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The Vatican, the 666 beast and the antiChrist


666 * Beast * antiChrist
October  4,  2010    When I see US Colleges need a govt license, THAT is a HUGE Beast control indicator!

WHO are The Beast and False Prophet
Where is the Mark of the Beast  -  IN  or  ON?

And the beast was seized, and with him the false prophet who performed the signs in his presence,
by which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image
these two were thrown alive into the lake of fire which burns with brimstone.
Revelation 19:20

If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand,
he also will drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is mixed in full strength in the cup of His anger;
and he will be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.

And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever; they have no rest day and night,
those who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.
Revelation 14

This video is worth watching and the Duduman link is worth reading.
So many prophetic things appear to CONFLICT.
Perhaps as time moves along - faster and faster - they will not conflict.

The Beast and False Prophet

This is a vision in the spirit I was given about the Beast and the False Prophet.
Read a scathing article about Obama written by Isaac Kohn of Israel called
America's Deadly Roller Coaster

Obama isthe beastm and the  media is the false prophet.
As there is a Holy Trinity, so it there and unholy trinity


        ----------- END --------------

NOW read this

Dumitru DUDUMAN said the POPE is The Beast

The Beast Strikes
January 21, 1995

I saw a helicopter which hovered above them.  On the side of the helicopter there was a plank
like on a ship, where soldiers were lined up, dressed in black, all armed the same, and of about the same size.
From the center of the helicopter, a platform began to raise up.  It rose higher than the helicopter itself.

On the platform was a throne.  The Pope was on the throne, yelling with a loud voice,
"I have been given the power to rule the earth and to fight against the Protestants, that I may overtake (kill) them."


VATICAN, Mystery Babylon, the whore

Jesuits, UNKNOWN Evils of the Vatican

Vatican is Satans throne

The Vatican, the 666 beast and the antiChrist


This is a very interesting topic - a couple of sources I've read, they've described the 1st beast/false prophet systems as WORLD systems, not so much men.

1st beast being Rome/Vatican

False prophet being the United States, for the reason being that it disguised itself as a Christian nation, but underneath was just the opposite(i.e. most of our founding Fathers were Masons, among others, that wrecked havoc in this world).

God's Word says:  Rev. 19
19- And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image.

20- These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone."

These are clearly human beings and not "systems."

Fight!   I'll settle this.    You're both right.   LOL!

A "beast" can be a "system" and one or more individuals.
I would have to say that every beast will have at least one human representative (King, president, ruler, etc.) on earth.  

This can easily be seen in Daniel chapters 7 and 8 with the discussion of multiple beasts.  
In Daniel Chapter 7 it specifically mentions that these four  beast's are four men.  
In chapter 8 you have a goat (Grecia) with one horn which represents its ruler and a ram with two horns which are the kings of Media and  Persia.

 You can also have one beast with multiple heads, crowns and horns.
 This would be a "beast system" with a confederation of leaders.  These leaders may function independently
(EX: one defeating three horns) or as the group.

My own opinion (at this time, subject to change), is that the description of a beast is a picture of the controlling spirit over these different kingdoms.

 I speculate that the spirits have been the same throughout history, but have ruled different people and over different areas.  
Angels fight them and can restrain them.  Each spirits power can change over any region or people and is reflected by the various battles that have become the world's  history.

I believe that Daniel Chapter 8 is about the powers that have been focused around the Iraq war.  
President George Bush conquered Iraq in the name and power of "democracy."  Democracy was birthed, and is the spirit of Greece.  
This was the same spirit that empowered Alexander the great to accomplish the same.  
I believe the ram is Islam with its two horns, today the Shia and Sunni.

Toward the end of President Bush's presidency, he either lost or simply forfeited his power to four others
(Dan 8:22   Shia, Sunni, Kurds, Obama).  

This was finally manifested in the election of President Obama.  Our land is now ruled by a different spirit/beast than in the past.  
I cannot describe that beast at this time except to say that one of its fruits is probably fascism.  
Some of his other fruits are described in Daniel 8:25.

Dan 8:25   And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand;
and he shall magnify [himself] in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many:
he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

The beasts in Revelation 13 are Confederacy's.  
The Sea Beast having 7 heads, 10 horns and 10 crowns.  
And the earth beast having two horns like a lamb and speaking like a dragon.  Again, multiple human rulers but one beast.  (Controlling spirit).


Has GOD abandoned AmeriKa?

O AmeriKa, Amerika!  You kill God's messengers!
I have wanted to protect you, but your sins will not let Me.
And now you are abandoned, you will not see Me again until you say,
Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!

I edited Luke 13 to America, read it online

Has GOD abandoned AmeriKa?


This nation was founded on FREEDOM.
Freedom TO worship our GOD
NOT freedom FROM worship!

The LORD has departed, ICHABOD AMERIKA, and you do not know it!
September 11, 2001 He lifted His Hand of protection and allowed a terrible catastrophe to warn us to REPENT,
but the nation continued to sin, continued to legalize sin.

The blood of babies slaughtered cruelly in the womb has cried out to heaven.

The abomination of same sex sex has become legal in too many states, and is practiced in all states.

Yes worldwide, and GOD is also judging the world with His righteous judgments.

The buildings that call themselves churches no longer preach God's written word.
They choose what is popular, what will not offend the undisciplined sin in their midst.


Sometimes I think we dont need to identify the beast.
I know the Vatican and this pope are evil.
I know Barak Hussein 0bama is an evil pathological liar.
I see evil everywhere I turn today.  WE NEED to discern evil.

I know there is a shadow govt  (globalists, illuminati, whatever)
Is this the beast?  -  Is this mystery babylon?
Does it matter?  It is exceedingly evil.

The time is coming when I will send famine on the land. People will be hungry, but not for bread.

They will be thirsty, but not for water. They will hunger and thirst for a MESSAGE FROM THE LORD.
I, the Sovereign LORD, have spoken.

People will look everywhere for A MESSAGE FROM THE LORD, but they WILL NOT find it.

Amos 8

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ZionsCRY NEWS with Prophetic Commentary


I just, for the first time, watched the video at the beginning of this thread.  It is amazing that I brought up President Obama, without even knowing that he was the subject of the video.  He definitely is one of many Antichrists, but I would not give him the title of the final Antichrist at this time.  

Yes, he has all of the characteristics, but actually I do not think he is that bright.  Maybe after he acquires a few more demons, he might reach that level.   LOL!  I thought that the last Bush, and now possibly Obama, would be set up as a "false antichrist."  

The real final Antichrist would present himself as the returning messiah and defeat one of them claiming that they were the Antichrist.  I still believe that this might be the scenario and the greatest deception.  "The powers that be" double cross one of their own and therefore "fulfilling" what most people expect.

The final players in these roles are speculation for most at this time.  The Holy Spirit will reveal their identities to the believers "in the fullness of time."  It will come as a "revelation" with the understanding following.

With that said, a few years ago while studying Revelation Chapter 13, I thought the Holy Spirit was joking with me when I connected the "sea beast" with NATO ("north Atlantic" ocean - sea).  To my surprise that association would return about a year later but with more seriousness.  Eventually the revelation was that NATO was the teeth of the sea beast.  And I'm not saying that this sea beast is only European.  Only that a predominant military force (teeth ) would be made up of NATO forces.  Within a year NATO forces were participating in the "peace agreement" between the modern state of Israel and Lebanon.  This first beast is definitely difficult to describe and with multiple facets.

I am beginning to believe that the beast that comes out of the earth may be what most people consider the Antichrist and the false prophet.  This beast is exercising the same power as the first beast.  Somewhat similar to the whore sitting on a scarlet beast.  (A beast that controls another beast?).  This "Earth beast" has two horns like a lamb and speaks as a dragon.  The horns in Daniel are the kings or rulers.  And in Daniel chapter 8 the two horns are on the ram (male lamb) that represented Media and Persia.  I believe that this is actually Islam today with the two horns being Shia and Sunni.  They are awaiting their "savior" the Madhi.  The Madhi is supposed to have a sidekick named "Jesus."  I am expecting the next pope to be this "Jesus" and the Madhi to be the Antichrist.  Please note that they well "speak as a dragon."  They will be empowered by Satan.

All speculation is subject to further revelation.

Shalom, John

Dan 7:8   I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn [were] eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things.

Dan 7:20   And of the ten horns that [were] in his head, and [of] the other which came up, and before whom three fell; even [of] that horn that had eyes, and a mouth that spake very great things, whose look [was] more stout than his fellows.

Dan 7:24   And the ten horns out of this kingdom [are] ten kings [that] shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.


War Council Convened In Damascus Past Friday To Prepare For Israeli Strike, Iran President Expects War "Between Spring And Summer"

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/01/2010
Abu Dhabi Media website The National has disclosed some rather disturbing news about peace "prospects" in the middle east. It appears this past Friday saw a war council convene in Damascus, between Syrian president Bashar al Assad, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hizbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah to "devise counterattack plans and assign tasks in the event of an Israeli offensive on one or all parties, wrote Abdelbari Atwan, the editor-in-chief of the pan-Arab newspaper Al Quds al Arabi." And more troublingly, "the Iranian president said he expects war to break out somewhere between spring and summer of this year. Meanwhile, the Hizbollah chief vowed to strike the Israeli capital, its airports and power stations if Israel dared to attack Beirut’s critical infrastructure."Let's recall that Goldman's most recent 2010 and 2011 WTI estimates call for prices to rise to $90 and $110/bbl, respectively.

More from The National:

   “The timing of the meeting, the way it was undertaken and the ensuing press conference that was held at its conclusion, all point to a strategic coalition being reinforced. This is the build-up of a new front that will spearhead the confrontation with the US-Israeli alliance and whichever Arab countries that may, expressly or implicitly, be affiliated with it.”“Indeed, we are being exposed to a new discourse here, an unprecedented sense of self-confidence and an unheard-of preparedness for retaliation.”

What is more troubling for the US is that any potential effort to rekindle a relationship with Iran is now dead and burred, as the new axis seems to involve exclusively Syria.

   For its part, the Syrian leadership appears to have made up its mind to close off the US administration’s “trite and cheap” flirtation with Damascus and opted for bolstering its tactical partnership with Tehran.

Surely this is now just another white swan in a sea of black, which has been duly factored in to various asset prices and what not.

Was reading Daniel again the last couple of days - Chapter 11 really caught my attention - it said how the AC will come by FLATTERIES.

No - it's not like Satan is going to come and behead the enemies first(in particular, the Christians, of course), he's going to SOFTEN EVERYONE UP as much as possible through his false signs, lying wonders, and sweet talk.

I mean we're already witnessing today's church being softened up via "Purpose Driven Life", Bill Hybels junk, et al.

Also - read the first 25 verses of Acts again - when Jesus returns, fire(and other signs like lightning) will come out of heaven FIRST, and THEN he comes back. From what I understand, when the AC(whether it's Maitreya or whoever) emerges to deceive the world, he will come as like a 'man of peace', and THEN SECONDLY he'll show those false wonders like fire coming down from the sky.

So yeah - especially with time running short, it's best to read our bibles CAREFULLY during these tough times - Satan knows the bible back and forth, and will deceive, but he will likely do alot of things BACKWARD.

Matthew 16:18
I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.

Who is The Rock?
YESHUA, Christ Jesus, the Messiah is The
Rock on which the Christian Church is built

is a play on words.  In the original mss its clear, in translations its not clear.
Jesus told Peter he was just a little pebble.
The Lord Jesus Christ is the Rock, was the rock in the desert from which the Israelites drank.  

The true Church is built on the LORD JESUS CHRIST - NOT Peter.
The vatican, pope are the devils cult which has deceived millions into HELL.
The true Church is invisible, has neither wall nor demonation.

FAITH * The ROCK is Christ

1 Corinthians 10:4
All drank the same spiritual drink. For they were drinking from the spiritual Rock accompanying them, and that rock was Christ. (The Messiah).

The false prophet Obama meets the Beast pope
Mar 27, 2014
Barack Hussein Obama arrives in Rome March 26 on Air Force One.
Obama will meet Pope Francis at the Vatican for talks on a shared agenda.  (UN Agenda 21)
Unpopular Obama hopes the popes popularity will rub off on him.


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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!


Here are 3 segments of video by Perry Stone that I just recently came across.  
This has some excellent information concerning Islam and the Madhi.  
These are the last three segments of a total of eight.  Each about six to eight minutes long.

The Bloodline of the Antichrist




Islamic AntiChrist


I listened to the first video and its good.
There is a book by Joel Richardson too - saying the antichrist will be Muslim.

Antichrist, matraiya, man of sin, beast, false prophet, abomination of desolation

We need to let GOD be GOD and not cling hardline to man's interpretations

Islam: The Religion of the Antichrist
That looks like Walid Shoebat in the video.  He's excellent.
There is a book out there saying the antichrist is Muslim.
The more I read - the more it appears Islam IS the beast system.  chilling

The Islamic Antichrist, Joel Richardson

Cross reference this link
Lucifer - series of 4 videos proclaiming matraiya as false christ

What is the Mark of the Beast

Moved from another thread which I closed to combine this topic.

What is the Mark of the Beast

Walid Shoebat describes what he found when he read the bible about 666.

IT IS NOT numbers at all.  Walid diagramed the characters.  All are Islamic.
The Beast is Islam.  What we interpret as 'hand' is actually arm.
My conclusion is that the Mark of the Beast is a vaccine.

A National ID card could be a precursor to a mandatory implanted chip.
The time from card to chip may be short.
God knows.


BornAgain2 wrote:
Interesting...I also read, FWIW, that the RCC and Islam are one and the same.

I've felt the Vatican is this 1st beast, but who knows? This monster the Vatican created in could very well stab them in the back. When you make a deal with the devil...good luck...


YES - I saw the video that Islam and RCC are the same.
For years I have said Islam will merge with the RCC - they are so much the same already.
Both revere Mary.


BornAgain2 wrote:
Has the mark of the beast arrived?

Remember how Jesus told the Pharisees how they could discern the skies, but could NOT discern the TIMES.
Kinda feels like our 501c3 church yoked up with the government - today's pseudo-christian church is
even worse discerning the times than the Pharisees were then, it seems.

One of them being this health care bill, and this MICROCHIP IMPLANT that's REQUIRED (No Joke!) by 2013!
36 months from now!
(also, this has been an Illuminati agenda since 2000 or so)

Yep - this is a MAJOR sign, if you ask me.

Microchipping To Begin In 36 Months Under New Health Bill

The new Health Care Bill, H.R. 3200, just passed by Congress has within it the requirement that all people thereunder shall be microchiped.
The plans for this microchipping has been in the hopper going back to December of 2004.

Witness the actual FDA (Food and Drug Administration) document dated December 10, 2004 entitled
“Class II Special Guidance Document: Implantable Radiofrequency Transponder System for Patient Identification and Health Information.
This ten page document may be read on the FDA website at
[url] [/url]

Now witness the wording within H.R. 3200, “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009”
found on Congresses’ House Ways and Means website,
[url] [/url]

On page 1001 is “Subtitle C – National Medical Device Registry” which states,

“The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’)
to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data on each device that - is or has been used in or on a patient.”

In other words, everyone microchipped pursuant to the new Health Care Bill must be registered with the Secretary.
The “Secretary” is defined as the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The date by which this registry is to begin is mandated on page 1006, which is 36 months after the Health Bill becomes law.

The Secretary of Health and Human Services shall establish and begin implementation of the registry under
section 519(g) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, as added by paragraph (1) by
not later than the date that is 36 months after the date of the enactment of this Act,
without regard to whether of not final regulations to establish and operate the registry have been promulgated by such date.

Therefore, under the law of H.R. 3200 recently passed by Congress, microchipping of Americans must begin by the year 2013.

I cite to my often quoted Biblical Scripture in Revelation 13:16 and 17,
“And he [the AntiChrist] causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond,
to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads.
And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

Numerous times I have stated that our current Income Tax system shall be replaced with a tax upon all trade,
and that everyone will have automatically deducted from every transaction of buying and selling a tax.
But this tax is not the significant part.

Along with this government-granted “privilege” of buying and selling, will be the
required worship of the Man of Sin, that every knee shall bow and that every tongue shall confess that he is god to the glory of himself.
Those refusing shall be certainly executed post haste!

Now you know what is behind the new Health Bill, H.R. 3200
[url] [/url]

Ron Branson,  JAIL4Judges
Judicial Accountability Initiative Law


Thank you.

I have heard mandatory chipping for humans is in the bill Obama signed into LAW March 23, 2010

I put this in ObamaCare thread in the HEALTH and MEDICINE section here because it was supposedly 'health.'

YES - ALL is ready for the staging of the beast system.
The tentacles of Satan are everywhere - total control.

yet ................


Also click to the BREAKING NEWS section where TRUMAN has posted
The Age of the Gentiles has fully come!
This is about March 23
The day Obama signed the Antichrist (health) bill into LAW
The day Obama bullied and snubbed Bibi, P.M. of Israel
The day ANUBIS Egyptian god sailed past Liberty into New York
The day America was buried forever


Where is the Mark of the Beast - IN or ON?

Where is the Mark of the Beast
IN the hand / forehed  or  ON?

BornAgain2 wrote:
But en yet, the daily MSM "big" news (runned by Satan of course) items are,
1) The Sandra Bullock/Jesse James feud,
2) NFL free agency paying huge dollars and what teams are benefiting most(Yah, like we should care how rich and spoiled these pro athletes are),
3) The NCAA basketball tournament and all the "cinderalla" stories,
4) The best movies rolling out of Hellywood, etc.
And not to mention too all the Oscars nonsense during that night a couple of weeks ago that kept getting updated on the Yahoo/MSNBC web sites.

I mean unless you're a fan of Sandra Bullock, Jesse James, your favorite football/basketball teams that are floundering, etc,
you're life is on the A-train going smoothly, right?

Seriously - it's coming...even Jesus said in the latter chapters in Luke to NOT let us be overtaken by the cares of this world, or the day share come upon us unawares.


CJ wrote:
National ID card
Mark of the beast


May 2010
I moved this discussion here from this thread.

April, 2010

Objections are being raised over a proposed immigration reform measure that involves a provision calling for a national ID card.

Senators Charles Schumer (D-New York) and Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) have proposed the biometric national ID card, but a coalition of groups has written a letter voicing opposition to it. John Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute, tells OneNewsNow that everyone seeking employment will be required to present the biometric ID, and employers will have to use scanners to verify citizenship.

John Whitehead"It will contain your fingerprint, your retina scan information, even a mapping of the veins in the top of your head and other information that is uniquely identifiable to you as an individual," Whitehead explains.

