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AmericaPolitics CHAT, crazy DaisyDew op

AmericaPolitics chatroom, DaisyDew op

Other ops who are servants of Satan
Ratbasturd, duckdodgers

AmericaPolitics CHAT, crazy DaisyDew op
DaisyDew is insane, irrational, and a pathological LIAR - just like Obama!

Log Feb. 13, 2014
- in #AmericaPolitics open channel log where this (begins?  continues?)

[19:03] <+LiberTea> DaisyDewNothing makes a monthly appearance, accuses everybody of rule8 abuse, threatens to ban everybody who rule8's people, reverses everything other ops have done and then proclaims "you don't need rule8, that's what the ops are for"
19:04] <+Christiann> true LiberTea!  and when she comes I leave - I know someone who left and wont return cuz of her
[19:04] <+CuLtOfOne> Daisy started the channel she can declare what she wants
[19:04] <+LiberTea> Christiann, but yet she says it's "us" who run people off
[19:04] <+Christiann> its her
[19:05] <+LSzilard> CuLtOfOne:  Fortunateley DaisyDew is not Thrull....she did not seed the channel with cyrpto-Bolshevik "progressives" before she handed it over, like Thrull did in #politics
[19:05] * ApacheLady ( has joined #AmericaPolitics
[19:05] * PartyWhip sets mode: +v ApacheLady
[19:05] <+ApacheLady> Hi All
Session Close: Thu Feb 13 19:05:56 2014
I dont stay after Apache comes - she's as crazy as daisy

LiberTea posted the following in pastebin because daisy saw what he said and attacked him in pm - private msg

Feb. 14 in pm
<LiberTea> This is what I said in the channel that got under her skin: DaisyDew Nothing makes a monthly appearance, accuses everybody of rule8 abuse, threatens to ban everybody who rule8's people, reverses everything other ops have done and then proclaims "you don't need rule8, that's what the ops are for"
[08:18 - true - I've seen it  -and when I do - I LEAVE CHANNEL
<LiberTea> she oped all of her cronys yesterday, Vox, CultofOne and Printrock
[08:19] <Christiann> isnt that against all rules - of ap and irc in general?
[08:19] <Christiann> she did that a week ago to rolosax who kicked me


She is talking to LiberTea  (Durham)
LiberTea ( has joined #Patriot
daisydew meltdown Thu Feb 13, 2014

Logged Thu Feb 13
Thu.08:29:57p»  [PM] from DaisyDew you need to respond, you made some serious charges
Thu.08:32:04p»  [PM] from DaisyDew answer
Thu.08:47:36p»  [PM] from DaisyDew you need to answer in channel on the serious charges you made against me, point by point

Thu.08:55:36p» -> *DaisyDew* try to get this straight, you have made numerous accusations against me and have not provided any proof of any of them even after I asked for proof. I have proof of what I said, I log everything, I even keep channel stats, but I don't feel obligated to prove anything to you as you don't feel the same obligation. Have a nice day.

Thu.08:56:21p»  [PM] from DaisyDew I want the logs of what you said, I want proof in the channel. you made the accusations now you are afraid to talk about it in channel.
Thu.08:56:44p»  [PM] from DaisyDew I'm going to post again what you said in channel and I want point by point discussion:

Thu.08:56:46p» -> *DaisyDew* so you didn't get what I just said, I'm not surprised

Thu.08:57:22p»  [PM] from DaisyDew I just read it, so PROVE those claims as they were serious charges and YES you are part of the rule8 cabal who abuse it horribly

Thu.08:57:36p» -> *DaisyDew* prove your claims first

Thu.08:58:09p»  [PM] from DaisyDew to show how OFTEN you use rule8 I would have to go after every single log I have as I've seen you do it. I want it discussed IN CHANNEL. I don't like secrecy
Thu.08:58:52p»  [PM] from DaisyDew I told you too many logs, I need you to answer every claim in channel. #1 NEVER does an OP undo another OPs action. THAT you prove that I ever undid another OPs action
Thu.08:59:25p»  [PM] from DaisyDew you want to be part of this channel, then be fair and debate fair and prove your charges. thats the conservative way. and STOP abusing rule8

Thu.08:59:35p» -> *DaisyDew* prove your charges first

Thu.09:00:34p»  [PM] from DaisyDew no too many logs but mainly because I caught you tonight in 3 Obama, I now know you LIE in that comment and you would NOT be satisfied with my proof
Thu.09:00:51p»  [PM] from DaisyDew in order to establish any credibility you must ANSWER these LIES
Thu.09:01:05p»  [PM] from DaisyDew do you have any proof that I have ever undone another ops actions?

Thu.09:01:06p» -> *DaisyDew* I have better things to do since you can't prove your accusations

Thu.09:02:15p»  [PM] from DaisyDew then you have LIED and like any control freak LYING liberal you have proven to me you are a liberal for you KNOW you lied. You can't even tell me a single op who had their actions undone. I will post that comment several times a day so your LIES will be exposed

Thu.09:03:02p» -> *DaisyDew* feel free to make a fool our yourself, I couldn't care less

Thu.09:05:01p»  [PM] from DaisyDew oh the fool will be you, don't you know that, the PROOF of the LIES you said yet never could prove it. who did I reverse and when did I ever say we don't need rule8?
Thu.09:05:52p»  [PM] from DaisyDew you idiot I MADE rule8 when I made the channel. How stupid are you. I MADE all the rules for the channel and NO ONE, no OP can undo another OPs act. you stupid idiot

Thu.09:06:41p» -> *DaisyDew* wow, that's pretty hysterical of you to resort to name calling, I'm not surprised actually

Thu.09:07:31p»  [PM] from DaisyDew I MADE the rules and rule8 you fool!!! I spent 7 years working this channel you idiot. So you will be EXPoSED as the LIAR you are. Mark my word, I will post that every single day

Thu.09:07:48p» -> *DaisyDew* have fun babe

Thu.09:09:24p»  [PM] from DaisyDew you are NOT getting good notices in here about you, seems I'm not the only one sees what you are. I just found out. LOL

Thu.09:09:46p» -> *DaisyDew* indeed, the alcoholics are all on your side

Thu.09:10:48p»  [PM] from DaisyDew you are in trouble, your big LYING mouth not knowing that EVERYONE knows who made the rules, rule8 and started this channel more than 7 years ago. Gawd you should have known before you told everything things they KNOW are LIES

Thu.09:11:29p» -> *DaisyDew* oh god give it a break, it's freakin' irc go take a pill or something

Thu.09:11:40p»  [PM] from DaisyDew stupid fool but of course you abuse rule8 you can't DEBATE andd evidently are NOT respected and liked in here by our long time regulars. why don't you and the insane snorky go make a channel bwahahahaha
Thu.09:12:16p»  [PM] from DaisyDew stupid fool, I'll post it daily so all know how stupid you are. The owner of the channel doesn't like the rule8 she made bwahahahha

Thu.09:12:17p» -> *DaisyDew* you really shouldn't get mad on irc, it makes you look foolish

Thu.09:12:39p»  [PM] from DaisyDew get lost you stupid LIAR and rule8 abuser.
End of Message Window buffer    Thu Feb 13 22:23:58 2014
Thu Feb 13


DaisyDew has made a fool of herself frequently during Feb. 2014
She lies and attacks and drives conservative chatters out of #ap.
LiberTea is a very good chatter and he has never absued Rule8 when I have been there.

pastebin post - from DaisyDew then you have LIED and like any control freak LYING liberal you have proven to me you are a liberal for you KNOW you lied

if [b]LIES
are daisy's criteria for who is liberal - then daisy has often LIED about me and snorky - making HER a liberal, and vox and VMS are also libertals for their habitual LIES.




During the month of February 2014 I have myself seen DaisyDew LIE about several other chatters, repeatedly, and drive them out of the channel - or kick them out - and then complain the rest of us drive chatters off.
The person she accused of abusing Rule8 never is guilty of that and is a very good chatter.
She did not accuse the real rule8 abusers.  Daisydew has driven good chatters off.  She is nuts.
Unfortunately those who own and run the channel allow her to be an op - so she can and does op all her drunken friends.  This is very bad.

Sad - as it was a good channel


YES, I have seen her op up the bad guys, the nasties I keep in ignore.
She needs to leave the ops she had - not op freeks.
I wish I'd saved logs to post here

ACCESS  #AmericaPolitics
Here are the ops (mods) and their levels on Feb. 14, 2014  morning
500  access level is the owner of AP

499  IogicaI  -  nick  XisDshizL
498  LadyLiberty   -  nick DaisyDew
450  Mechinaco ACCESS: 450
450  schudy - nick johnm
350  MReedB - LAST SEEN: 400 days ago.
350  Knuckles012
350  ezwinner
350  sugarbear
100  PartyWhip - bot
100  ApacheGal
100  MobRule  Rule8  bot
100  moonbat  bot

#AmericaPolitics ops

I wish the channel owner and high ops would remove daisydew's ops / access

You will note that in DaisyDew pm to LiberTea she told him to PROVE his charges.
All his charges were true, I have witnessed them, but dont have logs.
YOU can post them here if you have logs.  Please dont post opinion, just logs.


HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy

NEWS with prophetic analysis


LiberTea Feb 16 Sunday 2014

LiberTea» thanks, you just proved my point
Sun.03:49  LiberTea» by the way, if you can show me what exactly that person did/said that constituted a rule8 vote let me know, until then it's called vindictiveness because I made 1 vote all day long and it was to keep someone in the channel. I proved you were a hypocrite

03:50:09p DaisyDew» doesn't matter anymore, too late to try to chat now. you lied about me and you didn't know I created this channel, all the rules including rule8, the site and the OPs. I tried to talk to you about abusing rule8

03:50:40p LiberTea» no you didn't, you made accusations you couldn't back up, but nice try, keep deluding yourself

03:51:29p  DaisyDew» and you keep deluding yourself, I have your post and thats it. I never forget a favor and I never forget a slight. you didn't know me and lied about me

03:51:53p  LiberTea» you lied about me first sweetheart

03:54:15p  DaisyDew» you had the chance for us to work it out, talk of each issue in private. I tried to work it out with you. now it's too late.

03:51:29p  DaisyDew» and you keep deluding yourself, I have your post and thats it. I never forget a favor and I never forget a slight. you didn't know me and lied about me

03:54:15p  DaisyDew» you had the chance for us to work it out, talk of each issue in private. I tried to work it out with you. now it's too late.

