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2012 Eagle Symposium at NBG


2012 Eagle Symposium at the Norfolk Botanical Garden held May 4-6, 2012

Eagles of the Chesapeake: An ecological portrait by Dr Bryan Watts, CCB
Held May 4 - 6, 2012  at NBG (Norfolk Botanical Garden)  Eagle Symposium, Norfolk, Virginia
Other presentations include: The History and Update of the Norfolk Botanical Garden Nesting Eagles by Reese Lukei,
Tracking The Bald Eagle: lessons on foraging, roosting and nesting through satellite telemetry by Libby Mojica,
Emerging Eagle Policies by Ed Clark, Leadership in the Hurricane of Change by Jim Martin and a
Moderated Panel Discussion with Reese Lukei, Jim Martin and Ed Clark.
The Bald Eagle Buddy made his debut appearance with Ed Clark.

Dr Bryan Watts part 1  Eagle plumage as it changes year to year to age 5 adult bird

Dr Bryan Watts part 2  Chesapeake bald eagles are mid-sized compared to other area eagles.
The NBG nest has been very productive.  It takes an experienced pair to raise 3 eaglets per year.  They have to be good providers.
Video of eaglet hatching.

Dr Bryan Watts part 3  Nests and diet

Dr Bryan Watts part 4  Photos of bald eagle coloration year 1, 2, 3 and 4
Years 1, 2 they are a juvie, year 4 a sub-adult

Dr Bryan Watts part 5 TOO MANY EAGLES!
Avian ecology.  questions

Beautiful photos of a year 4 eagle born at NBG

Reese Lukei, part 1  NBG eagle pair and their nests and young

Reese Lukei, part 2  Eagle vs blue jay, young practice branching - one at a time, others watch. hahaha
2008 nest - male intruder, female flew off with him abandoning eggs

Reese Lukei, part 3  Sweet bonding between male and female  2009-2011 nests
Azalea, transmitter
The 4 females of 2012
Duane in canal with juvie eaglet.

Reese Lukei CCB website

Libby Mojica

Chris took the videos and posted them here. THANK YOU CHRIS!     Smile
All the NBG females, that we know about, cartoon above by shoebutton.
Graph of NBG females and which dates they appeared on WVEC eaglecam.

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