Personal and financial records would be included on the ID card as well, so the Rutherford Institute president warns that the idea could eventually result in government-issued radio frequency identification (RFID) tags which would allow the government to track people. If this bill is passed, the Rutherford Institute plans to file for religious objections.

"As we fought cases on behalf of Social Security cards, those cases are very hard to win," Whitehead notes. "A lot of people do not want a Social Security number, [and those are] very, very difficult cases to win."

When the biometric ID idea was proposed during his administration, President Ronald Reagan referred to the cards as "the mark of the beast." Whitehead adds that the best strategy is to block the bill's passage now rather than wait to fight it in court.

Observer wrote:

Read very carefully Rev. 13:15-18

"Life" is given to the image of the beast.

The image causes all men to worship the image beast or they will be killed.

The image causes all to receive a mark ON their right hand, or ON their foreheads.  

That no man might buy or sell unless he has the mark, or the name of the beast, or the # of his name.

The "mark" is a mark of allegiance to the beast.  The penalty for not giving your allegiance to the beast is death and/or forfeiting the right to buy or sell...forfeiting of being a "part of the world."

BornAgain2 wrote:

I always thought the mark would be the microchip, but for some reason I overlooked the part about the National ID Card you just posted above(retina area and veins in your forehead)...

Very interesting...very, very...

Observer wrote:

An implanted chip is "in" and the mark of the beast is "on."

Some people who are more concerned about buying and selling and an "implanted" chip are going to be deceived into taking the actual "mark of the beast," which will be a mark (tattoo) that is meaningful to him personally or his actual name or the # of his name; which will be placed ON the right hand or ON the forehead.




BornAgain2 wrote:

From what I understand, the National ID Card will be as a result of this Amnesty bill,
so that all these illegals et al can be tracked, and with this overflow of a problem created, it would lead to the NAU.

However - last I heard, Missouri's Gov in 2008 passed a law that would ban this in his state. Hopefully, more will follow suit.(Let's pray!)

Either way, yes - I can see the National ID Card being a precursor, b/c that way, when the AC arrives on the scene, he can put out that
"You can take that implantable chip in your hand so it won't get lost like these ID cards" excuse that people could buy into.

I don't think the NIV is as bad as everyone says it is, but it does have its flaws - the KJV is the only one that says "in" the hand, while the other versions says "on".

Again, I'm not going down that rabbit trail over which bible versions are the correct ones(and like said above, the NIV is the only version outside the KJV I don't find that bad),
but the KJV is the only version that says "in".

IMHO, I think it will be an implantable chip + some kind of tattoo(my guess it's "666").


Observer wrote:

I don't think the NIV is as bad as everyone says it is, but it does have its flaws - the KJV is the only one that says "in" the hand, while the other versions says "on".

Again, I'm not going down that rabbit trail over which bible versions are the correct ones(and like said above, the NIV is the only version outside the KJV I don't find that bad), but the KJV is the only version that says "in".

IMHO, I think it will be an implantable chip + some kind of tattoo (my guess it's "666").

If you look up the word "on" (in the KJ) you will find it is mistranslated and should be "in."

My post was not meant to be about versions of God's Word.  

Understanding what God is revealing is the most important thing.  God does not say anything about an implanted chip being the mark of the beast.

If people do not understand that, they will be deceived into taking the actual mark "on" the body, which alligns oneself with the antichrist.  

What's an implanted chip compared to a little ole tattoo?  
It's a huge distraction and deception away from God's very truth, is what it is.  And could cost you eternal life.


BornAgain2 wrote:

Either way - we are living in some very perilous times - I'll admit, yes, we should not worry b/c God takes cares of our needs.
But nonetheless, I am starting to get pretty darn nervous over the calamities that will be hitting boom-boom-boom that will get the entire world into a state of shock therapy.

It's not just one thing - shortage of food, people getting unemployed, civil unrest, a nuclear WW3, people getting hauled off to FEMA camps, the whole 9 yards.
our faith is REALLY going to be tested as people's hearts are going to be running around in fear. And again, if I told you that everything's OK with me and I'm not worried a bit, I would be lying to you, quite honestly.

Anyhow - this is where we really need to be grounded in the Word of God (I know we all are),
b/c in these upcoming very, very, very perilous times, the last thing we need to know is panic and start following our own hearts(which is easier said than done).


Observer wrote:
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on.  Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?

Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them.  Are ye not much better than they?

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.  Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Matt. 6

Blessings dear one


TRUEMAN wrote:
Rev 13:16   And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

Strong's G1909 - epi

1) upon, on, at, by, before

2) of position, on, at, by, over, against

3) to, over, on, at, across, against


BornAgain2 wrote:

So it DOES mean "on"? Observer, please don't think I'm trying to call you out as a liar or anything,
but just to MAKE SURE, I need confirmation from everyone as possible here.


Observer wrote:

Trueman just posted Strong's for "in."

Actually should have been translated as "on."

It's the same thing I said in an earlier post.

Why would you be thinking I'm a liar?  I don't understand.

Here it is again from the Interlinear


Edit to add link



AHA!  Controversy!  GOOD!

This verse is often quoted using both in and on.
Many many scriptures are mis-quoted and mis-used.

The KEY here is NOT debating a word (and that is important!) - but rather



I am fond of the Amplified bible.  I looked at several versions, most say on.
I like several different versions for a wider view.  I do not care for the KJV.

Revelation 13:16  (Amplified Bible)

Also he compels all [alike], both small and great, both the rich and the poor, both free and slave, to be marked with
an inscription [[a]stamped] on their right hands or on their foreheads

The idol of too many is the KJV - which also has errors

Revelation 13:16 (King James Version)

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

Revelation 13:16 (New King James Version)

16 He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads,

Douay-Rheims Bible
And he shall make all, both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen, to have a character in their right hand, or on their foreheads.

Geneva Study Bible
This is the bible the pilgrims brought over.  They rejected the KJV

{23} And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive {24} a {b} mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

(23) The third point is a cruel exercise of power, as was said before, usurped over men, in this verse: and over their goods and actions, in the next verse.
For he is said, to bring on all persons a cruel slavery, that as bondslaves they might serve the beast.
Also he is said to exercise over all their goods and actions, an abuse of indulgences and dispensations (as they term them) among their friends and against others,
to use most violent prohibitions, and to curse, even in natural and civil, private and public contracts, in which all good faith ought to have place.


Observer wrote:

Nothing wrong with mature people discussing a valid topic.

Obviously, it is important.

If a person is unaware of the fact that the word is "on," and only see's something such as an implanted chip as a mark of the beast, then deception is certainly possible if/when the mark turns out to be a "tattoo" of some sort.

BornAgain2 wrote:

EXACTLY! Whether it's "in" or "on", ULTIMATELY, WHATEVER you take, you WILL be giving ALLEGIANCE to the beast!

I mean it's no different, let's say, from these 501c3 churches volunteering to help the government with their gun control agendas(i.e. having specials where they'll exchange money for people's guns). Or for that matter too, if/when this H1N1 false flag breaks out, these churches volunteer themselves to open themselves up as vaccination shelters. And for that matter too - badly misinterpreting Romans 13 to appease the government.

Anyhow, just to err on the safe side, it would be best not to take anything.


666 * Beast * antiChrist


October  4,  2010    

I found 3 related threads and combined them today, and used THIS header.
When I see US Colleges need a govt license, THAT is a HUGE Beast control indicator!

Licensing of U.S. colleges

Federal scheme poses greatest threat to academic freedom in our lifetime.
Dept of Education violent queer Secretary Arne Duncan is proposing to force colleges and universities to submit to a PRO-SIN agenda.
Even CHRISTIAN schools would be required to have state approval.


BA - I moved both your pope posts here

BornAgain2 wrote:
Vatican declares Bart and Homer Simpson Catholic

Homer Simpson - perhaps the most profane character and worst father ever to headline a mainstream American television program - is Catholic, the Vatican's official newspaper has declared.

"Few know it, and he does all he can to hide it. But it is true," Luca Possati writes in Sunday's Osservatore Romano.

OK, Homer snores through the Rev. Lovejoy's sermons.

Yes, he relentlessly humiliates his evangelical Christian neighbor Ned Flanders.

But the show is one of the few in American life that takes religion seriously, a Jesuit is arguing - from grace before meals to an (admittedly off-kilter) belief in the afterlife.

The article riffs on the 2005 episode "The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star," in which Homer and Bart flirt with the idea of converting to Catholicism (and Homer makes an outrageous confession).

Homer decides against it with "a cathartic D'oh!," Possati writes. But the Rev. Francesco Occhetta praises the episode - and the series –anyway, Possati writes.

Occhetta wrote about The Simpsons in the most recent edition of Italian Jesuit magazine Civilita Cattolica, Possati says.

Creator Matt Groening's "surreal comedy, pungent satire and sarcasm about the worst taboos of the American Way of Life" opens "anthropological themes that are tied to the meaning and quality of life," he says.
"The moral message? None," the Vatican newspaper concludes. "But a world without easy illusions is a more humane and perhaps more Christian world."

BornAgain2 wrote:
Pope Benedict Demands World Government


In his Papal Encyclical Caritas in veritate the Pope/Antichrist demands that a World Government be created (ruled by him).

This idiot declared Bart and Homer Simpson Catholic - CARTOON characters!
Folks, Roman Catholics believed the popes speak for Jesus Christ!
That is NOT SO!

The pope is the beast of Revelation 13  -  the man of SIN, the antiChrist!

RC's will follow this wicked devil-man to hell.
I have believed for years that the vatican would move to Jerusalem.

Revelation 13:5  -

The beast was allowed to speak arrogant and insulting things. It was given authority to act for 42 months.
The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise his authority for forty-two months.  NIV

The beast was allowed to speak great blasphemies against God. And he was given authority to do whatever he wanted for forty-two months.  Living
And the beast was given a mouth uttering haughty and blasphemous words, and it was allowed to exercise authority for forty-two months.

There was given to him a mouth speaking arrogant words and blasphemies, and authority to act for forty-two months was given to him.  NASB
The beast was allowed to speak arrogant and blasphemous things, and it was given authority for 42 months.  ISV

And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty [and] two months.  KJV
And there was given to him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given to him to continue forty and two months.  AKJV

Today on CBN program, they tried to portray Constantine and the Roman Empire in a positive light.

They mentioned the mixture of Christianity and paganism in his new empire but said that he did more positive than negative that was done for the Christian church.  

Why would CBN do this unless they are sold out to the Catholic church and the NWO. They are conditioning the lukewarm, uncommitted church into accepting the Catholic church as Christian.

I came out of the catholic system 42 years ago  and I know how wrong they are and I knew it then when I was made to go there.

I see there is only going to be a small remnant that is going to accept the true path to salvation that is laid out in the Word of God.

Fritz Springmeyer, John Todd, William F. Cooper
These are/were born-again Christians who did everything to get the truth out, not only about the gospel of Jesus Christ, but also about the Illuminati/NWO gritty details. In the process of doing so, they've been harrassed, persecuted, thrown in jail/mental institutions, you name it.

But en yet, somehow, these people like the CBN guys(Robertson), the late Falwell, Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, Brian McLaren, and all of these "influential" evangelicals are somehow living luxurious lives, getting LOADS of airtime by the secular media, and are loved by the wolrd, without getting even a speck harming them.

Color me surprised that CBN is doing their part is subtlely deceiving the masses to buy into the New Age. Recently, Robertson has had Word of Faith/New Age Apostates(ie-Jesse Duplantis).

All prophecy will play out God''s way and in His timing.  THEN we will know who is who and what is what.  Smile

I suspect THIS pope will be the (beast / antichrist)
I believe ISLAM will be his FALSE PROPHET.
I have believed the Vatican would move to Jerusalem for years.

I received this in an email - another person''s opinion.
Food for thought........the ''beast'' means the false prophet and the false christ!
There are two beasts. The Pope is beast no. 2 or the false prophet.

Consider the following verses (excerpted from Revelation ch 13 below) when reading Duduman''s prophecy re the "beast."
In proper context we can clearly state that the pope is either beast no 1 (false christ) OR beast no 2 (false prophet.)

I think God is referring to beast no. 2, the false prophet in this prophecy. William Cooper believed the same as stated in his book, ''behold a pale horse.'' Beast no. 2 is the false prophet per scriptural context.
The false prophet shares the same powers as beast no. 1.
He even calls fire down from heaven even (like Elijah the prophet of old.)
It is the false prophet that has two horns like a lamb (religious) and points people to beast no. 1, the ''messiah,'' to worship same.
It is the false prophet that issues the mark of the beast; as acceptance of same involves worshipping the false christ per context.
The ''Holy See'' (pope) is an unholy seer or false prophet. ''See'' also means seer or prophet per ''word studies'' I have done.
I think the final pope (next pope?) will oversee the three main monotheistic faiths (and all faiths) in the soon to be internationalized and UN protected, Jerusalem (where a rebuilt temple will exist.)
Troy Westbrook of DeWitt Mi 517 669 1348

Rev 13:1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.
2 .........the dragon (satan) gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.....

11  And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.
12  And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.
13  And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men....
15  And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
16  And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark..........

This is a link from another Email
This link shows the depth of Evil of the RCC, the heresy - its a link of evil


This is a link from another Email
This link shows the depth of Evil of the RCC, the heresy - its a link of evil

In viewing this link....the one thing that struck me hard was the mention on VISA being the mark of the has already become so common and mainstream in the conducting of financial transactions, it would be so easy for them to get people to take a visa mark on peoples hands....."here. get the visa mark on your hand. do away with the old obsolete plastic card. its now easier than ever" you know how many would get this mark unwittingly..... Twisted Evil .....
That's one I'll keep an eye out on.....interesting how on three different languages visa spells 666.....

Copied: "But en yet, somehow, these people like the CBN guys(Robertson), the late Falwell, Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, Brian McLaren, and all of these "influential" evangelicals are somehow living luxurious lives, getting LOADS of airtime by the secular media, and are loved by the wolrd, without getting even a speck harming them.

Color me surprised that CBN is doing their part is subtlely deceiving the masses to buy into the New Age. Recently, Robertson has had Word of Faith/New Age Apostates(ie-Jesse Duplantis).--sic."

Comment: The identity of the false prophet is here right in front of us. It is apostate Protestantism--those who realign themselves with the original beast.

Prophetic Food 4 Thought: The beast/Antichrist is the one who sits in the temple of God showing himself that he is God. Who claims to be the vicar of God today? Who claims to be God on earth and have the authority to change times and the laws of God? Which entity started out as the Christian church, (but Paul said the mystery of iniquity was already at work) then went into apostasy, aligned with paganism, took paganism's holidays and day of worship of the sun god, and persecuted Christians for hundreds of years?

The dragon gave him his power, his seat and great authority. Which power claims to be the Holy See? The word See in latin is Sedes, meaning seat or headquarters. (It does not refer to seer. This power claims to be god, not a prophet--so cannot be the false prophet.)

The persecuting power at the time of Christ was Rome. In Neb's vision (Dan 2) there were two iron legs joined by a "seat". The second leg represents the entity that took over from pagan Rome and continued its persecution of Christ and Christians.

What then is the mark of the beast? It is an issue of worship you have to consciously, specifically, choose or reject. The Papacy claims the change of the Sabbath to the first day of the week was her act and is the mark of her authority.

"Question: Have you any other way of proving that the Church has power to institute festivals of precept?'
'Answer: Had she not such power she could not have done that in which all modern religionists agree with her [harlot daughters]; she could not have substituted the observance of Sunday the first day of the week, for the observance of Saturday the seventh day, a change for which there is no scriptural authority.' ('A Doctrinal Catechism', by the Rev. Stephen Kennan, p.174)"

 "Of course the Catholic Church claims that the change was her act . . . and the act is a mark of her ecclesiastical authority in religious things.'  'If Protestants would follow the Bible, they should worship God on the Sabbath Day. In keeping Sunday they are following a law of the Catholic Church.'  (Albert Smith, Chancellor of the Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore, replying for the Cardinal in a letter of February 10, 1920.)"

If this is the Beast system, then this is the mark--according to her own words.

Satan's original rebellion was against the authority of God (5th command) and he continues to aim special rebellion against God's authority on earth by eradicating and changing the one law specifically denoting God's authority. The 4th commandment has the seal and signature of the Creator God. He has declared that day of worship as His special sign. This is the issue between the seal of God and the mark of the Beast, not whether it is a tatoo or an implant.  It is a choice to worship God or the Beast and the issue will be very clear.

One other note: The Islamic ram of Daniel 8 is "taken out" by the he-goat that comes from the west, vs. 7. After the coming war with Iran, the he-goat has no more power left. So it would not be either the beast or the false prophet of Revelation.

The pope, vatican, Roman Catholic Church has NO authority from GOD at all.
It is damned heresy and all who follow the pope will follow him to the flames of hell.

OOPss: I meant the ram has no more power after being "taken out" by the he-goat from the west. (Dan. Cool

CJ wrote:
The pope, vatican, Roman Catholic Church has NO authority from GOD at all.
It is damned heresy and all who follow the pope will follow him to the flames of hell.

Sadly, it's come to a point now where rarely do you hear many pastors/churches call out the Pope and the Vatican.

I commented one time to a Christian friend over the evils of the Vatican, and he said, "If our pastor criticizes the Pope, he should get fired!".

Uuuuuhhhhhhhh, OK - it's OK for the Vatican to cover up 1000s of child molestation cases plus corrupt the Word of God, but it's NOT OK for any pastor to criticize the Pope? Rolling Eyes

Hally wrote:
OOPss: I meant the ram has no more power after being "taken out" by the he-goat from the west. (Dan. Cool

The straw that broke the camel's back was back in the 1950's when Sen Maj leader Lyndon Johnson passed legislation to allow churches to get a 501c3 tax exempt status. While it allowed pew members to write off offerings from their 1040's, in exchange, the church had to give up some of their 1st ammendment rights. No, the issue is not only forbidding churches to endorse whatever political candidate, it goes WAY beyond that. They can't call out homosexuality as a sin, they have to recognize the state as the creation of their church, they can't call out pornogrophy, and on and on.

Do an internet search for Dr. Greg Dixon - he lost his ministry in Indianapolis in the 80's because he refused to comply with IRS laws. The government ended up taking over his ministry's property, and buldozed his entire building. Guess what judge ruled against Dixon? JOHN ASHCROFT!

Anyhow - It's been downhill for all these churches that have yoked up with the 501c3 status over almost 60 years now. Yes, it HAS affected the way they preach.


