonnie had been hootin out - my territory! - off and on for 2 hours March 14th  - I guess Owlzilla didnt like that, since Bonnie intruded into zilla's territory!
(Its also disputed whose territory it was first)
As long as Bonnie and Clyde were being quiet, not hooting, zilla didnt attack.  She probably has her own nest and young.
Some of us believe Bonnie is a young bird - possible this is her first nest.  a very logical theory.
After the March 16th attacks, Bonnie again became silent and stopped hooting while in her nest
Zilla DOES NOT want those eggs to hatch, and now that they are beginng to, she is even more eager to drive Bonnie off.
ENTER the EAGLES - Will they evict Bonnie or not?  Waters in the area still ice.

Mar 17  about 5 am
1.35  she walks off eggs.  I saw this, I was up and watching - there are pips in 2 eggs!  not small either
1.56  zoom - on 2 pips!

*  Mar 17  about  3 am
I heard HOOT, Bonnie fled - but no sign of zilla
Same video as MsE 2.50am short video -
longer video -

Mar 17  about  1 am
I am online about 3 - about the end of this opens on eggs - zoom - 21.53  bon returns - no event

Mar 16 about 11 pm thru 1.00 am March 17 - NO attack on this video
37.44  Clyde hoots
37.47  another hoot and bonnie stands up, I am pretty sure it was clyde
38.02  Bonnie got up and walked off, not fast.  Maybe Clyde is calling her cuz he has a meal
1.20  she is back on the eggs
1.35  Clyde arrives with a live mouse still squeeking franticly
1.37  Bonnie leaves carrying mouse front door - behind cam - BIG HOLE-PIP!
1.49 after B and C hooted softly off cam, I heard the LOUD HOOT of Owlzilla
 Clyde hoots softly then exits rear door
You can hear soft low Clyde hoots, and both females hooting sometimes at the same time.  
At th end of the video it sounds like zilla's on the nest behind cam view.  Very loud.
 It coulda been Bonnie but it 'felt' more like zilla.

Mar 16 about 9 pm
Zoom on eggs - after while Bonnie returns

March 16  Nice cam tour of nest area

March 18  Monday  
NESTWEATHER - temp 20 - 30F Overcast with inch of snow
OBSERVATIONS -  Paddy enters the world! I say he pipt Friday but no one else saw it
No reports of food overnite, no report Bonnie ever left nest in past 24 hours
 -  wolphie said a female owl brooding newly hatched went 70 hours without pooping!  Surprised
Bonnie last off eggs Sunday March 17  at 1.35am, off eggs for 22 minutes
Someone claimed they saw Bonnie eat the eggshell, but 2 weeks later we saw it laying by the tree.
Many people post information which is later proved incorrect.

3.30 am  Reports lil Paddy has been seen under Bonnie
3.48am  Hearing barred owls hooting -  who cooks 4 uuuuuuuuuu!
 -  Have heard Clyde off n on
5.04am  Clyde with food, he doesnt stay at all
 I hear hooting - Clyde I think - I thot I heard Bonnie hiss twice
5.38am  I wonder if Bonnie is purring to her young.  I hear something, but what
6.10am  I think I keep hearing her purring to her young, but I need someone else to confirm
 Bonnie is doing far more wiggling and checking under her that in the past
6.29am  I heard cheeping - Paddy?  or a bird twittering at dawn?
 -  barred owl hoots in the distance,  I hear cardinals
6.41am - 8.30 am  Bonnie hooting off and on.  Seems like every 15 minutes.  Is she bragging to Owldom about her baby?  Isnt this hooting going to trigger another Zilla attack this evening?
     -----------  evening  -------------
5.00pm Bonnie began making a HORK! noise which reminds me of a cat horking up a hairball, or coughing or hiccups.  Turns out its something they call a bark. Ida nevah guessed.

Noon - it looks like Bonnie ATE one of her eggshells
3:00pm raptorz4ever:  She will get lots of nutriments from eggshell. Now she is feeding owlet from prey tucked down under her. GHO does this even when no snow.

Greywind7: All birds eat the egg shell after the baby is born, they never waste calcium.
5:46 Greywind7: Birds have three days after hatch to survive without food the egg supplies the energy for that time.   She is talking to her young in that soft tone.   The baby in the egg can respond and talk back.

8:02 Greywind7-1: I am sure she has young under her, otherwise she would leave the nest and hunt.   She needs him now to deliver.

The HORK is my own term.
I know the professional term is chirp or bark, but it sounds like a hork.  Its a normal sound and appears to be food begging.
GHO bark is usually given by immature birds and is associated with food begging

Bonnie pulls egg shell out of nest bowl video

Can you see life?  New lil Paddy has been seen under Bonnie at 20 sec mark (I cant see him myself)

3-18-13 pm Clyde brings Dinner

March 19  Tuesday
- temp 16-25 WINDY! overcast, snow - I think nest got at least 6 inches of snow in the past 24 hours
OBSERVATIONS -  2 beeks March 19 at feeding time!
PIP observed March 16 pm, 2 PIPS March 17
Bonnie was last off eggs Sunday March 17  at 1.35am, off eggs for 22 minutes
wolf has confirmed 2 babies

March 18-19 overnite neener notes from chat
-  no Zilla and no food for Bonnie
- 9.32pm Mon Mon Clyde brot mouse
- 1.28am feeding from rodent she had in front of her and saves a bit for later
- 2.26am mouse saved for kidz

3.30am  I saw video - 2 fluffy babies!
4.02am the baby poked its head out, I saw it!   she is feeding Paddy and Windy a mouse.
5.35am  -Clyde with mouse, Bonnie saved it  (scap - Mar18_BCms)
6.15am  feeding - she has 2 mice, she is eating some and feeding some, and I still think I see the 3rd hatch
 bobble bobble!  thats Paddy the oldest born Mar 17 on St Paddys Day
6.30am  daylight
7am crow watching top of rail behnd her -  she just gave it 'the eye'- that crow may become lulnch
she's eating - but whether eggshell or mouse I cant tell
9.06am Bon is feeding, Paddy appeared to want out, he stuck his head way out, I saw him eagerly eating.  so cute!

Close up of Bonnie feeding owlet -
Bon feeds both chicks, Paddy and Windy March 18pm and I think the 3rd has hatched too, wiggling under her other wing!
first she fed Paddy, then Windy, then Paddy, then Windy

March 18  Monday
3-18-13 pm Clyde brings Dinner

Bonnie pulls egg shell out of nest bowl

5.00 pm  I think I see 2 chicks under her same wing!

644pm  she walked off nest very briefly
644pm  March 19  owlett and egg
I think the 2nd owlett is laying with its back to the snow at the 5 oclock spot

March 20  
NESTWEATHER - temp 13-25 WINDY!   Chance of snow 50%
OBSERVATIONS - hatchling 6am - very active and growing, 1 egg left
One baby owl hatched but didnt survive.
Overnite food drops report
   Mar 19-20 at  11:12 pm and  11:23 pm

My notes
4.21 am bonnie is eating
5.45am Bonnie picks up a rat and carries it off nest.  off nest 3 minutes.
I saw Paddy and one egg with a pip.  As soon as she leaves, Paddy stirs and cozies up to the egg. cute!
Bonnie knows when I leave, and leaves her nest - and I miss it!
6.03am  Clyde with a big black rat
6:21 Greywind7: The chick is blind unitl about 9-10 days.  
6:22 Greywind7: I think the second egg froze and broke and the shell was eaten by Bonnie like all the rest.
Third egg should hatch today or tonight if on schedule

The 3rd egg has a pip, so we watch   Shocked
6.32am - 8.30am Bonnie hooting off n on
7.00pm bonnie is hooting a lot

Nikali gave me this video of feeding from last night.

March 19  at 6.44pm  Bonnie walked off nest very briefly, saw owlett and egg

CLOSEUP Feeding very active owlet

5am March 20
17.00 about - Bonnie picks up a rat and carries it off nest.
I see one egg with a pip.  As soon as she leaves, Paddy stirs and cozies up to the egg. cute!

March 21  T- ONE baby, one egg
- temp 14-32 Partly cloudy. Fog early. Winds from the NW at 5 to 10 mph.
Overnite  3 food drops reported, 10:04pm and 11:08pm and about 2.30am.

My notes
3.16am  Clyde and Bonnie hooting duet  Smile
  with less wind zilla can hear bonnie hooting, what will she do?
3.24   Sounds like zilla might be hooting now, not Clyde - not good
3.36  barred owl hoots out -  whooo cooks for youuuu
3.39 Clyde soft hoot,  Bonnie and Owlzilla have been hooting for hearly half hour
3.45  Bonnie shuts up, VERY tense, alert,
-  I am sure Owlzilla is hooting to Bonnie - STOP hooting out its YOUR territory!  Its MINE!

5.00am  no Clyde and no feedings in 2 hours
5.35am  Bon raises up a little bit and I saw Paddy - and evidently the last egg, so it DID NOT hatch yet
5.52am HORK!  Bonnie barking / hissing
5.52am Bonnie left 1 min, 1 baby, 1 egg - maybe she left to poop or hork up a pellet - now I hear purring
6am  she may be feeding but she turned her tail to us
6.23am  Bonnie hoots again, 6.42am - daylight and bonnie is still hooting
6.30 bonnie is really excited - look, she is shaking.  I hear clyde but he never came with food
7:08am  twitterbirds awake
        ------- pm ------------
1.33pm Bonnie took the ratsickle and began to feed Paddy
I did not see Clyde by 8 pm
Report no one saw him by 11 pm

The HORK is my own term.
I know the professional term is chirp or bark, but it sounds like a hork.  Its a normal sound and appears to be food begging.
GHO bark is usually given by immature birds and is associated with food begging

Mar 21 video Bonnie takes quick break from nest 4:50 am
its possible she walked out to get mouse from Clyde - he wouldnt come to nest

Mar 20  -  10 -11 pm
about 50 Bonnie starts rocking excitedly and huffs as Clyde approachs with a mouse. Very cute  Smile

March 22  Friday - ONE baby, one egg
- temp 15-32 Partly cloudy. WNW Winds 5 to 10 mph
Overnite  one report Clyde came overnite but without food

My notes
3.30am  Bonnie is horking (barking) continually.  One owl site said this bark - hork - is begging food
3.45am  Clyde landed on nest rail with a mouse, he is twitting with a squeeking noise,
   Bonnie rocked and did the head roll excitedly when she saw him coming, and lit into the mouse before he even left, to feed her baby
3.48am  Owlzilla hooting.  Zilla hooted right after Clyde dropt off food for Bonnie.  She did that before too.
  its very logical if indeed Bonnie is zilla's young.  Bonnie may be 1 or 2 years old - first nest - in her mama's territory
4.33am  Now that Bonnie got the mouse to feed baby - she is no longer horking
5.54am  Bonnie hissing
6.07am  Bonnie hooting, then started horking again, wants food
6.18am  thot I heard Clyde hoot but didnt see him
6.25am  first light, Clyde doesnt have much time left to bring another rodent
6.32am  I think I hear Clyde again - Bonnie horking desparately
6.34am  I hear Clyde - and baby! - but no meal
Now its daylight - too late - she was very desparate for more meals before the light
     Owlzilla may be threatening Clyde, Bonnie's food supply
7.30am Bonnie feeding Paddy
7.35am Bonnie hooted
          ----- pm  ------
12.45pm Bonnie has hooted or horked (barked) off and on
- report - earlier a bird swooped her - hope for video
1.45pm  Bonnie walked off nest briefly, egg still there. I dont think that egg will hatch - and if food is short - good thing
    if Paddy is the only owlet bonnie has - its really best - considering lack of prey and zilla
3.00pm  Bonnie hooting and horking a lot, appears to be a demand for food
7.35pm  Clyde brings mouse, she fed some to baby first then ate the rest.  I hear Paddy!
7.44pm  Clyde brings another mouse, egg still there - saw egg and baby

VIDEO 22nd March 2013 (3.45 AM) Clyde delivers a mouse

Bonnie laid 3 eggs
One baby owl didnt survive.
One egg remains

the male GHO DOES NOT defend nest
Remember this if people say otherwise.  

