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Somalia terrorists destroy largest Christian Library, Bible College
January 6, 2011
Worthy News Africa Service
MOGADISHU - Somalia's minority Christians faced new challenges after their most comprehensive Christian library was reportedly destroyed by Muslim terrorists who also threatened to continue killing Christians.

Fighters of Al-Shabaab, an Islamic group that has pledged loyalty to al-Qaeda militants, destroyed a Christian library that also served as an underground Bible college in southern Somalia, said International Christian Concern (ICC), a rights organization investigating cases of religious persecution.

During the December 16 incident in the Luuq district of Somalia, militants destroyed the library and brought Bibles, Christian books, and audio/video materials to the city center and burned them after the Muslim noon prayer, ICC added. The library was located in a derelict farm on the Juba River, Christians said.

Somali Christians often literally bury their Bibles and other Christian materials because of "intense persecution" from Islamic extremists, ICC explained.


Speaking on condition of anonymity , a leader of an underground church said in published remarks that the library "served as an underground Somali Bible college, [and it's] one of the biggest and the most comprehensive Somali Christian libraries in southern Somalia."

There was also concern over the whereabouts of a man resonsible for the library. "We have the information that the guardian of the library, who is a Christian man, fled the area hours after the library was found by the Islamists" because Christian converts from Islam face a likely death sentence, added ICC representative Jonathan Rocha. The man has not surfaced since, according to ICC investigators, adding to concerns he may have been harmed.

In 2010, Islamic groups killed several Christians in Somalia, Rocha said. "All of the Christians inside Somalia are converts from Islam, and, as you know, converting from Islam is a crime, according to Islam, which is punishable by death."


Somalia’s Western-backed government has been battling insurgents, including the al-Shabaab militia, which has pledged to kill Christians in the country and turn it into a hard-line Islamic state. Somalia hasn’t had a functioning central administration since the ouster of former dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991.

Peacekeepers of the African Union Mission in Somalia have said they will train an additional 800 policemen to provide security in the capital, Mogadishu, at a time when AU peacekeepers claim they make at least some gains against militias seeking to topple the government. (With editing by Worthy News' Stefan J. Bos).

East Africa NEWS
Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Rwanda
There is a lot of Somalia news in EAfrica thread



   DAILY NEWS with prophetic analysis


64 dead in Uganda Explosions
July 11, 2010
Blast killed one American, death toll changing, Somalia link
Two separate explosions rocked the Ugandan capital Kampala Sunday night, killing many people packed into bars to watch the World Cup final, police said.

"The information we have indicates 13 people have died here at the Ethiopian Village (restaurant) and many others are injured and
more than 10 people are reported to have died at the rugby club," Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura told reporters at the scene of one blast.
Police said there were many casualties at both blast sites.

The Ethiopian Village is located in the Kabalagala district of Kampala, a popular night-life spot which was heaving with soccer fans watching the World Cup final between Spain and the Netherlands.
"The bombs went off in fully packed bars as people were watching the World Cup finals," police spokeswoman Judith Nabakooba said.
There was no immediate indication of who launched the attack.

Last year Somali al Shabaab terrorists threatened to attack the Ugandan capital. The country has troops in Somalia with an African Union peacekeeping force.

World Cup Terror
July 12, 2010 Kampala
 American Victims in Uganda Bloodbath
Blasts tear through crowds watching the World Cup final in Uganda, killing 74.
An American aid worker was killed and six members of a Pennsylvania church group seriously wounded as twin bombers tore through crowds watching the World Cup final at a party in Uganda.
Somalia Al-Shabab terrorists killed dozens at the rugby club where revelers had gathered to watch the soccer final on a large TV screen.  Six United Methodist missionaries from Pa., were injured.
South Africa FIFA President Sepp Blatter denounced the violence against fans watching the game.

4 American missionaries killed by the Pirates
22 Feb 2011
– Pirates shot dead four American hostages on Quest, a yacht they had seized in the Arabian Sea, and a firefight left two pirates dead and 13 captured, said the U.S. military.  The military had been monitoring the Quest for 3 days.  Pirate gangs preying on shipping lanes through the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean typically target large merchant ships, with oil tankers and the prize catch, but the snatching of foreigners can also yield high ransoms.