Escatolagy views have been different - Historicism(meaning Rev is prophecy fulfilled since 95AD and Jesus' 2nd Coming), Futurism(meaning Rev has a 3.5 - 7 year tribulation with an antichrist), Pretersim(this is nonsense - this means Daniel and Rev were fulfilled in 70AD at the time of the destruction of the Jeruselum Temple), and another one I forgot.

Although Historicism(with the 1260 year period being the reign of the beast Roman Popacy) might be correct, there's also the double prophecy rule(Eccl 1:9 - there's nothing new under the sun, what happened before, will happen again - I'm paraphrasing here), which is why ultimately, there could be a short OWG reign with whatever OWG dictator.

And it may not even be 7, or even 3.5 years. The scenerio I think it could be is this - a false flag "alien" invasion, and the masses are deceived into thinking these fallen angelic demons are "saviors" of this world, then in the days/weeks ahead, the world is saying "Peace and Safety!" - THAT will be the big trigger to Jesus' return(1st The 5:3).

Reply To CJ and Bornagain2,

I guess I must be missing something, because if your replies are replies to my post, I don't understand your comments. I see that you both made a comment using only the very short blurb which I added later only to make a correction to my own last comment about the ram of Dan 8 (I had used the he-goat instead of the ram), included at the end of my longer comment on the prophecies of the mark of the beast, the false prophet, the beast/antichrist which appears on the previous page. You might want to re-check my longer post on page 3 to see if it makes sense.

Since Bornagain2 brings up the 3.5-7 years, I would suggest that substantiation for this is found in the Jewish economy regarding the sabbatical years and the Jubilee. The unique provisions of the Jubilee prefigures the second coming of Christ when all debts are relinquished, families are reunited, and lands returned, etc.  Just prior to the Jubilee year  there is a 7-year sabbatical time period during which the final events are concluded.

I was responding to your post in the previous page concerning the 1st beast and the false prophet.
My comments on this was that in the Futuristic view, the 1st beast and the false prophet are the duo that leads the OWG for 3.5 - 7 years.

In the Historicism view, it's the Vatican/RCC that reigned for 1260 years(and made a comeback in the early 1900's or so - Vatican II).

You made some good insights on the 1st beast and the false prophet, especially the latter.(being the Apostate Protestant "church") Was just pointing out, in response, that since the 50's, ever since churches were allowed to take a tax-exempt status, it's really been all downhill from there. If the false prophet is what you said it is, then I see where alot of the last 50-60 years tie in.

Under the Historicism view, some to most don't believe there will be some futuristic antichrist. I still disagree, because Eccl 1:9 talks about the double prophecy rule.


Since Bornagain2 brings up the 3.5-7 years, I would suggest that substantiation for this is found in the Jewish economy regarding the sabbatical years and the Jubilee. The unique provisions of the Jubilee prefigures the second coming of Christ when all debts are relinquished, families are reunited, and lands returned, etc.  Just prior to the Jubilee year  there is a 7-year sabbatical time period during which the final events are concluded.

FWIW - my mom has crossed paths with missionaries who went to Israel, and Jews are being prostletized and converted to Christianity at a very fast rate now.

Anyhow - as for the final act, we will wait and see. We can't deny all this UFO deception going on(these "aliens" ARE fallen angelic demons, can't deny that, they could very well play a big part in the final act).

Hally, I responded to your next post of a short paragragh because it was easier to reply to than the previous one(which talked about the 1st beast and false prophet).

Just at the time, it was easier for me to hit the reply button on the shorter post.(No pun intended or anything with the other post, but just saying it was easier to go through at the time, that's all)

Now I understand. And thank you for the additional clarification. I agree with your  statements about the repetition of prophecy and aliens as demonic forces.

I believe there will be many deceptions, antichrists, false prophets and my concern is that God's people understand the real issues and major players involved in the major prophecies yet to be fulfilled, such as who/what is the Beast, what is the mark of the beast--what it really is, who/what is the false prophet, etc. I believe we need to know for certain the true identity of the Two Witnesses and their mission or message so we are not deceived by the false or counterfeit Witnesses. There are some surprises here. These are areas on which I have done much study.

One point of interpretation I have found to be most helpful is that the Hebrew/Jewish economy--the sanctuary services and feast days--are the demonstrated plan of salvation in action. There is no prophecy outside the plan of salvation. Christ showed this when He fulfilled the spring days for the first advent; the feast days were the "dress rehearsal" for the Hebrew nation and the fall feast days are the overall template for the prophecies which will be fulfilled surrounding the second advent.

The possibility or indication of the repetition of prophetic elements is shown in the Hebrew/Jewish economy by the repetition of the festivals and ceremonies every year--nothing new under the sun, as you pointed out.


Another thought: Quoting you, "Sadly, it's come to a point now where rarely do you hear many pastors/churches call out the Pope and the Vatican.

I commented one time to a Christian friend over the evils of the Vatican, and he said, "If our pastor criticizes the Pope, he should get fired!"."

Your quote above points out another indication of Protestant apostasy (false prophet) and the healing of the deadly wound--the harlot daughters once separated from the mother church, creating the deadly wound, have gone back to their "vomit" and are quickly healing the deadly wound and embracing all the abominations of the mother of harlots. (I am using "Biblical shorthand" which I am sure you recognize.)

Psa 6:2  Have mercy upon me, O LORD; for I am weak: O LORD, heal me; for my bones are vexed.

Psa 51:5  Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.

Rom 7:24  O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?
Rom 7:25  I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin.

Bionic implants: 'We have the technology'

As scientists restore sight to a blind man, Richard Gray explains how human beings can now be rebuilt from top to toe with artificial parts.

By Richard Gray
Published: 7:00AM GMT 07 Nov 2010

For the first time in more than a decade, Miikka Terho was able to glance at a clock and read the time. It was a simple task, but one he had been unable to do since he was robbed of his sight by disease. Mr Terho, 46, a financial consultant from Finland, was one of three patients who had their sight temporarily restored using artificial light sensors and microchips placed on the retina at the back of their eyes by doctors in Germany.

This extraordinary melding of man and machine proves that we finally have the technology to create real-life bionic humans. In the 1970s TV series, The Six Million Dollar Man, Lee Major’s character had his body rebuilt using bionic technology, leaving him “better, stronger, faster”. Now, cutting-edge research is producing synthetic body parts to replace damaged tissues, limbs, organs and senses. In most cases it is used to improve a patient’s quality of life, but in others it is saving lives.


NEW YORK —  Novartis AG plans to seek regulatory approval within 18 months for [b]a pioneering tablet containing an embedded microchip, bringing the concept of "smart-pill" technology a step closer[/b].

The initial program will use one of the Swiss firm's established drugs taken by transplant patients to avoid organ rejection. But Trevor Mundel, global head of development, believes the concept can be applied to many other pills.

"We are taking forward this transplant drug with a chip and we hope within the next 18 months to have something that we will be able to submit to the regulators, at least in Europe," Mundel told the Reuters Health Summit in New York.

"I see the promise as going much beyond that," he added.

Novartis agreed in January to spend $24 million to secure access to chip-in-a-pill technology developed by privately owned Proteus Biomedical of Redwood City, California, putting it ahead of rivals.

The biotech start-up's ingestible chips are activated by stomach acid and send information to a small patch worn on the patient's skin, which can transmit data to a smartphone or send it over the Internet to a doctor.

Mundel said the initial project was focused on ensuring that patients took drugs at the right time and got the dose they needed -- a key issue for people after kidney and other transplant operations, when treatment frequently needs adjustment.

read more

The chips contain lithium which escapes the capsule and causes tumors and pain.

Revelation 16.10
The fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and his kingdom was plunged into darkness.
Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.


Spanish priest arrested over '21,000 child porn images'

A Catholic priest in Spain has been arrested over the alleged possession of thousands of images of child sex abuse.

Police said they found 21,000 images on computers inside the 52-year-old's church in Vilafames, in the east of the country.

The priest, who has not been named, has been bailed and will appear before a judge in a fortnight, media say.

The Segorbe-Castellon diocese said it had suspended the priest and was ready to clarify the facts in court.

"If the accusation is true, this is something that hurts us deeply, that we sincerely regret and that we reject unreservedly," the El Pais newspaper quoted a statement from the diocese as saying.

It said it would also offer the priest "the necessary means for a fair defence".

Spain has largely escaped the child sex abuse scandals that have hit the Catholic Church in many European countries and the US.

But formal accusations have been made against a Carmelite monk in eastern Spain and Franciscan brothers in the south.

Police also launched an investigation in May into three members of staff at a care home run by a Catholic order in Cordoba.

Spain has arrested hundreds of people for distributing child pornography in recent years.

In May, police carried out almost 100 raids across the country after uncovering a network sharing abuse images.

The country's biggest raid was in October 2008, when 121 suspects were detained.

VATICAN CITY – The Vatican's chief spokesman is cautioning that there is nothing "revolutionary" in the pope's saying that condom use can be an act of responsibility in exceptional situations.

The Rev. Federico Lombardi says in a statement Sunday that the pope is neither "reforming or changing" the Church's teaching, which forbids use of condoms and other contraceptives.

He is reacting to the Vatican's publication of excerpts of a book about the pope. Benedict says in an interview in the book that in certain cases, such as for a male prostitute, condom use could be a first step toward assuming responsibility. Rolling Eyes

Lombardi is stressing that the church doesn't consider condoms the "moral solution" to the AIDS problem.

Luk 12:1  In the mean time, when there were gathered together an innumerable multitude of people, insomuch that they trode one upon another, he began to say unto his disciples first of all, Beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.

James 1:8  A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Vatican: Condom use less evil than spreading HIV

VATICAN CITY – In a seismic shift on one of the most profound — and profoundly contentious — Roman Catholic teachings, the Vatican said Tuesday that condoms are the lesser of two evils when used to curb the spread of AIDS, even if their use prevents a pregnancy.

The position was an acknowledgment that the church's long-held anti-birth control stance against condoms doesn't justify putting lives at risk.

"This is a game-changer," declared the Rev. James Martin, a prominent Jesuit writer and editor.

The new stance was staked out as the Vatican explained Pope Benedict XVI's comments on condoms and HIV in a book that came out Tuesday based on his interview with a German journalist.

The Vatican still holds that condom use is immoral and that church doctrine forbidding artificial birth control remains unchanged. Still, the reassessment on condom use to help prevent disease carries profound significance, particularly in Africa where AIDS is rampant.

"By acknowledging that condoms help prevent the spread of HIV between people in sexual relationships, the pope has completely changed the Catholic discussion on condoms," said Martin, a liberal-leaning author of several books about spirituality and Catholic teaching.

The development came on a day when U.N. AIDS officials announced that the number of new HIV cases has fallen significantly — thanks to condom use — and a U.S. medical journal published a study showing that a daily pill could help prevent spread of the virus among gay men.

"This is a great day in the fight against AIDS ... a major milestone," said Mitchell Warren, head of the AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition.

Theologians have debated for years whether it could be morally acceptable for HIV-infected people to use condoms to avoid infecting their partners. The Vatican years ago was reportedly preparing a document on the subject, but it never came out.

The groundbreaking shift, coming as it does from the deeply conservative pontiff, would appear likely to restrain any public criticism from Catholic conservatives, who insisted Tuesday that the pope was merely reaffirming the church's moral teaching.

Conservatives have feared that a comment like this would give support to Catholics who want to challenge the church's ban on artificial contraception in an environment where they feel they are under siege from a secular, anti-Catholic culture.

George Weigel, a conservative Catholic writer, said the Vatican was by no means endorsing condom use as a method of contraception or a means of AIDS prevention.

"This is admittedly a difficult distinction to grasp," he told The Associated Press in an e-mail. What the pontiff is saying is "that someone determined to do something wrong may be showing a glimmer of moral common sense by not doing that wrong thing in the worst possible way — which is not an endorsement of anything."

Benedict's comments come at a time when bishops in the United States are intensely focused on upholding the strictest views of Catholic orthodoxy, emphasizing traditional marriage, natural family planning based on a woman's menstrual cycle and making abortion the most important issue.

In the book, "Light of the World: The Pope, the Church and the Signs of the Times," Benedict was quoted as saying that condom use by people such as male prostitutes indicated they were moving toward a more moral and responsible sexuality by aiming to protect their partner from a deadly infection.

His comments implied that he was referring primarily to homosexual sex, when condoms aren't being used as a form of contraception.

However, questions arose immediately about the pope's intent because the Italian translation of the book used the feminine for prostitute, whereas the original German used the masculine.

The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, told reporters Tuesday that he asked the pope whether he intended his comments to apply only to men. Benedict replied that it really didn't matter, the important thing was that the person took into consideration the life of another.

"I personally asked the pope if there was a serious, important problem in the choice of the masculine over the feminine," Lombardi said. "He told me no. The problem is this: ... It's the first step of taking responsibility, of taking into consideration the risk of the life of another with whom you have a relationship."

"This is if you're a man, a woman, or a transsexual. ... The point is it's a first step of taking responsibility, of avoiding passing a grave risk onto another," Lombardi said.

Those comments concluded the press conference, and Lombardi took no further questions about how broadly this interpretation could be applied.

The clarification is significant.

UNAIDS estimates that 22.4 million people in Africa are infected with HIV, and that 54 percent — or 12.1 million — are women. Heterosexual transmission of HIV and multiple, heterosexual partners are believed to be the major cause of the high infection rates.

Benedict drew harsh criticism when, en route to Africa in 2009, he told reporters that the AIDS problem couldn't be resolved by distributing condoms. "On the contrary, it increases the problem," he said then.

In Africa on Tuesday, AIDS activists, clerics and ordinary Africans applauded the pope's revised comments.

"I say, hurrah for Pope Benedict," exclaimed Linda-Gail Bekker, chief executive of South Africa's Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation. She said the pope's statement may prompt many people to "adopt a simple lifestyle strategy to protect themselves."

In Sierra Leone, the director of the National AIDS Secretariat predicted condom use would now increase, lowering the number of new infections.

"Once the pope has made a pronouncement, his priests will be in the forefront in advocating for their perceived use of condoms," said the official, Dr. Brima Kargbo.

Lombardi said Benedict knew full well that his comments would provoke intense debate. Conservative Catholics have been trying to minimize what he said since excerpts were published this weekend in the Vatican newspaper.

The Rev. Tim Finnegan, a conservative British blogger, said he thought the pope's comments were unwise. "I'm sorry. I love the Holy Father very much; he is a deeply holy man and has done a great deal for the church," Finnegan said on his blog. "On this particular issue, I disagree with him."

Lombardi praised Benedict for his "courage" in confronting the problem.

"He did it because he believed that it was a serious, important question in the world of today," Lombardi said, adding that the pope wanted to give his perspective on the need for greater humanized, responsible sexuality.

Luigi Accatoli, a veteran Vatican journalist who was on the Vatican panel that launched the book, put it this way:

"He spoke with caution and courage of a pragmatic way through which missionaries and other ecclesial workers can help to defeat the pandemic of AIDS without approving, but also without excluding — in particular cases — the use of a condom," Accatoli said.

The launch of the book, which includes wide-ranging comments on subjects from the sex abuse crisis to Benedict's belief that popes should resign if physically unable to carry out their mission, drew a packed audience. Making a rare appearance, Benedict's secretary, Monsignor Georg Gaenswein, sat in the front row — an indication of the event's significance.

In the book, the pope reaffirms Vatican opposition to homosexual acts and artificial contraception, as well as the inviolability of marriage between man and woman.

But by broadening the condom comments to also apply to women, the pope was saying that condom use is a lesser evil than passing HIV onto a partner, even when pregnancy is possible.

"We're not just talking about an encounter between two men, which has little to do with procreation. We're now introducing relationships that could lead to childbirth," Martin said.

Individual bishops and theologians have applied the lesser evil theory to the condom-HIV issue, but it had previously been rejected at the highest levels of the Vatican, Martin said.

Monsignor Jacques Suaudeau, an expert on the Vatican's bioethics advisory board, said the pope was articulating the theological idea that there are degrees of evil.

"Contraception is not the worst evil. The church does not see it as good, but the church does not see it as the worst," he told the AP. "Abortion is far worse. Passing on HIV is criminal. That is absolute irresponsibility."

He said the pope broached the topic because questions about condoms and AIDS persisted, and the church's teaching hadn't been clear. There is no official Vatican policy about condoms and HIV, and Vatican officials in the past have insisted that condoms not only don't help fight HIV transmission but make it worse because it gives users a false sense of security.

"This pope gave this interview. He was not foolish. It was intentional," Suaudeau said. "He thought that this was a way of bringing up many questions. Why? Because it's true that the church sometimes has not been too clear."

Lombardi said the pope didn't use the technical terminology "lesser evil" in his comments because he wanted his words to be understood by the general public. Vatican officials, however, said that was what he meant.

"The contribution the pope wanted to give is not a technical discussion with scientific language on moral problems," Lombardi said. "This is not the job of a book of this type."

SAN ANTONIO (AP) -- A Roman Catholic priest has been arrested on charges that he solicited a hit man to kill a teenager who had accused him of sexual abuse. Authorities said John Fiala first offered the job to a neighbor, who blew the whistle and helped police arrange a sting. They said Fiala got as far as negotiating a $5,000 price for the slaying before investigators moved in.

The 52-year-old clergyman was arrested Nov. 18 at his suburban Dallas home and jailed on $700,000 bond. In April, he was named in a lawsuit filed by the boy's family, who accused Fiala of molesting the youth, including twice forcing him to have sex at gunpoint.

Oakland soon will issue municipal ID cards

November 24, 2010  OAKLAND

Oakland will soon be following in San Francisco's footsteps by offering a new municipal identification card to homeless people, immigrants and other residents who might have trouble obtaining a state identification card.

But Oakland's ID card will double as an ATM debit card, the first of its kind in the country. The ATM debit card can be used to buy groceries or goods and services wherever ATM cards are welcome, allowing people without bank accounts to avoid high check-cashing fees or walking around with large amounts of cash.

Council member Ignacio De La Fuente has been trying to get an ID card system for Oakland residents since the state rejected efforts to issue drivers licenses to illegal immigrants in 2004.
The City Council voted in June 2009 to issue municipal identification cards and issued a request for proposals. On Nov. 9, the council voted to accept the bid of SF Mexico Services LLC to administer the program and issue the ID/debit cards at no cost to the city.

"I think we have a responsibility to provide local access and represent everyone," said De La Fuente, who along with Mayor-elect Jean Quan co-authored the ordinance last year. "We have to provide some way for people to identify themselves so that people don't get arrested. "... We have to move forward with the card and not delay further."