March 23  NESTWEATHER - temp 26-34F - NNE Winds 5 to 10 mph
Overnite according to reports Clyde brot 2 mice between 7 and 8 pm last nite - no drop since then until 3.30 am today

My notes
3am  I only see 1 mouse beside Bonnie
3.11am  distant dog or wolf
3.20  Clyde hoots low that he has her mouse, waits 10 min to come
3.30  mouse drop, Bonnie ate the whole mouse, she appeared HUNGRY
  Zilla hooted, Bonnie hooted back, same intensity and pitch, NOT Clyde hooting, Bonnie all fluffed, hackles raised, clearly tense, huge scared eyes, facing zilla
3.45 that LOW hoot is Clyde - the others are Owlzilla, the attacker
Bonnie looks scared - I've seen that often enuf to recognize it
in the past 20 minutes or so I have heard both Bonnie and Clyde hooting - and Zilla the attacker hooting
3.50  male owl hoots - Clyde?  or Zillas mate bringing her food?
4.02am  she has not fed Paddy since before 3
she does THAT neck stretch just before feeding baby
4.06-4.10am low male GHO hooting, either clyde or zilla's mate
4.16am  no wind, so I can have sound way up and hear clearly - and I have heard Bonnie and zilla and Clyde hooting.  I cant tell male GHO hoots apart, but I can tell the male hoot from the female hoot.
4.35  I keep thinking I hear a distant owl - whoo - but it doesnt sound like GHO or barred
4.42am  Bon hooting
5.00am  Bon horking (barking) and rocking excitedly, Clyde drops a mouse off at the rail and leaves fast, Bonnie is making odd frantic noises, grunt, chirp, gurgle
5.02am  Zilla hoots, Bonnie looks in her direction, makes purring noises, messes with the mouse maybe to feed Paddy
5.04am  distant hooting - maybe a barred owl, not clear enuf
5.06am very distant GHO hoot
5.09am  barred owl hoots
5.20 -  5.52am  low male GHO hooting off n on
6.07am  Bonnie horking.  that hork (chirp, bark) is Bonnie telling Clyde she needs another mouse.
  Saying this angers the pitbulls, but owl websites say this and I have noticed this by observation the past 2 weeks.
6.25am  bonnie horking, GHO and barred owls hooting, kind of a dawn hoot fest, went on for awhile
6.34am  I hear clyde's soft low hoot - mouse?  or goodnite to Bonnie?
6.35am  Bonnie hoots n horks  
6.36am  male cardinal chirps his territory call Bonnie hoots her territory call, Clyde answers.  the egg is there, Bon just rolled it
6.45am  LOL!  Paddy is poking his head out!  very cute!  Very Happy  Bonnie still hooting
      -------  pm  -----------
12.35pm  Bonnie hooting off and on this afternoon
4:06  O MY!  egg pieces  -  the egg is in cracks!!!!
4.38pm  Bonnie hoots - she's hooted off n on all afternoon
4.47pm  Bonnie singing lulabye to Paddy, soft chufing sounds, then hoots
4.53  I hear male GHO - maybe crows mobbing him
5.00pm  Bonnie began that horking again, telling Clyde to bring food
7.15pm  Bon dancing, clyde must be there I hear him but he never showed up
7.35pm  Bon feeds baby the only mouse we saw
7:54  when she did that wild dance - she musta seen clyde with a mouse, but what happend?
8.04pm Bon left nest, Paddy hugging egg
8:10  mom back - she got a mouse!  off eggs 6 minutes

March 24  NESTWEATHER -  30 Mostly cloudy with a chance of snow,  NE wind 10 to 15 mph
Overnite  food drops according to reports 9:12pm 10:38pm, 12.06am, 2.30am, 4.49am

2.47am  I see 2 rodents by Bonnie
4.49am  Clyde comes into nest with food, spends a sweet soft-hootin moment with Bon
5.10am  Bonnie leaves, egg cracked, appears 3 or 4 rodents are in there
5.16am  Bonnie is back, I didnt pay close attn to time left / back - bout 5 minutes
 I heard her make that hork noise off cam, then saw her walk back, slowly, looking around, step very slowly into nest
6.18am  first light,  chuff, purr, hiss  lol  a variety of vocals
7.00am  Bonnie begins hooting, she hooted off n on for hours

March 25  NESTWEATHER -  23- 37F  WINDY from North 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 20%
7 Overnite food drops by 2 am

2.15am  Bonnie is feeding baby and has several rodents by her
2.40am  Clyde passes a mouse to Bonnie, who was dancing wildly - I barely see only his talon on tree trunk by the back door, she whoos very softly and purrs with a couple hisses
4.20am  Bonnie dancing, Clyde with food walks into nest, sweet moment.  After he leaves, she hisses again
5.03-5.12am  Bon steps off nest - scap - egg clearly cracked, LOTS of rodents, off hootlet 9 minutes
5.36am  Clyde in nest beside Bon with food, soft sounds, he leaves and she hisses
5.40am Bon feeds baby, makes soft purring, grunting sounds - I'd say contentment
  fantistic photo of GHO showing extensions on front of wings which break wind  wdfw wa gov/living/owls html
6:22   Bonnie arranges rodent meals together much as a child arranges the stuffed animals on her bed.  OK .. thats what it reminds me of
6:23   first light, Bonnie hoots goodnight
   ------  PM  --------
2.43pm  Bonnie keeps her tail to the wind to protect her precious baby  
3.10pm  crows very close, Bonnie hoots at them
4.30pm  Bonnie begins chuffing, unsure why, maybe to baby, she kept it up, hiss, chuff, bark, hork, burp
7.50pm  Bonnie walked off nest
8.00pm  she's back - about 10 minutes off nest

 March 26  NESTWEATHER -  30- Partly cloudy with rain in the afternoon. High of 41F. Winds from the NW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 20%.
 3 Overnite food drops -  

My notes
1.00am  bonnie eats a whole mouse -  there has been 3 deliveries so far.  Bonnie has helped herself to 2 of them  
4.17am  Bonnie dancing, horking loud, Clyde lands with rodent, chortling to her, thank you hooting, a sweet moment and he's gone, softly hooting goodbye  
4.30am  Bonnie alert, looks left, zilla?  she is horking
4.35am  Bonnie eats rodent, continues horking.  I only see 2 rodents by her
5.38am  feeding baby, he dropt a big chunk, Bonnie eats some of it
6.00am  Bonnie dancing, hissing, Clyde lands with rodent
6.15am  she raised up just enuf for me to see baby and cracked egg which isnt gonna hatch
6.16am  Bonnie dancing, horking, Clyde delivers HUGE rodent to back door, barely see him on rail
6:34am  she finally walks off nest, returns 6.37 - its getting light out,  baby partly standing, head up
   All the snow has melted, and we can clearly see an eggshell against the tree
   There is still the egg, she keeps baby behind it
4.23pm  she's making little purring sounds to him as she feeds him
7.40pm  Bonnie dancing, rock n roll, Clyde with meal, he is chittering, Bonnie eats it all
7.53pm  Clyde came the back way again with a rodent
8.08pm Clyde tries to make a back door delivery
and Bonnie's in the middle of feeding chick, so she gobbles it then takes Clydes offering

Mar 24-26   ustream videos  -  times approx - sadly, they do not have the time on the video for 2 days  Sad

March 26  SW Florida eaglets fledge

/b]March 27  NESTWEATHER[/b] -  30-41F  NW wind 10 mph     NO WIND
5 Overnite food drops

My notes
3.15am  Bonnie left for 5 minutes -  Baby hugging the egg, moving head, heard baby chittering
3.24am  low hooting,  distant barred owl hoots, very quiet, NO WIND
3.34am  bonnie eats, Baby chittering
5.40am  feeding baby
6.06am  howling, full moon - wolf, coyote or dog?

6.18am  Bonnie dancing, I hear Clyde's sexy hooting, Bonnie is horking, HHHHORK!!  She leaves and I hear off cam hoot-a-thon - my guess - mating
 first light - Bonnie off nest about 5 minutes, big HORK as she returns -
  baby has really grown in a week!  Gaining strength too, eyes opening,  pinfeathers coming -  they branch at 6 wks
6.45am  crows, Bonnie hisses
----- PM  -----
3.30pm  Bonnie begins hooting every couple minutes, probably a normal territory hoot

4.15pm  Bonnie goes on hyper alert, following something above her, she tracks it, sits way up - made herself TALL then blew up like a balloon.
 she is peeking out this way, that way, all directions, behind the tree - that was funny!  baby peeking out
5.00pm  bonnie hooting, thot I heard clyde but winds is so noisy, I think he warned her about danger.
 She looked left, wide eye, stretched her neck way up, then hunkered down low and fluffed up into a ball,
 then she peeked around tree to our right, Hootlet under her peekng out.  That owl was NERVOUS.  I emailed wolf.
 Then heard crows mobbing - what?  hawk, eagle, clyde?  wolf came and backed cam up to a far view and saw (eagle?) fly by

7.25pm Bonnie dancing n wiggling,
she must groom her baby, remove his waste from nest bowl or eats it
753pm  Bonnie dancing, she leaves nest, adorable big eyes welcome Mom home
  I saw bonnie dance twice now, and didnt see clyde.  she walked off nest for a few seconds, perhaps he gave her a mouse, if so she ate it
8.28pm  Clyde finally brings big meal, hootlet fighting mama for mouse - she ate it all!!!
8.41pm  Bonnie dancing, Clyde delivers 2nd meal