U.S. uses drone aircraft in Somalia to attack terrorists
June 2011
U.S. drone targets two leaders of Somali group allied with al-Qaeda.  A U.S. drone aircraft fired on two leaders of a militant Somali organization tied to al-Qaeda, apparently wounding them.  The strike last week against senior members of al-Shabab comes amid growing concern within the U.S. government that some leaders of the Islamist group are collaborating more closely with al-Qaeda to strike targets beyond Somalia

750,000 Somalis are at risk of starving
Sep. 06, 2011 MOGADISHU
- The UN says
• Hundreds dying daily as famine spreads in Somalia
• Aid will still go to Somalia despite fraud

The United Nations said 4 million Somalis are living in famine zones.
Tens of thousands have died in the famine, drought, war, and a ban on food aid by Islamic terrorists who control Somalia.  East Africa, including Kenya and Ethiopia, need food aid.
al-Shabab Muslim terrorists banned any food aid by international relief agencies.

East Africa  *  Ethiopia, Somalia
Protest and the danger of ethnic conflict, 22 Feb 2011

Horn of Africa drought
July  2011
Horn of Africa drought.  The UK launched an emergency appeal to help the people affected by severe drought in the Horn of Africa.   1,000 people arrive each day from Kenya seeking help.  Herdsmen are trying to sell off what little livestock they have left.  But no-one wants to buy the cattle and goats on sale here. There is nowhere for them to graze: the pastures here are parched and arid, and it has barely rained for two years running.

Extended drought is causing a severe food crisis in the Horn of Africa, which includes Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia.

Jeremiah 5.23-25
But this people has a stubborn and rebellious heart;
they have turned aside and gone away.  They do not say in their hearts,
‘Let us fear the LORD our God, who gives the rain in its season,
the autumn rain and the spring rain, and keeps for us the weeks appointed for the harvest.’
Your iniquities have turned these away, and your sins have kept good from you.

Isaiah 59

Muslim tries to kill Israeli on plane
Nov 4, 2015 -  Sudanese
attacker hit Jewish man on the head repeatedly while shouting death to the Jews!  Ethiopian police arrested him when the plane landed.

A passenger sitting behind me identified me as Israeli and Jewish.
He came up behind my seat and started to choke me.
He hit me over the head with a metal tray and shouted Allah akbar and'I will slaughter the Jew.,7340,L-4720487,00.html

Bomb on Somalia plane
Feb 3, 2016
 -  An explosion and fire blew a hole in a commercial airliner forcing it to make an emergency landing at Mogadishu's airport.  The pilot believes a bomb caused it.
One passenger fell out and died, 2 were injured.  The plane was headed to Djibouti, Africa.

Weapons Cache off Somalia
Mar 8, 2016  -  An Australian Navy
ship seized a huge cache of weapons near Oman’s coast from a fishing vessel bound for Somalia, exposing a possible violation of a U.N. Security Council arms embargo.  If they had only donated to the Clinton Foundation they could have got that shipment thru.


Somalia mosque collapses kills 15
May 1, 2016
-  A mosque collapsed in Somalia, killing at least 15 and injuring 40 during Friday prayers to the devilgod of Islam.  Hundreds of people were inside the building when it collapsed and some are still believed to be trapped under the rubble.  An engineer was arrested on suspicion of negligence.

Lotta Muslims killed in Saudi Arabia, now this.  Great start!
There has been quite an increase in earthquakes across this area.
That could well have contributed to mosque collapse

Somalia area Earthquakes

Muslims kill Somalia peacekeepers
June 10, 2016
debka  -  Shabaab Muslim terrorist suicide bomber infiltrated a base used by Ethiopian soldiers from the African Union's peacekeeping mission in Somalia and blew himself up. At least 45 people were killed and dozens were wounded.

Mogadishu hotel bomb kills 14
June 25, 2016
-  A Muslim suicide bomber detonated an explosives-laden vehicle at the gate of a Mogadishu hotel, followed by a second explosion heard inside the hotel as Muslim terrorists fought their way inside. Police said at least 4 men were involved in the attack.

Eritrea, East Afrika
June 27, 2016
DEBKA  -  New Israeli Early Warning Station in Eritrea.  The installation can track Iran and ISIS movements in Red Sea region.

Somalia *  Mogadishu port bomb kills 29
Dec 11, 2016
-  A suicide car bomber killed 29 people in Mogadishu, dozens of others were injured.  The bomber struck at the port entrance.  The death toll is expected to rise further.


Pirates hijack oil tanker off Somalia
Mar 15, 2017  
-  Muslim terrorists boarded an oil tanker off the coast of Somalia and seized the ship with its eight crew members. The ship sent a distress signal it was being approached by high-speed boats. Forum Index -> World NEWS
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