03:54:54p  LiberTea» now you're lying again, you never tried to work anything out -

*!*   banned by DaisyDew (LadyLiberty)  Feb 16 2014 15:20  24 hours    rule8 abuse warned several warnings in /msg

*!*   banned by DaisyDew (LadyLiberty)    Feb 16 2014   58 days   channel disruption go be *saved* in #patriot

Feb. 16, 2014  Sunday
The unjust banning of snorkie

[Sun.14:49] *** PartyWhip sets mode +v snorkies
[Sun.14:49] «+zombie_dogg» Elnino: Get that scroll printed out and put it in your kitchen
[Sun.14:49] «+ElNino» Oh hey, speak of satan
[Sun.14:49] «+VoxPopuli» tzip: Eliyahu or ElNino?
[Sun.14:49] «+VortexQ» the new pope is bowing down to worship the Worldwide Beast called 'sustainable development' and 'smart growth'. He uses these words in just about every single speech now.
[Sun.14:50] «+FathZippyZan» Thats the Puritans Dilemaa famous book
[Sun.14:50] «+^MPharaoh» praise mammon! shout it from the rooftops!
[Sun.14:50] «+ElNino» Has no one seen the Saturday Night Live skit with Chris Farley??
[Sun.14:50] «+snorkies» you are el-liar
[Sun.14:50] «+snorkies» menitroso.
[Sun.14:51] «+^MPharaoh» religious wars! I'll make the popcorn
[Sun.14:51] «+ElNino» I was gonna join usapolitics, but I didn't have the right corrections made in the margins of my Bible.
[Sun.14:51] «+tzip» Eliyahu, you have the full Catholic Bible then?
[Sun.14:51] «+VoxPopuli» tzip: Eliyahu or ElNino?
[Sun.14:51] «+tzip» I have the Mormon Bible. Does that count?
[Sun.14:51] «+^MPharaoh» you catholics gonna take that shoot? fight back like you got a pair!
[Sun.14:51] «+snorkies» ElNino nobody cares. get over it.

[Sun.14:51] «+VortexQ» I will betcha that the Vatican sits on one of those GREEN SPOTS on the Map. What do you think? O.o

[Sun.14:52] *** § +snorkies looks at the naughty scribbles all over ElNino's Bible margins
[Sun.14:52] «+^MPharaoh» whatever happened to the catholics who were just badass crusaders
[Sun.14:52] «+snorkies» yeah i'll bet.
[Sun.14:52] «+^MPharaoh» ride to the holy land & slaughter muslims
[Sun.14:52] «+ElNino» Matthew 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged. [strike that - JUDGE - lest ye be judged!]

[Sun.14:53] «+tzip» ^MPharaoh, The Enlightenment happened! ...right after sea trade with the East made secular trading SO much more profitable than religion.
[Sun.14:53] «+VortexQ» Pharaoh, they are too busy buying up green spots for their future smart growth plans. Wink
[Sun.14:53] «+snorkies» ElNino yes please keep taking scripture out of context and continuing to talk religion in your political room ... knock yourself out.
[Sun.14:53] «+ElNino» Stupidest shoot I've ever heard...
[Sun.14:53] «+ElNino» [13:46:58] * +DaisyDew nomic, whys, gmolly, tickl, period, cableguy and soon maybe Lazaruslupin and aero will be gone from this channel through rule8 abuse
[Sun.14:53] «+^MPharaoh» 'first the bible tells you to turn the other cheek. then it tells you later to take an eye'
[Sun.14:53] «+^MPharaoh» 'well, that's when you run out of cheeks'
[Sun.14:53] «+ElNino» Oh lordy!!! What would we do without gmolly and period!?
[Sun.14:54] «+tzip» No, first it's the "eye for an eye" thing, ^MPharaoh. That's in the Torah somewhere, Genesis? THEN Jesus came along and rather made it more gentle.
[Sun.14:54] «+ElNino» ^MPharaoh - Actually, that's in reverse order. Eye for an eye is from the Old Testament.
[Sun.14:54] «+ElNino» Christ said to stop doing that.

[Sun.14:54] «+^MPharaoh» it's just a mystery science theater line
[Sun.14:54] «+ElNino» Which is why Israel is still a bad-ass bunch of people.
[Sun.14:54] «+tzip» lol! I like the way you put that. As an aside, the POINT of the "eye for an eye" thing was that restitution is the key to justice, not revenge. Only God gets to do the revenge thing, God says.
[Sun.14:54] «+ElNino» Yeah, but they have noses.
[Sun.14:55] «+^MPharaoh» 'only god gets to do revenge' hahahahaha
[Sun.14:55] «+tzip» An ADDED advantage, ElNino.
[Sun.14:55] «+^MPharaoh» I'd say homo sapiens has done plenty of revenge in 2.4 million years
[Sun.14:55] «+FarmerJoe» wait, wait, wait. Hot Jewish Divas with Machine Guns?
[Sun.14:56] «+tzip» Yup, it has, ^MPharaoh. Bet'cha God is REALLY MAD!
[Sun.14:56] «+^MPharaoh» god hasn't done shoot
[Sun.14:56] «+^MPharaoh» that's retarded. history shows this
[Sun.14:56] «+tzip» Well, aside from hurricanes in Florida, ^MPharaoh. That was to punish Florida for having gay people there.
[Sun.14:56] «+tzip» - Pat Robertson
[Sun.14:56] «+^MPharaoh» I don't worry about fundie christians
[Sun.14:57] «+^MPharaoh» they don't tend to fly hijacked airliners into our skyscrapers
[Sun.14:57] «+tickl» ElNino I don't know why my name is on that list because it is not true. Never once did I mention rule8 abuse
[Sun.14:57] «+tzip» aw, they're tons of fun, ^MPharaoh. You should read some of their stuff. I found the greatest website yesterday explaining how God is against miscetenation.
[Sun.14:57] «+tzip» never MIND gay marriage!
[Sun.14:57] «+^MPharaoh» in fact, I have far more in common with fundie christians than I do with 'progressive' atheists
[Sun.14:58] «+^MPharaoh» you spelled it wrong
[Sun.14:58] «+tzip» ^MPharaoh, you're not allowed to be a conservative without being an Evangelical Pentacostal. SHAPE UP!
[Sun.14:58] «+^MPharaoh» & if that's the first time you've seen it, well lets just say you're a little slow
[Sun.14:58] «+^MPharaoh» you're like some teenager trying to be naughty. it's boring

[Sun.14:59] «+snorkies» tzip if you mean black and white marrying, there's false Chrisitans all over the place and the Bible tells you that. Maybe study it more Smile
[Sun.14:59] «+tzip» I'm shattered! just shattered!
[Sun.14:59] «+tzip» snorkies, wait, that's not MY position. It was the position of the Christian site I found.
[Sun.15:00] «+snorkies» tzip yes, a false Christian site.
[Sun.15:00] «+^MPharaoh» so you were looking for websites that make christians look stupid & you found one
[Sun.15:00] «+tzip» Well... who's to know the false ones from the 'real' ones, whatever THAT means.
[Sun.15:00] «+^MPharaoh» that's quite an acheivment
[Sun.15:00] «+^MPharaoh» you're a real internet pioneer

[Sun.15:01] «+tzip» nope, ^MPharaoh, another falst conclusion you're pole vaulted to. I was looking for details on the arguments against miscegenation; ran across that one.
[Sun.15:01] «+^MPharaoh» browsing where no one has ever browsed before
[Sun.15:01] «+VoxPopuli» "<snorkies> tzip yes, a false Christian site." <--- STILL determining what is "Christian" and what isn't. It never ends.
[Sun.15:01] «+snorkies» tzip.... the Bible tells you that there's false Christians.. and that it's up to you to discern.
[Sun.15:01] «+^MPharaoh» liar. your type is a dime a dozen

[Sun.15:01] «+tzip» Yup, VoxPopuli, which leaves we non-believing reprobates rather confused about it all.
[Sun.15:01] «+VortexQ» Daily Political Prophecy: Daniel 11:39, "Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain."
[Sun.15:01] «+tzip» I got no discernment, snorkies!
[Sun.15:01] «+^MPharaoh» or intelligence

[Sun.15:02] «+tzip» nope, none of that either, ^MPharaoh. Unlike you, of course.
[Sun.15:02] «+snorkies» OH, I see.. VoxPopuli thinks that a site that says blacks marrying whites is a REAL Christian site? HAHAHAHA Yeah, well... the Bible says Christians are how they -behave- and I guess he supports that sort of bigotry. what can I say.
[Sun.15:02] «+snorkies» excuse me, blacks marrying whites is WRONG...???
[Sun.15:02] «+snorkies» A CHRISTIAN site says that???
[Sun.15:02] «+tzip» snorkies, actually, about halfway through the thing I did think I caught a whiff of white supremecist thinking.
[Sun.15:03] «+snorkies» Somenoe doesn't have discernment as the Bible says we should .... that ISN'T a Christian thing to preach, sorry!!!
[Sun.15:03] «+VoxPopuli» "<Christiann> VoxPopuli if you are not reading and following your bible - you are not a christian" three minutes later....... "<Christiann> I dont determine who is a christian, Jesus Christ does." <--- Proof positive of the gross hypocrisy of some of these people.
[Sun.15:03] «+snorkies» yeah.. tzip... that isn't Christian, that's like the KKK burning crosses, that isn't Chrsitian either!!
[Sun.15:03] «+zombie_dogg» white surpremacists don't need a reason
[Sun.15:03] «+snorkies» but I guess Vox LIKES the burning crosses, so anyone claiming to be Christian, we shold believe, Vox?!
[Sun.15:03] «+zombie_dogg» ... OK I really need to find a background that works with this scheme
[Sun.15:03] «+snorkies» good grief
[Sun.15:03] «+tzip» snorkies, I'll say, as I possibly shouldn't, all of that doesn't fit with what *I* think Jesus was saying. But heck, what do I know. Smile
[Sun.15:04] «+^MPharaoh» not much apparently
[Sun.15:04] «+snorkies» tzip - Jesus depends on you to THINK for yourself! Smile He loves you.
[Sun.15:04] «+VortexQ» snorkies, that is not biblical€¦there are false prophets and false profits running rampant across the world.
[Sun.15:04] «+VoxPopuli» snorkies: Oh, so now I like "the burning crosses"? You are such a pathetic fraud.

[Sun.15:05] «+snorkies» VortexQ Just as the Bible said there would be. "Lest No Man Lead You Astray".
[Sun.15:05] «+tzip» I do try to think for myself, snorkies, but no, Jesus doesn't love me. I'm a reprobate, thus 'under wrath'. I think Jesus is just majorly miffed at me. BUT, he still rains on me so I won't complain. Smile

[Sun.15:05] «+snorkies» YOU ATTACK the Christians here, VoxPopuli.... and you get it back in your dish, you call others hypocrites? Look in a MIRROR, JACK

[Sun.15:05] «+VoxPopuli» "<snorkies> but I guess Vox LIKES the burning crosses" <--- This is what these pathetic frauds have to resort to. So sad.