So far, the cities of San Francisco, New Haven, Conn., Trenton, N.J., and Washington, D.C., have municipal identification cards. None have a full ATM/debit feature, although Washington's card can be loaded with value to use on the Metro system, and New Haven's card can be loaded with up to $300 value that can be used at participating merchants and at parking meters.

City Clerk LaTonda Simmons said the group that studied the ID card issue and helped craft the request for proposals will meet again early next month to finalize the contract details and develop a timeline for implementation.

The company predicts it will issue about 30,000 cards a year, processed through five intake centers set up around the city, said Elias Enciso, director of business development for SF Mexico. The company will set up the infrastructure with community-based organizations to accept and process applications and issue the cards, as well as establish the banking relationship to support the cards. He said the program could be up and running within three months once there is a signed contract.

A group headed by Wilson Riles advocated for a local currency feature for Oakland's program. It is not included, but the feature could be added to the card at a later date if the city wants it, Enciso said.
The company already offers debit cards and it won the contract to issue ATM debit cards to youth working for the Los Angeles summer jobs program. This is its first ID card contract.
The cards can be replenished with cash or checks or even set up to receive direct deposits from the cardholder's job.

There is a setup fee: $15 for adults or $10 for seniors and youth, plus an extra $6.95 to add the debit card feature; a $2.95 reload fee for non-direct deposits; and a 99-cent monthly maintenance fee. Even so, the amounts are minuscule compared to hefty fees charged by check cashing stores. And cardholders can avoid ATM transaction fees by using the cash-back feature when shopping at grocery stores or other merchants.

SF Mexico will cover operational costs through the sale of the cards and the user fees will help sustain the growth of the company. But the firm isn't in it for the money, Enciso said.

"We are a social enterprise company, meaning that our main priority is to maximize social good to the community," Enciso said. "One of our principles is that businesses can provide financial services to underserved communities without price gouging."

Card holders are issued an account number and password, which they can use to obtain balance and transaction information via a toll-free phone number or online. They can view all their transactions, similar to a bank statement, for no charge.

To obtain a city ID card, applicants must provide one picture identification such as a driver's license, passport, green card or consular card. Applicants who don't have a driver's license need two pieces of identification such as a foreign driver's license, a Social Security card, a U.S. or foreign birth certificate, a military identification card or school identification.

Minors don't need photo ID, but they must have some sort of documentation either from a school or shelter.
Applicants must also prove residency by providing recent utility bills, tax bills, pay stub, jury summons or tax refund statement, among other items.

The municipal identification cards will supply the same type of information contained on a driver's license or state identification card, including name, address, date of birth, height, weight, eye and hair color and photograph. The card must be accepted as a valid form of identification at all city departments, including the police department.

Miguel Robles, founder of the Latino American Alliance for Immigration Rights, was behind the push to get San Francisco to launch a municipal ID card program in response to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids in 2007.
Several people caught in the raids were deported because they had no state-issued identification, Robles said.

The cards offer some measure of security in that San Francisco police accept the cards as proof of residency and the cardholders are more comfortable reporting crimes, Robles said. Cardholders also get all the benefits of other San Francisco residents, such as free resident days at the San Francisco Zoo and coverage under the city's health care program.

"You can get one if you are here illegally, if you are a resident of the city and are paying taxes and living here and spending money here," Robles said, describing the San Francisco program. "I'm very excited to have the program now in Oakland, too."

Enciso agreed that the cards give residents a sense of security they would not otherwise have.
"It's in the absolute best interest of all Oakland residents, regardless of immigration status, that everyone has identification," Enciso said. "It increases safety. What we saw in New Haven is that reporting of crimes went up 22 percent, primarily because people had a form of ID."

Revelation 13
Then I saw another beast, coming out of the earth. He had two horns like a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon.
He exercised all the authority of the first beast on his behalf, and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose fatal wound had been healed.
And he performed great and miraculous signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to earth in full view of men.

Because of the signs he was given power to do on behalf of the first beast, he deceived the inhabitants of the earth.
He ordered them to set up an image in honor of the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived.

He was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that it could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.

He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead,
so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.

This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666.

Vatican scientists urge support for engineered crops

Scientists have both the right and a moral duty to be "stewards of God" by genetically modifying crops to help the world's poor, scientific advisers to the Vatican said this week.

In a statement condemning opposition to GM crops in rich countries as unjustified, a group of scientists including leading members of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences is demanding a relaxation of "excessive, unscientific regulations" for approving GM crops, saying that these prevent development of crops for the "public good".

The statement was agreed unanimously by 40 international scientists after a week-long closed meeting held in May 2009 at the Vatican, convened by Ingo Potrykus. Potrykus is a member of the Pontifical Academy based at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, where he developed "golden rice", a variety engineered with extra vitamin A to prevent childhood blindness.

Although the academy has yet to officially endorse the statement, it was approved by the seven members at the meeting, including academy chancellor Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo. "The Catholic Church has 1 billion members," says academy member Peter Raven, president of the Missouri Botanical Garden in St Louis, which once received funds from Monsanto. He adds that although this global community will never have a unified official line on GM crops, "our statement is about as close as you can get to one".
Immaterial risks

The academy expressed provisional support for GM crops in 2000, but the scientists say that it can now back the technology with more confidence. The statement calls for a revision of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, agreed in 2000 to regulate the movement of GM organisms between countries.

It says the environmental risks envisaged when the protocol was drafted have not materialised, adding that regulatory hurdles make it too expensive for anyone other than large multinational firms to develop crops benefiting the poor, such as drought-resistant cassava and yams.

Also challenged is the objection made by critics of GM that, by messing with nature, genetic engineers are "playing God" (see "No uncertain terms"). The statement denounces as outdated many allegations made by GM critics. "There has not been a single documented case of harm to consumers or the environment," says Potrykus.

He and the co-authors therefore argue for relaxation of what they say are draconian regulations preventing development of crops for the poor. Potrykus says his attempts to bring golden rice to poor consumers demonstrate the scale of the problem. "It took 10 years longer and $20 million more than a normal variety to commercialise it," he says. "The time and investment required is prohibitive for any public sector institution, so the future use of this technology for the poor totally depends on reform of regulation," he says.

Anti-GM group Friends of the Earth maintains that GM crops are not the solution. "We need food and farming policies that put the needs of people before the profits of a handful of GMO companies," says campaigner Mute Schimpf.


Benedict heralds possibility of resignation if his health fails

n a book of interviews, the 83-year Pontiff challenged centuries of Catholic Church tradition by saying that he would not hesitate to relinquish his post if no longer felt "physically, psychologically and spiritually" up to the job.

The papacy has traditionally been seen as a job for life, with pontiffs expected to remain at the helm of the Church until death. The last pontiff to resign willingly was Celestine V in 1294.

But in the book, "Light of the World: The Pope, the Church, and the Sign of the Times", Benedict said: "Yes, if a Pope clearly realises that he is no longer physically, psychologically and spiritually capable of handling the duties of his office, then he has a right and, under some circumstances, also an obligation, to resign."

Pope Benedict is considered overall to be in good health but broke his wrist last year after slipping and falling while on holiday in the Italian Alps.

He admitted, however, that he is often taxed by his papal duties and frequent overseas visits.

"Of course, I am sometimes concerned and I wonder whether I can make it even from a purely physical point of view," he said in the book, which has so far attracted most attention for his remarks on the use of condoms being permissible in exceptional circumstances.

Earlier this year it was revealed that his predecessor, John Paul II, signed a document in 1989 saying that would resign if he became incurably ill, but unlike Benedict he ordered that the possibility remain a secret during his lifetime.

In the end, he remained in office until his death in 2005, saying it was for the good of the Catholic Church.

Benedict made 24 new cardinals at the weekend, 10 of them Italian, leading to speculation among Vatican observers that the next Pope could be from Italy.

The most likely contenders include Dionigi Tettamanzi, the Archbishop of Milan; Angelo Bagnasco, the head of the Italian bishops' conference; and Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi, the president of the pontifical council for culture.

UPS to require photo IDs for shipping packages

NEW YORK – UPS is now requiring photo identification from customers shipping packages at retail locations around the world, a month after explosives made it on to one of the company's planes.

The Atlanta-based package courier said Tuesday the move is part of an ongoing review to enhance security. The directive will apply at The UPS Store, Mail Boxes Etc. locations and other authorized shipping outlets.

UPS customer centers have required government-issued photo identification since 2005.

In late October, a printer cartridge on a UPS cargo plane bound for Chicago was stopped in London after explosives were discovered. The package was later traced to a retail location in Yemen.

The stepped-up security also comes as UPS prepares for its busiest shipping day of the year. United Parcel Service expects to deliver 430 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and 24 million packages alone on its busiest day, projected to be Dec. 22. That's up 60 percent from a normal day.

"Since retail centers experience a significant increase in business from occasional shippers during the busy holidays, this enhancement adds a prudent step in our multi-layered approach to security," UPS Vice President of small business and retail marketing Dale Hayes said in a statement.

Shares of UPS Inc. rose 66 cents to $72.35 in morning trading Tuesday after rising to a 52-week high of $72.42 earlier in the session.

Wikileaks: Vatican forced Govt to grant immunity to clergy

Saturday, December 11, 2010 - 09:54 AM

The latest documents published by the Wikileaks website suggest the Government was forced to grant Vatican officials immunity from testifying to Murphy commission.

Published in November last year, the Murphy report into the handling of clerical abuse allegations in the Dublin archdiocese accused four former archbishops and a host of clergy of a cover-up.

The report in today's Guardian newspaper claims the Vatican refused to allow its officials to testify before the Murphy Commission .

It details how the requests for information "offended many in the Vatican" who felt that the Irish Government had "failed to respect and protect Vatican sovereignty during the investigations".

The cable suggests the Irish Government wanted "to be seen as co-operating with the investigation" because its own education department was implicated, but politicians were reluctant to press Vatican officials to answer the investigators' queries.

In the end the diplomatic cable suggests the Irish Governement was forced to grant Vatican officials immunity from testifying to the Murphy Commission.

Other leaked cables reveal the Vatican lobbied to keep Turkey out of the EU and argued for a ban on human cloning.

Vatican Bank Mired in Laundering Scandal
11 December 2010, Vatican City (AP - The New York Times)
This is no ordinary bank: The ATMs are in Latin. Priests use a private entrance. A life-size portrait of Pope Benedict XVI hangs on the wall.
Nevertheless, the Institute for Religious Works is a bank, and it's under harsh new scrutiny in a case involving money-laundering allegations that led police to seize euro23 million ($30 million) in Vatican assets in September. Critics say the case shows that the "Vatican Bank" has never shed its penchant for secrecy and scandal.

The Vatican calls the seizure of assets a "misunderstanding" and expresses optimism it will be quickly cleared up. But court documents show that prosecutors say the Vatican Bank deliberately flouted anti-laundering laws "with the aim of hiding the ownership, destination and origin of the capital." The documents also reveal investigators' suspicions that clergy may have acted as fronts for corrupt businessmen and Mafia.

The documents pinpoint two transactions that have not been reported: one in 2009 involving the use of a false name, and another in 2010 in which the Vatican Bank withdrew euro650,000 ($860 million) from an Italian bank account but ignored bank requests to disclose where the money was headed.

The new allegations of financial impropriety could not come at a worse time for the Vatican, already hit by revelations that it sheltered pedophile priests. The corruption probe has given new hope to Holocaust survivors who tried unsuccessfully to sue in the United States, alleging that Nazi loot was stored in the Vatican Bank.

Yet the scandal is hardly the first for the centuries-old bank. In 1986, a Vatican financial adviser died after drinking cyanide-laced coffee in prison. Another was found dangling from a rope under London's Blackfriars Bridge in 1982, his pockets stuffed with money and stones. The incidents blackened the bank's reputation, raised suspicions of ties with the Mafia, and cost the Vatican hundreds of millions of dollars in legal clashes with Italian authorities.

On Sept. 21, financial police seized assets from a Vatican Bank account at the Rome branch of Credito Artigiano SpA. Investigators said the Vatican had failed to furnish information on the origin or destination of the funds as required by Italian law.
The bulk of the money, euro20 million ($26 million), was destined for JP Morgan in Frankfurt, with the remainder going to Banca del Fucino.
Prosecutors alleged the Vatican ignored regulations that foreign banks must communicate to Italian financial authorities where their money has come from. All banks have declined to comment.

In another case, financial police in Sicily said in late October that they uncovered money laundering involving the use of a Vatican Bank account by a priest in Rome whose uncle was convicted of Mafia association.
Authorities say some euro250,000 euros, illegally obtained from the regional government of Sicily for a fish breeding company, was sent to the priest by his father as a "charitable donation," then sent back to Sicily from a Vatican Bank account using a series of home banking operations to make it difficult to trace.

The prosecutors' office stated in court papers last month that while the bank has expressed a "generic and stated will" to conform to international standards, "there is no sign that the institutions of the Catholic church are moving in that direction." It said its investigation had found "exactly the opposite."

Legal waters are murky because of the Vatican's special status as an independent state within Italy. This time, Italian investigators were able to move against the Vatican Bank because the Bank of Italy classifies it as a foreign financial institution operating in Italy. However, in one of the 1980s scandals, prosecutors could not arrest then-bank head Paul Marcinkus, an American archbishop, because Italy's highest court ruled he had immunity.
Marcinkus, who died in 2006 and always proclaimed his innocence, was the inspiration for Francis Ford Coppola's character Archbishop Gilday in "Godfather III."

The Vatican has pledged to comply with EU financial standards and create a watchdog authority. Gianluigi Nuzzi, author of "Vatican SpA," a 2009 book outlining the bank's shady dealings, said it's possible the Vatican is serious about coming clean, but he isn't optimistic.

I don't trust them," he said. "After the previous big scandals, they said 'we'll change' and they didn't. It's happened too many times."
He said the structure and culture of the institution is such that powerful account-holders can exert pressure on management, and some managers are simply resistant to change.
The list of account-holders is secret, though bank officials say there are some 40,000-45,000 among religious congregations, clergy, Vatican officials and lay people with Vatican connections.

Secretly chipped man has removal surgery

Secretly and forcibly RFID implanted inventor James Walbert has found at least some relief upon learning that two days before Human Rights Day 2010, another inventor,
Bob Boyce, successfully had a second secretly implanted RFID chip surgically removed, although the chip was embedded in a Verichip-induced cancerous tumor.
An untold number of people, many of whom are Targeted Individuals, have been implanted without their knowledge or consent and suffer the resultant effects.
Wednesday, Bob Boyce had surgery in a hospital to remove his second implant. The operation was successful.


This is HUGE.  TIME's UP!
The entire 666 beast system is ready NOW and all may have begun.  Personally I believe the Final Clock began in 2009.  It will not be stopped.
FINAL CALL called these chips nanobots.

The nanobot tags tracking information is on page 3 here

666, VeriChip Biochip, lithium causes painful sores


ZionsCRY  DAILY NEWS with Prophetic Commentary


This is NO Joke!

Acrobats strip for Pope Benedict XVI, perform topless in Vatican

A usually staid weekly Papal audience was spiced up this week with an acrobatic performance by a troupe of topless men. The four performers dressed in white suits walked across the stage towards the Papal throne and surprised the Pope by whipping off their shirts before beginning an acrobatic performance on Tuesday. The Pope looked on as the men hoisted each other into the air, one on top of the other, three high.

Howard Dean's 'smart ID' plan
This is from 2004...

COMMENTARY--After Howard Dean's unexpected defeat last week in Iowa, public attention has focused on his temper, his character, and that guttural Tyrannosaurus bellow of his not-quite-a-concession speech. But Dean's views on Americans' privacy rights may be a superior test of his fitness to be president.
Dean's current stand on privacy appears to leave little wiggle room: His campaign platform pledges unwavering support for "the constitutional principles of equality, liberty and privacy."

Fifteen months before Dean said he would seek the presidency, however, the former Vermont governor spoke at a conference in Pittsburgh co-sponsored by smart-card firm Wave Systems where he called for state drivers' licenses to be transformed into a kind of standardized national ID card for Americans. Embedding smart cards into uniform IDs was necessary to thwart "cyberterrorism" and identity theft, Dean claimed. "We must move to smarter license cards that carry secure digital information that can be universally read at vital checkpoints," Dean said in March 2002, according to a copy of his prepared remarks. "Issuing such a card would have little effect on the privacy of Americans."

Dean also suggested that computer makers such as Apple Computer, Dell, Gateway and Sony should be required to include an ID card reader in PCs--and Americans would have to insert their uniform IDs into the reader before they could log on. "One state's smart-card driver's license must be identifiable by another state's card reader," Dean said. "It must also be easily commercialized by the private sector and included in all PCs over time--making the Internet safer and more secure."

The presidential hopeful offered few details about his radical proposal.  
The presidential hopeful offered few details about his radical proposal. "On the Internet, this card will confirm all the information required to gain access to a state (government) network--while also barring anyone who isn't legal age from entering an adult chat room, making the Internet safer for our children, or prevent adults from entering a children's chat room and preying on our kids...Many new computer systems are being created with card reader technology. Older computers can add this feature for very little money," Dean said.

There's probably a good reason why Dean spoke so vaguely: It's unclear how such a system would work in practice. Must Internet cafes include uniform ID card readers on public computers? Would existing computers have to be retrofitted? Would tourists be prohibited from bringing laptops unless they sported uniform ID readers? What about Unix shell accounts? How did a politician who is said to be Internet-savvy concoct this scheme?

Perhaps most importantly, does Dean still want to forcibly implant all of our computers with uniform ID readers?

Unfortunately, Dean's presidential campaign won't answer any of those questions. I've tried six times since Jan. 16 to get a response, and all the press office will say is they've "forwarded it on to our policy folks." And the policy shop isn't talking.

Then there are the privacy questions. To curry favor among the progressive types who form the backbone of his campaign, Dean has positioned himself as a left-of-center civil libertarian. He's guest-blogged for progressive doyen Larry Lessig, embraced the Brady Bill and affirmative action, told audiences on the campaign trail that the Bush administration has "compromised our freedoms in the name of fighting terrorism," and pledged to repeal parts of the USA Patriot Act.

It's difficult to reconcile Dean's current statements with his recent support--less than two years ago--for what amounts to a national ID card and a likely reduction in Americans' privacy. "Privacy is the new urban myth," Dean said in that March 2002 speech.