]March 28  NESTWEATHER -  28 -  43 WNW wind 10 mph
My notes
3.25am - 3.35  low hootings of male GHO, possibly 2 male owls
3.30  barred owl
4.25am  Bonnie let out a LOUD HORK!
4.54am  Clyde brings food, low purring hoot, bonnie horks
5.28am  Bonnie leaves for 8 minutes, Hootie cuddles up to Dudley the egg
5.36  returns. baby turns head to look at her and chitters
    she does not have a well stocked pantry today
3.30  barred owl
4.25am  Bonnie let out a LOUD HORK!
4.54am  Clyde brings food, low purring hoot, bonnie horks
5.28am  Bonnie leaves for 8 minutes, Hootie cuddles up to Dudley the egg
5.36  returns. baby turns head to look at her and chitters
6.15am  Clyde hooting,  Bonnie HORKS!  really wants another mouse!  HOPE THATS NOT ZILLA HOOTING - THAT is NOT Clyde
dawn, robin chirping
6:27  Bonnie feeding owlet, eats the rest - all seems calm now
6.33am crows
6.54am  VERY LOUD crow, very close
748am  Bonnie hooted softly
8:35  I think she's feeding baby - its hard to tell due to cam in wrong position
12.27pm  Bonnie hooting softly, gently ongoing all afternoon
3.25pm  crows
3.50pm  feeding Hooty
515pm Bonnie feeding, he is peeking out, almost got all the way out!  This baby is eating huge chunks!
7.27pm  Bonnie dancing wildly, left nest, returned at 7.41 - baby stayed down and quiet

Greywind7  The baby GHO start falling out of weak nests at 3-4 weeks, that is when we get them in rehab
Greywind7: I have state and federal licenses and fed banding also
Greywind7: We plan on banding this baby owl, if we can get a bucket truck up in the wet ground

March 29  NESTWEATHER -  32 -  45F. Winds less than 5 mph
wolf banned me and I dont know why.  Guess he hates Christians.
Maybe he prefers the nasty ones who post wrong information.  Sad.  Sad
I'll still take notes.  So many worshippers of wildlife HATE Christians.

2.26am  Bonnie hoots, Clyde answers, then a distant hooting
2.52am  from hooting to hissing -  2.56am  Bon left nest, baby active, partly standing, moving position, distant hooing, one sounded like a howl
3.20am  returns, purring - baby chittering
3.55am  Bonnie unusually strong loud hooting - toward cam right  -  followed by Clyde low hoot
4.00am  grunting sound before hooting
4.05am  feeding, Bonnie grunting, ate half - I heard owlet chittering strongly
4.34am  reported on SS - No Clyde for 4 hours - since attack
4.42am  barred owl hooting
4.56am  Bonnie dances, looks toward back door where Clyde passed food to her - looked like she ate it
Clyde hooted softly, Bonnie hissed chortled
5.03  Clyde hoo hooing, Bonnie HORKS reply - MORE FOOD!
5.58am  Bonnie hooting,  6.06am  first light, Bonnie hooting repeatedly and looking around
10.08am  heard geese fly over then heard - I think cranes flying over
10.43am  Bonnie hootin n preenin
10.47am  loose baby!  hahahaha he got out from under her, lil guy can move!
noon -  Bonnie hooted quietly
2.25pm  Bonnie hooting softly, baby sunning himself, peeking out
3.30pm  lots of hooting this aft
4.12pm  Bonnie feeds owlet and begins her horking,  more horrible sounding than usual
7.42pm  Bonnie leaves nest, babys eyes are open, very alert, turned around and started to crowl outta the bowl

Bonnie had a disturbance last nite
7:07am wolfrivercam: eagle attack or fight last night out of picture but you can hear it
Last nite greywind had said its and eagle

Eagle approachs nest, veers off
This was NOT an attack.  Apparantly overnite an eagle approached Bonnie's nest - maybe by accident.
May have been a strange eagle or a juvie.  The eagle vocal I heard was surprise, NOT their attack vocal.
I dont think the eagle ever got to the nest - apparantly it veered cam right behnd tree
March 27 between 3 and 4 pm Bonnie was very hyper on alert and Clyde had warned her.  

Later Clyde came in when things settled with a mouse.
THEY DO NOT defend the nest together.  That is FALSE information.  
Someone who is around a lot is giving a lot of false information as if they know, and they have been proven wrong.

Surprise visitor March 28  evening at dusk
7 - 8  pm end of video, all over with before it began

at 1:47  the excitement appears.  The eagle saw and heard her threat and veered off behind the zillatree - never entered nest

Eagle near nest
March 28     between 745 and 8pm nest time
I definitely heard the eagle tho we never saw it.Maybe eagle was not aware she was there

Bonnie sees an eagle approach - and hoots and puffs up - Bonnie launches  
Eagle veered away cam right behind zilla tree
That is one PO'd owl, but it was not an attack or a battle

           March 30

-  34 - 43 and cloudy 90% chance of rain  SSW winds 15 mph
10 food drops reported overnite -  

My notes
Plenty in the pantry this morning
2:53am clyde with food
3.05am  Clyde with food, made sweet sounds, she ate it
 owlet has grown so much, it now rests in front of Bonnie and she folds her wings around him
 I have been hearing sandhill cranes flying overhead - and later on - in the distance
4.17am  Bonnie huge eyes, stretching, looks up
5.28am  Bonnie horking
5.52am  distant howling
6.00am Bonnie hooting, then horks, looks up with an evil eye
Bon gets up and trips on owlet - haha
6.18am  dawn
6:29  bonnie feeding baby and herself
----- PM  -----
1.00pm  baby has the owl head bob down already
3.15pm  Bonnie feeding owlet
4.48pm  Bonnie hooting
pouring rain in afternoon
7.00pm  feeding
7.41pm  clyde delivers meal, baby grabs it, mom watchs - he swallows it - almost, bonnie pulled it back out.  YUK!
7.53  clyde at the back door
8:04pm  Bonnie leaves,  8.10  she's back

March 31  EASTER  Sunday
-  34 - 48 WNW winds 20 mph Chance of rain 30%
6 food drops reported overnite -  
OBSERVATIONS -  owlet ate first whole rodent
perchporch:  Clyde had 6 deliveries, one was some type of bird, and Bonnie has been out for 5 or 6 breaks

My notes
5.16am  Bonnie walked off nest
5.29  owlet chitters,  its turned itself completely around several times
5.31  Bon returns
6.08am  clyde with mouse  bon took it  and chunked it in half for baby
 Holy cow, it looks like Clyde brot a killdeer!  its laying beside nest bowl
 How did Clyde get a killdeer up to the nest?  did he eat head?
8.20am  Bonnie puffs up and hoots a warning - tracks something across sky
9.30am  Bonnie feeding baby
11.23am  Baby playing peek a boo - pops out, ducks in
3.00 pm  Bonnie feeding
5.00 pm Bonnie hooted
5.00 pm  Bonnie feeding, looks like she is ripping into the killdeer
7.45-47 pm  Bonnie steps off nest for 2 minutes

March 31 Clyde brot a killdeer

11:17pm Mar 30  clyde at back door hoots softly, only see his talons, passed mouse to bonnie, chick took it and gulped it while daddy watched. precious.

Squirrel comes to back rail of nest, watches - til Bonnie spins her head around, then POOF!  gone
pics posted.  video being passed around in chat

April 1  
-  26 -  39F WNW winds 20 mph
OBSERVATIONS  Owlet was seen downing a whole rodent
Wind blowing Bonnie to pieces, and we cant hear anything but a snapping mic
Overnite   Clyde brot plenty, and I see something with BIG EARS

My notes
4.00am  Clyde delivers a rodent, Baby standing on legs strongly!  Moves back under mom
 -  The wind in the mic was so bad all day yesterday and still is, that we cant hear Bonnie at all.
4.27am  Bonnie leaves, returns 4.36 - gone 9 minutes - egg is a mess, nest is a mess
4.54am  Clyde delivers again, Bonnie eats
5.39am  clyde drops rodent, baby grabs, drops it, Bon feeds him
5.53m  Bonnie leaves nest suddnly, returns 6.00 - gone 7 minutes
6.05  dawn
11.45am  Bonnie feeding baby
  -----  PM  ----
7.08pm  Bonnie feeding baby  -  dudley egg is still there, its a mess
7.47pm  Bonnie dances a bit, then hurries off nest but came right back.  odd
7.50 pm  clyde brot rodent
7.56pm  bonnie off nest again, back at 8.08

Sunning himself with Mama

April 2    
- temp 26-39 wind WNW 15 mph
Overnite   she appears to have plenty in her pantry

My notes
4.30am  Bonnie heard zilla hoot and looked cam left, went back to grooming owlet - her back to cam.
  Its so windy and the mic is so bad the last few days, I cant be positive I heard Zilla, but Bonnie's reaction made me think that
  for several days I can see her white throat puff out, but cant hear the hooting
4.35  seems like continued hooting under the wind, Bonnie looking left where zilla is
4.39am Bonnie horking
4.58 bonnie dancing, horking, clyde with rodent, back door, all I saw was his talons. clyde sweet low hooting repeatedly.
5.03  distant hooting, bon alert
5.05  bon left, baby is sitting on the egg
5.11am  Bonnie returns, owlet flaps its wings, he sure has the owl head roll down pat - haha so cute
5.06 am hork
5.42am  Bonnie hork - just sounds worse today, and she is very jumpy
5.56am  Bonnie bonnie raids the pantry, feeds owlet and eats herself
6.10  bon hoots
6.17am clyde drops - what?  front of nest under cam - bonnie was goin nutz
wow   breakfast - bird? squrrel?  wut izzit?  rabbit?  headless?  its white
9.30am  Bon feeds owlet
1:31  owlet dives for rodent - He is sunning himself between Bonnie and the back nest rail, very safe spot.  Sweet
 owlet moved - o man, its HUGE! its wings are developing fast
6.00pm  Bonnie eating and feeding owlet
7.40pm  Bonnie eating and feeding owlet
7.46pm  Bonnie walks off nest, back at 7.51

April 3    
- temp 25-43 wind WNW 10 mph shifting to the SSW in the afternoon.
OBSERVATIONS - TSUNAMI of food in her pantry - could attract other predactors