[Sun.15:05] «+tzip» ...although that's Paul, not Jesus.
[Sun.15:06] «+^MPharaoh» religious wars!
[Sun.15:06] «+^MPharaoh» it's even better than an evolution debate

[Sun.15:06] «+snorkies» <+VoxPopuli> "<snorkies> tzip yes, a false Christian site." <--- STILL determining what is "Christian" and what isn't. It never ends. << YOU LIE TOO, jack.. how does it feel, huh???

[Sun.15:06] «+FarmerJoe» I miss the days when all the "Christians" got together and held a good old fashioned Jew Stomp
[Sun.15:06] «+snorkies» it says I GUESS.. you can say 'no' you know.
[Sun.15:06] «+^MPharaoh» ostensible christians hating on each other
[Sun.15:06] «+snorkies» lol FarmerJoe

[Sun.15:06] «+snorkies» Well, VoxPopuli can stop attacking the good Christians here for their opinons.. ANY OL' TIME.....
[Sun.15:06] «+VoxPopuli» "<Christiann> VoxPopuli if you are not reading and following your bible - you are not a christian" three minutes later....... "<Christiann> I dont determine who is a christian, Jesus Christ does." <--- You FAIL to see the hypocrisy in that statement, snorky? Of CORSE you will.

[Sun.15:07] «+tzip» Folks, before we get on TOO high a horse about our non-belief, we'd better keep in mind that we, too, hold some pretty strange and conflicting beliefs. EVERYBODY does. Let's give some room to snorkies and tribe.
[Sun.15:07] *** X sets mode +b *!*
[Sun.15:07] *** [#americapolitics] Banned- snorkies
[Sun.15:07] *** [Kick] X kicked snorkies ((LadyLiberty) channel disruption go be *saved* in #patriot)


DaisyDew's Meltdown

DaisyDew's Meltdown Part Deux

The Banning of Snorky for defending herself

Feb 18, 2014
Apachegal banned Griego.  She like Daisy HATE Christians.
As of Feb. 18 DaisyDew is still an op.  The high ops and channel owner refuse to take her power.
AP ops / owner philosophy is - Daisy is family.  Even if she is killing people they wont take her gun away.

DaisyDew (LadyLiberty) banned me today for 100 days - on the basis of a LIE.  My life is standing up for Jews / Israel and teaching the TRUTH about it.
* You were kicked from #AmericaPolitics by X ((LadyLiberty) channel disruption, drive by topic changes to bible quotes, dissing catholics, jews, etc)

She banned me, wings - Christian
She banned snorky - Christian
She banned LiberTea  -  Christian
Apache banned Griego  -  Christian

DaisyDew claims to be conservative, yet in February she has banned 4 conservatives -
on the basis of LIES - which makes her the same as Barak Obama

ISRAEL, news and prophecy

Very long log posted here on Feb. 16
#AmericaPolitics log from Feb 05 to 16,  2014

Part of log - I inserted my comments

Griego> Patriette, if you were a VETERAN you would understand but you're not!
<+Griego> Patriette, I just point out the TRUTH you lying old HAG! Anyone can confirm what retarded airhead aero said!
<+RP_> aero`, he may be giving up
<+Sziv_elet> Christiann;. Try it again..  leave 2 spaces  before the "a"
<+aero`> RP_ what makes you think that
<+patriette> Rove is just going to try a different tactic
<+Griego> Patriette, you're 85??? Now I understand why you're so desperate that you have a love affair with the most retarded Marxist in the world- AIRHEAD AERO
<+Christiann> I already voted - I cant vote twice
<+RP_> aero`, according to recent filings with the FEC, Conservative Victory Project had $179 cash on hand as of December 31. The group brought in only $10,798 in the second half of 2013, and every dollar came from American Crossroads (its meager spending has all been on mundane things like legal and bank fees and computer support).
<+FathZippyZan> !rule8 aero` aye
<+Rule8>  FathZippyZan voted AYE aero`(5)
Mode: [+b *!*] by X
Kick: aero` by X [(MobRule) You can roll a turd in powered sugar; that don't make it a jelly donut]
<+FathZippyZan> What a schmuck
<+Griego> !rule patriette aye LYING UGLY FREAK!!
<+Griego> !rule8 patriette aye LYING UGLY FREAK!
<+Rule8>  Griego voted AYE patriette(1)
<+FathZippyZan> Griego, guess what, my doctor of 20 years doesn't take my obama care
<+Sziv_elet> About time!

DaisyDew LIE
* DaisyDew we have managed to cause several of our regular chatters to leave permanently: whys, period, nomic and others...bullied out of the chat room. I suspect others will follow soon. If you think a chat room can survive without chat, think again cause this room is getting shut down by the abuse of rule8 and the loss of chatters.

<+Sziv_elet> FZZ; thanks!
<+FathZippyZan> nomic?
<+Griego> Fathzippyzan i'm glad Smile
<+FathZippyZan> Nomic is great
<+RP_> The Times reported on a "quiet but intense" background fight between conservative super PACs challenging Crossroads for big donors. Because of Rove and Crossroads' toxic brand among some conservatives and the backlash from conservative leaders over Conservative Victory Project, the Times explained that Crossroads was "testing a new approach" of setting up "legally separate" local political groups that tap into the same funding base, but bene
<+RP_> fit from being less overtly tied to Rove.
<+FathZippyZan> what happened to him
<+Griego> Daisydew, airhead aero will NOT leave me alone and other conservatives as well.
<+patriette> DaisyDew..  hello!  and you are a very wise lady...
<+Griego> Daisydew, the retarded Marxist airhead aero only comes here to TROLL
<+DaisyDew> FathZippyZan and he won't be back, bullied by the rule8 cabal
<+FathZippyZan> Come to think of it, I haven't heard from nomic in a long time
<+Griego> Patriette, you are FAR from wise
<+ElNino> yeaaaah. ya know... patriette...
<+Griego> Patriette, you're stupid
<+FathZippyZan> Probably because he came in here drunk all the time and made an ass of himself
<+DaisyDew> Griego doesn't matter, we don't have a rule about *trolling* as it's subjective
<+ElNino> ya kinda pissed me off back there...  what the fooey was taht about?
<+FathZippyZan> I also was trying to get him to take his meds, but he refuses too
<+ElNino> that
<+Griego> Daisydew, airhead aero flooded the channel, you saw it
<+FathZippyZan> I suspect that he is a train wreck about to happen
<+Lazaruslupin> griego is a sensitive type.
<+ElNino> Maybe you hit the wrong button??
<+ElNino> Please explain.
<+DaisyDew> patriette thanks and we are losing numbers slowly
<+FathZippyZan> Lazaruslupin: whats the color of the day genius
<+ElNino> I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt.
<+Lazaruslupin> Fath don't know.
<+Griego> Obama is the worst thing that has happened to America
<+patriette> It is part of the plan,  Daisy Dew
<+DaisyDew> Griego I'll scroll up and see if he flooded the channel
<+FathZippyZan> Losing numbers?  I thought this channel was rocking
<+FathZippyZan> All channels are losing numbers, has nothing to do with rule8
<+Sziv_elet> "bullied"? Would you rather have  OPs like  HiltlerJude and Globby who  BAN you just for diasgreeing with them?
<+Lazaruslupin> Daisy he didn't.
<+RP_> gmolly has spies watching
<+Griego> Daisydew do IT you lying IDIOT! EVERYONE SAW airhead aero flood the channel first you liar!
<+FathZippyZan> Sziv_elet: EXACTLLY
<+Lazaruslupin> I didn't.
<+FathZippyZan> And the aeros of the world attack this channel outside of it
<+Griego> SOrry daisydew that was for PATRIETE Smile)))))))))
<+Lazaruslupin> didn't see one flood.
<+ElNino> I was talking to apachelady and we thought that maybe if we made snorkie an op...
<+ElNino> JOKING!!!!!
<+FathZippyZan> rule8 is only 3 hours—our bans on other channels are permenant
<+RP_> fagtime is gmolly's bitch
<+FathZippyZan> I think thats a very "liberal" policy
<+FathZippyZan> Ragtime—LOL
<+ElNino> Well, there are some like Droog that could probably use a perma
<+FathZippyZan> He should be in jail, not on IRC
<+Sziv_elet>  mine are usually atleast 12-15 hours on #politics
<+Griego> RP, and you're airhead aero's LOVER
<+Sziv_elet>  LOL! 3 hours is NOTHIGN

Very long log posted here on Feb. 16  -  continued
#AmericaPolitics log from Feb 05 to 16,  2014

DaisyDew LIE
* DaisyDew but I will tell you and warn you, if you are under the delusion that a channel can survive with only conservatives in it, as snorky who has made dozens of channels or AngelWings, then they run them off. This channel cannot survive and is going to die if you don't use some judgement and wisdom about rule8
<+RP_> I only know aero` is from Texas
<+FathZippyZan> hold on, isn't snorkie a conservative
<+patriette> Like follow the rules,
<+Griego> Daisydew, I talked to Snorkey and Angelwings about Catholic bashing. Hopefully they understood
<+FathZippyZan> isn't angel wings a conservative

* DaisyDew a channel cannot survive with only conservatives. if you run off all the libs, bully them, then the channel will die
<+Griego> Daisydew, but DON'T forget please Snorkie is a conservative and so is ANGEL. REtarded airhead aero is the MOST Marxist Obamadrone in the world that is trying to destroy this channel.
<+FathZippyZan> We have no issues with libs, we have issues with bald faced liars and back stabbers
<+RP_> DaisyDew, libertarians can provide some debate too

Very long log - posted on Feb. 16 - continued from earlier dates
#AmericaPolitics log from Feb 05 to 16,  2014

DaisyDew LIE
<+DaisyDew> Griego snorky comes in here only to use rule8 and bully people
<+DaisyDew> RP_ indeed they can
<+FathZippyZan> But she is conservative and left the channel
<+Griego> Daisydew, I talked to her about Catholic bashing. She's a conservative. Airhead aero is FAR from a conservative.
<+FathZippyZan> So not only libs leave the channel
<+patriette> Griego,  oh don't forget me...   I am a liberal!  :::::::: rolling my eyes :::::::  /sarc on
<+RP_> UnPapist keeps us informed on the latest Alex Jones stuff
<+Griego> Daisydew, as you saw Airhead aero makes conservatives fight against each other
<+FathZippyZan> conservatives come and go too
<+Griego> Patriette, I don't care what you are. YOU are STUPID and you are in love with airhead aero
<+RP_> DaisyDew, and there's rinos too
<+Griego> Patriette, and where do you get off calling me STUPID??? I speak many languages, I was raised in Greece but I speak English better than you! I
<+Griego> I'm  a Spanish professor
<+patriette> Are the rules of the channel that only conservative 'so called christians'  allowed in here?   just curious...  I hadn't read that in the rules...
<+DaisyDew> Griego then don't allow yourself to be manipulated by them
<+Griego> Not to mention Patriette you're 3 times my age!
<+RP_> Griego teaches spanish
<+Griego> Rp, yes I do and I can prove it
<+RP_> como estas?
<+Griego> Retarded airhead aero can't speak ONE word of SPanish and the freak lives in Texas
<+FathZippyZan> I speak french—parlez vous baby
<+RP_> bon jour FathZippyZan
<+patriette> Griego...  who called you stupid?  Don't try that with me... and others..  
<+FathZippyZan> ca va
<+Griego> RP, estoy malisimo y enojado y que te importa, tu eres el amante del atrasado mental aero
<+FathZippyZan> ca va bien
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[16:16] <snroky> yikes
[16:16] <snroky> netsplit
[16:16] * Sziv_elet ( has joined #usapolitics