I know of no other Democratic candidate who has this view on national ID.
Chris Hoofnagle,
Electronic Privacy Information Center  
"I know of no other Democratic candidate who has this view on national ID," said Chris Hoofnagle, associate director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center. "I hope that he'd reconsider his policy on national ID because it has significant affects on individuals' right to privacy and does not make the country more secure. If you think about it, the implication is that children would have to be issued cards as well. Are we talking about ID cards from birth?"

Dean's March 2002 speech to a workshop at Carnegie Mellon University--given just six months after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks--was designed to throw his support behind a standard ID proposal backed by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA). At the time, Dean was chairman of the National Governors Association, a key ally for the AAMVA as it lobbied to transform the humble state driver's license into a uniform national ID card.

"I'm not surprised," said Barry Steinhardt, director of the technology and liberty program at the American Civil Liberties Union and a former Vermont resident. "It's a backdoor national ID. It won't even work to protect against terrorism because we know that some of the 9-11 terrorists had phony driver's licenses that they were able to buy on the black market."

It's true that most American adults already carry around driver's licenses. But the AAMVA proposal would have mandated biometric identifiers such as digitized fingerprints or retinal scans. Depending on how the system was implemented, your license could be equipped with a smart card (which Dean suggested) that could store information about your movements whenever it was swiped in a reader. It could also be tied to a back-end database so all verifications would be logged with the time, date and location.

The idea never gained traction in Congress because of privacy concerns and opposition not only from conservative activists, but from Democratic-leaning groups including People for the American Way, National Consumers League, and National Council of La Raza.

One prominent group that did support a standardized ID at the time is the New Democrats' public policy wing, which has suggested that microchip-implanted smart cards could hold not only retinal scans or fingerprints but also "food stamps, voter registration, library cards, hunting and fishing licenses" and a wealth of corporate data like E-Z-Pass, gas station automatic billing, and banking information. In one of history's ironic flourishes, Dean lashed out at the New Democrats last month in Exeter, N.H., dubbing them "the Republican wing of the Democratic Party."

It's possible that Dean has a good explanation for his uniform ID card views, and can account for how his principles apparently changed so radically over the course of just two years. Perhaps he can't. But a refusal to answer difficult questions is not an attractive quality in a man who would be president.



The MMEA chip is funded by DARPA which is The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of new technology for use by the military. D.A.R.P.A. IS FUNDING AN IMPLANTABLE CHIP FAR MORE ADVANCED THAN"DIGITAL ANGEL"! M.M.E.A. - MULTIPLE MICRO ELECTRODE ARRAY IS SO ADVANCED IT CAN FULFILL REV 13:16-18! However, behind the scene and very quietly, that superscret DARPA "Anti-terrorist" organization headed by Admiral John Poindexter began to pump significant dollars of research behind a new implantable chip called MMEA, Multiple Micro Electrode Array. This chip is so far ahead of the Digital Angel Veri-Chip (RFID) product, it took my breath away. Once you fully understand its capability, you will realize its probable full prophetic significance, and will realize that we may have probably been pointed to Digital Angel simply so we would not be aware of MMEA.

You can see how all humans on earth can be completely controlled by this implantable chip! Emotions - fear, euphoria, depression -- plus pleasure and pain, can be controlled and even caused, by R.F. (Radio-Frequency signal)! Silent, large funding is occurring that soon will be ready for "The Christ" to use once he arises. RFID is just the "tip of the iceberg". The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!! "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." (Rev 13:16-17). For many years, Christians have looked at the development of an implantable device as one of THE signs that the Kingdom of Antichrist is drawing close. When Digital Angel publicly began to promote their human implantable chip, Christians the world over gasped in excitement that an implantable chip was now on the world scene, being promoted for all the medical, financial, and personal benefits it could provide the human host. When Digital Angel went public on Wall Street, and when they began to get large orders, we all felt that the prophetic time table was moving ever faster forward.

However, behind the scene and very quietly, that superscret DARPA "Anti-terrorist" organization headed by Admiral John Poindexter began to pump significant dollars of research behind a new implantable chip called MMEA, Multiple Micro Electrode Array. This chip is so far ahead of the Digital Angel Veri-Chip product, it took my breath away. Once you fully understand its capability, you will realize its probable full prophetic significance, and will realize that we may have probably been pointed to Digital Angel simply so we would not be aware of MMEA.

Here is presented this information on the MMEA Chip in a five-part series, as follows:

Part 1 -- The Science of MMEA and of Brain Machine Interface (BMI)

Part 2 -- DARPA Funding

Part 3 -- Possible Prophecy Implications -- Blending religion with science, spiritual applications already being discussed

Part 4 -- MMEA - Is The Mark of the Beast Just Another "Satanic Insert" So Commonly Used In Covens For Centuries?


Biometric Security Now Reality: Coming Soon to Android

Alicia Gomez
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Biometric security has long been desired on our phones to provide the most secure way to protect your phone from unwanted intrusion. BluePlanet Apps, maker of RoboPrint and dTor, has been developing this app for quite some and is nearly ready for a Beta release.

At the Apps World Conference, BluePlanet Apps CEO Jason Braverman presented BioLock to an audience including Samsung, who he says are interested in having it on their phones. BioLock is a truly futuristic concept brought to life by scanning either your iris, recognizing your face, or using a password to unlock your phone.

The app uses Army-grade algorithms for face modeling when doing facial recognition and even has blink detection and pupil dilation to prevent someone from merely using a photo of you. Without you physically there to scan your face or iris, no one can have access to your phone. Perhaps you do not need to lock down your phone completely but just prohibit access to specific apps, for example, your text messages. Whenever entering the app, Biolock is activated before opening.

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Do you know what the Jesuits think about the true Word of God? Here is a quote from The Jesuits in History , where he quotes from a Jesuit meeting in Cheri, Italy in 1825, and gives us shocking insight as to the Jesuits' true view of the Bible: "Then the Bible, that serpent which with head erect and eyes flashing, threatens us (the Jesuits) with its venom while it trails along the ground, shall be changed into a rod as soon as we (the Jesuits) are able to seize it…for three centuries past this cruel asp has left us no repose. You well know with what folds it entwines us and with what fangs it gnaws us." (The Jesuits in History, Hector Macpherson, Ozark Book Publishers, 1997, Appendix 1).  

Is that quote not enough for you? Here are a couple of quotes directly from the Catholic Catechism:

Question: What if the Holy Scriptures command one thing, and the Pope another contrary to it?

Answer: The Holy Scriptures must be thrown aside.

Question: What is the Pope?

Answer: He is the Vicar of Christ, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, and there is but one Judgment-Seat belonging to God and the Pope.

Pope creates a Vatican Central Bank to achieve full transparency

Vatican to tackle money laundering
29 December 2010, by Giulia Segreti in Rome (The Financial Times)


The Vatican will establish a new authority to combat money laundering as the tiny state seeks the blessing of international regulators who have refused to include it on lists of countries compliant with international norms.

In a papal document to be published on Thursday, the Vatican will promise to adhere to European rules targeting money laundering. The decree, or motu proprio, will apply to all government bodies at the Holy See including the Vatican Bank, also known as the Institute for Religious Works (IOR).

The Vatican’s new Financial Information Authority will enforce rules “concerning the prevention of illegal financial activity” and join “the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing”, the Holy See said in a statement on Wednesday.

Cardinal Attilio Nicora, head of the body responsible for Church properties and funding, will oversee the new anti-money laundering regime.

The Vatican covets inclusion on lists – compiled by bodies including the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the Financial Action Task Force – of jurisdictions deemed to be compliant with international money laundering norms.

The announcement comes three months after court officials in Rome launched an investigation into the Vatican bank’s top two officials – Ettore Gotti-Tedeschi, chairman, and Paolo Cipriani, director-general – for suspected breach of anti-money laundering norms.

Both men have denied any wrongdoing. Mr Gotti-Tedeschi has said the case arose from a “misunderstanding” between the Vatican bank and Credito Artigiano, an Italian bank, over a money transfer.

Following concerns from Italy’s central bank over two transfers of Vatican funds to unnamed beneficiaries, magistrates seized a total of €23m ($30m) from an IOR account at Credito Artigiano.

In October, an Italian court ruled against an appeal by the Vatican, which had sought the release of the frozen funds.

“The motu proprio is a clear confirmation of what we have been saying until now – the Catholic Church wants to be included in the list of states dedicated to combating terrorism and money laundering and has no intention to get involved in any money laundering,” Vincenzo Scordamaglia, a lawyer representing the IOR, told the Financial Times.

“Italy will not be able to say any more that the Holy See does not want to follow the rules. We have had so many obstacles in the past . . . If this motu proprio had arrived earlier, [the probe] never would have been launched.”

Bankers estimate that the IOR, which does not publish its accounts, holds assets worth about $5bn. It is administered by five cardinals, has no shareholders and disburses its profits to charities.

Vatican Financial Watchdog Created Amid Bank Probe
30 December 2010, by Nicole Winfield (The Huffington Post)

Roman Catholics: The Vatican's Wealth
Friday, Feb. 26, 1965  

Bankers' best guesses about the Vatican's wealth put it at $10 billion to $15 billion. Of this wealth, Italian stockholdings alone run to $1.6 billion, 15% of the value of listed shares on the Italian market. The Vatican has big investments in banking, insurance, chemicals, steel, construction, real estate. Dividends help pay for Vatican expenses and charities such as assisting 1,500,000 children and providing some measure of food and clothing to 7,000,000 needy Italians. Unlike ordinary stockholders, the Vatican pays no taxes on this income, which led the leftist Rome weekly L'Espresso last week to call it "the biggest tax evader in Italy."

In 1962, Italy placed a 15% tax on all stock dividends, which two years later was raised to a 30% maximum. A rider to the original law that would have exempted the Vatican was specifically struck down. Nevertheless, the Vatican refused to pay the taxes—which might run upwards of $15 million a year-citing the Lateran Treaty of 1929 between Pope Pius XI and Mussolini. At that time, Italy agreed to pay the Pope $39 million in cash and $52 million in 5% government bonds as indemnity for losses suffered by the Pope when the Papal States were incorporated into Italy in 1870. Under Pius XII, Vatican money was shrewdly invested in stocks and real estate, and the capital has multiplied manyfold. The treaty also recognized the sovereignty of the Vatican, and a 1942 law written "in the spirit of the Concordat" exempted the Vatican from paying certain taxes then existing on dividends.


DOZENS of Scottish schools have introduced “intrusive” biometric systems, such as fingerprinting, to identify pupils as young as four.

New figures show 68 schools are now using technology to manage meals, control library books and even allow access to toilets.

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Former Rummel Catholic High School teacher is accused of sex abuse

I used to live in New Orleans, so I'm familiar with this all boys Catholic HS.    Anyone surprised at this?

Officials at Archbishop Rummel High School in Metairie say a Christian Brother who taught there in the 1970s and 1980s has been credibly accused of molesting students at assignments in other states.
The religious order said Brother Raimond Rose, now 77, taught at Rummel twice, during the 1975-76 and 1980-81 school years.

Earlier this month the Associated Press reported that 21 men have filed lawsuits against Rose or the order alleging misconduct going back to the 1960s. The order has settled several cases, paying one California plaintiff $1.1 million, the news service said. The news service also said that at various times law enforcement authorities in California, Minnesota and North Dakota investigated Rose, but never filed criminal charges.
Rose reportedly is a Louisiana native now living in Pennsylvania.

[HUMOR]Virgin Mary Statue Crying For No Good Reason
JANUARY 3, 2011 | ISSUE 47•01

The self-absorbed drama queen.

WORCESTER, MA—Nearly a week after a statue of the Virgin Mary began shedding what appeared to be actual tears, worshippers at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church told reporters Wednesday they had lost patience with the figure's nonstop whining and carrying on.

"Like everyone else, I got sucked in at first," said the Rev. Paul Doherty, the pastor of the church, who admitted he had once kissed the tears streaming from the eyes of the 5-foot wooden altarpiece. "But now it's just too much—crying in the morning when I come in, crying during baptisms, crying, crying, crying all the time. I've called around to other parishes, and all of their Marys are doing fine, even the cheap plaster ones that have to stand outside in the wind and rain. There must be thousands of Marys in the Greater Boston area, but ours is the only one who can't hold it together."

"To think I actually thought it was a miracle," added Doherty, looking up at the statue's glistening, tear-slicked face. "The real miracle would be if Old Faithful over here would turn off the waterworks for five seconds.",18708

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Putting the FUN into RFID from Facebook and Coca-Cola

Seymour Hersh claims high-ranking members of US military part of ‘Knights of Malta,’ ‘Opus Dei,’ fighting a holy war
Veteran investigative reporter Seymour Hersh has broken some massive stories in his day, but uncovering secret societies within the highest echelons of America's military would probably be the biggest of his career.

Well, get ready for the media storm: That's essentially what Hersh told an audience in Doha, Qatar recently, according to a report published earlier this week by Foreign Policy.

Speaking at a campus operated by Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, Hersh said he was working on a new book that details "how eight or nine neoconservative, radicals if you will, overthrew the American government."

"It's not only that the neocons took it over but how easily they did it -- how Congress disappeared, how the press became part of it, how the public acquiesced," he continued, according to the published quotes.

Hersh also lamented President Obama's continuance of the Bush administration's worst abuses.

"Just when we needed an angry black man, we didn't get one," he reportedly said.

The Foreign Policy report added that in 2003, those "in the Cheney shop" were not concerned about the havoc the invasion of Iraq was destined to cause.

"[The] attitude was, 'What's this? What are they all worried about, the politicians and the press, they're all worried about some looting?" Hersh was quoted as saying. "Don't they get it? We're gonna change moseques into cathedrals. And when we get all the oil, nobody's gonna give a damn.' That's the attitude. We're gonna chance mosques into cathedrals. That's an attitude that pervades, I'm here to say, a large percentage of the Joint Special Operations Command [JSOC]."

He further claimed that Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Vice Admiral William McRaven and others in the JSOC were members of the "Knights of Malta" and "Opus Dei," two little known Catholic orders.

"They do see what they're doing -- and this is not an atypical attitude among some military -- it's a crusade, literally," Hersh reportedly continued. "They see themselves as the protectors of the Christians. They're protecting them from the Muslims [as in] the 13th century. And this is their function."

He added that members of these societies have developed a secret set of insignias that represent "the whole notion that this is a culture war" between religions.

It was President George W. Bush who first invoked images of a holy war in the Middle East, when he suggested soon after Sept. 11, 2001 that the US was on a "crusade" in the region.

The "Knights of Malta" were a Catholic order founded in 1085 as a group of monks who cared for the wounded. It evolved into a military order that safeguarded Christian pilgrims from Muslims during the nine "Crusades," where Europe's Christian states laid siege to Muslims for control of Jerusalem.

"Opus Dei," popularly depicted in the Hollywood film "The DaVinci Code," was founded in 1928 and officially accepted as part of the Catholic church in 1947. The group's website claimed their principle calling was to bring about a "Christian renewal" around the world.

Doubts, denials and a distinctive trend

Raw Story reached out to Hersh and The New Yorker to confirm the accuracy of his quotes, placing this report on hold until they responded. Both declined to make any further statement, neither confirming nor denying the quotes.

However, one source close to Hersh who spoke to Raw Story off the record, suggested that Foreign Policy's report was indeed correct.

Raw Story followed-up on the quotes due to a widely-reported false claim attributed to Hersh in May 2009, where he'd allegedly said former Vice President Dick Cheney ordered the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.


10:53PM GMT 21 Jan 2011

Mexico to become first country to use iris scans on ID cards
Mexico will on Monday become the first country to start using iris scans for identity cards, according to the government

The documents, which will include the eye's image as well as fingerprints, a photo and signature, will be 99 per cent reliable, according to Felipe Zamora, who is responsible for legal affairs at the Mexican interior ministry.

"The legal, technical and financial conditions are ready to start the process of issuing this identity document," Felipe Zamora, responsible for legal affairs at the Mexican Interior Ministry, told journalists Thursday.

Critics, including the National Human Rights Commission, have criticised the system, expressing concern that compiling personal data could violate individual rights.

The move will be introduced gradually, with some 28 million minors taking part in a first two-year stage, due to cost $25 million (£15.6 million).

The cards are due to start for adults from 2013.

Iris recognition is increasingly used in airports, controlling access to restricted areas, and prisoner booking and release.

Pay by swiping your iPhone 5, iPad 2
January 26, 2011 - 8:26AM

Apple plans to introduce services that would let customers use its iPhone and iPad computer to make purchases, said Richard Doherty, director of consulting firm Envisioneering Group.

The services are based on "Near-Field Communication", a technology that can beam and receive information at a distance of up to four inches, due to be embedded in the next iteration of the iPhone and the iPad 2, Doherty said. Both products are likely to be introduced this year, he said, citing engineers who are working on hardware for the Apple project.

Apple's service may be able to tap into user information already on file, including credit-card numbers, iTunes gift-card balance and bank data, said Richard Crone, who leads financial industry adviser Crone Consulting LLC in San Carlos, California. That could make it an alternative to programs offered by such companies as Visa, MasterCard and EBay's PayPal, said Taylor Hamilton, an analyst at consultant IBISWorld.
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"It would make a lot of sense for Apple to include NFC functionality in its products," Crone said.

The main goal for Apple would be to get a piece of the $US6.2 trillion Americans spend each year on goods and services, Crone said. Today, the company pays credit-card processing fees on every purchase from iTunes.

By encouraging consumers to use cheaper methods - such as tapping their bank accounts directly, which is how many purchases are made via PayPal - Apple could cut its own costs and those of retailers selling Apple products.

Natalie Harrison, a spokeswoman for Apple, declined to comment.

Boon for PayPal, Visa and MasterCard

"NFC is definitely one of the technologies that's getting a lot of attention, but ultimately the consumer is going to choose," said Charlotte Hill, a spokeswoman for PayPal, owned by San Jose, California-based EBay.

Elvira Swanson, a spokeswoman for San Francisco-based Visa, said the company is "excited to see NFC mobile devices coming into the market."

Ed McLaughlin, chief emerging payments officer at MasterCard, said the company is "running the world's fastest payment network, and that doesn't need to be re-created." MasterCard sees NFC "as an opportunity to partner with organisations" and already has run NFC payment trials around the world.

The recently passed Durbin Amendment makes the timing right for a push by Apple, Crone said. The regulation, which will go into effect this summer, may limit debit-card fees paid by retailers and lets them encourage consumers to use one payment method over another.

Competing with Android

Under Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook, who's handling day-to-day operations as Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs takes medical leave, the iPhone is adding features that will help it compete with phones that use Google's Android software.