My notes
2.15am  No wind, and its wonderful to hear all the distant sounds - cranes, Clydes low sexy hoot
2.22am B--C hooting together, he is close by, she is excited,
2.25  distant GHO, Bonnie looks in Zilla's direction, big eyes, clyde hoot unusually strong, are those warning hoots?  identical hoots hoo hoo hhoo * hu hu
**** dang buffering!
2.38 - B still looks fearfully to L hooting - clearly tense
2.55am  B is whipping her head from the back way to the L - lots of hootings, continuous not sporadic
- hoo hhoo hoooo hu - hoot has changed
3.00 B was facing back, now turned facing R, peeks around tree this side and hoots, still keeps eye L
3.14am  silence, but B still wary eye L
3.33am  B walks off nest for ONE MINUTE, owlet on near side edge, new bunny by tree, owlet climbing OUTTA bowl
3.40am  B feeding owlet
 -  all that food and mess in nest may well attract other predators.  nest is a pigsty
3.47am  B moves bunny, big fat ole wabbit lol
5.02am  B hoots - been dead quiet for an hour
5.30am  B leaves nest a minute or 2 - that is one HUGE wabbit!  A bunny for his honey!
5.36am  B gurgling and hooting
5.43am  B is still alert, keeping an eye L, has moved rabbit
6.00am  Clyde with rodent, soft hoot and flies off, B feeds O
 -  twitter birds waking, singing
6.11am  dawn
11.30am  Bonnie keeps the rabbit underneath her with the owlet.  I wonder if she has an awareness of her lost babies.
  Baby is peeking out from under her
3.00pm  B hooting at crows
4.30pm  hooting, fed owlet
7.39pm  B stepped off nest for a minute, returned and fed owlet

                April 4    
- temp 33-55 WSW wind 15 mph rain
OBSERVATIONS - HUGE rabbit against tree
3.13am  Bonnie pushes egg out of nest bowl again - she does this a lot but takes it back in again later
3.23am  B steps off nest briefly - when she returns she stands in front of baby, back to us, I cant see but hear her purring
3.54  Bonnie suddenly turned and hissed around that tree!  then peeked around tree again a few minutes later,
WHOA!  Something is there I heard it.  there was a squirrel there a few nites ago on the rail, maybe she tried to catch  it
 Strangely quiet, I hear no hooting in the forest, no distant swans or cranes
5.25am  B off nest
5.34  B returns with rodent, gives to baby who keeps dropping it.  B is chuffing and HORKing, baby chitters loudly
  I dont know if Bon hunted that rodent or got it from clyde.  They do meet off cam occasionally
5.45am  Bon on alert, standing up
5.51am  I hear cheeping, robin scolding I think, darn wind picking up again
6.00am  first light
6.04  now robin in singing - clyde must be gone. I never saw him
6.17 hoots - maybe goodnight to clyde, baby peeks out at the dawn
10.30am  Baby out sunning, B is grooming baby gonna feed it
5.05pm  Bonnie hooting
7.45pm  Bon stept off nest to get a rodent from clyde, fed owlet which ate the whole thing - gulp gone!

April 5    
- temp 30-45  N wind to 10mph
OBSERVATIONS - cam off air during nite, egg out of bowl, bunny againt tree, barely visible
My SPECULATION -  I believe the egg was the first egg she laid, and it began to hatch March15th, but Owlzilla attacked a couple times,
and Bonnie was off her eggs over an hour both times and it died.  I wish when greywind bands owlet, she'd take the egg and look, it probly has a fully developed owlet.  See March 15 post

My notes
4.00am  B off nest  -  egg out of bowl
4.12am  B back, looks at egg and ignores
4.40am  low hoots, B hissed, horked, facing back door - dont know if clyde was here or not, didnt see him
5.35am  B horking repeatedly - wants some rodents.  I dont think she wants to work on that big rabbit
6.00am  dawn breaking, twitterbirds waking, singing, I see thru tree leaves
 -  I never saw Clyde today
 -  Bonnie starts to work on the rabbit. Her back is to us.  All I see is mantling - an eagle term but what it looks like.  Hard work ripping a rabbit up.
6.16  B looks at egg outside nest
7.00am  crow
7.40am  B chased something, clacking her beek, got OFF owlet and peeked around tree, hootin up a storm
8.20am  the owlet is trying to get out, but B pushing it down, its pushing back!  Funny!  cute
     ----  PM   -------
1.45pm  owlet sunning behind Bonnie, the baby is panting
3.30pm  It appears the owlet has begun preening itself
  - B is hissing, looking toward cam, hissing, then hooting
4.45pm  owlets tiny talon sticking out from mom's breast
 - Bonnie looks very uncomfortable with that big baby under her - almost 3 weeks old - shud be out more
7.31pm  B hurries off nest  - back at 7.43

ALONE in the snow!

April 6   NESTWEATHER - 30 - 54  Snowing, sleeting, SSE winds to 20mph, rain, sleet, tonight chance of snow and rain, Low of 36F
Sunday - Partly cloudy. High of 50F. Winds from the NNW at 5 to 10 mph.
OBSERVATION -  I can hear it sleeting
Clyde came with rodent around 1am and near dawn - owlet swallowed the first, Bonnie the 2nd.

My notes
3.53am  baby is poking his leg out
4.14am  B left owlet in the snow and left nest,  may be hunting, needs food
  - baby shakes snow off, flaps wings, tries to eat rodent lying by tree, does the cute head roll, turned around a few times
4.27am  B returns, she may have brot prey, she tried to feed baby but ate it herself
5.48am  Clyde came with rodent, Bonnie danced for him, horked, hissed, ripped head off rodent and I think she ate it all, unsure if she gave some to baby
6.10am  I see daylight now, and Bonnie AINT happy, I swear she is scowling.   A scowlin owl, who knew?

Morning has broken like the first morning!
Robins are singing like the first birds
Praise for the daylight praise for the singing
Praise for the moisture to water the earth!

1.45pm  Bon took something from her pantry, dont know if its a chunk of bunny or huge rodent.  She's defurring it and eating the fur. YUK!  gross!
 -  She is eating it and feeing owlet.  she has a big hunk o bunny left
- the egg is still there outside nest bowl - was covered by snow this morning
2.48pm B hooted then yawned then hooted again
5.07pm  Bonnie is hooting a lot
6.35pm  owlet put his wing out - wing in - too cute
7.24pm  Bon dancing, horking, I WANT RODENT!  
7.29pm  Bon leaves nest
7.38  Bon returned - without food.  Whether she caught anything and ate it, I dont know
      She is horking
7.56pm  B leaves again,
8.04pm  Bon returns with food for baby - I suspect she hunted, Bon left again - probly for another mouse
owlet wanders round n round
8.15pm  Bon is back she's in the way - unsure but I think she brot somethin, she is feeding owlet but in the way, I cant see what,  she is ripping it

Mama!  See my wings!

April 7    Sunday
- 39-48  awful wind, quieted a bit in the aft
OBSERVATION -  I think Bonnie is hunting again, off nest a lot, Clyde visits are fewer - Bonnie had to leave owlet to hunt several times.  
***  April 6 at 5.48am is the last time I saw Clyde until I saw him at 4.30am today
overnite notes - Bonnie had to leave owlet to hunt several times.  

My notes
3.15am  muted sound, looks like a couple rodents in her pantry
3.55am  Bon keeps looking cam left as if afraid.  I have not heard Owlzilla since baby hatched
4.30am  Clyde brot small rodent, flew off fast, Bon fed Miracle
5.30am  Bon leaves again, perhaps to hunt, seems to be a couple rodents in her pantry, and rabbit remains
5.42am  Bon returns and feeds Miracle and Bon eats some
6.13am  daylight
- It looks like Bonnie may have a small bird in her pantry, I cant tell for sure
5.30pm  Miracle found a mouse in pantry, picked it up off the ground and eat it, had a good start but dropt it and Bon took it
 Bon eats a mouse
7.54pm  Bon off nest awhile, back for a second, off right away
8.08 pm Bonnie back, not sure if she had prey or not

Things are strange at the nest.  It seems too soon for Clyde to leave Mom hunt for herself and baby.
I dont know if its normal or if Clyde is injured.  I do know baby Miracle is fine.
I am writing a short fiction story (Bonnie's Miracle) and calling the baby - Miracle - for all its survived.

April 8  NESTWEATHER - 36-57 rain
OBSERVATIONS  -  Things are strange at the nest.  It seems too soon for Clyde to leave Mom hunt for herself and baby.
I dont know if its normal or if Clyde is injured.  I do know baby Miracle is fine.
I am writing a short fiction story (Bonnie's Miracle) and calling the baby - Miracle - for all its survived.
No point submitting MIRACLE - my name choice in a 'contest', the insiders will choose, outsiders need not try.

My notes
4.00am  Bon leaves nest, Miracle preens, wing stretch, turns round n round in a circle - safer than exploring and falling out
4.19   Bon returns and starts horking for Clyde to show up with food
5.02am  Bon leaves nest again, Miracle yawns, she is hungry and the pantry is empty. Will Bon hunt during the day?
5.17  Bon back with an empty beek, continues horking
5.44am  Bon leaves again, Miracle's horn feathers are beginning to appear as little nubs
5.55  Bon is back with something, looks bigger than mouse but I cant see what it is, she is still horking but softer, less desparate.  
 -  I heard a robin scolding.  Did she catch a robin?
  -   She rips off the head and eats it, lets owlet peck at it on floor.
 -  dawn --
6.27 crows mobbing, what a racket, Bon hissing, clacking her beek, several twitterbirds upset and scolding.  Whats out there?  eagles?
6.38  from IR to sunlight - yep - Bonnie got an adult robin
2.15  bonnie begins hooting.  She let Miracle out very briefly, then tucked her again
3.40pm  Bonnie is fussing with the nest rail, one that had fallen and been sticking into the nest bowl.  Almost looks as if she's eating it, its all chewed.
7.30pm  Miracle is jumping, so cute, she walked over Dudley, this is the farthest from the nest bowl she has ventured
 -  all under Mama's horking, watchful eye.  Very cute how she wandered around the nest.
7.55pm Bon left nest for her flyabout, Miracle preens
8.41pm  and Bon is not back yet - but I have heard her hork nearby twice

April 9
- 35-46  LARGE AREA RAIN on RADAR, Tstorm, rain, then snow and rain after midnight, Flood Watch thru Thur, NE Winds 20 mph gusts 30 mph
OBSERVATIONS  -  Bonnie and Clyde territory flooded from all the rain, hard to find rodent prey
Pantry may have a rodent, cant see well enuf to be sure.  Both have eaten.