Very long log posted here on Feb. 16  -  continued
#AmericaPolitics log from Feb 05 to 16,  2014

Daisydew is doing the chasing away
<+DaisyDew> patriette indeed not as this channel will die and IS DYING based on it's numbers because a good many conservatives are beating up on the old regulars here
<+FathZippyZan> This channel is the friggin united nations
<+Griego> Patriette, your lover airhead aero calls me stupid all the time and you always agree with him LIAR!
Join: DoctorWho []
Mode: [+v DoctorWho] by PartyWhip
<+FathZippyZan> best channel on irc
<+Griego> As long as airhead aero isn't here the channel is GREAT
<+Lazaruslupin> yeah that's the road test for wisdom the ability to speak spanish.
<+FathZippyZan> Lazaruslupin: no, its picking a color of the day
<+FathZippyZan> and posting rambling nonsense
<+RP_> DaisyDew, true, we need to prevent people from going into gmolly's arms
<+RP_> and fagtime's
<+Griego> Lazaruslupin, you can't speak one word of it fatso and you live in California. ANd I speak other languages as well you fat blimp Obamdrone not just Spanish. Unlike you fat pig.
<+DaisyDew> RP_ gmolly was bullied out of the channel
<+FathZippyZan> well, political bans all conservatives and their numbers are not that low
<+Griego> Big eared Obama tried to speak Spanish using his teleprompter and the Mexicans laughed at him and insulted him
<+DaisyDew> RP_ but they will indeed leave and find another channel
<+RP_> everyone has a right to their opinion, but not lies
<+patriette> Griego...  wse can have a roomful of people in here chatting at times discussing, getting along,  and you come in and all of the sudden the screen is filled with nothin g but name-calling and lies...  
<+Lazaruslupin> griego you don't know one thing about my language skills
<+Lazaruslupin> griego you don't know one real thing about me period.
<+DaisyDew> FathZippyZan  well our #1 rule for the channel is no one will be banned for political speech, not by an op
<+Lazaruslupin> griego you are a babe in the woods.
<+Griego> patriette, you're a LIAR like your lover airhead aero. I only find with airhead aero and his pegboys like YOU!
<+RP_> I think griego just enjoys bitching lol
<+Griego> Lazaruslupin, you're so fat if the woods have a lot of trees you wouldn't be able to fit in it
<+Lazaruslupin> Griego everyone else is a lover to someone, doesn't that say something about you?
<+FathZippyZan> DaisyDew: and I think you will find out that most people banned are not banned for political speech-
<+patriette> Griego...  I am friends with people of all beliefs...  
<+FathZippyZan> and their bans are temporary—unlike leftist channels
<+Griego> Lazrauslupin, you're too fat to have a lover. You'd squash your male lover.
<+Lazaruslupin> griego fat jokes again, so middle school.
<+Lazaruslupin> griego ah and gay insults as well.
<+RP_> this channel has been around longer than most and will continue after we are gone
<+Lazaruslupin> I feel like I'm in a locker room.
<+Griego> Lazaruslupin, gay means happy. Obama is a faggot.
<+Griego> lazaruslupin, you can't fit in a locker room.
<+Lazaruslupin> griego stuff it.
<+FathZippyZan> Lazaruslupin: with your posts of the day, I feel like I am talking to someone on alpha centura
<+Moonbat> RP_: URL Title for - America-Politics Chat
<+Lazaruslupin> stuff it, mount it, get your mom to see it.
<+FathZippyZan> By the way, whats the color of the day?
<+Griego> Lazaruslupin, you are more than just stuffed. You make the stay puff marshmallow man look skinny.
<+DaisyDew> FathZippyZan I'm thinking of period, whys, nomic, just beaten up on, bullied.  I know soon aero, a regular of some 6 years here could quit, Lazaruslupin another regular for years here probably will get sick of it
<+FathZippyZan> And whats the pithy statement of the gay
<+Lazaruslupin> fath don't know.
<+RP_> Lazaruslupin, haha
<+FathZippyZan> DaisyDew: Lazaruslupin just spams his color of the days
<+Griego> Daisydew, I never had an argument with NOMIC. Patriette is lying again.
<+FathZippyZan> seldom gets kicked
<+DaisyDew> FathZippyZan and it's harmless
<+FathZippyZan> I don't get the nomic thing
<+Sziv_elet> Grieggo .Don't . .you don't know who (or what) lesbianlapper has had sex with in the past.
<+FathZippyZan> I mean, most people liked nomic
<+Griego> Sziv haahahahaahah
<+FathZippyZan> and nomic was no lib
<+Griego> Daisydew, Airhead aero would rule out NOMIC
<+FathZippyZan> whys was just stupid
<+DaisyDew> Griego well nomic was harmless, not even particularly politics but he got bullied and was a gentle ole bloke and is gone
<+FathZippyZan> What about droog
<+FathZippyZan> He gets kicked a lot but comes back
<+RP_> "This is a Free Speech NON-Politically Correct Channel. We invite non-conservatives and internationals to debate with us and have fun. "
<+FathZippyZan> then he does his usual troll
<+Griego> Daisydew, I never bullied NOMIC ever. Airhead aero did. Patriette is LYING again.
<+ElNino> nomic was fine until he got drunk and then we all got to feeling guilty for talking to him.
<+ElNino> And then he
<+ElNino> would
<+Sziv_elet>  nomic was  castigated for his drunkeness.
<+Lazaruslupin> I come back because despite bullies I like this room
<+ElNino> scroll the channel
<+Lazaruslupin> there are good people here, intelligent people
<+FathZippyZan> nomics issues go far beyond drinking
<+FathZippyZan> but I like him and have tried to help him
<+Griego> Daisydew, come to think of it, I NAYED NOMIC when airhead aero would rule him out.
<+Lazaruslupin> so I take the bitter with the sweet.
<+DaisyDew> Griego no I wasn't saying YOU, I just say we are losing members and chatters.  we will die as a channel via rule8
<+ElNino> I feel bad for him.  I hope he gets himself some help.  I don't think hanging out with us was doing him any good.
<+FathZippyZan> El Nino, he has to help himself
<+FathZippyZan> And that means controlling his situation with the meds he was prescribed
<+DaisyDew> nomic was amazingly harmless but he chatted too
* Sziv_elet talks to nomic on a fairly regualr basis on #uspolitricks
<+Griego> Daisydew, My biggest problem is RETARDED airhead aero. Airhead aero is the one that caused period to attack us. And airhead aero is the one that caused Patriette to take his side and attack us as well.
<+FathZippyZan> I speak to nomic too—but on efnet

               ..........   CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE .................

Very long log posted here on Feb. 16  -  continued
#AmericaPolitics log from Feb 05 to 16,  2014