Samsung Electronics's Nexus S phone, which runs Android, can read information from NFC tags. Nokia Oyj, the world's largest maker of mobile phones, has pushed NFC adoption for years, though the technology has been slow to take off.

"Apple could be the game-changer," Doherty said.

Apple, based in Cupertino, California, is considering starting a mobile payment service as early as mid-2011, Doherty said. It would revamp iTunes, a service that lets consumers buy digital movies and music, so it would hold not only users' credit-card account information but also loyalty credits and points, Doherty said.

Using the service, customers could walk into a store or restaurant and make payments straight from an iPad or iPhone. They could also receive loyalty rewards and credits for purchases, such as when referring a friend, Doherty said.

Targeted advertising

Apple also could use NFC to improve how it delivers mobile ads to customers' handsets and charge higher fees for those ads, Crone said. NFC would let Apple's iAd advertising network personalise ads to the places where a customer is spending money. That could double or triple the ad rates that Apple charges, Crone said.

Apple has created a prototype of a payment terminal that small businesses, such as hairdressers and mum-and-pop stores, could use to scan NFC-enabled iPhones and iPads, Doherty said. The company is considering heavily subsidising the terminal, or even giving it away to retailers, to encourage fast, nationwide adoption of NFC technology and rev up sales of NFC-enabled iPhones and iPads, he said.

To help get ready for NFC, Apple last year hired Benjamin Vigier, who worked on the technology at mobile-payment provider MFoundry. It also has applied for a patent on a system that uses NFC to share information between applications running on various Apple devices.


Know Your Enemy (Jesuits and the Vatican)

The Jesuits are a MILITARY organization, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is power, power in its most despotic exercise, absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man [i.e., the Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuits]. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms [sic] and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses."
Napoleon I (i.e., Napoleon Bonaparte; 1769-1821; emperor of the French)

The world is controlled by the Jesuits, Black Nobility, and the Vatican. The Jesuits are a military organization not a religious order. The vatican and the Jesuits are not Christianity. The New World Order is controlled by elite jesuits and the black pope Adolfo Nicolas.

The world bankers are NOT top of the food chain. They all follow the jesuit order and follow the supreme jesuit general aka black pope Adolfo Nicolas. The other jesuit elites are Adolfo's 6 generals which is known as his assistance. Adolfo directs and guide the white pope and tells him what to do and say. The white pope is not a christian. When Jesuits and the Vatican say they believe in God they are referring to Lucifer as the God. Christians have been fooled for centuries that the Vatican is pure and good when the Vatican and the Jesuits have destroyed sovereign nations across the globe.

The illuminati was created by the Jesuits in the 1700's because at that time Jesuitism was banned in 80 countries. People at that time knew the Vatican was corrupt and desired world dominance. A lot of ppl are now learnin about the new world order but they are being taught the fake jew banker world order. Yes i know world bankers have great power but they all follow the vatican. Think about it, every world leader goes to and respects the Vatican no matter what religion they believe in. The black pope Adolfo and his 6 generals control the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican Bank(richest bank in the world), space laws, maritime laws, other jesuits, jesuit teachings in the Vatican, Knights of Malta, illuminati, black nobility, CIA, FBI, other secret services, Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, IMF, multiple world banks, FED, and the trilateral commission. The illuminati, Bilderberg, CFR, IMF, etc is told what to do and is given ideas form the Jesuit Elite, The Jesuits also sank the titanic to kill the elite who opposed the idea of the FED in order to create the FED.

The Jesuits were the ones that came up wit the idea of the UN. Alex Jones is a fraud and a half truther. He was hired by the Vatican to do alternative media because the Jesuits knew ppl were eventually gonna find out about the nwo so if you cant stop the truth from coming out then the next best thing is to control the way the truth is heard by putting NWO double agents in alternative media. Alternative Media has been hijacked and is now corrupt. You can still go to infowars but remember you are being told only certain things about the NWO. This is why Alex never talks about knights of malta, pope, roman catholic church, vatican, and the jesuits. His own sister goes to a jesuit school! So the REAL NWO is a jesuit world order not a jew world order!

Daddy's coming

While China has very little in Catholic population it has a big Muslim population and landmarks like "the temple of heaven"(tower of babel) and the big golden matraya statue titled "the matraya project"(Daniel 3).

Russia on the other hand has a big Catholic and Muslim population but I don't know any relevent landmarks, if You know of any please post them.

I know both are army nations and China is Shem and Russia is Japheth.

And here is a nice resource:

And Revelation 19:

"Mystery" of library's 'crying' statue of Virgin Mary

Last updated at 8:39 AM on 3rd February 2011

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A small statue of the Virgin Mary is crying tears, claim a number of visitors to a small, non-descript building in Reading, Ohio.

Believers and non-believers alike have reported seeing the figurine, which lives in the back of a religious lending library, weep.

And footage filmed by WCPO TV at Our Lady Queen Of Reading station lends weight to the claim, as one teardrop is clearly visible on her cheek and another on her chin.

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Man attempts keyless life with implant


Fed up with carrying his keys around, Joe Wooller, 28, decided it was time for an implant. Twisted Evil

This year, the father of two from Perth had a microchip, which uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, implanted in his right hand.

His passive RFID chip does not require batteries, can last for many years and communicates with receivers attached to doors, for instance, via a magnetic field.

"The goal was really just to get rid of keys and to try to minimise the amount of clutter one would have in their pockets," he said.

Since the surgery in June, performed while he was still awake and posted on his website, Mr Wooller has endeavoured to uncover as many ways to use the chip as possible.

"RFID, apart from it being technical, it was an interesting sort of project. So I had a look around; there were a number of people out there who had already put implants in their hands and I haven't seen any real side effects yet," he said.

So far, Mr Wooller can open two doors to his house, start his motorbike and open his car's doors - all with just a swipe of his hand. The only problem is that he still needs a key to take the fuel cap off his motorbike.

"But just being able to jump on it and go for a ride [without keys] is pretty good," he said.

As for his house, he still relies on an alarm to keep the place secure.

"I've only really allowed it to open the door and you still have to enter a code to disarm the alarm. So until I've actually nutted out the encryption side of things or the sort of [authentication] side of things, I'm trying to keep it separate," he said.

The process of getting the chip implanted was fairly simple once he had the equipment required, Mr Wooller said.

"I was lucky enough for my doctor to do it who gave me a local [anaesthetic] - so it was fine; it didn't hurt at all. It was rather interesting watching," he said.



All children to be registered in national biometric records
Identity-tracking scheme assembled under radar for 'border pass' program


Below the radar of public opinion, Mexico has started to assemble the type of biometric national identity database that could be used to document names for a North American Trusted Traveler border pass card, a plan already being developed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for Mexican citizens.

It apparently would be similar to the program that has become commonplace in the European Union to allow free transit for EU citizens to move, live and work wherever they choose within the EU, disregarding nation-of-origin and national border restrictions.

On Jan. 19, 2011, Mexico's President Felipe Calderon signed an executive order requiring within the next five years all Mexicans 17 years old and younger have a biometric national identity card that would include a facial photograph, all 10 fingerprints, and an iris scan.

To carry out the presidential executive order, the Mexican Directorate General of the National Population Register plans to go to all elementary schools in Mexico schools in Mexico to record the required biometric information and issue individual identity cards.

The Mexican National Institute of Geography and Statistics estimates that in 2005, there were 10.5 million Mexicans between 5 and 9 years old, 11 million between 10 and 14 years old, and 10 million between 15 and 19 years old.

Reasonable estimates are that by the end of 2012, Mexico plans to issue more than 25.7 million biometric identity cards to the nation's children 18 years old and younger.

While promoted as a way to prevent crimes such as identity theft, Mexico has decided to begin with the nation's school children to create the type of biometric national identity database that will allow Mexican children as they grow up to already possess the biometric information they will need to obtain North American Trusted Traveler border pass cards the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is preparing to issue to Mexican citizens.

Once the nation's children are recorded in this biometric national identity database, the plan is to add a second phase that will extend the biometric identification cards to Mexican adults, with a third phase designed to establish a national registry for all foreigners residing in Mexico.

Read more: All children to be registered in national biometric database

The Secret Behind Secret Societies1:33:53 - 4 years ago
Secret societies, freemasonry, illuminati, masonic symbolism, occultism, magick, new world order, hidden agendas, belief systems. More great videos at As I, the researcher and webmaster of, is in a very difficult situation economically, I've made this short video to explain why I need your help. Please follow these links for more information: truth-tips-on-how.html Thanks to everyone who wants to help me out with a donation or contribution in any way to keep my research and website alive! God Bless you!

Philadelphia Priest Blames Aliens for Why He Abused Children!

Published by mitchey179 on February 27, 2011 in USA & Canada

Unbelievable but true. A Philadelphia area priest has been arrested for sexually abusing as many as 20 young males over a 15 year period. The priest told police that he was visited by aliens sent from God and was told that it was his mission to perform these sexual acts!

In a shocking case out of the suburbs of Philadelphia, a priest has been arrested for sexually and physically abusing as many as 20 young males over a period of 15 years.  The abuse is said to have taken place mostly on church grounds but reports of abuse at some of the boys homes has also been reported.  Police are not releasing the priest’s name or the church that the abuse was reported to have happened at until more investigations are conducted.

Police have conducted multiple interviews with the accused priest and he has admitted to sexually and physically abusing the young boys over a period of mostly 10 years.  Asked to why he did it, the priest provided some shocking answers:  The priest told the police that about 15 years ago in 1996, he had a visit by alien beings that he was told were sent by God himself.  The aliens gave him a mission that included the physical and sexual abuse of only young males.  At first, the priest could not believe what he was being told and chose to ignore the demands that the aliens were making but after more and more visits from them, he became convinced that he had no choice but to actually perform these deeds.  The priest told police that the aliens threatened him that if he did not comply with their demands that he would spend eternity in Hell for not obeying God’s wishes.  

Read more:

The Irish Times


TWO GERMAN lawyers have initiated charges against Pope Benedict XVI at the International Criminal Court, alleging crimes against humanity.

Christian Sailer and Gert-Joachim Hetzel, based at Marktheidenfeld in the Pope’s home state of Bavaria, last week submitted a 16,500-word document to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court at the Hague, Dr Luis Moreno Ocampo.

Their charges concern “three worldwide crimes which until now have not been denounced . . . (as) the traditional reverence toward ‘ecclesiastical authority’ has clouded the sense of right and wrong”.

They claim the Pope “is responsible for the preservation and leadership of a worldwide totalitarian regime of coercion which subjugates its members with terrifying and health-endangering threats”.

They allege he is also responsible for “the adherence to a fatal forbiddance of the use of condoms, even when the danger of HIV-Aids infection exists” and for “the establishment and maintenance of a worldwide system of cover-up of the sexual crimes committed by Catholic priests and their preferential treatment, which aids and abets ever new crimes”.

They claim the Catholic Church “acquires its members through a compulsory act, namely, through the baptism of infants that do not yet have a will of their own”. This act was “irrevocable” and is buttressed by threats of excommunication and the fires of hell.

It was “a grave impairment of the personal freedom of development and of a person’s emotional and mental integrity”. The Pope was “responsible for its preservation and enforcement and, as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith of his Church, he was jointly responsible” with Pope John Paul II

Catholics “threatened by HIV-AIDS . . . are faced with a terrible alternative: If they protect themselves with condoms during sexual intercourse, they become grave sinners; if they do not protect themselves out of fear of the punishment of sin threatened by the church, they become candidates for death.”

There was also “strong suspicion that Dr Joseph Ratzinger, as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith of his church and as Pope, has up to the present day systematically covered up the sexual abuse of children and youths and protected the perpetrators, thereby aiding and abetting further sexual violence toward young people”.



AP Exclusive: Abusive priests live unmonitored

VENTURA, Calif. – Carl Sutphin was a problem priest who left ministry in the Roman Catholic church just before being charged nearly a decade ago with 14 counts of molestation for sexually abusing six children.

He was never convicted of the charges, and he now lives in a doublewide mobile home in a quiet neighborhood within two miles of a youth sports complex, a library, two day care centers and at least two elementary schools. Sutphin admits he molested children as a priest, but his name doesn't show up in a sex offender database because the charges were dismissed because too much time had elapsed.

"I don't remember the numbers. I won't say I deny it. I do not deny it, no," Sutphin, who has been accused of abuse by 18 people, told The Associated Press. "The church could have acted quicker, I think, and sometimes reports were not made right away. In my case, some of the cases didn't come forward until 15 or 20 years later. ... So the church didn't do anything about it, they couldn't do anything about it."

Sutphin is one of dozens of former and current priests and religious brothers accused of childhood sexual abuse in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles who now live unmonitored by civil authorities in communities across the state and nation. For many, the statute of limitations had expired by the time the abuse was reported, making it impossible for prosecutors to land convictions and subject the priests to sex offender databases and monitoring.

Plaintiffs' attorneys have worked with private investigators since October to compile a list of the priests' addresses, the most comprehensive accounting of the whereabouts of the 233 clergy accused of abuse in civil lawsuits in the Los Angeles archdiocese. They hope to use it Thursday to persuade a judge to recommend the release of all church files for every priest or religious brother ever accused of sexual abuse in the sweeping litigation.

Those confidential files are at the center of a heated dispute between the church and plaintiffs' lawyers since the nation's largest archdiocese reached a record-breaking $660 million settlement nearly four years ago. Plaintiffs want the files — which could include internal correspondence, previous complaints and therapy records — released, saying it's a matter of public safety. The church is pushing for a more limited release of information.

The list of addresses, obtained by The Associated Press, contains nearly 50 former priests who live unmonitored in California, and another 15 in cities and towns from Maryland to Texas to Montana. More than 80 more cannot be located despite an exhaustive search by plaintiffs' attorneys. Four are believed to have fled to Mexico or South America. About 80 are dead.

Lead plaintiff lawyer Raymond Boucher says it's the only time anyone has put together a list of priest addresses in any other diocese or archdiocese nationwide. Lawyers hope to eventually make the names and locations of abusive priests available to the public, similar to Megan's Law databases that exist nationwide.

"Many of these priests would be in prison but for the fact that the archdiocese essentially created immunity for them by hiding them and keeping the secrets. It's essential that these documents come out because we know one thing: there is no cure for priests or anybody that sexually abuses a child," said Boucher.

"Many of them are within a mile of multiple schools, day care centers and parks and they are a time bomb waiting to go off. The only way the public can ever protect itself is to have a full, complete knowledge about them."

Tod Tamberg, the spokesman for the archdiocese, referred questions to archdiocese attorney Michael Hennigan.

The church is willing to release a significant number of documents from priest files and has already made public the names of priests who were credibly accused or whose names were listed in civil lawsuits, Hennigan said. The archdiocese believes, however, that many of the priests whose addresses appear on the list were wrongfully accused. The archdiocese included those clergy in the $660 million payout without admitting wrongdoing, simply to settle the claims, Hennigan said.

The allegations of sexual abuse have ruined those priests' reputations, he said.

"These are people who have been accused, these are not people who have been convicted," said Hennigan. "We have great sympathy for victims of childhood sexual abuse ... but to suggest that there's a compelling interest in producing these documents wholesale is a stretch. Many of these people deny it and many of these people credibly deny it. It haunts them."

The archdiocese in 2004 released the names of more than 200 accused priests — including Sutphin's — in a report to parishioners. The list did not include the men's whereabouts.

About 30 of the individual priests, including Sutphin, are also fighting the release of files.

They argue that the settlement, which contained provisions for the release of documents, was an agreement between the archdiocese and the plaintiffs without their consent. Most of the priests themselves are not named as parties to the lawsuits and obtaining their records violates the Fourth Amendment, the protection against unreasonable search and seizure, said Donald Steier, their attorney.

"Even though people don't like these guys, the rules still apply," he said. "It's easy to evaporate their rights but when you evaporate their rights, you erode all of our rights. Everybody needs to play by the same set of rules."

Many of the priests named in sex abuse lawsuits have been defrocked, removed from ministry or placed on leave by the church since being accused. Most appear to have rebuilt their lives outside the church and live quietly and anonymously, unnoticed in their new neighborhoods, which span 37 California cities from Berkeley to Oxnard to Oceanside.

In Gardena, for example, a former priest who pleaded no contest in 1987 to misdemeanors of soliciting lewd acts and battery now manages a mobile home park wedged in a gritty industrial stretch 15 miles south of Los Angeles. He lives in a double-wide trailer with a statue of Jesus on the porch, not far from a sign advising drivers to watch for children at play.

The former priest, Gerald Fessard, saw his conviction expunged after he completed three years' probation, according to news reports. He was accused by eight people overall, according to the archdiocese. He is not listed on the state's Megan's Law website.

Fessard, 64, declined to comment to the AP when contacted outside his home Sunday.

His neighbor, Celia Fuhr, said Fessard collects rent from residents and maintains the trailer park, but largely keeps to himself and dotes on his cats.

"I don't know nothing about him," Fuhr said, upon learning of Fessard's past. "Oh my God. Oh no, don't tell me that."

Less than an hour's drive away, in the working-class city of Rowland Heights, retired priest Stephen Hernandez lives in a large two-story house across the street from a family with a 6-year-old child and within two miles of three playgrounds and four elementary schools.

The 77-year-old Hernandez was arrested seven years ago and charged with molesting a 14-year-old boy while serving as a counselor at a Los Angeles area juvenile hall. The clergyman had faced up to 10 years in prison if convicted of all charges, but eventually pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor and was sentenced to probation.

He is not listed on the state's Megan's Law website. He declined to comment to The Associated Press when contacted at his home Saturday.

Chitira and Delfino Zuno have lived across the street from Hernandez for years and said they were surprised to learn the elderly priest they call Father Steve has a criminal past.

Still, the couple said they supported him and weren't concerned for the safety of their grandson, who's lived with them since he was an infant. Hernandez is ill and never crosses the street to their home, said Chitira Zuno.

"He's right now old, sick. He only needs compassion," said Zuno, who described herself as a devout Catholic who hosts a religious program on public access TV.

"A priest is a priest. If we can think about faith, we can see that we are all human and we can all do mistakes. I know some priests that have been accused and maybe he's done a mistake once in his life and this is going to be after him all his life."

That's a reaction that is difficult for some alleged victims to accept, including one man whose allegations against Sutphin led to the charges against him that were eventually dismissed because of a 2003 Supreme Court ruling involving the statute of limitations. The man and his brother also sued the archdiocese and received a settlement. The Associated Press does not identify victims of sexual abuse.