My notes
3.00am   Bonnie looks over the back rail
3.25am Bon flies off for one minute then back, unsure if she had a mouse, fed Miracle, couldnt really see  
4.00am  Bon dancing, horking, Miracle bobbing her head beside Bon, HORK HORK HORK! hurry Clyde hurry hurry!
   He flies in, walks toward Bon, she walks toward him, hungry Miracle grabs the mouse?  Bon takes it away to rip it up
 Miracle wanders the nest then crawls under mom
4.30am  Bon leaves again, but she is very near, I hear her horking
5.00am  Bon returns
5.05am  Clyde flies in with mouse, baby ate it all
5.30  poor Bonnie horks to the laft, horks to the right - she wants more food for her pantry
5.35am  Bonnie is gone again, baby stretches, stands up tall

TODAY we explore the nest!  (and the chatroom has heart failure)
Owlet roams the nest, mostly cam right near the gap where nest rail has pulled away from the tree trunk
6.00am  dawn
 Bonnie and baby kissing in the middle of the nest

6.07am  I hear a mourning dove.  Pssst Bonnie they make a nice meal
  I dont hear robins or any twitterbirds.  Im sure she didnt eat the only robin.
6.30am  Bon has baby back in safe nook, tucked under her
6.32am  NOW I HEAR ROBINS singing
Rainy day, baby stayed under mom
7.30pm  Bonnie leaves nest.  Miracle's flight feathers are growing in
 Bonnie has stripped the bark off a Y branch part of the nest rail - I hope she didnt eat it

April 9  Clyde brings prey with wings, tries to feed Miracle
Looks big, maybe a robin, in IR light breast is white - but sadly Clyde flew off with it!  Exclamation  Shocked
* I was told he dropped it farther back in the nest off cam, Bonnie picked it up and she and baby ate
Thank you for this video. Its a good one


That is one miserable, crabby owl!
First Bonnie gets iced up all over and shakes but cant get it off, its cached.
Then it snows and she gets covered with that.

Greywind will not be banding the baby owl.  The water is too high and we can not get a bucket truck back in there.
When the owlet is branching greywind will be over there and take photos of her.

April 10
- 30-41  ice pellets, thunderstorms, rain in the afternoon NE Winds to 30 mph with gusts to 40 mph, snow after midnight, Low 32 with 25 windchill, ditto Thursday

My notes
3.30am  Bonnie covered in snow, ice, sleet - a mess in the nest!  I can even hear ice against the mic
3.55  Bonnie stood up and shook herself but cant get the ice off and changed position, facing cam
5.00  Bonnie desparately trying to get all the ice off, not very successful, turned around again, away from cam
5.10  Ice appearss to have changed to snow
5.30 am  I saw lightning, heard thunder - terrible weather
6.00am  Cam went off - probly due to ice, came back about 9 am
 Baby Miracle stuck her wing out from under mom - and I was amazed!  Took a scap
owl has been quiet all day.  Miracle sat in front of mom for a few hours in afternoon.
6.30pm  Bonnie has begun horking softly and looking for Clyde.
7.37pm Bonnie dancing, but no Clyde
7.43pm Bon left Miracle alone, returned 7.54 - left again - no prey
8.00pm back, covers baby - left again, back with prey

L = THIS is baby Miracle's wing sticking out from under Bonnie!
R  =   Between storms

April 11 Thur
- 35-39 ice pellets then snow and rain, ENE Winds to 30 mph with gusts to 40 mph.  Toight ice pellets, rain, snow
Overnite reports say several prey delivered, Bonnie caught 2, Clyde brot LARGE rodent back door (around 2am?). oth mom and baby ate well.  WHEW!

My notes
5.00am  Bon leaves
5.12   Bon returns, kisses owlet but no prey.  She needs to fly after her feathers took such a beating from the ice
5.45am Bonnie gone again, near daylight
5.55  Bon returns empty beeked
-  Bon wraps her protecting wings around Miracle, hugging her close
6.00  dawn, birds singing, Bon hissing, strong wind blowing
 -  no events -  too windy for sound today
7.30pm Bon appears to be feeding owlet, but she isnt facing us and she is mantling, she could just be preening

April 12  NESTWEATHER - 32-36 snow and rain NNE Winds to 15 mph - Low tonite of 28
3.00am  Bonnie again frozen in ice, sleet.  She is a mess again
 She is horking for Clyde to bring prey
5.15am  I can hear the sleet against the mic.  Its been sleeting and snowing for hours.
6.00am  dawn
Bonnie stands up, shakes a lot of ice off of her and takes prey from under her to feed Miracle, who is nipping Bon's feathers and bumping her begging
Something was stuck when she tried to get up - she removed it - may have been one of her feathers
Something disturbed Bon, she's MAD, clacking beek.  squirrel?  unknown
 -  6.00am  dawn
-  Bonnie stands up, shakes a lot of ice off of her and takes prey from under her to feed Miracle, who is nipping Bon's feathers and bumping her begging
-  Something was stuck when she tried to get up - she removed it - may have been one of her feathers
-  Something disturbed Bon, she's MAD, clacking beek.  squirrel?  unknown
6.15am  I hear other birds
10,00am  Cam went off air for an hour or so.  Bonnie is a heavy mess of snow and ice
2.00 pm  Miracle is outside for air, growing fast, lotta brown.  bonnie has shaken off all the ice n snow.  She looks good

2:28  Bonnie hooting - another female owl hooting
 An enemy owl flew by hooting, another female owl, Bon hissing and clacking her beek, upset
-  2 owls hooting and the other is NOT clyde
hahahaha -  baby Miracle crying - I dont hear her often
-  Was it owlzilla?  Dont know.  It WAS NOT an attack.  Could have been a strange owl passing thru.
-  Bonnie kissing baby when its over.  Very sweet.

4.38pm  Bonnie has been horking loudly since that happened
5.50pm  Bonnie stepped off the nest for a few minutes

There is no way to know what the hooting was about at 2.30 this afternoon.
It was 2 females owls, and Bonnie was very upset.
Then the incident passed and all was fine.
A smarty pants in chat told everyone it was Clyde, but Bon wouldnt clack her beek at her mate

Miracle stretches her wings - priceless video!;

April 13           chatroom at dawn - 12 veiwers no guests
- 32-39 snow or rain 20 mph winds
OBSERVATION -  Bonnie flew off nest several times by dawn, no clyde, no prey today
NOTE  -  Owls sure are messy!  Miracle poops right near her nest bowl

3.00am  Peaceful at the nest - but no Clyde
Bonnie has been horking, calling for food
2.53am  Bonnie flew off the nest out the back way - she appeared to see something - either Clyde or prey
 -  the know-it-all said Bonnie cant fly lol - and she's the one wolf likes.
3.02am  Bon returns horking, empty beeked, she left again right away
3.42am  she returns but doesnt settle, looks at her empty pantry
5.15am  Bonnie sitting facing cam, hugging Miracle.  Never saw Clyde.
5.17am  Bonnie leaves, returns, 5.24 flew off again, back 5.30, walked off again, back right away
5.38am  Miracle explores near nest even in the snow
- first light
5.41am  Bon gone - desparate for prey - back right away
5.45    I have seen
6.00am  daybreak and she is still horking, poor girl.
       ----------  PM  very windy day! -------
2.25pm  Miracle is bumping Bonnie - wants food and there isnt any
3.19pm  Poor Miracle is yawning, trying to move food down from her empty crop
7.45pm  Bonnie began what seemed to me like S.O.S. hooting, not her normal hoot, sounded urgent.
 -  finally Clyde answered with low soft hoots
 -  she is desparate for food for herself and baby
Bon's making strange noises, what's her and what's a faulty mic?  I even heard a kitten mew
8.30pm  Bon mostly quiet since 7.50 except for a quick hoo - no more hoots from clyde and no prey

OKC owlet fludge Apr 12, 2013 - she flew off and into netting, was fine and flew back up
(not related to wolf river cam)

    April 14      
NESTWEATHER  -  temp 28-43 ice, snow, rain, wind
No FOOD that I saw - if Clyde came, I missed him.  Bonnie didnt leave nest.

4.10am  3 GHO =  male low hootings, female hootings in distance, Bonnie horking in all directions, some horks very loud, barred owl calls.
-  Great to hear sounds NOT wind. All that continued until about 4.40 - if Clyde came, I missed him.  
-  Bonnie quit horking and appears to be either preening or eating but her back to cam.
4.49  the horking continues
5.10am  I hear barred owls calling, Bonnie horking continues, I hear a twitterbird even tho its dark, sounded alarmed
5.30am  twitterbirds waking, singing, robin scolding, meadowlark trill
  Miracle is sooo  hungry, pulling mom's feathers, nuzzling her, bumping her
5.36am  first light - so many birds calling - go get one Bonnie! - or 2
5.44am  crow flies over CAWing loudly, Bonnie tracks it
6.00am  dawn
Bonnie hissed a bit then quiet as she knew Clyde wouldnt come.  Bon never left nest, maybe cuz crows too close.
8.30am  Miracle doesnt want to be cooped up under mom.  She got out and walked on the snow a bit.
  -   She is just adorable!  Bonnie is still hissing off n on.  NOT a happy owl.  Both probly hungry.  Miracle nibbled in that filthy nest bowl - for what?
 -  they are too big for the nest bowl
4.00pm  Bonnie is digging in that filthy nest bowl to eat - what?  pieces of nesting material? did she have a prey there?  I dont know.  eww yukk
7.30 pm  Its weathering again!  Poor owls!  rain or whatever.
7.45pm  Bonnie leaves nest, after looking around, Miracle sits still - like Frosty the snowman
 -  Bonnie returned, kissed her baby and left again - desparate for prey
9.00pm and Bonnie has not returned zzzzz...........

Video Miracle left alone April 13


April 15   Monday
 -  temp 43 - 60
FOOD report - I dont see any prey.  They both ate today
Mic snapping so bad its hard to hear, even tho forest is quiet

3.30am  Bonnie is not horking, all is peaceful, Im not hearing any forest sounds
4.00am  Clyde brot prey - looks half eaten. Bonnie puts prey under her talon and keeps horking. Miracle begs and begs.
 -  Bon eats some, feeds baby some of the ragged unrecognizable prey - is it roadkill?
5.40am Clyde brings prey (mouse?), Bon sets by tree, Miracle hops out of bowl and walks near nest, preens
 -  first light, twitterbirds waking, cheeping
5.50am  Miracle pics mouse up, puts her talon on it and tries to behead it - Bonnie takes it away, tears it up to feed Miracle.
 -  It appeared Miracle may have been able to eat it herself
6.00am  dawn
9 to 10.00am Miracle and mom sunning together for hours.
7.00pm  Miracle is pouncing - on nothing beginning to play in the nest.  The snow melted today. Good.  Dudley reappears.
About 7.30 Bonnie left Miracle alone to play with prey - might be a bird - not sure

April 14 Video - Miracle wanders near nest - cute

April 14 Video - Clyde brings bird to Miracle, she cant eat it, Bonnie comes

April 16    NESTWEATHER  -  temp 37-48
3.06am  Miracle is alone.
3.19am  I heard Bonnie huff but didnt see her
3.25am   I heard Bonnie huff again
3.45am  Bonnie returned - and I saw nothing in her beek
 -  Bonnie horks and horks, evidently totally dependent on Clyde to bring food
4.22am Bonnie huffs and leaves again
4.50am  I hear Bonnie huff, dont see her
5.39am  Still no Bonnie, Miracle starts wandering nest
5.42am   -  first light
6.22am  Bonnie finally returns dragging some BIG prey into bowl and stands over it
 -  she is hooting repeatedly and looking toward 7.00, flares her tail, clacks her beek, puffs up, kept that up about 15 minutes.
 -  Miracle was by tree, kept bumping mama and pulling on her feathers - FEED ME!
7.15am It looks like a cat - Miracle pecks at it
8.00am  bonnie's been hooting
10.00am  bonnie is finally ripping into the prey
-  Late afternoon Miracle plays in the nest in the sun
7.00pm  Bonnie leaves
7.27pm  Bon returns and feeds Miracle