<+ElNino> DaisyDew - If you want to stop the use of rule8, I suppose you could get rid of it.  But seriously, we use rule 8 because there ARE NO OPS.  The only op that will lift a finger to help is ApacheLady (or Xis, but only to fix Rule8 when it breaks).
<+FathZippyZan> and we correspond through email
<+Griego> Daisydew, honest to GOD, airhead aero is the BIGGEST problem in this channel.
<+Sziv_elet> LesbianLapper; as opposed to the OP bullies on #politics, #political,  #newsgarden, etc.?
<+FathZippyZan> if you stop rule8, within 24 hours the left will take over the channel
<+Griego> Daisydew, airhead aero also attacks Christians not just conservatives
<+FathZippyZan> There is no doubt—they are wanting that to happen
<+ElNino> If you get rid of rule8 without installing some ops - especially from midnight to 10am - you will lose EVERYONE.  There are other channels where we don't have to take the complete morons like droog
<+ElNino> or ragtime
<+RP_> Sziv_elet, uspolitricks was gaywalker's channel, he died or something
<+DaisyDew> ElNino we will keep rule8 of course, it's a signature feature of this channel but to use it to remove all liberals will kill the channel
<+Lazaruslupin> the LEFT!
<+Griego> AIrhead aero is good buddies with Witchgrl, heyjude, all the Marxist scumbags
<+Lazaruslupin> we control EVERYTHING!
<+RP_> heyjude supports obamacare
<+FathZippyZan> To be honest, the only reason I come in here is because this room can protect itself from leftist trolls using rule8
<+Griego> Daisydew, AIrhead aero is so EVIL not even RAGTIME rules out airhead aero.
<+FathZippyZan> RP dude, did you hear, my doctors wont take my new insurance
<+Griego> Daisydew SORRY, AIrhead aero is so EVIL that EVEN Ragtime rules him out
<+RP_> bastards
<+DaisyDew> Griego but that doesn't matter does it?  the channel must survive and we need debate and we can't have it if we run off all the liberals
<+FathZippyZan> Obama said I could keep my own doctor
<+FathZippyZan> Well these have been my doctors for 20 years
<+RP_> FathZippyZan, what happened to your old plan?
<+FathZippyZan> Where is the outrage by the Obamaidiots
<+FathZippyZan> RP, no longer offerred
<+Griego> Daisydew, I can't debate when retarded airhead aero is here. He cusses, he brags about going with hookers on Craig's list, he insults Christians, he lies. He causes others to fight
<+ElNino> DaisyDew - Then put some ops in that can warn idiots and we won't have to resort to rule8
<+ElNino> Because if you don't, I can gaurantee you we'll continue to use it.
<+Griego> Daidysdew, Patriette is a liar. SHe knows very well that airhead aero bragged about going with a hooker on Craig's list.
<+DaisyDew> Griego could you put aero on ignore perhaps?
<+FathZippyZan> RP and only 4 are now offerred to individuals in NYS—none of them are accepted by my doc because they suck so bad
<+RP_> FathZippyZan, shop around more I guess
<+FathZippyZan> Thank you Obama
<+FathZippyZan> RP, only four avaiable
<+FathZippyZan> I have no other options
<+ElNino> All you need is about 4 or 5 people that you can trust.  But I get this feeling that this channel doesn't trust anyone enough for so much as a 100 level op position.
<+RP_> hmm
<+Griego> Daisydew, I did that at FIRST but then retarded airhead aero made up so many lies about me and stupid people like Patriette believed him and supported him.
<+FathZippyZan> RP, obviously, out of state firms don't want to do business here
<+RP_> FathZippyZan, find better doctors
<+RP_> perhaps
<+FathZippyZan> RP, these guys were excellent
<+FathZippyZan> And this new plan only offers doctors in the damn bronx
<+Griego> Daisydew, Vanelope can confirm airhead aero is a pathetic liar. Airhead aero said that I said that I raped animals. I would never do or say anything SICK like that. I'm not a sick freak like airhead aero and Patriette.
<+DaisyDew> ElNino well we only have 7 rules and so OPs can only ban for a break of one of those rules.   but of course rule8 can be without a rule break but it's a 2 edge sword for it can be used to destroy the channel
<+FathZippyZan> Where all the losers practice
<+Griego> Patriette is in love with retarded airhead aero that's why SHE LIES for him.
<+patriette> Griego...  do you really realize how ridiculous you sound?
<+Sziv_elet>  ...HitlerJude?
<+RP_> FathZippyZan, sean hannity is leaving new york, maybe go with him
<+FathZippyZan> RP, I'm thinking of going to Florida
<+RP_> supposedly
<+FathZippyZan> lots of doctors in god's waiting room
<+DaisyDew> Griego if someone said that to me I would laugh and who would believe such a thing.  use wisdom and judgement or just put people on ignore
<+FathZippyZan> every other block—doctor
<+ElNino> That occurs routinely.  But even when they're not breaking the rules an op saying "tone it down or they're going to kick you" might mean a lot more than an immediate rule8
<+Griego> Patriette, everything I said is TRUE. And there is NOTHING more ridiculous in this world and more stupid than retarded airhead aero and YOU!
<+ElNino> We get mocked routinely - especially between midnight and 10am - because there's no one here to stop the abuse.
Quit: BBQWhales [Ping timeout]
<+DaisyDew> ElNino well the op guidelines advise a private /msg warning of course and thats how it should work
<+patriette> Griego..  jealousy is an ugly thing
<+FathZippyZan> Griego, every one has their friends on IRC—even if some of them are assholes
<+Griego> Daisydew... Patriette is so STUPID as you've seen. SHe supports and believes retarded airhead aero
<+RP_> FathZippyZan, the 6th borough heh
<+Griego> Patriette... ME jealous of YOU??? haahahahahahahah Now you really are SICK!
<+ElNino> People put shoot about Sarah Palin in the subject line, ridicule the channel and individual users and basicaly make us look like boobs cuz we have no ops and no control.
<+Griego> patriette, ME jealous of the most retarded freak alive- Airhead aero??? haahahahahahahaha
<+ElNino> Which might be part of the reason people leave this channel.
* Sziv_elet assigns extra points to Griego for making that post rhyme
<+FathZippyZan> RP, trust me, you don't want to see a doctor practicing there—most of them are from off seas medical schools
<+Griego> Patriette, you really are more sick and more stupid than I thought!
<+DaisyDew> Griego why does that matter?  patriette is a regular here, we can't have channel disruption all the time here.
<+ElNino> I, myself, have been spending less time.
<+Lazaruslupin> Griego chill.
<+ElNino> My nick might be here, but I'm chatting elsewhere.
<+Griego> Daisydew, Patriette helps airhead aero and encourages him
<+Lazaruslupin> Elnino but we need your wisdom!
<+FathZippyZan> DaisyDew: it goes both ways—I have seen the aero gang try to rule 8 griego on many occasions
<+FathZippyZan> for no good reason
<+Sziv_elet> yes, so have i
<+FathZippyZan> So don't think its just conservatives rule8ing leftists
<+ElNino> Laz - I vote YOU as a 100 level op.
<+RP_> FathZippyZan, you can go to chris christie land for a doctor?
<+Lazaruslupin> griego you are like one of those little mexican dogs that just bark and piss, relax dude.
<+ElNino> Not really.   Smile
<+Lazaruslupin> Elnino never.  
<+patriette> I have not seen anyone try to rule 8 Griego...  I believe that E||e  did boot him though
<+FathZippyZan> RP, well Jersey is no better then NYS
<+ElNino> I could name a few, but I'm not sure they'd want the job.
<+FathZippyZan> I have seen Aero and YOU try to rule 8 him
<+Griego> Patriette, retarded airhead aero tries to rule me out every single time you liar!!!
<+FathZippyZan> So stop with the disembling

Very long log posted here on Feb. 16  -  continued
#AmericaPolitics log from Feb 05 to 16,  2014

* DaisyDew we need more ops, to your comments ElNino yes we do but they are chosen on 'people skills' first, can they get along, are they conservatives of course as it's a conservative run channel but NO ONE heavy handed who cannot debate or use people skills will be voted in as an OP

(Yet this fool op DaisyDew opt VMSguy, when VMS is a pathological liar and abuses rule8 already, and will abuse ops!
VMS and vox she ops because they also HATE CHRISTIANS)