The 44-year-old told the AP that Sutphin molested first his brother and then him while they spent the night at the priest's mother's house in Ventura before a planned fishing trip. The priest took the man's sibling into another room first and then returned for him and began tickling him and trying to undress him, he recalled. The priest also questioned him about his genitals.

Sutphin gave up after a struggle, but the memory has scarred the man for life and created tension between the brothers, who never fully discussed what happened 35 years ago.

"The guy's a predator. I feel sorry for whoever has to live around him," he said. "Where do we draw the fine line in the sand? Is there a little kid that's seven years old living across the street from him and next thing you know, is he going to want to take him out fishing? Do people really know what this guy's all about?"

Rochester bishop: Vatican isn’t against homosexuals entering priesthood
by Kathleen Gilbert
Mon Mar 07, 2011

The bishop of the New York diocese of Rochester has dismissed a statement from the Vatican banning individuals with “deep-seated” homosexual tendencies from entering the priesthood, saying that he has “always tried to be open” to such persons.

“I know some magnificent gay priests,” said Bishop Matthew Clark, according to the Rochester City Newspaper. “If they are openly gay in terms of living a lifestyle that is incompatible with their basic commitments, we have to intervene. But I have always tried to be open to such candidates.”

Clark referenced a Vatican document, presumably the 2005 document discussing homosexuals and the priesthood put out by the Congregation for Catholic Education (CCE), saying that it “left the impression that under no circumstances could a person of gay orientation be ordained a priest.” He added that “that’s not so.”

“If a person’s sense of himself as a gay individual inevitably leads him to campaign against the church’s formal teachings or live a lifestyle that is upsetting to the community or scandalous, such a person would not be an apt candidate for the priesthood,” said the bishop. “But if a person understands that and lives a lifestyle that is compatible with what we ask of all of our priests, then I’m happy to receive them.”

While stating that persons with homosexual tendencies “must be accepted with respect and sensitivity” and that “every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided,” the CCE document stated that “this dicastery, in accord with the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, believes it necessary to state clearly that the Church, while profoundly respecting the persons in question, cannot admit to the seminary or to holy orders those who practice homosexuality, present deep-seated homosexual tendencies or support the so-called ‘gay culture.’”

Catholic World News notes that Bishop Clark had criticized the CCE document shortly after its release.

“The fundamental concern of formation for a life of celibate chastity is for sexual maturity, not sexual orientation,” Clark had said. “Good seminary formation needs to provide an environment in which both heterosexual and homosexual candidates can grow to commit themselves wholeheartedly, even joyfully, to chaste and faithful celibacy.”

In 2004 Bishop Clark was named one of the most “gay friendly” bishops in the United States by the Rainbow Sash Movement, members of which challenge Catholic Church leaders by approaching the Communion rail while wearing a symbol of solidarity with the homosexualist movement. The bishop has in the past welcomed members of the movement in his diocese.
Contact information:

Diocese of Rochester
1150 Buffalo Rd.
Rochester, NY 14624
585.328.3149 fax

At the same time, federal, state and local governments will launch new citizen ID programs for the Internet and expand the use of current secure ID programs," said Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Smart Card Alliance. (Translation, we're about to lose the internet. Whenever we have a major crisis, Internet II & Biometric ID cards will be in full effect.)

PRINCETON JUNCTION, NJ--(Marketwire - March 14, 2011) - The Smart Card Alliance announced today that the theme of its 2011 Annual Conference will be "The Roadmap to EMV Payments and Secure ID," where attendees can look forward to presentations and discussions on the advancement and growing adoption of smart card technology in EMV, contactless and mobile payments, and secure identification. The conference will be held May 3rd through May 5th, with pre-conference workshops on May 2nd, at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place in Chicago.

"We see 2011 as the year where the payments industry seriously examines EMV payments and preparations for mobile payments pick up speed. At the same time, federal, state and local governments will launch new citizen ID programs for the Internet and expand the use of current secure ID programs," said Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Smart Card Alliance. "Our annual conference is the ideal time for all of the stakeholders in these markets to come together to learn about the role that smart card technology plays in all of these applications, and look seriously at the next steps to make all of these projects a success."

The Smart Card Alliance 2011 Annual Conference will allow professionals in the payments and security markets to gather together to share use cases and best practices, meet vendors in the large exhibit hall, witness live demonstrations, network with industry peers, and more. Day one of the conference, May 3rd, brings conference attendees together for keynote speakers and plenary sessions with experts in EMV payments, government regulators, national cybersecurity strategy, and the Canadian payments market. From them, attendees will learn about the forces that are driving EMV adoption and mobile payments globally, and shaping the national strategy for trusted identities in the workplace and on the Internet.

The remainder of the conference program will be divided into two tracks -- Payments, and ID and Security -- that will cover the requirements and technology approaches for secure payment and identity applications. Topics include:

   * Secure EMV payments and impact on fraud. EMV Payments, contactless (credit , debit, and prepaid) payments and emerging  payments implementations (US, Canadian, European, and Asian)
   * U.S. roadmap options and readiness for EMV
   * Mobile and NFC-enabled access and payments implementations
   * Federal, state and local identity management initiatives
   * Programs to secure identity in cyberspace
   * Healthcare identity management

Each track will feature individual presentations, panels, and roundtable discussions about how issuers and end users utilize the security and data management capabilities of smart card technology to enable secure transactions -- over the Internet, in retail stores, in transit centers, on mobile devices, and in government and commercial enterprises.

Pre-conference, on May 2nd, attendees can choose to attend one of the three pre-conference workshops: "OTA Email Authentication Academy," sponsored by the Online Trust Alliance; "Mobile and Contactless Payments," sponsored by Collis; or "EMV Implementation Roadmap for the U.S.," sponsored by the Smart Card Alliance Payments Council.

Also pre-conference, individuals who have joined the LEAP education and professional development and training program can register for the Certified Smart Card Industry Professional (CSCIP) full-day classroom smart card training and exam preparation course. The CSCIP exam will be held at the conclusion of the conference on May 5th.

Further information about the conference, with links to event information and registration web site containing the complete agenda, list of exhibitors and registered attendees to date, and full registration details are available on the 2011 Smart Card Alliance Annual Conference website. Early registration discounts expire on April 4th. Smart Card Alliance members receive special registration benefits and discounts.

2011 Smart Card Alliance Annual Conference


Transhumanists Mock Your Fears Over Mark Of The Beast, Advise That You Wise-Up To Benefits Of Human GPS Microchipped Future

Who are you? Where are you? What have you done?

Tiny GPS microchips with your personal info can be slipped under your skin, leaving you lighter, ID tossed in the shredder. But wait… is this a sensible techno-transfusion? An H+ enhancement that liberates us from Luddite wallets crammed with primitive currency and dozens of stupid, unwieldy cards?

ChipOr is it… dangerous? Biblical apocalyptics say it is the “Mark of the Beast” - they think microchipping is mandated in the health care reform of Barack Obama, aka “The Anti-Christ.”

More rationally, will microchips cement “Big Brother’s” control of the “sheeple”? Nick Rockefeller reportedly told filmmaker Aaron Russo in 2007 that the goal of “bankers and the elite” was to microchip everyone “to control the whole society.”

Are microchips the new yellow Stars of David that Nazis forced Jews to wear? The numeric tattoos scrawled on concentration camp forearms? Are we being marched into a future holocaust? VeriChip is backed by IBM; fretful theorists point to an IBM-Nazi alliance.

Will microchips really make us “safer”? Can they be “cloned”? Will they cause cancer? Are they a step forward in the evolution of humanity, or the final annihilation of individuality? Wisconsin, North Dakota, and a half-dozen other states outlawed mandatory microchipping. Web presences like “We The People Will Not Be Chipped” warn US citizens that microchips will incarcerate us in brainwashed slavery.

Tiny chip

Other nationalities are not so terrified. Twenty-three percent of Germans polled said they’d be happily ‘chipped if benefits were promised, and citizens of the United Kingdom, arguably the “most spied upon people in the free world” with 4.2 million public surveillance cameras, are anticipating perhaps being “‘chipped like dogs in a decade.”

What do I think? My first response, for everyone who is terrified that OverLords will monitor us with this new uberveillance, is… wise up! Your bank transactions are already logged, there’s GPS on your car and cell phone, so… unless you’re swimming miles offshore, they already know where you are!

I believe GPS microchips have enormous potential to simplify, expedite, and secure our daily lives. Below I have listed 15 ways they can be utilized, followed by my micro-opinions.

PASSPORTS - Everyone loathes the long queues at international airports. With microchips, we’d simply saunter through turnstiles, unless we’re blocked because we’re “illegal.” Citizenship would be awarded with a syringe; the INS would be armed with scanners. By 2008, 45 nations had already added microchips to their passports, now they just need to get rid of the paperwork. Warning: The fingers of pickpockets can’t swiftly steal a microchip, but we’ll definitely hear scare stories of spies with small scalpels slicing people open in bathrooms.

ALZHEIMER’S PATIENTS, ETC. - Grandpa won’t get lost when he escapes from the Florida rest home, because he’s wearing his GPS. Nurses can let him roam at will, snatching him up right before dinner. Implementation already took place with 200 Palm Beach clients; soon ‘chips will be offered by every self-respecting sanitarium. Also available for homebound dementeds and potential fugitives from asylums. Five Stars. Solid Societal Plus; Seems Inarguable.

LOST AND ABDUCTED CHILDREN - Cuidad Juarez and Disneyland. Two horrible, dangerous places where innocents can find themselves mercilessly separated from Mommy and Daddy. If Mickey Mouse can’t help, and reluctant Mexi-cops suddenly “retire”... you can track down little hide-and-seekers via GPS microchips. Brazilian millionaires are presently tagging their tots to thwart kidnappers, other nations will follow, plus theme parks. A survey conducted by the Future Foundation revealed that 75% of British parents would buy a device that kept track of their child’s movements. Warning: J. Paul Getty III had his ear mailed with a ransom note; future parents might find a bloody chip in theirs.

CRIMINALS - The jailbird numerals on striped pajamas is fashion passé, but GPS microchipping prisoners in a secret section of their anatomy is très courant! Prison breaks would be nullified, and wardens could determine penitentiary violators. Who started last night’s gang rape? Just rewind and examine the GPS intersection. Two-And-A-Half Stars because it’s a human rights violation, an abolition of hope, and a dismal curtain-drop on a glamorous tradition bench-marked by Frenchies like Henri Charriere (Papillon), Jacques Mesrine, and Jean-Pierre Treiber.

CLUB MEMBERSHIP - Baja Beach Club in Barcelona and Rotterdam has offered microchipping to its VIP clients since 2004. The excellent amenity guarantees easy access to exclusive features, plus the ATM component keeps tab on your booze and chow intake. Five Stars. A Win-Win No-Brainer. My 24-hour Fitness already has a fingerprint scanner; this upgrade would save me another 30 seconds—that’s 10 reps, plus rest.

HEALTH INFORMATION - You collapse in an intersection, with a coma. What’s wrong? Paramedic scans ‘chip for health record and vital stats, quickly administers proper medicine and procedure. Life saved. Hooray! Plus, this record of weak spots stuck in our flesh will remind us to eat wise and exercise. Heart-risk activities could also be safe-guarded—Grandma with her struggling aorta won’t be allowed on the roller coaster. Warning: Enables quarantining of HIV/AIDS individuals and other infectious humans.

RÉSUMÉS - Your job record is updated in the 16-digit Verichip and passed on to potential employers. Far more efficient than LinkedIn. Warning: Would your ex-boss be able to stick in his scathing evaluation of you? Plus, isn’t “resume doctoring” a creative fine art? I (theoretically) support “truth and transparency” but isn’t this going too far? On the other hand… resume polishing is a totally boring time-suck, ‘chipping is far more efficient. A Toss Up, I Can’t Decide.

VOTER REGISTRATION - What’s with all the cardboard shuffling at polling places? Why can’t I vote anywhere I want in the city? Will we always use that stabbing machine inside the musty shower curtain? ‘Chipped voter registration can streamline our tedious democratic process, where our name is always misspelled and alphabet-challenged volunteers take forever to find us in the 20-pound logbook. Scan me in, please! Warning: Fringe Party members will be totally harassed. No more sneaking into enemy conventions. Okay for moderates, but extremists beware. Will political activists be stalked and liquidated?

NEW BORN, NEW DEAD - Your baby got mixed up at the hospital, and you ended up raising a brat that’s not even yours—what could be worse? Infants could be ‘chipped right after their navel gets knotted. When they turn 18, their piercing pals could extract the ‘chip, which also served as a GPS locator— did Junior go to study group or a crack house? Similarly, when loved ones die, they can be ‘chipped to prevent grisly mishaps. GPS tells you they’re peaceful in the cemetery; they haven’t been desecrated for dental fillings, and no one is playing soccer with their head at ALCOR. If they’re cremated, you can watch on a monitor as their GPS chip explodes—kinda “spiritual” in a geek way. Five Stars. Kid control is excellent. Avoiding death deception is equally advantageous.

POLICE, SOLDIERS, GUNS, GUN OWNERS - The manufacturers of Browning and Smith & Wesson have developed an implant-firearm system where your gun gets twin-chipped with you—this means the weapon can only be fired by your personal trigger-finger. If an unarmed burglar in the dead of night wrestles away part of your arsenal, well, he’ll still be unarmed. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your brother’s snoopy kids prowling in your closet and accidentally blowing off your daughters’ heads. Pairing policemen with guns that can’t be used against them is obvious, and ‘chipping solders to track down POWs and MIAs and identify “Unknown” casualties is equally positive. Four Stars. Everything is excellent on this one, except… what about the heroic revolutionaries that break into the dictator’s arsenal? If they’re not ‘chipped compatibly with the ballistics, does the glorious uprising fail?

SECURITY CLEARANCE - Who gains entrance to corporate headquarters on weekends? Who can twirl the dials at the nuclear power plant? Who can stride into the “Situation Room” or creep into the cockpit of a crowded 747? On a slightly less urgent note, who gets to surf on my laptop? With ‘chips, only the entitled can enter exclusive zones; the minions are halted by “Access Denied.” In Mexico, the Attorney General, his staff, and 160 members of an anti-crime computer center have already ‘chipped themselves to control access. Warning: Sounds good because I always forget my password. But a big negative is… does this mean I can’t sneak into extra films at the multiplex? Also, wouldn’t companies use ‘chips to keep track of off-work employees? If you call in “sick” will you get busted if you then fly to Vegas?

BANKING INFO - I have eleven plastic rectangles in my wallet that harbor my miserable finances. Whenever I’m coerced into a purchase, I fumble with all of them, seeking sufficient coinage. Obviously, it would be far “handier” if my credit and debit cards were microchips separately implanted, one on each finger. Warning: Mine are only worth the meat you could nibble off, but… wouldn’t evil-doers simply chop off your fingers to gain access to your ATM? The digit ID has to be on your digits, too, because, well, we can’t have people squishing their butts up against the screen to get a good crack-read. But still, I hate plastic—all that drama when I lose them—so I’m awarding this option Four Stars.

LIBRARY CARD, GROCERY SHOPPING, MISCELLANEOUS CONVENIENCE - I want a casual, near-naked life, unburdened by thick documentation and green bills entombed in gamey leather. If my wallet was ancient history, I could meander in light pants to the local library to pick up some murdered-tree books for my Kindle-rejecting kids, then skip over to Trader Joe’s for some discount New Zealand lamb chops. No more desperate pocket-plunging looking for proper ID because the biblioteca card and the Xmas gift certificate are right at my fingertips. So is my Kaiser card, if I spring a hernia trudging up Lombard hill. Five Stars.

LOVE LINKED - Romantic humans can become more biologically absorbed with the dear one, by combining their nervous systems via microchips equipped with sensors that communicate with each other. Now Jack knows that Jill wants to eat Thai food, but Jill knows that Jack is aroused—you think the waitress is hot, don’t you Jack!? I know you do! You can’t lie anymore! One Star. Way too intimate for me.

STYLISTIC - If we need 25-30 microchips for different functions, where do we put them all? I predict aesthetic patterns, like the Tiv of Sudan that Leni Riefenstahl photographed. Eyebrows, ears and upper lip “mustaches” would be popular, plus stars around nipples, navels, and legs. Teen foreplay would include a game of “Find my Naughty ‘Chips” and kissy-face rich people could hide them in lips full of botox. Four Stars. Not for me, but I like to watch.

All that’s above is just my mere opinion. Bear in mind that microchips probably will be “optional” in many categories at first, then they’ll be “suggested,” then “recommended,” and perhaps finally “required.”

Hank Pellissier, aka Hank Hyena, is the "Local Intelligence" columnist for the San Francisco edition of the New York Times. He's also written columns for ("Naked World"), and for ("Odd Barking" & "Urban Animal") and he's a blogger for the World Future Society. He's presently writing a book, to be entitled >Ahead of Myself: Transhumanist Assertions and Arguments.

Global Biometric Market All Set to Expand During 2011-2014
With rapid adoption of biometric technology in government organizations and financial institutions, the sector is set to witness a CAGR of around 23% during 2011-2014; says RNCOS.


Mar 26, 2011 – Demand for biometric systems is growing at a fast pace as many government organizations and financial institutions are adopting this technology across the globe. It is rapidly being used in areas, such as defense, aviation, and criminal and civil identification. A rise in identity thefts and terrorist attacks are the key reasons for the growth in this market. Besides, the systematic replacement of existing passports and adoption and the issue of new e-passports represent an important market for contactless technology.

According to our research report “Global Biometric Forecast to 2012”, global biometric market will grow at CAGR of around 23% during 2011-2014. As the technology continues to improve, the prices continue to decrease and consumers are becoming more accustomed to use it as an efficient way to prove their identity and make secure transactions. Besides, increasing adoption of biometric system across government organizations and financial institutions is fueling the growth in the industry for the past few years.

According to our research, the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)/live scan market was estimated to account for the largest chunk of the global biometrics market at the end of 2010 followed by fingerprint and face recognition. Talking about the applications of biometrics, civil ID and criminal ID were estimated to be the top two major applications in 2010 and the same trend is expected to continue in near future as well. This is possibly due to the increasing usage of biometrics in ID cards, passports, PAN cards, etc.

Our report “Global Biometric Forecast to 2012”, studies the overall biometric market in terms of region, technology, and applications. The report also examines emerging technologies and biometric verticals in terms of country level initiatives. Besides, we have given relevant forecasts, wherever required in the report. Our report analyzes the competitive landscape and provides latest development by companies along with their business overview. Our research aims to present clarity to investors and vendors by thoroughly analyzing the industry.