Great Horned Owls kill and eat many kinds of mammals, especially hares and rabbits.
They eat mice, rats, squirrels, opossums, woodchucks, bats, weasels, and the occasional domestic cat.
Great-Horned Owls also eat skunks, which are sometimes such a prominent part of the diet that both bird and nest may smell of musk.
They hunt small songbirds and large birds such as grouse, herons, ducks, Canada Geese, hawks (including Red-tailed), and even other species of owl.
A woodland with resident Great Horned Owls usually lacks any other raptors in the immediate vicinity.

owl videos by MEd

April 17    
NESTWEATHER  -  temp 36-43  rain
3.30am  Miracle alone
5.00am  Bonnie returned, she looks like she is tearing prey, facing away from cam so I cant see.  Naughty owl!
5.12am  Bon leaves again, Miracle explores nest, going almost out of cam view
5.16am  I hear the first birds of the day
5.21am  Bon back, hissing - dont know why, plenty prey by tree, Miracle walks under cam view outta sight
5.26am  Bon leaves again but I hear her hissing
5.38am  first light
5.45am  Bon back, hissing, Miri jumps around nest - this is how owlets fall outta trees
8.48am  Bon and Mir feeding on BIG prey, Mir pecks at it, Bon hoots softly
11.40am  Bonnie is eating again
11.45am  Mir out playing.  She has a lot of brown feathers
3.45pm  Bonnie is eating again, Mir walking around nest, stretching her wings
6.45pm  Miri is walking around exploring - jumping or tripping, not sure which
 -  Something white is back there, half eaten prey - white duck?  dont know
7.03pm  Bonnie flies off the left side of nest.  Nice takeoff Bon!
7.17pm  Miri is jumping. She is so cute!  Wont be long and she will perch on the nest rail

April 18    
NESTWEATHER  -  temp 36-
2.00-5am  cam off
8.45am  Bonnie and Miracle appear to be eating  - plenty prey in her pantry
noon - evidently Bonnie ate a large black bird, as there are black feathers everywhere
7.42pm  Miri is enjoying her wings, holding them out in the wind, walkin in the nest

April 19  Friday    
NESTWEATHER  -  temp 35  snow, very windy
4.00am  Bonnie is gone and baby Miracle is alone - in the wind
5.27am  Miracle has wandered off cam so we cant see her
5.34am  Bon returns with prey, looks like bird, Miri wrestles her for it - CUTE!  Bon lets Mir have it a minute, then takes it
6.00am  dawn, Mir trying to get under Bon outta wind

April  20   - NESTWEATHER  -  temp 26-43 windy
CAM  cam positioned too close

4.00am  Bonnie leaves Miracle in the wind
4.55am  Miri perches long enuf, begins to explore, peck around for food scraps.  She is starting to perch on the sticks in the nest.  Wish cam was farther back.
 - Bon musta removed the leavings of the large prey
5.30am  Bonnie returns dragging - a big FISH!  Perch I think?  Mir tries to eat it on the ground, Bon watches.  Mir tears at the part Bon opened.
9.30am  Miri is walking around, if the sun bakes that fish it will be fine dining
  -  in afternoon both owls watched out their back window in the lovely sunshine together
5.45pm  Bonnie and Miri eat the fish in the evening sunshine.  They had looked out over the field together during the afternoon. Very cute

Apr 20, 2013 videos  - I have to mute the sound, something loud

Not easy to tell what is tripping and what is jumping.  haha  so cute little Miracle survivor

Miracle and Bonnie in sun

Bonnie brings prey, Mircle stands on it - normal owl behavior, cute zoom

Bonnie eating and feeding Miracle big junk - yuk

Miracle hops and flaps her wings

April  21  Sunday    
NESTWEATHER  -  temp 29-43 chance of rain
OBSERVATIONS - The GHO horns may only be feathers, but its amazing how like a cat's ears they show the owl's emotion.
CAM  Bad cam position, so close we cant see owls, they are NOT in bowl near tree.  Now with baby growing, cam needs to be positioned back farther.
PANTRY  -  2 leftover feet, from what, bunny? cat?
Nest bowl  the nest bowl is filthy, looks awful, cluttered, feathers, stick,  Those eagles wont ever use this nest again!

3.30am  I dont see Bonnie but I hear her horking -
 -  Miracle is preening almost out of cam shot
4.06am  Bonnie drags in something big - cant see it, Bonnie rips into it immediately. She is NOT going to let me see it
4.30am  Bonnie left again, I see what may be fish by tree, didnt see her drag it there
 -  Miri wanders out of cam shot.  She sure likes that gap behind the tree, seems drawn to it
5.00am  Whatever the owls are doing is off cam.  I hear Bonnie horking

5.30am  WOW!  haha!  Miracle just flopped (fly-hop) into cam view!  She tries to self feed and seems to be getting a lit bit
5.45am  Bonnie is back  - I heard Bonnie horking while she was out of sight
5.48am  QUACK QUACK!  sounds like an angry duck - not sure what else that could be, Bonnie looking
6.00am  dawn
6.15am  they are eating the fish, Bonnie is hooting and clacking her beek, so she must feel threatened
12.30pm  They are lunching on the fish, Miri is self feeding
5.00pm  Bon gone, odd to leave in full daylight, she returned awhile, left again

April  22  Monday    
NESTWEATHER  -  temp 42-54  rain
OBSERVATION:  Dudley Egg is still there!
CAM  Bad cam position, so close we cant see owls, they are NOT in bowl near tree.  Now with baby growing, cam needs to be positioned back farther.
PANTRY - 1 bird, 1 big rodent, part of fish - dragged here n there, not piled against tree, something big and white in pantry

3.45am  I dont see any owl or hear one, Mir out of cam shot
4.00am  Bonnie brot in some kind of prey, saw top of Miracle's head.  I heard chittering - might have been Mir, Bonnie was horking
 -  I dont know if Mir ate prey Bon brot or not - cant see
4.30am  Mir pecking around the nest, wanders in and out of cam view
 -  if you see no owl, dont panic - cam is zoomed too close, bad position
5.06am  I see top of Bon's head, she is sorta huffing
5.13am  Mir hopping and flapping, in and outta cam shot
5.30am  Bon returns, hops over Mir, picks up old prey (cat?), looks like 2 hind legs
-  watching Bon eat, I want to put a pan of water up there for her!
5.36am first light
5.37am Bon eats the entire prey, making a noise as if she was starving.  I didnt see her feed Mir, but Im sure she did or will unless she's teaching Mir to feed herself

OBSERVATION -  Bonnie may be teaching Mir to feed herself
5.42am  Bon leaves again, Mir hops flaps almost outta cam shot again
 -  twitterbirds are up, singing
5.49am  Bon flies in
9.30am  Mir appears to be perching on a stick laying in nest
3.15pm  Mir is laying down.  First I've seen her do that
3.20pm  Bonnie was relaxing with Mir when she suddenly flew out nest left like lightning!  Returned soon
4.07pm  off goes Bonnie the GHO again - odd - before dusk?  4.12  Bon back no prey
 -  Bonnie has left, dont know when, Mir just sits
- O look, Dudley is still there!

April  23  Tuesday
NESTWEATHER  -  temp 47  rain
OBSERVATION:  Dudley Egg is still there!  
PANTRY  something big there, small raccoon?  skunk?  bird like a duck?

3.15am  Mir sitting out by Dudley, Bonnie gone, returned about 3.20 and appeared to be eating
3.37am  Bon left again, Mir sits by Dudley, 4.26 she's still there alone and still
4.30am  Bon finally returns, looks at cam as if she can see it
 Bonnie perched nest right looking out over the edge, Mir right behind her
5.15am  I have heard a couple soft low hoo sounds, Bon still perching edge nest right
5.52am  first light - I hear birds singing, Bon still looking out over nest right, Mir sits by tree at that gap
6.05am  Bonnie walked back into her usual corner, eating, and I want to give her a pan of water watching her choke that thing down. yuk
 -  funny how the wind makes loose feathers in the nest dance
12.30pm  Bonnie picks up the rat to eat, feed Mir
6.00pm  Bonnie gone - I dont see the rat.  She musta ate it.  White prey still there, no idea what it is

April  24  Wednesday  
NESTWEATHER  -  temp 47  rain
OBSERVATION:  Bonnie goes out partying leaving Miracle in the nest
Miracle at almost 6 weeks is enjoying walking, hopping around nest flapping her wings, but shows no interest in exiting nest.
Dudley Egg is still there!  I have not seen or heard Clyde in days
PANTRY  rodent and stuff
2.00am  Bonnie is gone - she has been leaving Miracle alone a lot.  Mir sits quietly about 11.00 position
- no wind, I can hear other hootings, male and female GHO, barred owl
2.30am  howling - dogs or wolves?
 -  BIG SPLASH!  did owl dive for a prey in the flooded field?  I have no idea.
-  sound like a rifle shot - even with echo of report
- more male and female GHO hooting, this time closer, sound contented - distant barred owls
 -  more splashing sounds like animals or human walking in water
-  Seems Bonnie and Clyde are really enjoying each others company out there
2.40am  Bonnie returns, clacking her beek, Mir immediately moves close to her, Bon is upset, clacks beek, goes up to the back door clacking and hooting.
 -  she must see a threat, what unknown.  I hear either Clyde or another male BHO hooting
-  Miracle is hissing!
2.45am  Bon drags a prey out of her pantry,  huffing
 Mom's home, Mir goes exploring

SPECULATION - Were 2 owls fighting?  Did their fighting cause the splashing?  Its been raining a lot, fields flooded.
2.49 Bonnie hops up nest left and horks

3.56am  I dont see Bonnie, distant howl otherwise all has remained quiet since Bonnie's encounter with another GHO 2 hours ago
5.10am  Mir walks around the nest, no mom
- I hear birds singing
5.30am  first light
5.38am  Bonnie returns and both eat - cant see what
5.46am  Mir hops to Mom, they nuzzle
6.00pm  Bonnie left

I like these GHO owls.  Its a pity that cam chat is so bad.

VIDEOS - Mute the sound

Apr 21  Clyde comes with mouse, Miracle takes it, Bonnie arrives, Clyde flees,
Mir wants to keep it and eat it and plays keep away with her mom.  Cute, but video ends abrupty so dont know the end

Apr 20  Bon with prey

Apr 21,22 or 23 - is prey bird or skunk or raccoon or what?