<+FathZippyZan> DaisyDew: how am I suppose to debate someone who think Jews are breeding whites out of existence
<+Griego> Lazaruslupin, you make all the whales look skinny. And whales are beautiful not ugly like you.
<+Lazaruslupin> I don't know if we need new ops but it is sort of annoying to run into the same gang of five every day.
<+Lazaruslupin> griego again fat jokes?  That's your A game?
<+ElNino> Well, if any of them would lift a finger, it would help.
<+DaisyDew> FathZippyZan  heh yeah well you know idiots abound!!! we all know the anti-semites (mostly libs in real life too)I understand, hard to debate an idiot Very Happy
<+Griego> Lazaruslupin, they aren't jokes. We've seen your pictures. YOu're the most disgusting blimp in the world and you know it.
<+ElNino> The question is, why do we have ops at all if their job is to sit around with their fists up their ass?
<+FathZippyZan> Lazaruslupin: how about you stop spamming the channel with your color of the day shoot and maybe you wont get rule8ed
<+Griego> Patriette, you keep lying for airhead aero. You have been caught in so many lies! You're pathetic!
<+Lazaruslupin> griego, fine insults jokes.  Whatever you call it, it's just sad.  really sad.
<+Griego> Daisydew, ask Vanelope what retarded airhead aero said.
<+Lazaruslupin> I mean clown sad.
<+Sziv_elet>   LOL! "people skills".. i guess that I will NEVER become an OP
<+FathZippyZan> lol
<+FathZippyZan> Me neither
<+Lazaruslupin> the notebook sad.
<+Lazaruslupin> that kid with the tumor sad.
Quit: RP_ [Quit: Leaving]
<+bsimpson> I'd never want to be an op...... ever
<+bsimpson> no thanks
<+Griego> Lazaruslupin, I would call you a clown but i've never seen any clown as fat as you in a circus. I haven't even seen elephants as fat as you in a circus.
<+FathZippyZan> hey bsimpson
<+ElNino> I vote bsimpson for op.
<+DaisyDew> Griego can you put aero on ignore if it's that bad?
<+bsimpson> The drama on IRC is way too silly for me
<+FathZippyZan> bsimpson: would make a good op
<+DaisyDew> ElNino heehee
<+bsimpson> oh crikey no
<+ElNino> Those that don't want the power make the best people to elect!
<+FathZippyZan> he is very even handed
<+FathZippyZan> and is liked by most
<+bsimpson> but then I'd have to cut my wrists
<+bsimpson> lol
<+bsimpson> thanks for the support... but no way
<+bsimpson> Very Happy
<+Sziv_elet> !OPvote b_simpson Aye
<+Sziv_elet> heheheh
Quit: Smax [Ping timeout]
<+FathZippyZan> I'm going to try to get nomic to come back
<+bsimpson> FathZippyZan: you see how the AR15's have been changed in NY to make them legal again?
<+bsimpson> FathZippyZan: all cosmetic changes... lol
<+unPapist> Lazaruslupin> that kid with the tumor sad.
<+FathZippyZan> lol
<+unPapist> [12:19] * RP_ (~Joe@Jo
<+bsimpson> FathZippyZan: you know.... 'the gun looks scary' kind of laws
<+ElNino> I still think it would be fun to pick 4 people and make them ops of level 301, 302,303 and 304.  Give no explanation for why you picked those levels and for those people.
<+FathZippyZan> Yes, bsimpson I saw that
<+Sziv_elet>  LOL! they don't look like a piece of shoot now?
<+Griego> Patriette also LIES and claims airhead aero is not a Marxist Obamadrone haahahahahaha
<+ElNino> They would all have the same power except that the higher numbers would be able to over-ride the lower ones.
<+Sziv_elet>  ..But they still use that shitty ammo?
<+FathZippyZan> bsimpson: I was just saying that I have now been officially informed that my medical group no longer accepts my insurance
<+FathZippyZan> NYS!
<+bsimpson> Sziv_elet: new ones look awful... but they are legal!
<+ElNino> Get some popcorn and watch them fight.
<+Lazaruslupin> yeah yeah yeah you think i"m fat griego. so what?
<+bsimpson> AR10 > AR15 Smile
<+unPapist> FathZippyZan> Yes, bsimpson I saw that
<+unPapist> [12:21] <+Sziv_elet>  LO
<+Lazaruslupin> really.
<+Lazaruslupin> what's the point.
<+Griego> Lazaruslupin, what do you mean THINK??? We've seen your picture. You make every whale look like a toothpick. You're the most disgusting blimp in the world. You proved that worthless freaks that can't take care of themselves are Obamadrones.
<+unPapist> !rule8 Lazaruslupin a
<+Rule8>  unPapist voted AYE Lazaruslupin(1)
<+patriette> The unmasking of Michelle Obama the ‘returned activist’ went down in history at a Virginia high school on Wednesday, February 5, 2014.  Five years into the Obama regime, Michelle came out of the White House as the activist she’s always been to instruct high school students that they are entitled to “free” government handouts.
<+Moonbat> patriette: URL Title for - The Unheralded Return of Michelle, The Activist
<+Lazaruslupin> Griego I mean think as in a mental process.  Surely you understand english.
<+FathZippyZan> her name is Moochelle
<+bsimpson> ElNino: maybe it should be a rolling lottery
Join: Hal3 []
* DaisyDew whys period nomic gmolly cableguy all left from being bullied out
Mode: [+v Hal3] by PartyWhip
<+bsimpson> ElNino: every month.... 6 ops changed out randomly
<+bsimpson> Very Happy
<+Griego> Lazaruslupin, I think you must be very mentally ill to allow yourself to be fatter than every whale.
<+bsimpson> ElNino: maybe one month it would end up just being the bots that sit in here day and night
<+patriette> FathZippyZan,  that is what a friend of mine from Montana calls the moose that hangs around...  'moochelle'
<+Sziv_elet> Does someone have the URL for that?
<+bsimpson> Sziv_elet: for what?
<+DaisyDew> hi Hal3
<+Sziv_elet> thaet story about the AR-15s
<+Lazaruslupin> griego that's nice but really what does that have to do with politics even if true?
<+Lazaruslupin> griego do you ever think it through?
<+bsimpson> Sziv_elet:
<+Moonbat> bsimpson: URL Title for - 403 Forbidden
<+Lazaruslupin> or is it all just knee jerk bullying?
<+Griego> Lazaruslupin, you can't think. If you could you wouldn't be a fat blimp and you wouldn't be an Obamadrone.
<+Lazaruslupin> Astronomers discover oldest star: Formed shortly after the Big Bang 13. 7 billion years ago
<+Sziv_elet> thanks
<+Lazaruslupin> ok then knee jerk bullying it is then.
<+Lazaruslupin> thank you kindly.
<+Lazaruslupin> please go on with your life.
<+patriette> Griego,  why all  of the personal insults to everyone?  
<+Griego> Lazaruslupin, I doubt you have much of a life being the most obese Obamadrone in the world
<+Sziv_elet> AR-15 are f-ing RETARDED
<+Griego> Patriette, why with all the LIES??? Why are you such a liar? And why do you ignore what Obamadrones like your lover airhead aero and fat Lazaruslupin say?
<+Lazaruslupin> griego I know you have trouble reading so I will state clearly:  we are done now.
<+dilligas> Griego don't be picking on patriette...she's good people
<+Griego> dilligas, you're good people and a Vietnam Veteran
<+dilligas> that has nothing to do with anything
<+Griego> Lazaruslupin, you have no authority to give anyone orders fatso
<+unPapist> Griego:  The Lumpkin is a papist heterophobe.  Cut him some slack
* DaisyDew will continue to peek in and watch but if you are having issues with several chatters especially ones who are long regulars here, and constantly pick on them, bully them, then via the rule of channel disruption, you CAN get a ban
<+Griego> dilligas, patriette keeps attacking me and taking the Obamadrone airhead aero's side. And Patriette keeps lying for airhead aero. And anytime an Obamadrone bugs me like fat Lazaruslupin just did, Patriette takes his side.
<+Griego> Unpapist haahahahah
<+FathZippyZan> Hey, loosening sanctions on IRAN has worked:
<+Moonbat> FathZippyZan: URL Title for - Israel PM slams Iran move to send ships towards US - Yahoo News
<+Lazaruslupin> Scientists have solved a major problem with the current standard model of cosmology identified by combining results from the Planck spacecraft and measurements of gravitational lensing in order to deduce the mass of ghostly sub-atomic particles called neutrinos.
<+FathZippyZan> lol
<+FathZippyZan> How stupid is Kerry and Obama
<+Griego> Horseface Kerry haahahahah
<+FathZippyZan> once again we get played out by Muslims
<+Griego> Kerry actually thought he could beat Bush haahahahah
* DaisyDew we NEED liberals and moderates and libertarians in this channel. Please debate them, don't auto-reflex rule8 as it then appears you don't know how to debate
<+FathZippyZan> Oh, we are going to lift some sanctions, what does Iran do—threatens us
<+Lazaruslupin> Fath I don't know how stupid are they?
<+FathZippyZan> Lazaruslupin: almost as stupid as you
<+Lazaruslupin> Fath ah geniuses then.
<+Griego> Daisydew, I don't mind liberals like Droog4. But airhead aero is a TOTAL nuisance not to mention he's the stupidest freak alive.
<+FathZippyZan> But Lazaruslupin this is a good thing, you are using language and actually having a conversations
<+Lazaruslupin> thank you very much.
* Sziv_elet cannot help it if LIBTARDS CANNOT debate
<+Sziv_elet> ..ort LEFTARDS
<+Griego> Sziv is right Smile
<+DaisyDew> FathZippyZan long ago Kerry always favored the Palies and I have dozens of quotes from him.  Obama is a communist MUSLIM as well, they both will never be on the side of Israel
<+Lazaruslupin> Fath yes as opposed my usual habit of typing in smells.
<+FathZippyZan> DaisyDew: yes, I know that—it just amazes me that this fiasco continues
<+dilligas> Griego, patriette is not a liar... you may not agree with aero (chances are she doesn't either) but she has a right to her opinion and a right to nay your rule 8
<+Griego> Airhead aero has NEVER debated all he does is namecall with his vulgar language and make up stupid lies about what people said when they never said it.
<+FathZippyZan> Lazaruslupin: no, your usual habit of spaming some utter nonsense with a color of the day
<+DaisyDew> FathZippyZan well the clueless and uninformed voted for him
<+DaisyDew> dilligas nod well said
<+Sziv_elet> ..So, WHAT, We are suppose to stoop to THEIR level or arguing?   is that what you really want?
<+Griego> Dilligas, i'm not mad at her naying that's her right. I'm mad that she's attacking me with lies, denying what airhead aero said when she was in the channel when airhead aero bragged about hiring a hooker on Craig's list. It's like she overlooks everything airhead aero says and does and then she attacks anyone who fights with airhead aero.
<+DaisyDew> Sziv_elet you put them on ignore or debate them but use some judgement, some people skills to deal with them or fine, insult them as we all do but not to the point of channel disruption.  I insult libs all the time but I don't go on with it for hours
<+Lazaruslupin> Fath it's only nonsense to those not in the know.  The CONSPIRACY continues.
<+Lazaruslupin> Heat stored in the western Pacific Ocean caused by an unprecedented strengthening of the equatorial trade winds appears to be largely responsible for the hiatus in surface warming observed over the past 13 years.