January 22nd, 2009
Barcode Tattoos Could Lead to Cashless Purchasing
Posted in Barcode Scanning by Melina | 3 Comments »

Barcode Tattoo: Cashless PurchasingA patent was recently filed by Thomas Heeter to create a barcoded system that would lead to a cashless society. Basically, the abstract of his patent describes a financial barcode that would be tattooed on people. Upon checkout, the barcode tattoo would be scanned* with a barcode scanner and automatically identify the individual in a database. Once the individual was properly identified, his or her debit/credit account would be charged, completing the transaction.

While this may seem futuristic and unrealistic, a cashless society may not be too far off. In a society where debit/credit card usage has surpassed cash, it could only be a matter of time before a barcode verification and cashless purchasing system is implemented.

However, if every citizen did receive a barcode tattoo, almost every action you did could be recorded. Every transaction, visit to a government building, trip to the airport, or police encounter could be tracked and recorded.

While the system is still in very early stages of development, there are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration, namely, security. Since long-range barcode scanners already exist, how will criminals be prevented from stealing information. If your personal and bank account information is all stored within a barcode, it may be easy for hackers to scan and steal that information.

Although some may like the idea of a barcode tattoo for cashless purchasing conveniences, and not ever having to worry about losing a wallet again, many are very skeptical. Besides the obvious privacy and security issues, many people are against tattoos due to cultural and personal beliefs.

What do you think? Would you get a barcode tattoo for financial conveniences, or avoid it because of privacy issues?

*Currently, standard barcodes are not able to be scanned because the lines of a barcode need to be finite. When tattooed, the lines of the barcode stretch and compress with the skin, rendering them unreadable to barcode scanners as of present.

Surge in Satanism sparks rise in demand for exorcists, says Catholic Church


The web has made it easier than ever before to access information on Devil-worshipping and the occult, experts said.

Exorcism is the subject of a six-day conference being held this week at the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University in Rome, which is under the Vatican's authority.

"The internet makes it much easier than in the past to find information about Satanism," said Carlo Climati, a member of the university who specialises in the dangers posed to young people by Satanism.

"In just a few minutes you can contact Satanist groups and research occultism. The conference is not about how to become an exorcist. It's to share information about exorcism, Satanism and sects. It's to give help to families and priests. There is a particular risk for young people who are in difficulties or who are emotionally fragile," said Mr Climati.

The object of seminars was to scrutinise the phenomenon of Satanism with "seriousness and scientific rigour", avoiding a "superficial or sensational approach", he said.


"Surge in Satanism that we masterminded sparks rise in demand for exorcists that we provide," says Catholic Church.

Mystery scars on Obama's head prompt another question from conspiracy theorists - has the President had brain surgery?

6th April 2011

He has been plagued with questions and doubts concerning his background throughout his first term as President.
Questions like - is Barack Obama actually American? Is he a Muslim? Is he actually an alien from another planet? - have frequently been asked.

The next question circulating on the internet - has President Obama had brain surgery?

President Obama meeting comedian George Lopez as the First Lady looks on. Some observers believe this image shows a distinctive scar which looks like those left after brain surgery. However, there could simply be another explanation such as a bad haircut or birth mark

This enhanced image purports to show the scar running from the top of the President's head to behind his right ear
Internet blog sites, conspiracy theorists and forums are awash with rumors as to what those mystery scars on the president's head are from.

In pictures, Obama appears to have a long scar which goes up the side of his head and over his crown.
Some conspiracy theorists claim they are scars that you would see on someone who has had brain surgery.
But without medical records (along with his school records and birth certificate) no one seems to be able to provide an answer as to the cause of the mystery scars.

Ben Hart, a blogger for Escape The Tyranny a website which presents itself as a Social Network & Forum For Conservatives, said:  'Obama's almost done with his first term, and we still know almost nothing about the background of the President of the United States.
'Whatever happened to create that scar, it was clearly something serious. Was it a brain operation? Has it affected his thinking?

'No one is allowed to see his birth certificate. He is just one big mystery man, which adds intrigue to what that huge scar is all about.'
The President has a distinct circular scar on the side and back of his head around the crown area.

The 'scar' seen from another angle. One blogger says the surgery might explain why the President has, on occasion, got lost speaking without a teleprompter
Rumours: Ben Hart's Escape the Tyranny website strongly questions Obama's head scars as well as why no one has seen his birth certificate yet

Rumours: The Escape The Tyranny website strongly questions Obama's head scars as well as why no one has seen his birth certificate
He also said that surgery might explain why the President gets lost speaking without a teleprompter, and posted a video of Obama struggling through a speech, repeating his words and getting lost mid-sentence.

Speculation about different aspects of Obama's life first gathered momentum when questions over his actual birthplace started to emerge, with many believing he was born in Kenya rather than Hawaii, as he has stated.

Millions of dollars have allegedly been spent trying to ensure that it is not released to the public, not even the Hawaiian governor has access to it.
Added to that are the fact his medical records have also been sealed.
A spokeswoman from the White House said they were not willing to comment on such claims, saying they were 'ridiculous'.

Countless neurosurgeons said it is 'not their place' to comment on whether or not distinctive scars on the President's head are as a result of brain surgery.
Others offered explanations such as a bad haircut or even a birthmark though many did agree that the scars are similar to those a produced after major brain surgery.

Without medical records or an admission from the White House, the public may never know the answer to the question, along with the contents of his birth certificate.

Is this the mortal head wound the Bible mentioned about the Anti-Christ?

I seriously doubt its the fatal wound.  I think we all see him 'die'   (heavy sigh)
I have to wonder if he had a brain transplanet at some point - and whose brain?

You wandered whose brain it was- I think it was somebody named Abby Normal.

The statement about the fatal head wound- I was being sarcastically fictitious.   Rolling Eyes  Wink

It was just the first thing that popped in my mind when I saw his picture. There had to be something major done to him if those were scars.

O please!   Exclamation   Aint NOTHIN 'normal' bout 0bama!  Exclamation    Laughing     Laughing     Cool

I wondered about Hitler - whose doctor was into a lot of things, and Hitler's brain could have been frozen.
Movies tell us a LOT.  Its the way the NWO scrub their conscience - saying they warned us.  
Star Trek revealed much - including at age 60 a person kills themself.   Death panels foreshadowed.

They Saved Hitler's Brain

Obama Major Brain Surgery?
An Obot? Massive Head Scars all across his head

This is the BEST of them.

Obama is just like Hitler in every way

Obama head scars, whose brain was put in him?
I transferred this here - with photos of scars from rense


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You didn't catch on to what I meant by Abby Normal. Back in the early 1970's there was a movie called "Young Frankenstein". When Dr. Frankenstein asked his assistant whose brain he stole, he said he got it out of a jar labeled Abby Normal (abnormal). Laughing  Rolling Eyes

GROAN    Embarassed

By any chance, has anyone heard about the theories over the Elenian-Sun-Earth coming near each other on the same dates that the Chile, NZ, and Japan quakes happened?

I try to stray away from these theories that get talked to infinity et al, but this happened THREE times - it's a pattern when it happens like this, not a coincidence. Even Alex Jones(someone who I don't endorse) was pretty adament saying Japan EQ wasn't the result of HAARP.

Guess what - 9/26 of this year is when this Elian-Sun-Earth convergence-near is set to happen again.

Anyhow - ASSUMING this is true(and some youtube person in Jan prophecized these events in Jan, BTW, I will post the links later when I get the chance, please remind me)....

I'm beginning to think the 6th seal is when all REAL chaos will really break on earth. Then you have the 1st 4 trumpets the whole earth will witness, to the point where the majority of the masses will be in a state of shock, until the 5th trumpet happens with the rise of the Antichrist from the bottomless pit.

Honestly, we may not have WW3, but all the chaos with the 1st 4 trumpets(all green grass, 1/3 of trees, 1/3 of the seas, etc getting burned up) will make it LOOK LIKE WW3 is erupting, I don't know.

The 7th trumpet is when truely the taking up of the body of Christ will happen.

As for this pre/post trib rapture debate - I think the body of Christ will be protected in the tribulation. In the 5th trumpet, it says that those with the seal of God in their foreheads will not be harmed.

Salt Lake City goes wallet-free with Isis
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By Bill Ray • Get more from this author

Posted in Mobile, 6th April 2011 10:07 GMT

On Demand Webcast : Making the decision on hosted apps - What’s the risk and reward?

Operator consortium Isis has selected Salt Lake City as its flagship deployment to show the rest of the USA what NFC can do for them.

The plan will see Salt Lake City's public transport system accepting pay-by-wave from a mobile phone by the middle of next year. Retailers have also been encouraged to adopt Near Field Communications technology at the point of sale, as Salt Lake City strives to become The Place You Can Leave Your Wallet At Home.

Isis was set up less than six months ago: a consortium of US network operators including AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. The consortium is dedicated to ensuring that electronic payments based on NFC keep their secure element in the SIM – under the control of the network operator, not the handset manufacturer or bank-card supplier – by promoting the technology and business models associated with it.

In Salt Lake City, that involves working with the Utah Transit Authority to convert all the buses and trains to accept NFC payments, as well as flooding the area with NFC handsets and SIM chips.

"I would like to express our excitement that the Salt Lake City area has been chosen to lead the roll-out of Isis mobile payments," said Mayor Ralph Becker's canned statement, though looking a little closer it becomes obvious why Salt Lake was chosen to lead the US into contactless payments.

The Utah Transit Authority already uses proximity payment cards, deployed in 2009, so adding NFC functionality to public transport is a matter of software not hardware, and while the City might be the capital of Utah it has a population somewhat smaller than Northampton, so presents a nicely sized area for experimentation rather than a sprawling metropolis where deployment would be more challenging.

But the transition to electronic payments isn't going to happen overnight, and it's good to see Isis doing something practical, and with a reasonably aggressive timetable. It will be interesting to see how the locals take to paying by wave. ®

Question: "What is the origin of the Catholic Church?"

Answer: The Roman Catholic Church contends that its origin is the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ in approximately 30 A.D. The Catholic Church proclaims itself to be the Church that Jesus Christ died for, the Church that was established and built by the Apostles. Is that the true origin of the Catholic Church? On the contrary. Even a cursory reading of the New Testament will reveal that the Catholic Church does not have its origin in the teachings of Jesus, or His apostles. In the New Testament, there is no mention of the papacy, worship / adoration of Mary (or the immaculate conception of Mary, the perpetual virginity of Mary, the assumption of Mary, or Mary as co-redemptrix and mediatrix), petitioning saints in Heaven for their prayers, apostolic succession, the ordinances of the church functioning as sacraments, infant baptism, confession of sin to a priest, purgatory, indulgences, or the equal authority of church tradition and Scripture. So, if the origin of the Catholic Church is not in the teachings of Jesus and His apostles, as recorded in the New Testament, what is the true origin of the Catholic Church?

For the first 280 years of Christian history, Christianity was banned by the Roman empire, and Christians were terribly persecuted. This changed after the “conversion” of the Roman Emperor Constantine. Constantine “legalized” Christianity at the Edict of Milan in A.D. 313. Later, in A.D. 325, Constantine called together the Council of Nicea, in an attempt to unify Christianity. Constantine envisioned Christianity as a religion that could unite the Roman Empire, which at that time was beginning to fragment and divide. While this may have seemed to be a positive development for the Christian church, the results were anything but positive. Just as Constantine refused to fully embrace the Christian faith, but continued many of his pagan beliefs and practices, so the Christian church that Constantine promoted was a mixture of true Christianity and Roman paganism.

Constantine found that with the Roman Empire being so vast, expansive, and diverse – not everyone would agree to forsake their religious beliefs and instead embrace Christianity. So, Constantine allowed, and even promoted, the “Christianization” of pagan beliefs. Completely pagan and utterly unbiblical beliefs were given new “Christian” identities. Some clear examples of this are as follows:

(1) The Cult of Isis, an Egyptian mother-goddess religion, was absorbed into Christianity by replacing Isis with Mary. Many of the titles that were used for Isis, such as “Queen of Heaven,” “Mother of God,” and “theotokos” (God-bearer) were attached to Mary. Mary was given an exalted role in the Christian faith, far beyond what the Bible ascribes to her, in order to attract Isis worshippers to a faith they would not otherwise embrace. Many temples to Isis were, in fact, converted into temples dedicated to Mary. The first clear hints of Catholic Mariology occur in the writings of Origen, who lived in Alexandria, Egypt, which happened to be the focal point of Isis worship.

(2) Mithraism was a religion in the Roman Empire in the 1st through 5th centuries A.D. It was very popular among the Romans, especially among Roman soldiers, and was possibly the religion of several Roman emperors. While Mithraism was never given “official” status in the Roman empire, it was the de-facto official religion until Constantine and succeeding Roman emperors replaced Mithraism with Christianity. One of the key features of Mithraism was a sacrificial meal, which involved eating the flesh and drinking the blood of a bull. Mithras, the god of Mithraism, was “present” in the flesh and blood of the bull, and when consumed, granted salvation to those who partook of the sacrificial meal (theophagy, the eating of one’s god). Mithraism also had seven “sacraments,” making the similarities between Mithraism and Roman Catholicism too many to ignore. Constantine and his successors found an easy substitute for the sacrificial meal of Mithraism in concept of the Lord’s Supper / Christian Communion. Sadly, some early Christians had already begun to attach mysticism to the Lord’s Supper, rejecting the Biblical concept of a simple and worshipful remembrance of Christ’s death and shed blood. The Romanization of the Lord’s Supper made the transition to a sacrificial consumption of Jesus Christ, now known as the Catholic Mass / Eucharist, complete.

(3) Most Roman emperors (and citizens) were henotheists. A henotheist is one who believes in the existence of many gods, but focuses primary on one particular god, or considers one particular god supreme over the other gods. For example, the Roman god Jupiter was supreme over the Roman pantheon of gods. Roman sailors were often worshippers of Neptune, the god of the oceans. When the Catholic Church absorbed Roman paganism, it simply replaced the pantheon of gods with the saints. Just as the Roman pantheon of gods had a god of love, a god of peace, a god of war, a god of strength, a god of wisdom, etc., so the Catholic Church has a saint who is “in charge” over each of these, and many other categories. Just as many Roman cities had a god specific to the city, so the Catholic Church provided “patron saints” for the cities.

(4) The supremacy of the Roman bishop (the papacy) was created with the support of the Roman emperors. With the city of Rome being the center of government for the Roman empire, and with the Roman emperors living in Rome, the city of Rome rose to prominence in all facets of life. Constantine, and his successors, gave their support to the bishop of Rome as the supreme ruler of the church. Of course it is best for the unity of the Roman empire that the government and state religion be centered in the same location. While most other bishops (and Christians) resisted the idea of the Roman bishop being supreme, the Roman bishop eventually rose to supremacy, due to the power and influence of the Roman emperors. When the Roman empire collapsed, the popes took on the title that had previously belonged to the Roman emperors – Pontificus Maximus.

Many more examples could be given. These four should suffice in demonstrating the true origin of the Catholic Church. Of course the Roman Catholic Church denies the pagan origin of its beliefs and practices. The Catholic Church disguises its pagan beliefs under layers of complicated theology. The Catholic Church excuses and denies its pagan origin beneath the mask of “church tradition.” Recognizing that many of its beliefs and practices are utterly foreign to Scripture, the Catholic Church is forced to deny the authority and sufficiency of Scripture.

The origin of the Catholic Church is the tragic compromise of Christianity with the pagan religions that surrounded it. Instead of proclaiming the Gospel and converting the pagans, the Catholic Church “Christianized” the pagan religions, and “paganized” Christianity. By blurring the differences and erasing the distinctions, yes, the Catholic Church made itself attractive to the people of the Roman empire. One result was the Catholic Church becoming the supreme religion in the “Roman world” for centuries. However, another result was the most dominant form of Christianity apostatizing from the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and the true proclamation of God’s Word.

2 Timothy 4:3-4 declares:

3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. ”


The Mark Of The Beast Will Be Here Very Soon


Biometrics is penetrating deeper into our lives than ever before. Next-generation passports with stored fingerprint data are being issued in almost every country. Russia is moving toward a universal identification card, supposed to arrive sometime next year, which we have covered before. However, of all countries, Mexico is really taking a step into the future when it comes to biometrics. It all started last September, when the residents of the city of Leon were due to be secured through iris scanning. Now, they are taking it to the next level, registering all children of the state of Guanajuato in a biometric database, which includes iris and fingerprint information. If things will continue to develop this way (and there is currently no reason for them not to), in ten more years we will probably live in a world where each one of us can be identified in any database by an eye scan, or fingerprint, or miniscule blood sample. Scientific and technological progress is being made all the time. Biometrics is entering our lives in a big way and it is not going away. Perhaps in the near future we will be able to discard most of our identifications such as passports, driver’s licenses, etc. in favor of a single, simple iris scan...

It’s starting in New York City, but by year’s end will also be active in Washington, and by 2012 will be mandatory in every US city. For those of you who are sleeping through this, bible prophecy is coming true before your very eyes. You are now watching the US goverment begin it’s push to become a police state, which will culminate in the New World Order. Payday someday has arrived. And remember, folks, this is just being done for your “protection”. Oh, one last thing…it’s not optional. Everyone is getting chipped.

Now, just so there is no doubt in your minds, this new chip is much different from the standard GPS tracking that currecntly exists on all cell phones. This is a unique and specific government tracking chip, and they are making no bones about it. The Obama administration is demanding that, if you wish you own a cell phone, you WILL accept a chip from the government. This is the “trial balloon” to test how pliable and willing the people will be. The NEXT step will be, for your safety of course, to demand that each and every person be implanted with a chip. Just in case of a national emergency. This is the bridge, if you will, that gets the government, with YOUR permission, to put a chip in your body. The bible says it like this:

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16,17

NEW YORK, (CBSNewYork) – A new national alert system is set to begin in New York City that will alert the public to emergencies via cell phones. Presidential and local emergency messages as well as Amber Alerts would appear on cell phones equipped with special chips and software.

The Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Emergency Management Agency said the system would also warn about terrorist attacks and natural disasters. Verizon and AT&T, the nation’s largest cell phone carriers, are already on board. Consumers would be able to opt out of all but those presidential messages.

The announcement of the new emergency alert system came Monday in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death and an uptick in security and safety concerns around New York City. For now, the system is capable on certain high-end cell phones but starting next year, all cell phones will be required to have the chip that receives alerts.

By the end of the year, the new system will be in place in New York City and Washington and in cities around the country by the end of 2012.”

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