Apr 21,22 or 23 - Bon teaching Mir to be ALONE, Mir explores nest flapping and jumping

Apr 21 Bon with prey

Apr 22  Bon eats one prey, moves rodent, could one prey be a small raccoon?

Miracle at almost 6 weeks is enjoying walking, hopping around nest flapping her wings, but shows no interest in perching on rails or exiting nest.
Dudley Egg is further toward near end of nest where Bonnie and Owlzilla rolled off the edge fighting.
Has Miracle been playing soccer with Dudley?

April  25 Thursday  NESTWEATHER  -  temp 38-50  WINDY!
CAM  positioned to see near edge of nest but not much of corner / closeup during day
PANTRY  looks like prey back by tree
OBSERVATIONS:  Bonnie goes out partying leaving Miracle alone in the nest

4.15am  Miracle all alone in the wind, sitting very still by Dudley
5.18am  Where is Mir!?  Oh, whew, back by the pantry almost out of cam view.
 -  she fly-hopped twice and got from back door to Dudley.  Wow.
5.55am  Bonnie is back - unsure what time she returned as my cam pic stuck.  Both by tree almost out of cam shot
6.20am  cam shot moved so I can see owls by tree
3.10pm  Bonnie back after being gone awhile
 -  I did not see the owls eat today, but I thot I saw prey in her pantry this morning
6.30pm  Bonnie flew out the back door

From what I have observed, a lot of cam people who run the chatrooms are anti-Christian and some are just crazy!
Many of the guests are nice.  Its kinda sad.  Wildlife cams is NOT the real world.
Someone typed in red and I said hi red, and I was threatened by one of the moderators for that cam who claimed that was an insult!  Thats insane!

April 25 Bonnie with fish video

April  26  Friday  NESTWEATHER  -  temp 40-65  shower
CAM  Bad cam position, so close we cant see owls, they are NOT in bowl near tree.  Mir is roaming the entire nest now, rail to rail.
cam needs full nest position overnite, closer in daytime.  Why have a cam if you cant see owl?  IGNORE those who want close up!
If owlet falls out we wont know it.
PROGRESS Miracle at 6 weeks should be starting to branch
PANTRY  looks like a big fish. Yes GHO do fish

2.00am  I cant see an owl
2.07am  Mir hops into view, then out again.  Geese and cranes vocalizing in distance.  Forest sounds.
4.30am  and I still see no owl, heard Bonnie horking a few times
5.00am  FINALLY Bonnie and Mir come to tree into view and Bon grabs fish and feeds Mir and eats also
5.20am  Bonnie flies off and Mir fly-hops around and out of view again.
5.40am  Bon back, Mir picking at fish, self feeding, jumps around nest
7.30am  Bon asleep, Mir on cam side, staring nest right, out past *the gap*
8.00am  Bon hooted for a bit
5.15pm  Mir is standing ON the big fish hahahhaaa  so cute
5.30pm  Bonnie left
7.30pm  Bon's still gone.  Dudley still lays near the near end of the nest


April  27  Satday  NESTWEATHER  -  temp 53-68 sunny
PROGRESS Miracle at 6 weeks should begin to branch
Bonnie and Miracle ate well over nite
OBSERVATION:  These GHO sure dont sleep much

1.00am  Miracle huddled alone in a ball with Dudley near edge of nest.  Poor little owl
1.20am  Mir walks past Dudley even closer to the nest dropoff near edge
2.00am  I hear Bonnie hork and clack her beek, I heard another sound - Mir ran to nest bowl area.
 -  I thot I heard Clyde's hoot - dont know if he gave Bon the prey or she caught it
 -  Bon arrived with prey, ate some, left some on floor for Mir to pick up herself - horking loudly all the while
 -  I think Mir is chittering  -  and one of the owls is making a strange gurgling sound I've heard Bon make when eating
2.12am  Bon flies off, returns right away
-  distant call of barred owl
2.18am  Clyde arrives chittering LOUDLY - Bon takes prey, keeps horking, he flies off
2.21am  Bon flies off again
2.24am  Mir exercising her wings goes to very edge of right side nest rails to sit, then to back door, then back to nest right, fly-run-hop
-  Mir is really owning the entire nest, side to side and front to back - as she prepares to explore branches
7.15am  Bonnie and Miracle tucked in my tree, and I hear an incessant duck quacking - maybe mama duck leading her brood to water
7.45am  WOW!  I heard hooting and beek clacking and looked, and Bon has Mir behind her in nook with rail and tree.  I hear crow.
8.00am  danger past, Mir back out in sun, stretching
8.51am  another duck quacking,  Bonnie on alert
9.09am  I hear chittering but I dont know if its Mir or a small bird near the mic
9.30am  Bon is preening
1.50pm  Bon perched on left nest rail, then flew off.  Sounds like people shooting at the target range today.
2.00pm  Bonnie returns, upset and hissing, turns, bumping Mir, takes off nest left where Mir sat, almost knocking Mir out of the nest!
 - Mir wanders back toward center of nest and scratches.  No idea what has upset Bon
2.20pm  Bonnie returns - its so windy!
4.45pm  Bonnie in corner, Mir behind her
5.15pm  Bon flies off
6.45 Bon still gone
6.50pm  Bon is back and begins to eat a pray - but she is facing away from cam, cant see
7.15pm  Bonnie and Miracle looking out th back window, wind is calm and I can hear sounds
7.45pm  Bonnie flew out nest left, and Mir went and perched on nest rail there at left, looking out.
 -  is Bon encouraging Mir to being to hop to branches?
 Mir jumped across from nest left to the rear and up on a branch just outside the back rail!
 She is sooo proud of her self!  She is just going here and there partly jumping partly with her wings!  Neat!
8.15   she has been going from one rail on left to back rail, perching on rails, she is so excited


April 28  Sunday  NESTWEATHER  -  temp 43-70 sunny
When Mir starts using the branches, we wont be able to see her without a cam operator
8.00pm  April  27 FIRST BRANCHING!  -  She is 6 weeks today, hatched March 17
3.45pm  cam position changed, backed off

3.30am  Miracle is standing on rail nest right looking out.  All is still.  I hear a male GHO hoot nearby, Bonnie horking, Dudley laying there
3.40am  Mir turns and flies down to mid nest - and I HEARD her wing beats
3.45am  Bon back with prey, starts to eat, making that gurgling odd purr sound
 -  Mir jumps, flaps around the nest
3.55am  Bon leaves again but is close, I hear her
4.41am  barred owl hoots
4.50am  Mir hops n flaps from rail nest left to back rail, looks out over the night
5.00am  robins are singing merrily,
5.24am  Bon returns, Mir tearing at prey, she and mom fight over it, Mom wins
5.30am  daylight, both owls eating, Robins song joined by cardinals
- Bon walks to nest left rail, hops up on it, hops to a near branch, hops to a further branch and horks to Mir to follow her.
 That is so neat!  Bon is teaching Miracle life lessons!  Mir does the head roll, goes to back nest rail, stands up and stretches
5.45am  Bon flies down to nest with purrs, grunts and huffs, Mir joins her
5.50am  Bon out of nest again - but close
6.10am  Bon drops into nest - she is evidently trying to encourage Mir out of the nest - very normal and expected
11.50am  I hear the eagles chuckling.  wonder if they have eggs.  I hear crows too.
11.55am  Bon left nest, farmers have a motor goin - maybe tractor, may be plowing
- mourning doves cooing sure resembles an owl!  Mir sits alone, lays down stands up
12.40pm  Bon returns, her throats is moving rapidly and her wings out - as if she is panting
3.45pm  Bon left - cam position changed
5.15p,  Bon is back - unsure when she came
 -  Miracle and Bonnie have both been panting today.  its very warm
 -  Mir is alone more than with mom
7.30pm  I heard 2 LOUD gunshots very close, all was still afterward. No sign of Bonnie.  Mir laid flat
7.55 pm  There is a HUGE bug on tree!  fly or black spider - ewww!
8.15pm I see flying bugs - moth?
8.27pm Bon finally returns when Mir jumps up on back rail.  She drags out a prey from her stockpile to eat - or did she bring it, cant be sure
8.30 she leave again

April 29    Monday  NESTWEATHER  -  temp 50s rain
Beautiful new cam positioning!  Opens up a whole new world
Bonnie teaching Miracle to branch

 -  Mir looks alone but Mom's on one of the near branches
4.15am  Miracle alone with Dudley at near edge of nest.  No Bonnie.  All is very calm and oddly quiet
4.55am  Barred owls calling in distance
5.05am  Clyde flies in with big rodent, tries to feed Mir, finally she takes it, and Mir took it in the pantry with the other prey, trys to eat it.
5.11am  -  mama comes with prey, both eat
 birds singing,   I wonder if B and C are hunting together
5.22am  Bon leaves, Mir jumps around nest again
5.36am  Mir jumps to rear of nest and hops up on rail facing out - NORMAL behavior we WANT to see
  dawn, brief rain shower
5.40am  Bon returns with prey, drops it into pantry, makes grunting squeeky sounds
 -  Mir tries to self feed, I dont think she can tear prey yet
6.20am  Appears Bonnie and Miracle are settled for awhile in nest.  I saw NO expansion of branching beyond rails
10.17am  Bon on a branch nest left, encouraging Mir to come out.  I hear crows.  nice new cam position
- always knew Bon was close but didnt know where - now we can see her just off nest on branch where Mir can easily get to her
10.41am  Bon flyjumped from nest nest to Mir up to big limb off back rail, turned and huffed to baby.  such a good mom, teachin her young un
 Mir didnt want to branch so laid down flat in nest  Laughing
noon - Mir will crouch, then fly-jump up on big limb over the back rail, but wont go off any other rail
12.15pm  some kind of odd sound near mic, Bonnie fluffs up til she is round, crouches, then stretches - no idea if machine or bird or squirrel
 fly on dudley
 I am having trouble telling the mom from the owlet!
4.30pm  Mom and owlet laying together by tree
 nasty wind tonite
8.00pm  Poor owls!  the people have some horrible noisy motor something, so loud.  poor Mir flattened herself to the nest, looked terrified

April 30    Tuesday  NESTWEATHER  -  temp 51-80  dawn Tstorm
CAM    cam needs to be where it was Monday - showing the whole branching area
PANTRY  Yuk, a snake, looked black with IR but white in daylite
OBSERVATIONS:  GOODBYE DUDLEY!  Guess wind finally blew Dudley the egg out of nest about 5.00am, I dont see it and Mir was by it

4.00am  Miracle sits alone with Dudley, the egg.
5.00am  thunderstorm passes, then saw Mir flap her wings to dry off, and saw Bonnie fly off.  Glad she was with owlet durng storm.
- Mir is near tree - she moved but couldnt see cuz cam went dark during lightning storm
5.36am  Mir is hopping and flapping around nest, up on rails, Bon on nearby branch.  Couldnt see her for awhile
5.42  getting light, mom and owlet eating by tree
6.04am  Bonnie dragging a snake?  I'd love to have seen her catch that snake!  Did storm drive it outta its hole?
6.25am  from back rail JUMP JUMP to middle of nest, turn, JUMP to left rail
   Mir hopped up on back rail then out to back limb and up limb and outta cam shot.  Its a thick solid safe limb.
 cam needs to be where it was Monday - showing the whole branching area
  6.45am  I am now noticing the storm did some light damage.  I see new sticks in nest.  
  I hope thats not Dudley under sticks on right side.  The egg that wouldnt leave!  He's gonna be branching before the owlet!
9.00am  Mir has prey, maybe rodent, and Bon is trying to take it from her but Mir keeps turning in a circle.  Is Bon teaching her to mantle?