<+Griego> Dilligas, and patriette lied more than once when she said airhead aero never ruled me out. He has ruled me out more times than I can even count. He tries to rule me out everytime I come in.
<+Lazaruslupin> not that I've ever seen.
<+Griego> Daisydew, all I did was join the channel then airhead aero flooded the channel with his FAKE log of me. You saw it. Airhead aero attacked me and flooded the channel before I even spoke.
<+Lazaruslupin> some lies are just too damn stupid and that was one of them.
Join: VoxPopuli []
Mode: [+v VoxPopuli] by PartyWhip
<+Griego> Lazaruslupin, nothing is as stupid as Obama and his drones like yourself.
<+Griego> OOps i'm wrong. Nothing is as stupid as airhead aero.
<+Griego> Daisydew and I did talk to rocco also about the Catholic bashing last night. Apachelady can confirm that.
<+Sziv_elet> I TRY to debate them .they end up either LYING, or REFUSING to ANSWER questions ..WTF am I suppose to do??
<+patriette> I don't lie, Griego and I am confident that regardless of what you say..  other in this channel that pay attention know what I am saying is true.  :::::::::::: passing Griego an application to the course of  'how to win friends and influence people " ::::::::::
<+DaisyDew> Griego well I scrolled up a bit to see a flood
<+Griego> Patriette, you have lied so many times in order to protect the Marxist airhead aero. So what you just said again is a lie.
<+DaisyDew> Sziv_elet if you are speaking to me, please use my nick so I can get it stood out in color and tell
Join: Viper40 []
Mode: [+v Viper40] by PartyWhip
<+DaisyDew> hi Viper40
<+VoxPopuli> Strange as it may sound, aero` defended ME last night - and it is appreciated.
<+Viper40> hi all
<+Viper40> Daisy!!!
<+VoxPopuli> Hiya, DD
<+Sziv_elet> <@WisOldMan> Former U.S. Congressman and longtime district attorney William Delahunt (D-MA) has filed applications with the state to open medical marijuana dispensaries in Plymouth, Taunton and Mashpee.
<+Griego> Voxpopuli, he did it because he hates Snorky
<+Sziv_elet>  ...."Deli-c**t"\
<+VoxPopuli> He should.  She's an anti-Catholic, rabid liar.
* DaisyDew but this channel cannot survive if we rule8 everyone out, so far we have lost 5 old regulars, I'm concerned
<+wallythedog> and nobody uses adjectives incessantly before names more than you griego   Wink
<+DaisyDew> hey VoxPopuli Very Happy
<+Griego> Wallythedog hahaahahahah Smile
<+patriette> It’s easy to downplay or even dismiss the threat by Iranian warships said to be on their way to sail close to U.S. maritime borders if one merely looks at this move as taking place in a geopolitical vacuum.
<+Moonbat> patriette: URL Title for - Look behind the Iran warships headed to U.S. borders
<+Griego> Daisydew, I explained to every single person what a hero Pope John Paul was to side with Reagan and get rid of communism in Europe.
<+DaisyDew> VoxPopuli well yer defensible besides aero has known you and been a regular here for years
<+Griego> Daisydew, they judge us because of the new pope, they think he sides with evil Obama.
<+Lazaruslupin> griego and that has what to do with what?
<+patriette> I believe that ApacheLady and other here have met and know aero personally also
<+Lazaruslupin> who is "they?"
<+Griego> Lazaruslupin, it has to do with Catholics you stupid fat worthless blimp
<+Griego> Lazaruslupin, catholic bashers fatso
<+Lazaruslupin> catholics are judging you?
<+Lazaruslupin> are you a paranoid?
<+Griego> Lazaruslupin is too fat and stupid to be here
<+VoxPopuli> Lazaruslupin:  A -former- Catholic.
<+Griego> Lazaruslupin, nope you are just too stupid
<+DaisyDew> Griego well I attempted to explain to snorky and that nutjob angelwings that Jesus was the first Catholic and for 2000 years there was no other Christian religion
<+Lazaruslupin> Vox wrong.
<+Lazaruslupin> Vox never was a catholic, I'm just logical.
<+VoxPopuli> Lazaruslupin:  Snorky most certainly was a Catholic..
<+DaisyDew> VoxPopuli me too, well former but still it was the religion of my ancestors and my youth
<+Griego> Daisydew, I did my best to make them stop the Catholic bashing.
<+Lazaruslupin> Vox you said I was a former catholic.
<+VoxPopuli> DD:  And I'm still a Catholic.
<+Sziv_elet>  ..2000 years?   uhh, wasn't thare a protesant Reformation before then?
<+Viper40> Catholic is a pretty liberal church, last 2 popes were oddly conservative, this current pope is more like the rank and file Catholic
<+Lazaruslupin> Vox I'm a lutheran.
<+VoxPopuli> Lazaruslupin:  I wasn't talking about you.
<+Viper40> most progressive Pope? delving in socialism, perhaps
<+Griego> Viper he's nothing like Pope John Paul Sad((((((
<+VMSguy> Catholics are 50/50, liberal/conservative
<+Viper40> Catholic church as always been odd, fiscally liberal, socially conservative
<+DaisyDew> VoxPopuli well I *hope* there is a God but I've many doubts now so call myself an *agnostic*, not atheist of course.  Still I will take my last sacrament from a Priest when I die and if I rediscover religion, it would be back to Catholic
<+Viper40> Catholics love anti-poverty programs, but if you ask about the outcomes, they're dodgy
<+Lazaruslupin> Vox so sorry I thought "Lazaruslupin:  A -former- Catholic" conerned me.
<+VoxPopuli> DaisyDew:  Never hurts to cover all the bases!  Smile
<+DaisyDew> VoxPopuli Very Happy
<+Griego> Lazaruslupin, you are SORRY and the fattest blimp in the world too.
<+VMSguy> Viper, the church is where charity should reside, not the government
<+Viper40> there is a God, but most people don't seem to realize about the mean sense of humor, I think most religion gets it completely wrong
<+Lazaruslupin> Griego yes charity should.
<+Lazaruslupin> that's why it is called "charity"
<+XisDshizL> its not charity by definition if the gooberment uses compulsion to redistribute
<+Sziv_elet> DaisyDew;   The 99 theses  ?  ..ring any bells?
<+Viper40> true, Catholic church is very charitable themselves
<+DaisyDew> VMSguy indeed, and thats the way it always was until the libs began to destroy the orphanages, schools, charities run by the religious
<+VMSguy> fObama calls it equality
<+wallythedog> yeah,   given today's political climate we need fiscal conservatism pronto
<+Griego> Obama is pure evil
<+DaisyDew> Sziv_elet no whats that? heehee
<+patriette> Hello, XisDshizL...  good afternoon
<+VMSguy> Obama wants to destroy Chrisitianity
<+XisDshizL> heya patriette
<+XisDshizL> charity |ˈCHaritē|
<+XisDshizL> noun ( pl. charities )
<+XisDshizL> 1 the voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need.
<+Viper40> you could point out about he gold laden altars, yes they have them, but they are very charitable
<+XisDshizL> keyword
<+Sziv_elet>   "THE POPE MUST DIEt" <-- one of my favorite movies
<+VMSguy> Christians, for the most part, tend to not want to worship at Obama's feet, this troubles him
<+patriette> If it isn';t voluntary...   i.e. personal...  it is theft..  not charity
<+Griego> Vmsguy NOT true Christians
<+Lazaruslupin> oh lord.
<+Griego> True Christians are against evil Obama and Marxism
<+DaisyDew> VMSguy he is a freaking MUSLIM, thats why, his name is a MUSLIM name and he supports terrorists, gives them aid and comfort AND it's increased 5fold under his watch and he is NOT the friend of Israel
<+Griego> Those are FAKE Christians that support evil Obama
<+Lazaruslupin> it's not worshipping at someone's feet to vote for a politician.
<+Griego> Daisydew YES... Obama is a Muslim
<+VMSguy> Obama just lowered the standards for terrorists to enter the US for sanctuary
<+DaisyDew> Griego yep sure is, thats a MUDSLUM name he has
<+Griego> Obama is a baby killer plus evil Obama is killing Senior Citizens with his Obamacare garbage
<+Griego> Daisydew, evil Obama admitted that he's a Muslim
<+patriette> Griego..  did you read what VMSGuy said?  [14:44] <+VMSguy> Christians, for the most part, tend to[14:44] <+VMSguy> Christians, for the most part, tend to not want to worship at Obama's feet, this troubles him, this troubles him
<+DaisyDew> VMSguy I saw that of course he is out to destory America, folk say it's accidental, I say he knows EXACTLY what he is doing
<+ElNino> Despite protests, rescue offers, and a lump of cash, workers at the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark killed a healthy giraffe using a bolt gun, then fed chunks of its dissected corpse to the zoo's lions, all while visitors, including children, looked on Sunday.     <-----  It's amazing what one can do when looped up legalized heroin!
<+VMSguy> infanticide is something Obama fought long and hard for throughout his years as a politician
<+DaisyDew> ElNino oh my gawd wow
<+Griego> Obama has been trying to destroy America and he won't stop
<+VMSguy> Europeans are fucked in the head, let the muslims take care of them
<+Viper40> ElNino, I would have liked to see that, to bad they didn't stream those videos
<+Viper40> circle of life
<+Griego> I don't know how Europeans became Marxists Sad((( They should know better after having experienced communism.
<+ElNino> Well, if the animal isn't endangered, it's just an animal.  But in front of families with kids?  REALLY?  And whil they were protesting the killing of it?
<+VMSguy> let the muslims dispatch the Europeans then we can address the muslim issue
<+DaisyDew> I say let the whole Middle East kill each other off, EXCEPT for Israel OUR ALLY....we back them up 11010010%
<+ElNino> And even all that aside, isn't that a rather expensive way to feed a lion?
<+Sziv_elet> <@Renfield> they (NBC) and Google should show 5 bleeding anus's (anuses ...Anusai?) instead of the rings
<+Viper40> "lions eat giraffes" -- Fox News update
<+Griego> Israel is our ally and Reagan protected Israel
<+DaisyDew> ElNino lol
<+FathZippyZan> lol
<+VoxPopuli> I don't have a problem with religion itself.  What I do have a problem with is people who post PAGES of scripture in a half-assed attempt to degrade other Christians (such as Catholics) and saying "Catholics are NOT Christians, and they are all going to hell."   That type of behavior reminds me of how muslims act.
<+Griego> Republicans protect Israel, Liberals attack Israel
<+Sziv_elet>  ..Did the giraffe go down oin the Lions?
<+ElNino> A zoo spokesperson told The Associated Press that they killed Marius, a 2-year-old male, in order to combat interbreeding between giraffes within the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), a collective of 347 zoos across the continent that "works to conserve global biodiversity and achieve the highest standards of car and breeding for animals."
<+Griego> Voxpopuli, they need to understand that Catholics are Christians. Catholics worship Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.
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<+ElNino> Still...  They couldn't have done that after-hours?