May  1   [/size]  NESTWEATHER  -  temp 50s rain
OBSERVATIONS:  The name the cam people chose for the owlet is Storm.  I dont like it.  It says nothing, no story, no romance, no meaning.

4.00am  Mir playing around in nest, jumping out onto back branch
4.50am  Clyde brings prey to Mir and Bonnie jumps into nest horking and clacking her beek - at Clyde!  WEIRD!  Bon grabs prey
5.30am  Bon out on branch softly chuffing to Mir to join her. Mir stands on left rail then turns and say - not today Mom
7.00pm  Miracle laid on rail nest left for hours, then May 2 morning nest empty

May  2    NESTWEATHER  -  temp 50s storm coming
PANTRY   I see a rodent. Bonnie will return for that.

3.30am  No owl seen.  Very windy.  Miracle laid on rail nest left for hours late yesterday.
There are many branches and the owlet could use her wings enough that she WOULD NOT have had a hard fall
4.36am  I Heard Bonnie and saw Clyde drop prey on near edge of nest. I heard chittering I think it was Clyde.
4.50am  I hear Bonnie huff and a robin's cheerio and other birds

-  I think Bon and Mir are in tree under nest, I think I saw them when cam panned
This may be the last of my notes, owls dont return to the nest.  Its been fun.

May 1 Video - around midnight Bonnie came with prey to an empty nest.  Huffed, no owlet, laid rodent by tree and flew out over back door  

May 1 LAST Video of Miracle- nest left - thats where I last saw her live.
Last I see of her here on video she hopped out over back door

Owls dont return to the nest.
Its been fun watching Mama Bonnie teaching her daughter Miracle life skills the owlet will need.

April is the season for owls to fledge - learn to fly
May  3, 2013    NESTWEATHER
 -  temp 30s  rain
Twitterbirds hopped around in the nest and mice scurried around and held a memorial vigil over the pantry where their relatives were eaten.
No owl, no eagle.  If Clyde came to nest I dont think anyone'd see him, he leaves so fast.

I wasnt the only one who saw the owlet, and we think we saw Bonnie nearby.
I spoke to others who also saw the owlet, who is fine, and Bonnie is feeding her.

I am delighted urdognu has some owl videos for May 1 thru 4 Very Happy

May 1 at 2.15 pm  owlet moved beyond rail to nest left branch

Owlet fledge - or branch furter away?
May 1, 2013 about 8.30 pm
owlet goes over back door rail
At the 8 minute mark, owlet moves to a branch at top of screen.
Typically, young fledge between 60-70 days after hatch.
Once the owlets leave the nest, they typically roost on a tree branch which they often have to climb to until they become more accomplished fliers

May 3  juvie eagle visits nest - probly a 3 year old
I heard the eagle but was afk and didnt see it

May  4    NESTWEATHER  -  temp 35  
When Miracle last left the nest, she went out over the back door.  that is the direction she will be now, safely perched.

4.00-5.00 am  I have been hearing Bonnie huff, so she is nearby, so I know the owlet is fine.
noon I heard the unmistakable chuckle of an eagle
5.00pm  A newbie saw an owl in the nest just after noon and heard it hoot.
A couple regulars on this site bully newbies.  If they dont see it "no one" else does either.  humpf.

most nest activity is small birds hopping around the nest, picking up straws for their nests

In a natural setting owlets that appear to have fallen from their nest actually have fledged.  Smile
When the young owls are 6-8 weeks old, they begin to venture from their nest.
This is before they can actually fly
Miracle did what she is supposed to do!  Smile

WR ustream videos May 4
was there an owl in nest or not?

May  5 Sunday  
3.26am I heard a bird sing.  Its night, I dont know what bird sings at night.
3.41am  barred owl hoots in the distance
4.40am  robins singing
4.52am more birds waking
5.07am  I HEARD the GHO OWLs HOOTING!  hoo hoo hoo huhu hoo,  then a lower hoot replied!
 I am hearing Bonnie and Clyde hooting to each other!  Back n forth.
 Lots of small birds singing their hearts out.  Gonna be a beautiful day!
 The morning doves are cooing too.  They'd make a nice breakfast for the owlet!
Yesterday a newbie thot she saw and heard an owl in the nest.  Maybe she heard a dove, not the owl.

5.20am  first light
6.14am  I hear an eagle sharp single cry, sort of like a squeek, not chuckle, and crows, and a distant GHO hoot and doves
6.55am  I hear a hollow squawking call, I think its a crane
7.27am  An adult bald eagle in nest for seconds - probly female, wingtips were crossed.
  She flew in, turned around, pecked at something and left

7.51am  woodpecker drillin away, rat tata tata
10.00am  Adult eagle sits in tree - cam panned.  It may be Martha.  She sat there a very long time.

I'm sure Bonnie saw eagles in her nest May 3 and 5 and did not defend it, so I suspect she will not return to it.
starlings, grackles, chickadees, nuthatches, songbirds frequent the nest

VIDEO May 5 noon  Is This Martha Landing on Branch?

May  6 Monday  
OBSERVATIONS:    -  I'd guess both Bonnie and owlet are either in the nest tree or the tree next to it, not far

3.30am  bird call - similar to a redwing blackbird, unsure
4.00am  dog wuff
4.16am  big splash, (owl fishing?) something walking in water, bird call (rw blackbird?)
4.30am  more redwing blackbird calls, chirping of other waking songbirds, robins cheerio
4.40am  owl hissing - I thot I heard this earlier but unsure.  Whether Bonnie or Miracle I dont know.  Food begging hiss, huff - not what I call a hork.
4.45am  owl hissing, begging food, stronger,  distant dog barking, robins and other songbirds singing to wake the dawn
5.00am  continued owl hissing - again, no idea if mama or owlet
5.03am  the hiss is now more that urgent hork of Bonnie's around dawn when she wants Clyde to bring her food
5.12am  first light  -  hiss-horking.  Its possible Bonnie is hissing encouragment to Miracle to fly.
 -  I'd guess both Bonnie and owlet are either in the nest tree or the tree next to it, not far
5.26am  woodpecker
5.34am  crows very close making an awful racket!  That proves Bonnie is close by.  Pity ground folks unable to see them.
 -  Those cam people dont care about anything but donations.
5.45am  I hear a softer hiss, that just might be Miracle!  I can hope


May  7  Tuesday  
OBSERVATIONS:    -  ONCE I heard Clyde hooting today
I'd guess both Bonnie and owlet are either in the nest tree or the tree next to it, not far
2.41am  Bonnie or Miracle hiss - food begging
2.47am  distant barred owls hooting whoo cooks for youuuuu
 -  GHO hissing,   other bird sounds also
2.50am  repeated low hooting - probably Clyde, and more hissing.  My guess is its Miracle hissing, no way to be sure
 -  Bonnie would be hunting herself if Miracle wasnt here, so WE KNOW the owlet is ok
3.00am  stronger and more insistent hissing GHO
3.10am  WOW!  GHO bark so close to the mic it echoed!  I doubt Mir flies yet so it has to be Bonnie very near nest mic
3.45am  continued GHO hiss-barking - and more hooting from barred owls
3.50am  I think I can hear both Bonnie and Miracle hissing together.  Mir has kind of a - learner hiss.  Too cute.  Bonnie an adult strong hiss / bark / hork.
 -   Its unlikely Bonnie and Miracle will be seen again, but its comforting to hear them.
  -  Actually, I did hear GHO owlets hiss, so Im sure one of these hisses is Mir.
4.15am  I am hearing both Bonnie and Miracle hissing nearly continuously
4.45am  songbirds singing, Mir hissing / barking, other sounds
5.20am  dawn, birdsong, Mir hissing Too cute.  
5.50am  crows are up and cawing their beeks off.  are they seeing Clyde off to his roost?


May  8  Wednsday  
Bonnie and her owlet are in Clydes Territory somewhere

3.15am  heard distant GHO and that rw blackbird squawk
- I think its the owlet hissing
4.26am  Loud hooooooooooooo!  musta been an owl but neither GHO or barred hoot I know. Heard that 3 times
4.45am  first light, Miracle hissing, both parents hooting  (too much traffic!)
5.06am dawn and all the songbirds making a racket
5.50am  crows not far
6.40am  Miracle hissing - wish I'd hear more hooting

May  9  Thursday  
OBSERVATION   -  Heard lots of gurgling of water
3.05am  I hear Bonnie and Clyde hooting to each other several times, not loud so not close far. Also hear Miracle hiss so cant be too far.
3.21am  LOUD barred owl call, close.
3.30am  this blackbird calls every morning about this time - over an hour before first light
 -  distant barred owls,  the same owl HOOoooooooooooooo! I heard yesterday.
 -  I looked HOOOoooooooo call up - its the barred owl alarm call
 -  I hear the HOOoooooo near and far both, in with usual barred owl calls
3.42am  several HOOooooooooooooo  calls
3.44am  Miracle hiss hiss hiss, so cute.  so happy she is ok
4.40am  Songbirds waking, calling
4.50am  first light, the robins chorus in full swing

May  14
3.17am  I heard 2 GHO hoot - most likely Bonnie and Clyde as this is Clyde's territory
4.08am  I hear Miracle hiss

May  13  
First still quiet day for awhile
3.45-4.30am  I think I am hearing Miracle hissing off  n on - little soft short HISS sounds
4.45am songbird racket, loud singing robins and others and traffic

Bonnie's Miracle
I wrote a short story about Bonnie and completed it May 5, 2013
I had pics there but they are gone now

April 10 Greywind said they will not be banding the baby owl.  
The water is too high and they can not get a bucket truck back in there.
When the owlet is branching greywind will be over there and take photos of her.

Things are strange at the nest.  It seems too soon for Clyde to leave Mom hunt for herself and baby.
I dont know if its normal or if Clyde is injured.  I do know baby Miracle is fine.

Owlzilla attacks Bonnie
Nicely done video composite of the attacks.  Amazing Bonnie and eggs escaped harm

GHO vs eagle

Peregrine Falcon nest

Rocky River eagles, OHIO
Eagle love story.  Her mate was killed and she had eggs in her nest.  A new male courted her

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