Very long log - posted on Feb. 16 - continued from earlier dates
#AmericaPolitics log from Feb 05 to 16,  2014

**** Logging started Wed Feb 12 2014 15:24:24 ****

Topic for #AmericaPolitics:                                Welcome to #AmericaPolitics
Topic set by VoxPopuli [Wed Feb 12 2014 12:10:13]
<+truththe> If nhscott's son tells nhscott the son is gay, I would lynch blowne
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Channel created: Tue Jul 04 2006 20:14:36
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* VortexQ Presents ElNino with the Golden Lugnut Trophy---->>>  thanks for your help! Very Happy
<+truththe> Can someone tell me what's brave about this "first openly gay" NFL player declaring he is gay?
<+truththe> He's being applauded as a hero - how is it brave to do something you know will garner praise?
<+mics> nothing...its a gay sport
<+Strath> truththe:  Law suits.
<+truththe> #2...there were two or three nfl players, before the most recent season, who came out as gay.
<+nhscott> truththe i dont think it possible ......he doesnt have the geens for that to happen
<+JALAND_> truththe      might effect his draft and therefore his pay
<+truththe> They said they were seeking some on field action to celebrate their gayness
<+truththe> How would this guy be the first openly gay player, when we've already had NFL players declare they are gay?
<+mics> being queer gives him an excuse for sucking as a player
<+truththe> Jaland, I suspect a player declaring he thinks homosexuality is bad would be brave.  That would get him attacked.
<+BobieBrady> its not cool being a gay nigga
<+mics> "well he's queer so...."
<+ElNino> truththe - He's basking in the glow of the praise for sure, truththe
<+Sziv_elet>  LOL
<+JALAND_> that and every football player out there is going to work extra hard as nobody wants to get beat by the gay guy
<+truththe> What will happen now is, no matter where he is drafted, we will hear he would have been drafted sooner if not for being gay
<+ElNino> When he's not drafted, he'll be given a talkshow in Hollywood.
<+Sziv_elet>  ..and he says that he usn't a faggot
<+mics> "he's not bad for a QUEER!"
<+ElNino> No one is going to want to draft the first openly gay player.
<+ElNino> He's a liability.
<+truththe> The people making a big deal out of his being gay are him and the people applauding their bravery
<+Moonbat> LilyJack: URL Title for - No title found.
<+Strath> If he doesn't get drafted, he'll claim it was discrimination.  If he does get drafted, he'll sue if someone on the team that makes a remark.  
<+mics> A QUEER owner will like him
<+truththe> they're projecting their attitudes and actions onto others
* BobieBrady slaps LilyJack
<+LilyJack> Hal 9000 In "her"  
<+LilyJack> Boobahlah
<+VortexQ> Sziv, is there a profound difference between gay, queer and faggot Sodomites? O.O
<+ElNino> Once you draft him, you have to play him.  If you bench him cuz he starts to suck, you'll be blamed for being a homophobe and you'll have the whole Rainbow Squadron descending on the stadium.
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<+truththe> He is projecting his thought, that this is a big deal, onto others
Mode: [+v kneelNC] by PartyWhip
<+truththe> Notice that?
<+mics> maybe he is trying to psych the other team
<+truththe> ESPN, FOX, all the sports media are claiming the straight people will make a big deal of it
<+mics> "im not tackleing a queer"
<+JALAND_> ElNino   unless i got the deal of the century for the guy i would not draft him because of the media circus headache
<+zombie_dogg> one sashays, one bites the heds off chickens, and the third Lights up after a lay.
<+VortexQ> just curious…forget I asked.
<+truththe> but the only people making a big deal of it are him and the media supporting him
<+Moonbat> wallythedog: URL Title for -  {DNC Chief Wasserman Schultz: Right Criticizing Hillary Clinton Part of “War On Women”… | Weasel Zippers
<+ElNino> It's not the homophobia.  I'm telling you, it's his sudden decrease in value as he becomes a liability to the team he joins.
<+JALAND_> if he falls 50 places below where he should be then..   sure why not
<+nhscott> truththe the problem bring it self to life in the two or three cases now headed to the supreme court ......two baker one in colorado and one in oregan and both are being charged with decrimination now .....what people dont have a right to stand up for there faith ?  and refuse to contribute to imoral acts ...which is more paramount religious faith or  homosexuals demanding support...!~!~ american must make this choice
<+ElNino> "Will the queer do good this week!?"
Mode: [-b *!*] by PartyWhip
<+ElNino> "Will the coach bench him??"
<+ElNino> pffft.
<+truththe> I think NFL players would be more about "I'm not showering with a gay guy" than anything about tackling him
<+ElNino> JALAND_ - Exactly.
<+ElNino> And like I said, you'd never be able to bench him.
<+mics> he wants to be in the hall of flame
<+ElNino> If you cut him after tryouts, your personal home would be vandalized by angry queers.
<+truththe> Where "should" he be?
<+nhscott> 36 state have passed a defence of marrage act it need to be radified by constitutional amendments .....or the fagots will change our nation for ever
<+JALAND_> most d-line players are situational anyway..  i don't think any of them play every down anymore
<+truththe> Bottom line, the gay player is the one making a big deal out of it
<+truththe> the media points at everyone else as making a big deal about it...they don't point at the guy who made a big deal out of it
<+nhscott> Religous freedom will exist no more and become a dictate of the obama adminstation
<+VortexQ> scott, I am still unsure why those Sodomites had to choose one of the ONLY Christian bakeries in the Metro Denver area? They have so many Liberal Leftist Bakeries to choose from (thousands even) who would support their lifestyle with a wink? O.o
<+Sziv_elet>  i F-ing barry and his faggot followers won't allow that to happen
<+truththe> Nobody uttered a peep when people attacked Tebow for being Christian
Quit: Strath [Quit: "Hope and Change" turned out to be "Disorientation and Weakness."]
<+wallythedog> the utmost respect is due him.....
<+Moonbat> wallythedog: URL Title for -  {Sen. Cruz Vows To Force 60-Vote Threshold To Raise Debt Ceiling In Senate | Weasel Zippers
* zombie_dogg thinks the gayhateparade is mostly from senior citizens too dumb to know they are fighting a losing war
<+ElNino> They'll get the vote.
* ElNino is now known as NinoShovel
<+NinoShovel> fucking snow
<+Mechanicos> hey zombie_dogg still want to kill Straights who oppose the gay agenda?
<+nhscott> vortex look up oregan it happened there to and that those that have hit the news you and i now there have to be many more who bucked under
<+nhscott> buckeled
<+NinoShovel> Comedian Sid Caeser has died at age 91.  Breaking news.
<+Mechanicos> Hey zombie_dogg every country that embraced the gay and socilaism went dictorial and killed the gays
<+Sziv_elet> ElNino: ..Damn, you MUST be HORNY
<+truththe> Gotta love the debt ceiling stuff now.  GOP says they will deliver a "clean" debt ceiling bill.  They won't even try to fight this time.  Last time they said they would fight "next time".
<+zombie_dogg> Mechanicos: Germany and russia were not pro gay, neither were china.  What ARe you smoking?
<+Sziv_elet> awww.  too bad.. he had a really rough life.. i was reading his autobiography
<+truththe> Because he had a tough life, he should have lived forever?
<+Mechanicos> Yes zombie_dogg Germany ha such cool uniforms and an SS because of the gay which they promoted leading to power then KILLED off
<+Sziv_elet> Truththe Perhaps they want it to fail, and the Democrats will not be able to put the blame on them
<+Mechanicos> And yes zombie_dogg USSR was pro Gay and then killed them off too
<+nhscott> christian, conservative and orothdox jews must start sanding up for there religious freedom or they will desapear  from these  homosexual demands
Join: Blowme []
Mode: [+v Blowme] by PartyWhip
<+VortexQ> Why, I still do not even understand why a pair of female Sodomites decided to spray paint racist anti-Sodomite slogans and comments onto their own garage doors in Denver…the FBI are still wondering why they would attack themselves too? they defnitely have a mental disorder or they hit the wrong garage? O.o
<+Sziv_elet> truththe; i didnot say THAT .. . 91 is a LONG time to live
<+truththe> Sziuv, this strategy of giving the libs what they want, so they take the blame, has failed for 100 years
<+Mechanicos> zombie_dogg: they use you fools to get power, but nobody likes your kin
<+BBQWhales> STUDY: Teens More Stressed Than Adults...
<+Blowme> You are so stupid I have many proxys you can ban me but I can come back whenever I want!
<+zombie_dogg> mechanicos: The only Examples right now are denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain.
<+VortexQ> things that make you go hmmmm
Join: toddb []
Mode: [+v toddb] by PartyWhip
<+Sziv_elet> trtuhthe I did NOT say that I AGREED with it, i was just offering a possible reason for WHY they were doing it.
<+truththe> !rule8 blowne a
<+truththe> !rule8 blowme a let's put those proxies to work
<+Rule8>  truththe voted AYE blowme(1)
<+nhscott> nhscott is a conservative jew who beleive in basic american freedom including gun right and religious freedoms and will support them to his lifes end !
<+zombie_dogg> and mostly current Germany
<+zombie_dogg> except in Bavaria
<+Mechanicos> zombie_dogg: and North Korea, East Germany etc all did the same thing, used your kind to get to power then killed you off
<+Mechanicos> zombie_dogg: your too mentally ill to be allowed to run lose once they have control
<+Sziv_elet> oh look, asshole has returned ..WTF?
<+zombie_dogg> NK does not have gay rights, SK Does, and only Recently
<+Mechanicos> that homicidal/suicide thing your kind has
<+Sziv_elet> !rule8 blowme A  Go suck  barryballs and DIE from AIDS
<+Rule8>  Sziv_elet voted AYE blowme(2)
<+Mechanicos> zombie_dogg: at least here you were tolerated
<+Blowme> If I am banned again I will go to every gay board on Undernet and have them all come and invade this board and talk about how much they love gay sex! So go ahead ban me I dare you!
<+Sziv_elet>  WTF! We just BANNED his ass
<+VortexQ> !rule8 blowme Aye UP YOURS!
<+Rule8>  VortexQ voted AYE blowme(3)
<+Blowme> Sziv ever heard of a proxy
<+LiberTea> !rule8 blowme a
<+Rule8>  LiberTea voted AYE blowme(4)
<+Blowme> there are many free ones
<+Sziv_elet> blowmew awwwwwwwwww, that would b what ..3 channls?
Mode: [+b *!*Blowme@39.190.252.*] by X
Kick: Blowme by X [(Mechinaco) Blowme I have over 400 bans to use how many p0ixies you got]
<+zombie_dogg> Japan has gay rights only relatively recently too.
<+Sziv_elet> blowme fooey OFF and DIE, FAGGOT
<+truththe> the 3 people who hang out on gay channels will flood this board
<+truththe> When a gay person dies, is their ghost gay?
<+nhscott> Blowme a threat .....may aids come to all your family even the extended portion for G-d will visit your sin to your extened family .......beleive the prophisey
<+VortexQ> Mech certainly has a great sense of humor!  XD
<+truththe> God does not create things like aids...the world creates them
<+mics> there is no ghosts
<+zombie_dogg> There's more proof that there are ghosts , then proof that the bible is real
<+nhscott> thank you x mechanicos .......some one need to email me with a the  AYE TO GET THESE GUYS OUT SO  i can save it email is .....otherwise i will not have it so i can use it when needed slow and old 67 to be exact
<+mics> there is more proof of bigfoot
Join: Jeffrey- []
Mode: [+v Jeffrey-] by PartyWhip
<+mics> well evidence , not proof
<+Mechanicos> hey zombie_dogg militant athiest means gay = ignored since you are a fake on the issue
<+nhscott> Mechanicos again thanks for not being hit with or perswaded with the threat by that fagot
<+Mechanicos> so zombie_dogg tilt at windmills, your losing this war
Quit: ddvv [Ping timeout]
Quit: truththe [Ping timeout]
<+zombie_dogg> Just becasue the idea of monotheism is complete and utter nonsense, doesn't make me an athesist.
<+wallythedog> like in the scenario of Job, satan comes asking if he can inflict people with aids, so all that are taken by the illness may curse God or repent..... God sez, sure, why noit
<+LiberTea> zombie doesn't want to believe in the bible because if he did he would find out that people like him are an abomination
<+wallythedog> god forgives a soul even if they are stricken with a terminal illness, so dont even postulate
<+Mechanicos> Real Atheists have no reason to want to eliminate Christianity from society, thus anybody pushing it is a fraud who is doing it because i

END of this pastebin

AmericaPolitics CHAT, crazy DaisyDew op
DaisyDew is insane, irrational, and a pathological LIAR - just like Obama!

March 3  pm with ?
18:56] <Shepp> someone said ap is dead during the day
- pm -  it's still a mess in ap, its dead at night too, xx and I don't talk... we just lurk
[18:56] <Shepp> daisy killed it, she and apache
- pm -  apache bans alot of peeps at night, different rules for different folks as always
- pm -  she is ruining the chat, too many rules

- pm -  no swearing whatsoever or you get banned [unless a friend of apache] ..... even coo went after her last nite telling her she was wrong to ban you and snorky
[18:58] <Shepp> really???   (coo - cultofone)
- pm -  yes really, xx and I were omg in pm window Smile
[18:58] <Shepp> whatd she say to THAT
- pm -  she said "you are wrong coo .... I didn't ban anyone"
- pm -  he said "oh yes you did!"  she denied deny deny
[18:58] <Shepp> SHE IS A FILTHY LIAR
- pm -  I know!!  we all know!!!  but she is hanging herself
- pm -  not many chat in there, the room ap is dying a slow death
[18:59] <Shepp> thats what xis and webguy want - both could take her power away and unban us
- pm -  one day ....I think maybe sunday..... aleppo, ellejay and mppharoah were opped up
- pm -  xx and I are the cusp of speaking up... but we are fearful we will get slammed
[19:00] <Shepp> I cant see mp as an op bwahahahahahaa
- pm - well they are desperate to keep them chatting there is my guess - it's a "have a cookie" moment
Session Close: Mon Mar 03 19:08:30 2014

Jun 16, 2017

[16:07] <+LiberTea> !rule8 cowtippa yes
[16:07] <+Rule8>  LiberTea voted AYE cowtippa(3)
[16:08] * +LiberTea (~Tea@ Quit (Registered)
[16:08] * LiberTea ( has joined #americapolitics
[16:08] <+LiberTea> !rule8 cowtippa yes
[16:08] <+Rule8>  LiberTea voted AYE cowtippa(5)
[16:08] * X sets mode: +b *!*
[16:08] * CowTippa was kicked by X ((MobRule) Ahhh...I see the

+Shepherd> LiberTea thats cheating
[16:09] <+LiberTea> no it's not cheating, it's exploiting a loophole

16:12] * +LiberTea ( has left #americapolitics
[16:12] * LiberTea (~Tea@ has joined #americapolitics
[16:12] * PartyWhip sets mode: +v LiberTea
[16:12] <+sv3n> !rule8 LiberTea a
[16:12] <+LiberTea> !rule8 sv3n yes
[16:12] <+Rule8>  LiberTea voted AYE sv3n(5)

+LiberTea> vote with your normal ip, then login to x and vote again
LiberTea - so you have 2 registered usernames

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